Canada Before Confederation

Though the conquest occurred, there are historians who see it as a disaster to the Canadians. One example of such a historian is Michael Burnet. It is argued that people look at the Canadians as people who belong to the second-class or middle-class. They are no longer bourgeoisies but proletariats. The British have made businesses to be monopolies. They have also made the high levels of governments to be monopolies (Jerry, 2003).
The conquest really devalued the Canadians. There warriors are now seen not to be strong enough to defend there country. The conquest completely injured their pride as a nation. They see that the white people look at them as though they are irrelevant (Bumsted, 2004).
The British introduced industrial projects and commerce to Canada. The impact of the white bourgeoisies led to the decline stature of the native language, French. The people of Canada had to learn English. The commercial organizations and industries were run by the British people and it was an obligation to learn English to be employed. Moreover, the language that was used by the federal government was English. This led to so many English speaking individuals to migrate to Canada. It greatly affected Montral. The city was confused to be an Anglophone one because of the signs it used in its commercial language. Due to the use of English commercial signs, Quebec French was forced to incorporate American and Canadian English so as it could conduct some businesses for example, governmental roles, running businesses and trade. Many Canadians who went to the USA came back with some knowledge of English that led to incorporation of the words in the language. The British had taken over there vast share of land leaving them to occupy very small areas.
There was worry for all the historians who were against the conquest that there would be survival of the Catholic and French culture in the industrial and urban English-led surrounding. They viewed the conquest as having enabled the British to control the economic, social and political ways of Canada. The only way Canadians could join the public offices was by denouncing catholism and becoming Protestants. The main suggestion from historians is that, the Canadians could use their culture and past experiences to organize their economic, political and social way of life. The British introduced democracy that the French Canadians were very much against. They were used to their nationalism concept of leadership. The Roman Catholic teachings guided them. Democracy was just but too secular for them (Bumsted, 2004).
There was excess industrialization by the British that led to a division over conscription. The Canadians who were speaking English were blamed for this division. The Canadians who were speaking French did not have an equal place as those who spoke English. The new generation that was coming up in Canada did not inherit the Canadian religious ways. This has been largely blamed to the industrialization by the British.
The conquest has made the new generation to be very secular and yet it was a Catholic dominated environment. Until the recent age, the French Canadians have extreme fear that they will lose their people to the Anglo-Saxon surrounding that was brought about by the conquest. They have been forced to form racial unity to protect their traditions and their own. They greatly insist on the differences between them