C project

Your goal is to implement an application that allows employees of a pizzeria to place a customer order. Your application should:• get customer information including name, telephone number and address (one field for each).• ask for the method of payment: Visa, MasterCard, or cash.• ask for customer credit card number if he/she selects Visa or MasterCard.• have four pizza sizes (Extra Large for $19.89, Large for 16.99, Medium for $12.50, and Small for $9.80) and five toppings (Pepperoni $2.99, Beef $2.45, Mushrooms $2.29, Olives $1.79, Onions $1.20). All prices are for one order. Pizza and topping prices are shown on the screen next to each item (see list of menus below). The total price should include tax at the rate of 9.5%. Assume the customers could place one order at a time. Customer should be able to select zero to all five toppings but only one of each max. Selecting same topping multiple times does not add to number of that toppings. Clear option clears all selected options.• Gifts – select 2 toppings: Extra topping; select 3 toppings: $3.00 coupon; select 4 or more toppings: Order of cheese sticks. Note: Maximum one gift per order; Customer may not pick a desired gift.• calculate the total price when the user selects “Display Order Confirmation”. When the user selects the “Display Order Confirmation” option:• if the input is complete, your application must generate an order confirmation shown below.• if the input is incomplete, your application must generate one message, listing all the fields requiring completion.The user should be able to input data in any order.Use functions (call-by-value only). Do not use global variables. Do not use arrays. Make sure to test your program completely before submission. Do not forget to add comments. The order confirmation should look like this:You have placed an order forLarge pizza ($33.33)With the following toppings:Pepperoni ($3.99)Olives ($2.99)Total price: $88.88Congratulations. You will get the following free gift with your order: Extra toppingSold to: John DoeTelephone: 12345Address: 123 Nice St.Paid by: Visa number 998877Menus:1. Input Customer Information2. Main Selection3. Options4. Payment Method5. Display Order Confirmation6. Exit——————————-1. Name2. Phone Number3. Address4. Main Menu——————————-1. A ($44.44)2. B ($33.33)3. C ($22.22)4. D ($11.11)5. Main Menu——————————-1. aa ($1.11)2. bb ($3.33)3. cc ($4.44)4. dd ($5.55)5. ee ($6.66)6. Clear all options7. Main Menu——————————-1. Visa2. MasterCard3. Cash4. Main MenuNote: The prices in the menu are not accurate. Use the prices in the project description.08/05/202015computerscience