Armageddon–A Movie Review Introduction Disaster movies caught the interest of the film viewers since the end of the world controversy. In 1998, Touchstone Pictures released a movie of the same genre entitled Armageddon. The popularization of the Earth’s last days, the beginning of darkness, and […]

How is the theme of impotence raised and discussed in James Joyce’s novel Ulysses What relationship does this bear to the wid

In terms of style, Ulysses is unique not because of the way it changes all complementary styles in each episode, but as a result of the narrative refusing to remain obedient to the story line. The themes increasingly shift away from the plot and diverts […]


For instance, when we get to question where life comes from or who created the earth and the heavenly bodies. The Kena Upanishad tries to answer these questions through use of events and words contained in the Kena Upanishad. The overall message underlined in the […]

Life after Crime

More programs will be introduced that will ensure that the perception of the offenders concerning life as meaningless is totally changed (Lowenkamp amp. Latessa, 2005). The programs will enable the offenders to regain hopes of their lives and transform them completely. The programs that will […]

Am Lit CD

Everyday Use by Alice Walker and Half and Half by Amy Tan No: Everyday Use by Alice Walker and Half and Half by Amy TanIn Everyday Use, the protagonist is the mother of Maggie and Dee while in Half and Half, the protagonist is Rose, […]

Using material from genesis (NIV bible) after chapter 20 find 3 different separate examples of dysfunctional family relationships and explain using Bradshaw

Dysfunctional families seem to go back to the very first family on Earth. Dysfunction seems to be the norm. However, not all families are dysfunctional. But, more and more families are dysfunctional than not. Thus, divorces, sadly, are steadily on the rise which causes a […]

Is the nuclear family a source of patriarchal oppression Justify your answer with reference to family life in Britain

The reason is obvious, most of the family member grew up feeling that their parents’ way of running the family should be the only way to manage and train the children to be beneficial future community leaders (Koenig, 2013).Further, the nuclear family is characetised as […]

Islam shares many beliefs with Christianity and Judaism Discuss similarities and differences in the burial rites of the three Abrahamic religions in the UK today

Most religions have got various rites when it comes to burial. The three Abrahamic religions currently follow different burial rites depending on their religious practices. This paper intends to discuss the overall and detailed burial rites for the three Abrahamic religions. This is due to […]

Describe One Of The Incongruities Found In Genesis That Lead Us To Believe That It Could Not Be The Work

Question Describe one of the incongruities found in Genesis that lead us to believe that it could not be the work of a single author (Moses) Lecture Notes THREE Take a look at Genesis 1: 1—2:4a (in other words, start at In the beginning when […]


He was regarded as one of the popular Jewish Philosophical figures from the medieval ages. He was also a great Torah (name given by the Jews to the first five books of Bible) scholar and a well-known physician. Mimonides was born in Cordova, Spain on […]

The Baptism Debate

One such area of difference is the meaning and importance of baptism. That is, various denominations approach ideas related to baptism differently. Some individuals, for example, do not recognize any significance of baptism. This paper explores certain debatable issues surrounding baptism. Specifically, the paper addresses […]


It was after this experience with the Holy Spirit that he began preaching. However, this was not quite a smooth mission for him as he was imprisoned severally for preaching. John began preaching in Bedford, England, and it was here that he faced all those […]


Thus, although there is no sign at all that Mohammed and his followers were blood descendants of Abraham, Islam is clearly associated with the biblical times, characters and traditions. even if the Bible has not had that profound effect on Islam as upon Christianity (Peters, […]

How Can One Apply the Ethical Teaching of Deuteronomy on Sex to Today’s World

“The major part of the book consists of the words of Moses addressed to Israel immediately prior to the entry into the Promised Land.”(Craigie, 1976, introduction, p.17) All the secular writings are mid-level writings and the products of reasoning of the human intellect. Scriptural revelations […]


Worldview assignment The purpose of this paper is to investigate the worldview of the Christian’s faith, their beliefs concerning their origin, morality, identity and meaning as described by their holy book, the Bible. Their ethical and moral teachings and belief in eternity. Worldview assignmentA worldview […]

Art critique

Art critique: illumination manuscript Illumination manuscript was an artistic style used to decorate handwritten books with silver or gold, miniature pictures, elaborate designs and brilliant colors. Different times had different styles and meanings of illuminated manuscripts. The Gothic and Romanesque define the actual elements or […]

What is the relationship between law and narrative within the final form of the Torah/Pentateuch

The former style represents law. the latter style represents theological stories, reflections and different interpretations of biblical narrative1. Today many scientists investigate Biblical texts from different perspectives. This is essential to facilitate the understanding of God and help contemporary church create new approach to religion. […]

In any one of the first four book of the new testament in the bible How is Jesus characterized

In Matthew Jesus asks his hearers to outdo the Pharisees at righteousness, that is, at faithful obedience to Torah. In the sermon on the mountain (chapter 10), Matthew has Jesus radically sharpen meaning that he truly obeys the law of God (6:33). In doing so, […]


It is essential to have a general understanding of theology as there are elements of theology that must be intelligible or comprehended by humans. Therefore, exegesis and systematization of theology can help in revealing the truths about God and it is essential for the Christian […]

The importance of Theology for Counseling

Other factors that may relate to therapists’ use of theology interventions in counseling, such as their professional beliefs, attitudes, or values regarding religious and spiritual interventions. clinical training involving religious issues. or personal counseling experiences with a therapist who used religion and spirituality in counseling, […]


Threads Applying apologetics to Christian ministry has an important relevance in the contemporary world as it helps the followers of Christ to defendtheir faith against the objections and doubts as well as to expose the apparent blemishes of the other world views. The three most […]

Respond to the question from a theistic world view evaluate both their naturalisic and theistic vew

Theism and Naturalism Theism and Naturalism Every person who is born in this world raises questions regarding the world he is living in at some point in life. A person is free to explore possibilities and potential explanations to find the answers of the situations […]

The crusades

eds much light on many mystic forms and ceremonies yet extant, notably upon Freemasonry, the Tarot, and the later Kabalah, and is a great aid to the comprehension of the Astro-Theosophic schemes of the Rosicrucians.” (Carnahan)Another important text is the Talmud, composed of the Mishnah […]

Mark Sullivan More Popular Than Jesus The Beatles and the Religious Far Right Author(s) Popular Music 6/3 (October 1987) 31326

However, he expressed his preserve attitude towards Jesus but declared his distrust with the doings of the disciples of Jesus. He said he did not know which would first between ‘Rock ‘n ‘Roll and Christianity.The famous quote by Lennon received much attention in the United […]

What are the 4 or 5 most important things that you have learned from the portrayals of women that we have read in the New Testament (NT) These things must be directly related to women and to issues that concern women

The portrayal of women in the New Testament therefore reveals the new role of equality that Jesus endowed upon women, demonstrating that in the kingdom of Heaven, both men and women had equal access – a message that was in contradiction to the existing Jewish […]

Summary of the books of the Bible Part II (New Testament Books) (Matthew to Revelation)

Matthew The book of Matthew begins the New Testament and is the first of the four Gospels – accounts of Jesus’ life and ministry, which include stories he taught (called parables), lessons He taught, and miracles He worked. The Gospels also include the teachings, insights, […]

Bennet Tyler’s Memoir of the Life Character and Religious Development of Asahel Nettleton and Evolution of the Role of Magic in the History of the US Advertising

He is conscious that he is a sinner, and is not ready to meet his Maker. He withdraws from the company of his friends and devotes himself to prayer and the study of the scriptures. However, his attempts “to seek the salvation of his soul” […]

The history of modern Europe can be described as the failed attempt to (re)establish universal rule over the continent Discuss the tension between and interdependence of the ideas of empire and of the nation state in 19th century Europe

71750 Ministers of the crown, lawyers, church clergymen and doctors follow next in the nobility line considered the middle class society. Apothecaries, craftsmen and shop owners, qualify as the lower middle class. Workers in the city handle any job available within the kingdom. Land workers […]

What important contribution or contributions did this scholar make to the field of biblical studies

The articles interconnect with apocryphal books, ancient and modern interpreters work, medieval work that laid the foundation for modern day ideologies, methods as well as movements that are key for biblical studies. The writer has minimized alteration of the original information as much as possible […]

Exegetical analysis of St John 1 1 giving keen attention to the concept of logos and its contextual implications

Of the four Gospels, John makes the most intense use of the prologue method in shaping the outlines of particular Christology (O’Day 1995: 758). The Gospel of John’s prologue can be described as the most profound passages in the Bible as its description of Christ […]

Roger Fenton

Roger Fenton Born on 28 March 1819 in Lancashire, Roger Fenton was a prominent British photographer. He is widely regarded as the first war photographer in the world. His father and grandfather were wealthy and influential people. His father was a famous politician whereas his […]


The poems selected for analysis are Medusa by Carol Ann Duffy, Ozymandias by Percy Shelly and The Clown Punk by Simon Armitage.Medusa by Carol Ann Duffy is a dramatic monologue told in the first person. The character in the poem is an insecure woman who […]

Why are there many translations of the bible is an advantage and disadvantage

glish has been the dominant language for centuries and the translating group (publishers and Bible scholars among others) use different methods to produce various versions that enhance peoples’ comprehension of the teachings. Critics point on the faithfulness of the Bible translations arguing that it contains […]

Bib 6

Running head: Missionary Journeys of Paul Typing Template for APA Papers A. Sample Grand Canyon This paper summarizes the various routes Paul took on his three missionary journeys and the stops he made. These are among the most famous and effective evangelical works in Christian […]

What is the connection between Renaissance Humanism and the Protestant Reformation

due Connection between Renaissance Humanism and the Protestant Reformation It is usually common knowledge that Renaissance humanism and protestant reformation are co-related. This is because the latter eclipses from the former in that both had some influence on the broader cultural belief. Although they are […]

Discuss the definition and Sources of Christain Theology and how is Systematic Theology related to Christain Ethics

578). The word theology is made up of two words that have a Greek origin: theosthat means God whereas logos means study. In brief, theology is the study that is aiming at knowing more about God. Systematic has a Greek origin. synistemimeaning to comprehend or […]