By the way meet Vera Stark

During years it became the speaker for Afro-Americans and their view on actual social problems and past prejudices, Penumbra Theater is concentrated on the Afro-American’s focus and perspective of seeing important things and showing them to public.
Penumbra Theater stage though small does not make public feel unnatural, it looks atmospheric and creates an effect of coziness and hospitality. But of course it is not the building, which looks classically inside, but people who make all performances wonderful and glorious. Talking about Vera Stark, we can’t forget about great sets work by C. Lance Brockman, beautiful musical pieces by music director Sanford Moore and highly professional dancing performances organized by chorographical director Austene Van. Surely. Moreover, taking into consideration that Vera Spark is a historical play costume work is very important. Matthew LeFebvre made everything look real and convincing. My special attention goes to elegant and perfectly placed bright red dress of the main heroine. Vera and her friends in maid uniforms were looking attractive and natural too. Gloria Mitchell’s appearance was always perfect, calling up all those archetypes of femme-fatales and glorious women from the Golden Era of Hollywood. All costumes created atmospheric feeling of thirties and allowed believing in actors` play even more. Marcus Dilliard on lighting and Martin Gwinup responsible for sound and video design (especially good work with the television piece) altogether make the whole performance look natural and made viewer to pay attention to every little piece and detail.
“By the Way, Meet Vera Spark” was written by Lynn Nottage whose “Ruined” won Pulitzer Prize in 2009. Vera Spark is an Afro-American women trying to reach the stars in the 1930’s Golden Age of Hollywood and also helping Gloria Mitchell, successful movie star. Vera is a main heroine. she is persuasive, active, smart, and