Career Management Action Plan

I would like to practice everything that I am now learning in the university to my current job. All theories and concepts must be applied in a practical setting to prove that my efforts to earn a degree complement the career part that I am trudging.
I also want to further widen my knowledge of this industry that I belong to. I have entered a new world where we should deal with major infrastructure projects for governments, creating railway systems for better transportation. I do not have any background in this industry. I must always deal with skilled workers and engineers and contractors and must learn their lingo. In line with this, I should also learn computer programs that would enable me to provide the needed support to complete the projects. I aspire to be knowledgeable enough so I could work harmoniously with the team.
My chosen occupation requires mastery of administrative skills. During my past jobs, I have been trained to systematically provide administrative support to team operations, which include organizing activities, documenting projects and tracking or routing documents needed to mobilize a project. I have also been trained to communicate effectively with clients, suppliers and management to maintain good working relationships. I have been able to carry out these responsibilities, making me an expert in administrative skills. This job also required excellent written and oral communication skills, with emphasis on being able to deliver oral presentations and reports to internal and external clients. I should be able to communicate directives and cascade information through written memos. I must have the capacity to create presentations that do not only indicate qualitative analysis, but also quantitative data. I must be able to handle numbers as well and translate statistics into reliable data that could be the basis for the creation of major projects. Among my current responsibilities are having to create Commercial Awareness Presentations for non-commercial staff. With this, good presentation skills are really required.