Case study questions

There are 3 questions on the exam. If appropriate, please free feel to create a table or a chart to help communicate your analysis but an accompanying explanation is still strongly suggested.I encourage you to use our class PowerPoint slides as a reference for the exam. The slides should be a more efficient resource than your text book.You may use bullet points when appropriate and feel free to write in blocks (subject line then supporting text, repeat) even within a single question study is attached . only from case study source .3 questions , write question 1 and then answer it so every question has it’s own answer . every question must be answered in paragraph or essay . try to provide a chart or table for more strong answer . use powerpoint slides to help use the strategies in each questions asked .first questions will be about use PESTEL analysis of the industry, so see PESTEL MEAING IN SLIDES , SO IT’S kinda solar energy and identity the company sources again use pestel .second question is the cost leadership /differentiation one see what is differentiation meaning in slides .third question future growth in terms of( vertical analysis) in slide for meaning like supply chain.there is no limit for each questions one essay or paragraph try to provide table or chart .1 margin all around , double space , 12 sizeDO NOT include additional research on the case, or related theories, and in the analysis09/05/202015english