Canyon Ranch Canyon ranch should engage in a personalization strategy. s welcome services that are tailored to their needs. Just as the Vice President of marketing, Harley Mayershon, said. “Every customer experiences a different Canyon Ranch”. This strategy should serve to assist the ranch to grow while maintaining its fundamental characteristics and ensuring that it maintained its competitive advantage in the face of increasing competition. With the three revenue-generating departments. Health and Healing, Hotel, and Spa, the Health and Healing department was central to the mission of Canyon Ranch. Though being highly staffed to serve its purpose, it was not well integrated with the other departments. This explains why, despite indicating the fastest growth, it accounted for the lowest contribution to profitability. All the three departments are interdependent as Michael Tompkins, assistant general manager at Lenox), said. Some recommendations in one department required an elevated level of service in another department. The spa clubs lacked a strong health and healing component and the synergy between the spa clubs was still a little tenuous. The Canyon Ranch would serve better in the place of a personalization strategy.
The ranch should engage in real time personalization. It should customize every customer’s experience at the place. Having what the client need, when it is needed, would engage them in a personalized interaction in real time. Clients tend to tune out anything that is not relevant to them. By integrating the three departments, the services offered will be much easier to access which means that the general operations will improve.
A strong customer base, in addition to a satisfactory service, is vital to ensuring a client’s second visit at the ranch. Another personalization strategy is to build long term relationships. This can be implemented by maintaining the records of every client and ensuring constant communication. This will make the client feel appreciated and actually warrant multiple visits.
By the actual personalization of the systems, a client would not only know Canyon Ranch as a spa club, but as a wellness centre. Upgrading its website for the sake of those who search for the place online would ensure that a prospective client would have the complete idea of the ranch (Uehlein, p 45).
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