Carilion Clinic Situation

Carilion Clinic has had a negative relationship with the community. The case has cited&nbsp. a petition whereby a coalition, The Citizens Coalitions for Responsible
Healthcare seeks to persuade Dr Murphy and the Carilion Health System board of directors to reconsider their Carilion clinic plans. According to the coalition, Carilions transformation into a physician-led clinic will increase costs and drive out many local physicians as possible.
However, the major problem bugging the Carilion&nbsp.Clinic is its tough indictment on monopolistic practice and its skyrocketing health care costs. In the case, in 1988 the US Justice Departments Antitrust Division sought to prevent the merger of the two hospitals in the Roanoke. The suite attempted to block the merger due to the likely monopoly it would create in the area.
Question 2
There is a need for Carilion Clinic to provide their patients with affordable healthcare costs. In order to achieve this, a long term plan on good returns should be designed by Dr Murphy and the board instead of overburdening the patients with a hefty cost. A managerial overhaul ought to be in check. Good leadership is equivalent to success. Notwithstanding, the whole body should fashion their dedication to delivering healthcare towards firmly grounded values. The values will see to it an efficient workforce who put the patient ahead of profit maximization.
Question 3
Will long term policy on returns be better than increasing costs to cover subsidies and uncompensated care of the uninsured patients? Is there a need to revise the salaries to reflect a proportional remuneration to fair pricing on the patients? Is it wise to open referrals for patients who come from outside Carilions health network to boost the income? Does the Clinic need new managers? What is the driving force in Carilion Clinic, to provide good health care or to make money? These are some of the questions that need to be asked to evaluate alternative solutions.
Question 4
The favorable alternative will be of the change of management structure. Good management will oversee firm policies that will&nbsp.stir Carilion Clinic ahead. On good leadership, there will be total control of everything. This marks the beginning of the solution.