Career Gender Equality

The hospitality sector is particularly demanding because of irregular hours of work. The Equal Opportunities Commission warns that gender equality is still generations away and may take 20 to 25 years to close the gap (Adfero, 2007).
The hospitality sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the UK. Studies assess the under-representation of women managers and gender discrimination issues in the workplace. A survey on the UK hospitality industry saw a total of 2,042 respondents out of which 570 were women (FHRAI, 2002). The survey revealed that more women were working in part-time positions than men were. While the catering and hotel industry in the UK is focusing on attracting women in the industry, and while the catering industry makes up for 68% women, women are found in the back of the house management – administration and housekeeping. Some associate this with a lack of education while others link it to the gender issue or even lack of interest by the women themselves. Women are seldom found in managerial positions and based on this the research question would be:
Worldwide tourism is an important sector for women who make up to 46% of the tourism labor force (Vargas &amp. Aguilar, 2002). There is a significant vertical and horizontal gender segregation in the labor market. Women all over the world have always faced discrimination in terms of management positions and levels of pay. Cobb &amp. Dunlop (1999) agree that the gender gap still exists in the rate of promotions and the women are at a disadvantage (cited by Zhong, 2006). While the scene is gradually changing, the pace of change is ‘painfully slow’ (BBC, 2007) as Zhong (2006) also observes that women represented 20% to 40% of management positions in about 60 countries (ILO) but they continue to be underrepresented in management positions compared to their overall&nbsp.employment. Burke and Vinnicombe (2006) contend that an aging workforce and fewer new entrants have resulted in a shortage of qualified leaders, forcing organizations to utilize and develop talents for all of its employees.&nbsp.