Businesses and the Environment The Success or Failure of the Business

As much as there are separate explanations of these aspects of the business environment they are different in nature, their intertwinement is evident because a change in one or two could affect the rest as well. Encouraging conditions of these factors open up great business opportunities for the firms operating in that region whereas when they deteriorate, threats to business operations emerges. Harley-Davidson has been in operation for quite a long time and they started trading publicly in 1987 (Hitt, Ireland amp.Hoskisson, 2014). Throughout the years, they have continuously built a strong brand making them leading motorcycle manufacturers in the United States. Additionally, the company has perfected their diversification from their traditional male clientele to include women by making motorcycles that suit them in terms of color and comfortability (Hitt, Ireland amp.Hoskisson, 2014). The company’s ability to create consistent quality products for the customers is yet another reason why it has blossomed. The clients always find satisfaction in Harley-Davidson’s products hence they find a value for their money (Hitt, Ireland amp.Hoskisson, 2014). Harley-Davidson’s main product is the motorcycle, which many views as just for enjoyment instead of it being a medium of transportation (Hitt, Ireland amp.Hoskisson, 2014). This has led many people to ignore these motorcycles, as they do not consider them as important as other things. The company has not concentrated on another market segment other than the males for their products until recently, which has seen them fail to maximize their sales. Similarly, the company’s ability to handle the changing demands and the related costs is in question, which might relegate them to produce substandard products and hence will not satisfy the customers.