Business to Business Marketing

SPSL can take the following steps for organizing its sales force system:
• Call and Lead management. SPSL needs to plan for each and every customer interaction and make a record of every successful lead. A sales force system will help the company in complying with the company’s process and will certainly result in successful interactions.
• Opportunity management. If the process of sales force system is implemented correctly then this will result in a profitable opportunity for the company and will result in an opportunity for sales.
• Account management. SPSL has to effectively organize all the successful leads and integrate with customer accounts by implementing the sales force system. It could then be measured by relevant tools, process, and objectives of the sales force system.
• Territory management— for monitoring the account, the territory is measured by the number of account reps and prospective versus active customers.
• Effective time management. SPSL needs to accurately measure the tasks which are related to implementing the sales force system and evaluate the time needed for performing each task.
• Salesforce management. This crucial process includes training and developing the company’s sales staff regarding the sales force management system. Apart from that the management of SPSL should implement relevant IT systems and control process and spread it across relevant people and departments of the company.