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The above is, owing mostly to rising gas prices. The Gas prices are unlikely to go down in the near future. Instead, a further rise is expected in the next few months. In order to address the above problem, we feel a need for you to make certain adjustments in your day to day operations. The adjustments are expected to be such that the employees working in the various shifts are allowed to exercise the choice to work lesser hours a day or per week. You may explore the possibilities for the same keeping into account the number of duty roaster change requests you have received in the past few months. We are gladly willing to extend any kind of support and guidance in the matter. Although you are well aware, it is important to point out at this juncture that no new stores are being opened and no stores are being closed down. Thus, the level of competition is expected to remain same. Further, we invite your suggestions on how to address the problem better. You may mail your suggestions as soon as possible through email or phone on any of the workdays, between 10am through 5pm. Thank you. Warmest regards, XYZ.. Manager Public relations, ABC retail group Message2: Store Employees: A business memo MEMO To: (Employee Name) From: (Your name) Date: (current date) Subject: Changes in work schedule This is to bring to your notice a change in work schedule that is being planned in next few days. The purpose of this memo is to inform you about the reasons and ways to do so. As you must be aware, owing to rising gas prices, we are experiencing a fall in profits. Besides, you as an employee also must be feeling the strain on your finances due to the same. We have decided to make it less so by allowing you to modify your work schedule and suggest the same to those responsible in your respective sections/departments for planning your duties. The objective is to allow you easy sanction of leaves and also flexible working hours, so that occasional overstaffing can be effectively managed. Full time employees will be allowed to exchange their working hours with any willing full time or part time employees, such that it does not violate the stipulated total number of working hours. This will help consolidate working hours and will require less time and cost in transportation to and from your home to work. To start with you shall work on ….(days) for …..hours with flexibility to exchange these hours with willing partners with written permission from your section head. The store shall open on Sundays and you are required to work at least four hours this Sunday. You may compensate this with a leave on any other weekday. Message 3: Retail customers: An email message Dear Customer, We are thankful to you for your continued support and loyalty to our retail brand. As part of our constant endeavor to bring the best to our customers, we have planned certain new initiatives that we shall unfold in the coming weeks. Our stores shall be open more hours now, so that you may get more time to experience your favorite brand and buy your favorite products at the ongoing deals you always loved. We have introduced more self help counters at the stores, so that you may get relevant product information promptly and require minimal help from our very courteous