Case Study

Please read these questions and use a case study format to answer. I need 3 pages.Describe which scenario this case best follows (Decision, Evaluation or Problem-Diagnosis)? Support your position. Follow the directive for your scenario position.Additional questions to consider:- Why was Volkswagen promoting clean diesel in the US?- Why did Volkswagen engineers program vehicle software to cheat emission tests?- Do you think that top managers knew about the Volkswagen cheat device? Why or why not?- What do you think Volkswagen will do now? What would you advise VW to do?- What are the long-term implications of these issues for Volkswagen’s future as a company and for the automotive industry in general? What can be learned?- What was the management style at Volkswagen? How might this have contributed to the emissions scandal?- What role does Volkswagen’s goal of becoming the world’s biggest auto company play in this scandal? Are there ways companies can set such goals without pushing employees to cheat?- Describe the structure of VW governing boards. Does a structure like this make instances of cheating more likely?How might it affect the organization’s responses to such problems?15/05/202015businessfinance