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Technology 112Question For each of the following pairs of polymers, decide which is more likely to have the greater tensile strength, and then give reasons foryour choice:(a) Lightly cross-linked polyethylene. network BakeliteA network Bakelite has a greater tensile strength than a lightly cross-linked polyethylene.1 Crosslinking […]

Druq design

Drug Design for HIV Background about HIV The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) was first discovered in 1985.HIV is most commonly transmitted by sexual contact and needle-sharing due to the exchange of body fluids like blood and semen. The virus damages the body’s immune system resulting […]

Hum M3 Al

Module 3: Understanding Your Mind and Emotions In contrast to other approaches, Burns asserts that feelings and emotions are not the result of circumstances, events and body chemistry (generally – external factors), but rather the fruits of our attitudes and thoughts. Both negative and positive […]

I Have An Organic Chemistry Exam In A Few Days!! I Found An Old Copy Of An Exam And I Am Trying To Work Through

2. Structure. Answer the following questions with respect to Molecule A shown below (10marks). i) Draw the shorthand (skeletal) structure. H 05FMolecule A: H3C/ 2 \CH3l 3ii) Draw the lone pairs on the fluorine atom.iii) Assign a hybridization state to all carbon atoms. iv) Calculate […]

I Am Looking For Help With General Chemistry Equations Results I Need Help With Determining What The Resultants

Question I am looking for help with general chemistry equations results. I need help with determining what the resultants are from the following reaction: pentane + sulphuric acid and potassium permanganate = ? cyclohexane + sulphuric acid and potassium permanganate = ? phenyl acetylene + […]

Hello So I Need To Assign The Hybridizations For A Molecule I Remember From Lecture Our Prof Said

Question Hello, so I need to assign the hybridizations for a molecule. I remember from lecture, our prof said that if there is possibility of delocalization of electrons through resonance that can lead to formation of a double bond on one atom, that atom’s hybridization […]

When Dealing With Organic Chemistry Ii Please Provide Reagents For The Following Synthesis Reactions Please Use An

8. Provide the reagents necessary to accomplish the following transformations (4 points each).You may use anything you wish, as big as you like.Note: If you can make something via ketone or via ester, choose the ester.a.OCH3BrOHb.BrOHOHC.OHd.e.HOXOf.BrOHScience

Organic Chemistry Mass Spectroscopy A Molecule With A Mass Of 100 G/Mol Shows A Mass Spectrum

Question Organic Chemistry- Mass Spectroscopy A molecule with a mass of 100 g/mol shows a mass spectrum with a peak at m/z=100 with an abundance of 36 and a peak of m/z=101 with an abundance of 3. How many carbons does this molecule have? Show […]

Hi Am Learning About Conversions In My General Chemistry Class And I Have No Clue How To Cancel Things Like My

Question Hi, am learning about conversions in my general chemistry class and I have no clue how to cancel things like my professor does while solving a problem. For example, we had a question where we had to convert kilograms to picograms and I simply […]

Organic Chemistry Isolation of Caffeine from a Tea Bag

Athletes have used it as an ergogenic aid to decrease fatigue and improve performance (Rafaela, 163). However, it is suspected of being associated with low birth weight, abortion, intrauterine growth retardation and an increased risk of premature membrane rupture. The physiological characteristics of xanthines make […]


Project Proposal 10 March Laboratory Preparation of Paint Using Copper Carbonate as the Pigment 1 Introduction Paint is defined as a liquid colloidal suspension that converts to a solid film after its application to a substrate (Schuerman George and Bruzan Raymond 327). It serves to […]

What qualities skills and abilities must physical therapist assistants possess in order to be effective interdisciplinary team members

What qualities, skills, and abilities must physical therapist assistants possess in order to be effective interdisciplinary team members? All Allied Health Schools (2002-2008) states that PTAs must earn an associate degree in physical therapist assisting so that they may practice in their field. They suggest […]

Exponential Decay of a Transition Metal Complex Ion

Exponential Decay of a Transition Metal Complex Ion Discussion Plots: Absorbance vs. Concentration Absorbance Concentration (mg/L) 5mL 0.032 25 10mL0.0652.5015mL0.0973.75Solution A0.1315.00Standard Curve for Absorbance vs. ConcentrationFigure 1We got the standard curve equation.By using this equation, we can determine the iron concentration for each absorbance measured […]


Affiliation Cholesterol Bromination Bromination is an example of halogenation reaction that involves addition of the bromine to an organic compound to produce organobromide compounds. During the bromination of the cholesterol, bromine atoms are added to cholesterol to get rid of the double bond by forming […]

Explain the importance of the liver in detoxificationexcretion and teh function of the immune digestive endocrine and cardiovascular systems and hence in hum

Each capillary then leads into a lobule. Liver tissue is collection of thousands of such lobules. These lobules are made up of hepatic cells which are the basic metabolic cells of the liver (, 2000).The liver is a complex organ. It performs over 500 different […]

Risk Analysis qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis

Qualitative Risk Analysis is used as a tool to determine the protection level required for systems application, facilities and other assets. In qualitative analysis assets, threats, and vulnerabilities are sought out and then it establishes the probabilities of threats that might occur. Moreover the cost […]

The Honors College is described as a community of scholars that enrich the educational experience and allow facultystudents of all disciplines to interact in t

Personal ment The many experiences I have had during my high school education have come to represent a period of metamorphosis for me, in which I underwent tremendous personal growth and development. I truly discovered my personal identity and ultimately discovered my passion, desiring that […]


The methods utilized in preparations of ceria nanoparticles and its coating on nanotubes is also reviewed.History of arsenic in field of chemistry, medicine and technology has been completely overshadowed by its role as poison in various homicides. In today’s world extension of its similar role […]

What is the Important Thing in Your Life and What have You Done in Order to Achieve It

As such, I would like to pursue a master’s degree in materials science and engineering, a field of study I am immensely enthusiastic about.I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in materials science and engineering at UCLA. I have acknowledged that the university was successful in […]

Dmitri Mendeleev vs Lothar Meyer who is the father of the periodic table

Dmitri Mendeleev vs. Lothar Meyer – Who is the father of the periodic table? The periodic table is a complete displayof chemical elements that are categorically arranged in terms of atomic number, chemical properties and electron configuration (Levi 3). According to historical studies, Dmitri Mendeleev […]


NMR determination of Keto-Enol Equilibrium constant Introduction NMR has been very effective in organic chemistry. Indetermining Keto-Enol equilibrium constant, Proton NMR spectroscopy is used to evaluating a number of keto-mixtures. The spin-spin splitting and the chemical shift pattern are employed. The equilibrium constant is affected […]

Oes the molecular weight of polymers affect the performance of polymer (organic) solar cells

Effects of Molecular Weight on Performance of PSC I. Introduction (a) Thesis ment: molecular weight is one of the main factors that can alter the polymer’s characteristics. (b) General information: As the world continues seeking renewable energy, solar cells have been proven to have the […]


Bioaccumulation Bioaccumulation Bioaccumulation is the process occurring in aquatic ecosystem wherein the chemical concentration in an organism has a higher level than that of the water due to different chemical uptakes such as dietary absorption, respiration or through dermal absorption. There are two contributing processes […]

Worlds Poorest Countries Are at a Competitive Disadvantage in Every Sector of Their Economies

The essay aims to suggest how three different countries are coping up with the changing times whereby their economic activities are not that thriving, and they have been marred by issues that have had a very important bearing upon their own selves. It is a […]

EntrepreneurshipStrengths and weaknesses of family businesses

Entrepreneurship- Strengths and weaknesses of family business Various forms of business patterns exist in market and are practiced throughout the world. While some are purely corporate and no kin relationship based, others are explicitly family oriented businesses where the chain of command and disciplinary authority […]

What is ADHD

Prof’s Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are the most common behavioral issues that children face (Furman 994). The exact origin of ADHD and ADD, and even their very existence, has been a matter of intense debate for some time now […]