Care of Child A Prominent Need of any Society

As seen in the case of Helen Keller, her very own sister did not really care a bit and paid no fruitful attention to her health and need. Nevertheless, here the story was different in existence and practice. Angela was so much concerned about her younger sisters and was so very depressed with the thought of departing from them for a lifetime. I sincerely appreciate both the concern and attachment as endorsed within the personality of Angela.
Angela was in need of desperate help at the hour of her contact with me. She was interested in the knowledge and exposure of the important English laws as practiced in the UK in the relevant matter. I paid keen attention and moral belonging to the queries of Angela and thought to put in my best efforts to guide her. Some bits were already in the shelter of her knowledge regarding the existent laws in the UK. She was right when she pointed from the depths of her learning that there was the reason that she could be allowed to be in connection with her sisters. She expressed them as human rights. In addition, she knew she could exercise freedom of incorporation of decisions into her life as per her own choice. Thus, she acknowledged the law’s positive aspect by stating that she had an absolute right to stay connected with her family members. Until then I had just expressed my contribution with a faint yet prominent smile. "You are an intelligent girl," I pointed with confidence. Moreover, this was something that transferred my smile to her face but with superior prominence. "I learned this all in school," she smiled even more real. As if, a hope of connecting with the dear ones were gaining development in her conscious and subconscious mind.
I thought of gaining first the essential information about Angela. Angela was born and brought up in Middlesex, UK. She was educated in a convent school in UK. By birth, she was thus holding UK citizenship. There had been no incidence of migration as evident from the information presented by her. She therefore was under the benefit of complete set of laws as engraved for the UK citizens by the British law. We, therefore, thought to proceed further in the matter and I opted to discuss the in-depth feelings of the innocent looking young Angela. She told me that she had seen few child abuse cases as a school-going girl.&nbsp.