CamPhone Industry Innovative Marketing

In business, environmental analysis is an appreciation of an organizations activities vis-à-vis its environment (Lin&amp. Lee 2006). Such analysis has become imperatively necessary in the light of increased competition as a present, subsequent operations and strategies direction will be dependent on the result (Lin&amp. Lee 2006). Market environmental influences can better be explained with the Five forces Framework developed by Porter (1985).
The market of the Cam-phone products has been dominated in the past by key players such as Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, LG and a host of other players. Here being aware, of the resources, capabilities, and core competence of existing Cam-phone products, in our new Cam-phone product emphasis will be on internal attributes such as staff, quality of the product, defined within cost, time, and quality. We will also make sure, our products are reliable and easily serviceable
According to Porter (1985), competitive strategy grows out of an understanding of the rules of competition that set the way of an industry’s attractiveness. He stated that relations with suppliers. bargaining power of buyers. threats of new entrants. threats of substitute products or services. and rivalry amongst established firms are the forces affecting a company (Porter 1980). For our new product, numerous mobile phone manufacturers are already supplying camera phones, but with our extra features and differentiation strategy, this&nbsp.shouldn’t be a big threat.