A Design of a Compact Public Transportation for the Elderly and Physically Challenged

Having private transportation is a luxury because not all of us can afford a private vehicle, those that cannot afford such kind of luxury are forced to use public transport, but again for those people who have a certain kind of disabilities, thereare problems and […]

Design as Lifestyle How Has Chinese Design Development Affected Chinese Lifestyle

DISCUSSION: Graphic designers combine visual signs, symbols, and images into a visual-verbal presentation that the audience can understand. The graphic designer is both a message maker and a form builder and introduces order and clarity from the relationships between the elements (Meggs, 1992:1-3). Another aspect […]

A Design of a Compact Public Transportation for the Elderly and Physically Challenged

Having private transportation is a luxury because not all of us can afford a private vehicle, those that cannot afford such kind of luxury are forced to use public transport, but again for those people who have a certain kind of disabilities, thereare problems and […]

Design as Lifestyle How Has Chinese Design Development Affected Chinese Lifestyle

DISCUSSION: Graphic designers combine visual signs, symbols, and images into a visual-verbal presentation that the audience can understand. The graphic designer is both a message maker and a form builder and introduces order and clarity from the relationships between the elements (Meggs, 1992:1-3). Another aspect […]


Student Name: _______________________________________________________Using the DeFronzo research study, break down the study into its corresponding research components. Answer each the following six questions below based on each separate research component. You answers should be 200-350 words each. Cite your work using APA as needed. Provide your […]


                                                                                                                        Unit V: Suncoast Correlation and Regression AnalysisInsert Your Name HereColumbia Southern UniversityData Analysis: Hypothesis TestingUse the Sun Coast Remediation data set to conduct a correlation analysis, simple regression analysis, and multiple regression analysis using the correlation tab, simple regression tab, and multiple regression tab respectively. […]


Nina Gjone02/04/2019BUS 442Ofer MeilichChapter 5 TiP – Selecting Business-Level StrategiesGeneric StrategyCarbon Performance Inc. is a company that produces 3D-printed carbon fiber bicycles to active consumers willing to spend an extra buck on a custom-designed bike that is light-weight, durable, fast, and user-friendly. The price-point is […]


DISCUSSION:Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a major concept in physical security.Find at least one scholarly article on CPTED and discuss it’s implications for physical security.(Reminder:All citations must be in APA format.)Make sure to cover 300 words and 3 references


Week 6 DiscussionCOLLAPSECostsOption 1Your team has been assigned to design and launch of a new product or service.This could be an external product for sale or an internal service to support other departments.As you prepare for your first team meeting, you know that identifying and […]


***Doctorate Level Questions*** No Plagiarism….Paraphrase the content, and provide Citations and at least TWO Reference Sources for each question provided….Please provide a substantive response for EACH question. Each question should each have a word count of 150 words or more….Please provide appropriate foundational knowledge, be […]

Discussion post

Go to University of Cumberlands online library. Select an article from the European Journal of Information Systems. Post a summary of the theory, research design, analysis, and conclusions regarding the article you selected. You must pick a different article than others in the class.You must […]


Assignment: Academic Success and Professional Development Plan Part 6: Finalizing the PlanAt some point in every construction project, efforts turn from design and the focus moves to actual construction. With the vision in place and the tools secured, the blueprint can be finalized and approved. […]


Read chapters 1-3 from textbook: Kirk, A. (2016). Data visualisation a handbook for data driven design. Los Angeles, CA: Sage. ISBN: 978-1473912144Answer below: Summarize the content of the chapter addressed. What were some of the highlights in this chapter and learning opportunities? Share some new […]

Ethical hacking

Final Project – IoT Security ResearchNo plagiarism very importantattached filesSecuring IoT Devices: What are the Challenges?Security practitioners suggest that key IoT security steps include:1) Make people aware that there is a threat to security;2) Design a technical solution to reduce security vulnerabilities;3) Align the legal […]


Based on your previous work in the previous week,createa 700-word entry in yourDatabase Management Plan.Ensure you: Evaluate and assist company decision makers in understanding the importance of database administration and data governance in relation to building scalable and robust applications. Describe how SQL constructs could […]

Discussion Post

Post an explanation of the criteria you could use to evaluate alignment between data collection methods and other research components, such as the problem, purpose, research questions, and design. Then, reflecting on the course content, discuss the extent to which your newly acquired research knowledge […]

Physical Security

Research how the CPTED strategies used in Prince William County, VA could be integrated into physical design plans in your area. Use information found at: https://www.pwcgov.org/government/dept/police/documents/002035.pdfAPA required. 1 – 2 pages. The use of your personal experience and perspective is key.You can talk about defense […]

Case study

Case Study 1: Understanding Process Measurement VariationFor this assignment, you will need to conduct an experiment then create visuals that will be placed within a PowerPoint presentation to present your findings. Your presentation should be easy to read and have a consistent design theme throughout. […]

Edu 533 assignment 2

In Assignment 1, you developed the instructional objectives for your project. Building on Assignment 1, you will create strategies that support the identified objectives and content. For this assignment, you will develop instructional strategies, delivery strategies, and the learner-related sequence. Use the Internet and/or Strayer […]

Unit 2 OOAD

2–3 pages of Java code all Java filesAt this point, you are ready to start developing Java code to ask questions on customer information and the sub sandwichthat customers want to order. You are only concerned with the functionality to request and provide feedback on […]


Option #1: Foodco’s New Product Launch and Reward SystemAs explained in the case study in Chapter 21 (Biron, 2018), Foodco was able to link a new product launch design with a reward system. Since almost the beginning of industrial times, bonuses, commissions, and other rewards […]

Ethical issues

Read the dialog below. Answer the questions that follow.Meet Lucy Fuego. Lucy is the C.E.O. of a large apparel company, called Serpentine Designs. Lucy’s company has “knocked off” or copied the t-shirt design of a smaller company. The smaller company, called Creative Designs, is run […]

Discussion forum on chapter readings

Required text book:Gaur, N., Desrosiers, L., Novotny, L., Ramakrishna, V., O’Dowd, A. & Baset, S. (2018). Hands-On Blockchain with Hyperledger: Building decentralized application with Hyperledger Fabric and Composer. Packt Publishing.Chapter-2: Exploring Hyperledger FabricDiscussion topics:1.Choose one of the Hyperledger design principles described in chapter 2(see attachment) […]

Need short presentation about aviation organization and manufacturers boeing

I need power point and short online outline about boeing1. Introduction :The Hook: Background :Thesis statement :In this presentation I will talk about:• . 2- The Body1- Main point( )Supporting details :2- Main point( The design )3- Main point : ( . )3-Conclusion :References and […]

Deliverable 7 Operations Manager Toolkit

Competency Differentiate behavioral traits and highly effective habits of successful operations managers. Distinguish the strategic actions that differentiate between successful domestic and international sourcing plans. Distinguish operational practices that will create an exceptional customer experience. Differentiate the key assessment metrics in achieving an operational project […]

Cover Letter

Developing a Strong Cover Letter: Cover letters allow you to clarify, detail, and expand on your most relevant skills and competencies. In addition, a cover letter allows you to showcase your written communication skills. Using the job description, identify three skills or qualifications that match […]

Portfolio Assignment The Role of the Nurse Informatics in Systems Development and Implementation

Assume you are a nurse manager on a unit where a new nursing documentation system is to be implemented. You want to ensure that the system will be usable and acceptable for the nurses impacted. You realize a nurse leader must be on the implementation […]


UNIT 6 PROJECT 8- 12 PAGES (EXCLUDEING TITLE PAGE, REFERENCE LIST AND APPENDICES)What happens to toxic leaders once they are removed!The Research Method RationaleLook ahead to the Dissertation Research Prospectus that you will be expected to prepare in RES861 to describe the key elements of […]

Cloud migration

Last week, you discussed GIG, Inc.’s benefits and concerns with moving to the cloud.This week, you willcreatea high-level diagram in Microsoft®Visio®of the resilient aspects of the system provided by AWS. The diagram should cover the system architecture in the AWS environment. Specific AWS (e.g., AWS […]

Topic 4 DQ1

Provide an example of experimental, quasi-experimental, and nonexperimental research from the GCU Library and explain how each research type differs from the others. When replying to peers, evaluate the effectiveness of the research design of the study for two of the examples provided.13/05/202015nursing

Law 531t

1. Use the following information to answer questions 1–5.MakerMan Manufacturing creates heavy-duty hand tools. It produces a new collapsible hammer called the SmackN’Stash. One of the first purchasers of the hammer, Rob, is using it at a construction site when the hammer’s head flies off […]

STAT Homework

Please read the attachment carefullySTAT200Week5HomeworkProblems.docxPosted: 6 months agoDue: 20/09/2019Budget: $15Tags: mathAnswers 3MathematicsExpert4.9 (195)4.9 (1k )Chat11 days agoPurchase the answer to view itSTAT200Week5HomeworkSolutions.docxTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $25Dr Candice_25475.0 (21)4.7 (325)Chat6 months agoPurchase the answer to view itStat200Week5HomeworkSolutions.docxTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $30FastExpert5.0 (7)4.4 (225)Chat6 months agoPurchase the answer to view itSTAT_200-5092.docTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy […]

“Only For &quot

Rewrick Patand”https://www.homeworkmarket.com/questions/economics-paper-10-pagesdue-in-24-hoursPosted: 4 hours agoDue: 29/01/2020Budget: $40Tags: pagesAnswers 0Bids 59MEERAB NAEEMDr_BiyaRewrick Patandrunge-kutta acerQuickly answer RESPECT WRITERAcademicResearchProEmily ClareWIZARD_KIMDr Ava_MiaansRohanabdul_rehman_brilliant answersPaula HogCatherine OwensDexterMastersmichael smithBeaverlyElprofessoriprofessor mitchTerry RobertsAll Works solverRey writerWendy LewisSamann060Dr Candice_2547ChrisProfkatetutorProf.MacQueenDr. ElahiEmily MichaelStano 001smart-tutorPROF. KATELYNprof bradleyRELIABLE PAPERSDrNicNgaoClytemnestraseniorwriterphyllis youngQuickstack001profwachgraceCasey CeliaJessica Luisperfectonadia tutorJack achieverSaad FahimLiza_Julietprof avrilJenny BoomTopAcademicTutorProf. KaylinlopezDr R Judy MarkQuickMentorSaburBJudithTutorOneStopTutorsSupremeWorksOther questions […]

Tim ch6

Chapter 6 (pg. 236 – 238)* Questions: 22 (10 points)* Exercises: A, B (20 points each)* Minicases: 1 (50 points)Systems-Analysis-Design-With-UML-5th-Edition-John-Wiley-Sons-2015.pdfPosted: 2 years agoDue: 15/02/2018Budget: $15Answers 1Zeek the Geek4.5 (47)4.7 (3k )Chat2 years agoPurchase the answer to view itSystemsAnalysisDesignQuestion22.docxTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $15Bids 20brilliant answersMadam A plusTop-PerformerTutorJuddy-PHDStano 001Miss ProfessorMichelle Lewis […]

Edit essay

Edit essay 5 pages more4d986657-33f2-488f-9872-36f31d35dbf9.jpgAboredhaShirleyJacksonsTheLottery.docx75c2c406-21d2-47be-9780-3fd90c9ba646.jpg13f38494-c315-4ee1-a37c-2dd0d35cbc1c.jpg15d44f0b-9955-4ed7-b9ec-501691d65fb0.jpg61946abf-6bb3-499f-8c10-57c91c13ef73.jpg519e2e43-e09a-4b02-b8a1-820adac4bb3b.jpgf572db70-a5a8-4732-b74c-72150f72c3bb.jpgba24dcdd-9b0a-4dad-b413-ba2a95fafa2e.jpgPosted: 13 hours agoDue: 09/12/2019Budget: $6Tags: page Answers 0Bids 30Ranchoddas Chanchad PhDProf BerryRewrick PatandElprofessoriCatherine Owensbrilliant answersProf.MacQueenDr Candice_2547RESPECT WRITERProCastrol01Kelly JacobsProff work phd perfectokim woodsWendy LewisEmily MichaelEva GreenCasey CeliaDr. ElahiTerry Robertsphyllis youngUmair_ArifSaad FahimansRohanLiza_JulietSaburBQuickMentorAZHARAKRAM300Unique_ProfMr-BonacinghusOther questions 10ACCT – Business CombinationsFinal moduleformal outlineReseach PaperManagementOrg 6503 Organizational Theory, Design and […]

This is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment Before beginning this assignment each group should submit a filledin copy of the CLC Agreement Form

Details:This is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment.Before beginning this assignment, each group should submit a filled-in copy of the CLC Agreement Form.Each CLC team will design a correlational study, groups will need two variables with at least five sets of data. between these two […]

” &Quot

Design Patterns&quot Please respond to the following:””Design Patterns” Please respond to the following: From the e-Activity, using UML and text, identify a creational design pattern and describe a situation where it could be applied. Provide a justification as to why it should be used over […]

Network security

1.1 What is the OSI security architecture?1.2 What is the difference between passive and active security threats?1.3 List and briefly define categories of passive and active security attacks.1.4 List and briefly define categories of security services.1.5 List and briefly define categories of security mechanisms.1.6 List […]

HRM 599

Assignment 2: Employee Development and PerformanceAssignment 2: Employee Development and Performance Due Week 6 and worth 170 points Continuing from Assignment 1, you were selected as the new HR director for the retail company and now have been in the position for approximately 6 months. […]


Research Hierarchy Level Journal Article Rationale for Selecting Journal Article 1. Systematic review and meta-analysis 1. Griffiths, P., Recio-Saucedo, A., Dall’Ora, C., Briggs, J., Maruotti, A., Meredith, P.,…Ball, J. (2018).The association between nurse staffing and omissions in nursing care: A systematic review.Journal of Advanced Nursing, […]


The Research Design Applied by Donatos for New Product DevelopmentChapter 8 of the textbook gives a thorough discussion of the various descriptors of research design. This chapter provides the framework and various procedures for research activity that can be applied by different businesses based on […]

CaseStudydunkinDonuts2020ManagementforOrganization edited

Managing DonutsJoyce CrowAshford University MGT 330 Management for Organization                                                   Jill Heaney                                                 May 10, 2020                                                            District Manager of Five Dunkin’ Donut FranchisesIntroductionAs the new District Manager, I intend to build and structure the foundation of workers for all the five Dunkin’ Donuts establishments. My goal is to increase the fiscal […]


Presentation(in this unit, this is not a physical presentation in class or online, but refers to a university assessment category in which material is presented in a non-essay format).You are required tocreate an original multimodal text- this must be the first three pages of an […]


NOTE:  1 pages paper should have (Discussion QUESTIONS 1, 2,3), conclusion with no grammatical errors, good sentence formation, APA Format, in text citations, references related to Business Intelligence in IT industry areas onlyGo through the topics below and Answer the questionsTopics:o Go to Tableau Public […]


(b) An abstract of length approximately 100 words, and up to 5 keywords.(c) A structured body of content that includes the following:Introduction that can include background/context, motivation , research problem, research questions/objectives of the research, contributions and significance of the research.Literature reviewResearch method which may […]

The Law of Designs that Has Moved far Beyond Merely Protecting the Aesthetically Pleasing Products

A comparison of the legal regulations since the Registered Designs Act 1949 will be drawn to show how the concepts of individual character and novelty, as well as artistic value and eye appeal or attractiveness of a design,have been replaced with the utility and functionality […]

Learnercentered Design of Educational Materials

Student-centered learning develops learning-how-to-learn skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and reflective thinking. Student-centered learning accounts for and adapts to different learning styles of students (National Centre for Research on Teacher Learning. 1999).Student-centred learning is distinguished from teacher-centred learning, which is characterized by the transmission […]

Land study

According to Covanta Energy (2011), the Rookery South EfW Generating Station will be able to convert approximately 585,000 tonnes of residual waste per year into 65MWe of electricity, of which 55MWe would be exported to the national grid. That’s enough electricity equivalent to meet the […]

Selfdiscovery and Understanding of World in Against Meat and Praise of Selfdeception

Even with the improved capacity to conceive build and design sophisticated equipment, tame some of the wildest beasts the earth has ever known and even travel thousands of miles to the moon, a man seems not to understand his own functionalities. He seems increasingly confused […]

Concepts and Challenges of the National and International Communication Planning Process in Marketing Agencies

Marketing communication, also known as ‘Marcom,’ is an essential part of marketing which enables the marketers to communicate effectively with its target market using related media such as the integrated fields of advertising, brand communication, direct / database marketing, graphic design, packaging, promotion, public relations, […]

Analytic Hierarchy Process artical review and comparison

Running head: ANALYTIC HIERARCHY PROCESS ARTICLE REVIEW AND COMPARISON Analytic Hierarchy Process Article Review And Comparison Thearticle that is under consideration is of the topic Use Analytic Hierarchy Process For Project Selection. (David, Kendrick Saaty, 2007) The article discusses about the benefits of using Analytic […]

Proposed design for residential dwellings and retail super markets near Lichfield Basin

The proposal also highlights the preventive measures that need to be incorporated in view of flooding, soft and moist clayey ground, damp patches in buildings. The other design considerations include the spacing between dwelling and the development of garden in nearby area. Thus the single […]

What is your relationship between text and performance How is text used in for and as art design and performance

By providing access, that is, to every form of extremism, including the prostitute, the madman, the artist, and the critic, modern society had stripped man of his ability to approach the society from without, and therefore to critique. Gavin Butt, writing specifically about art and […]

Critically discuss how the workplace be analysed and why the devil is in the detail

Introduction Workplace assessment is an investigation carried out to look into your processes, functions, operations, physical environment, and communication hierarchy and information flow. Critical scrutiny of your workplace caters in detecting potential risks and problems associated with the current settings and propose controls methods to […]

From Evaluating a Skilled Care Initiative in Rural Burkina Faso to Policy Implications for Safe Motherhood in Africa

From evaluating a Skilled Care Initiative in Rural Burkina Faso to Policy Implications for Safe Motherhood in AfricaThe theoretical framework that guides the study presented in the article is that skilled attendance is regarded as being among the most important strategies of intervention for safe […]

Design Culture

Throughout his career which lasted for three years, his buildings were constructed throughout Europe, America, and India. He was also committed to the enhancement of better living conditions for residents of crowded cities. He influenced urban planning in a long period of his career. Le […]

Brand Identification Plays In Brand Loyalty and Brand Promotion

The paper proposes to review the studies accomplished earlier on this particular area of concern. The earlier studies will include a number of journals articles such as ‘Social Identity Theory and the Organization’ by Ashforth and Mael, ‘Self-Categorization, Affective Commitment, and Group Self-Esteem as Distinct […]

Description of Assessment Requirements Guidelines 1 All assignments must be word processed handwritten assignments will at

To begin with, the researcher will conduct an extensive analysis on secondary sources such as internet, books and academic journals with the aim of finding the possible factors that are likely to determine performance of a company, and then use the insight to design the […]

Research Question Does the use of chunking increase shortterm memory retention

Generally, chunking is helpful in short-term memory retention. INTRODUCTION A study on the effect of chunking on short-term memory retention has been made which concluded that the use of chunking can increase a person’s short term memory. De groot (1946) first introduced this information-processing mechanism […]

High Profile Organizations Including the Police Force Mining Industry Building Industry

According to Schein (2010), organizational culture is one the factors that can affect better organization performance. hence, organizations should change their cultural behaviors in case they want to achieve better performance. Many companies are aware of increasing responsibilities to both employees and the society. thus, […]

Packaging Handling Storage and Transportation (PHS&amp

T) as Element of International LogisticsHowever, in the recent times the term is used quite often. International logistics involves not only transportation, although transportation is considered to be a significant component of international logistics. There are other elements of the international logistic systems as well […]

The Children and Young People Policy Agenda of Welsh UK and European Government

The Extending Entitlement suggests several key recommendations, which have a crucial importance for youth community and work practice. First, under this policy support for Welsh youth should be structured around an entitlement for all young people to a variety of services in their preferred language, […]

Performnce management (developing methods of performance apraisal)

Performance appraisal can be described as a formal and systematic way of identifying, observing as well as measuring the strengths and weaknesses of the employees in their job (Swanepoel, 1998). The primary goal of performance appraisal is concerned with improving the performance of the individuals […]

How to attract women customers and target market in beverage operation

Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Key Considerations when locating a business 3 Distance 3 Space 4Proximity to other businesses 4 Reputation of neighborhood businesses 4Layout and Design of a business 5Neatness 5Easy of movement 5Safety 5Conclusion 5Work Cited 6 Women customers […]


ALJCI today have various programs under the below mentioned categories- Art and Cultural Initiatives Education and Training Health amp. Social Programs Job Creation Poverty Allevation ALJCI functions majorly in Middle East countries apart from London, Turkey, Bangladesh and USA. Some of the major programs currently […]

How can the hotel Marriott Management Board implement ecological strategies in order to comply with sustainable development

ervation in the form of green construction, conservation of rainforests, saving water and spending money on projects that help in sustainability of the environment.Recently, Marriott hotels have upgraded and replaced equipment to improve efficiency which was a successful idea as efficiency improved by over 22% […]

Find this article Telemonitoring of heart failure patients and their caregivers A pilot randomized controlled study Progress in Cardiovascular nursing 23(1) 1826

Telemonitoring Research Describe the population for this study. The study was aimed at assessing the effect that telemonitoring of heart failure patients had on future readmissions. An advanced practice nurse performed the telemonitoring, hence, the study sample comprised of advanced practice nurses and heart failure […]

Effects of spirituality on African American women recovering from substance abuse

In the article by Violet L. Wright on the study of the effects of spirituality on African American women recovering from substance abuse, the theoretical framework derives from the principle of holistic care in the nursing profession, including spirituality. Citing various sources in this area […]