The Role of the European Union Single Market for the Development of International Business

As it is known, there are many significant issues are existed which are able to influence the improvement of the international business directly. It is popularly believed that the European Union Single Market is the most effective action for the development of international business. The […]

The Difference Between An Egalitarian And A NonEgalitarian Principle Of Distribution Which One Is Preferable

In this philosophy, people ought to get the same, be treated equally, treat our friend as equal, and all people should enjoy equal social status. The egalitarianism principles rest on the background that all mankind are equal in fundamental worth and moral status. Although these […]

(Economics major) The factors that influences our current gasoline price ( crude oil tax etc )

To further explain, the following component and circumstance are explained on how they affect the price of petrol. Factors That Influences our Current Gasoline Price 1. Crude Oil Of all the factors that influenced the cost of gasoline, the cost of crude oil is the […]

How Effective Are Celebrity Endorsements in Changing UK Consumer Attitudes about Various Clothing Brands

However, with the growing recognition that consumer incomes and confidence levels are down due to current global economic conditions, the promotion seems to be an even larger objective of today’s fashion designers and manufacturers. Many companies utilize celebrities as a means of building higher consumer […]

Should Countries Promote or Restrict Foreign Direct Investments

Globalization has dissolved national borders and turned the world into a global village. A relevant effect of globalization is the presence of an organization in a number of countries in addition to its birthplace. This has changed the scenario of global business significantly. Multinational enterprises […]

Human Rights in China The Great Political Divide between Regional and International Regimes

Any remarks and disapprovals from other governments and non-government organizations were to be criticized as meddling in China’s internal affairs (Van Ness 1999). Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore was clear in his statement about ‘Asian values’ and his criticisms of the United States. He was […]

Evaluate the reasons for the recent global financial crisis ( Banking and Finance Moudle)

The recent global economic crisis has been labelled by economists as the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and the domino effect of the crisis has culminated in the decline of consumer spending, demise of established businesses in key industry sectors and heightened government […]

For a sports organisation/product/service/concept of your choice apply best practice by developing a comprehensive marketing pl

The company acquired Reebok in January 2006 and became more dominant in the market. Adidas primarily focuses on the European markets but in order to cut costs the company has started outsourcing its production to Asian countries. The Company values its employees and makes sure […]

The Concept of Hydrogen Fuel One Day Replacing Crude Oil as the Worlds Primary Energy Source

Peak oil and the reliance of Western economies on crude oil imports for the operation of the economy points to the world reaching a critical point where demand for petroleum products outstrip supply and prices surge, raising the costs of transportation and delivery in society. […]

The Federal Reserve was effective/successful in its management of theGreat Recession

However, a near reoccurrence of the same situation took place in the year 2008 when worldwide. all nations had difficult economic situations (Berton 254). At about the Great Depression period, the rate of the Real Gross Domestic Product began to decline at a rate of […]


Whether or not Ghana’s current institutional framework will be capable of meeting the challenges posed by oil exploitation, and will be able to use this opportunity to bring greater prosperity and stability to the country, is a difficult question. In this paper, the reasons why […]

Past Present and Future of the Organization Theory and Public Administration

Organizational theories have been evolving over time and in this paper, we analyze specific theories that have been instrumental in describing organization management with attention to managers, employees, and people internally as well as outside the organization.Among other concerns that are notable in the Marxist […]

Political Economic Social and Technological Analysis of Overseas Ventures

Therefore, Elecdyne enjoys the dominance in the Japanese market despite having other major players in the industry based in Japan too.In recent cases, the organization had encountered slow growth. The slow growth of the enterprise could be attributed to restricted introductions to the Japanese markets. […]


Since the establishment of this law, China has developed from a country with small reference for outward FDI, to an influential emerging nation. The development of China’s FDI policies can be divided into three phases. the first phase took place between 1979 to 1992, the […]

Patents on medicine who should get the patents

This opposes indigenous value systems which promote the collective management of biodiversity (Carrizosa, Brush, Wright amp. McGuire, 2004). Intellectual property rights (IPR) related to indigenous medicines concern biogenetic resources available in nature and as commercial products. IPR includes practical applications of biogenetic resources, and traditional […]

Main Drivers of Sustainability in the UK Food Industry

Sustainability in the food industry creates a review of the industry’s present approach to balancing environmental, social, and economic considerations in the process of production, distribution, and consumption. Various tools and procedures require an implementation to enhance future progress (Ayres et. al, 2007). Environmental sustainability […]

The Performance of the IMF and The World Bank since the Demise of the Bretton Woods Agreement

Countries were working with the compromise developed by John Maynard Keynes and Dexter White in 1944, where the international stability of a gold-dollar standard was established and they managed their currencies against it. According to Frieden (2006), countries would join the IMF and submitted their […]

Child Trafficking in South Asian Countries Sex Trade and Physical Labour

The children who are trafficked by force and in the promise of better living conditions end up in having exploited in various levels. The exploitations range in various levels according to the situations and socio-economic conditions. This can include sexual exploitation in various forms, forced […]

Review the story of Harry and drawing on the work of Goffman answer the question below Harry works for a finance company in

Goffman defines stigma as a unusual gap that lies between virtual social identity and the actual society identity. Stigma is said to exist when a number of interrelated components are put together. The first component is when people are distinguished and their human differences labeled. […]

Understanding the Special Needs of Children Building Patterns of Kindergarten Teaching from Student Assessment

During this time I was introduced to the Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Adams as well as the school Principal and other teachers on the staff. The Edge Academy is a Kindergarten through Fifth Grade (K-5) school located in Akron with approximately 98% of the students coming […]

Money &amp

Capital MarketsSoon after the worldwide panic, financial turmoil struck the globe. Various economies flurried around to guard and hedge themselves against any potential impact of the same. Two such instances could be found in the economies of Australia and New Zealand, who have been acquiring […]

Chinese Penetration of the LATAM Market and the Potential Ramifications for the US Influence

The world in the last few decades has experienced a major degeneration of the old production relations and the consequent political ties. Free trade agreements and bilateral pacts characterize the trade pattern in a new global economy characterized by increased connectivity and interaction among the […]

New product development and product innovation charter

Therefore, a white product manufacturing company must understand that technological advancements are the key to success in the market (Avlonitis amp. Papastathopoulou, 2006). 1. a) Product innovation charter entails product planning and strategizing prior to its development. PIC charter summarizes all the necessary tools that […]

With reference to pierre and peters (2000) and Kjaer (2004) critically assess debates about public sector and government reform d

Presently, the core objective centres on enhancing efficiency within the public service delivery and delivering more customer-attuned services to citizens. Interestingly, one of the radical changes witnessed within the public sphere has been transforming state-centred societies into less-state-centred. Proponents of public reform claim that governments […]


One of the greatest difficulties in discussing the issue of child labor in sweatshops is the fact that coming up with across the board judgments on such an issue does not adequately relate the entire picture of child labor practices throughout the world. In Pakistan, […]

Has the Global Financial Crisis Led to Fundamental Change in the Relationship between Government and Business

Arguably, the worst financial and economic crisis in global history has brought about radical changes in the way finances are operated, funds are managed, and checks-and-balances are made. This crisis has brought people on their toes for keeping a close eye on how fund managers […]

Critical Success Factors of Credit Risk Management (CRM) in one of the UAE local Banks and area which required development to cope with challenges especially after financial recession

Upon going through the process of a sound lending procedure, almost all banks are offering loans to its prospective bank borrowers because of the high interest rates that will be added to the principal loan.For individuals or business with good credit standing, banks are more […]

International Environmental Law and the Safeguarding of the Rights of Future Generations

The course of development perpetually requires utilisation of natural resources and as a result, makes an effect on the ecology and environment. The overall development of an economy and in particular the industrial growth of a country necessarily contributes to exploiting the natural wealth. This […]

Ethical Principles on Disaster Risk Reduction

Various factors contribute to the increasing rates of disasters include the steady uptick of climate-related disasters or climate change that causes the increase in disasters (AccuWeather, 2013). Global warming, human activity, infrastructural vulnerability, increased populations, and economic assets equally lead to the increasing rates of […]

The assignment should be presented as a Journal opinion article and address an economic issue of current interest to Wall Street Journal readers

An economic issue of current interest to Wall Street Journal readers. The Slowing effect of Housing Market Introduction Economists in the recent past have felt utter disappointment as a result of a string of an expected home-sales reports. The sales in current existing homes dropped […]

Global Warming and Environmental Degradation

Environmental degradation entails the destruction of ecosystems, over-use of natural resources and extinction of animal and plant species. Natural occurrences such as volcanoes, intense rainfall, and earthquakes, may cause degradation of the environment. However, ecosystems have adapted to the effect of these natural occurrences. Moreover, […]

How Effective Is The New Human Rights Council Compared To The Old Commission

First and foremost, the structure of the Human Rights Council and the Commission on Human Rights has basic differences. In 1946, the UNCHR was formed, as an adjunct of the Economic and Social Council, with the primary purpose of establishing the international legal institutions that […]

Using Deibel Framework on UAE Demographic Imbalance

Frank discussion mainly focuses on the demographic predicament facing the UAE. The problem of population imbalance sufficiently deals with the unintended consequences of the prospect of the country. Practical ideas mainly handle growing demographic problem and the corresponding economic development that solely perpetuates the underlying […]

The microsoft case

The Microsoft Case Microsoft investigated for antitrust behavior Microsoftengagesinmanufactureof diversified computer software and afamilyof windows operating systems. The Companyhavealso introduced application software thatrunin the operating systems. The applications are like theMs OfficeSuite thatis commonly usedbynumeroususers in the world. Therefore, products of Microsoft are complementary to […]

Student Loans

How banks manage them and how they affect individual spendingay for college education that they cannot afford creates a situation in which a slowed job market will be unable to absorb these individuals and provide the necessary debt payments that these loans necessitate. Accordingly, the […]

I need a 2 page presentation paper on an article including 3 discussion questions

Chapter 22: Second Global Revolutionary Wave, 1939 Initiative of the 1949 Chinese Revolution According to Stavrianos, the second global revolutionary wave in the Chinese revolution was marked by the struggle of working world class. The Chinese revolutionist realized that in order to create communism and […]

Indian Migrant Workers in Gulf Cooperation Council States (Modern Slavery)

decades and the resultant increased economic activity are necessitating high number of employees, and so prospective workers from the Third World Countries particularly India are brought in to meet the demands. Indian workers for their part are lured by the ‘high’ salaries and the prospect […]

Policy paper

Policy Analysis The policy that is considered for analysis is the Dairy Payment Program, actualized for the benefit of the declining dairy farming in the United States. The Problem Although dairy farming has grown extensively in the West with many industries venturing onto the scene […]


Hypothesize Hypothesize Environmental Environmental issues are of immense significance in many aspects of the society, and they can be resolved through a number of approaches. The solutions to environmental issues mostly focus on the global, cultural, regional, and local aspects that have an impact on […]

The Purpose of Knowledge Management in an Organization and Improving Productivity

The role of KM has become far more important due to the constantly changing economic situations. Due to the rapidly changing global economy businesses need to consider a serious change in strategy and begin to focus more on knowledge management even at the mundane line […]

What made Franklin D Roosevelt such a powerful leader and one of the most highly regarded presidents in American history

Because of his strong advocacy, the love of freedom is still alive in America today (InfoUSA 1). As a great leader, Franklin Roosevelt devoted his effort to the service of his country. In as much as critics may highlight instances of failure during his presidency, […]

How I’d vote on drilling for oil in our national park system ( against drilling)

Drilling Oil in our National Park System College: Drilling Oil in our National Park System The debate on whether the government should focus on the economy or the environment has sparked a great controversy. Evidently, exploiting natural resources can lead to considerable economic improvement. On […]


With time, government intervention in economic policy has increased. This has led to the reconsideration of the existing interventions and policy structures, and the possibility of new ones. Since training of employees is seen as the prime factor that contributes to an increased output, governments […]

Policy Brief How can the Ministry of Health in The Kingdome of Bahrain ensure the establishment of an effective diabetic preventive programs for adults at risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus in Bahrain by the year 2020

Creation of awareness ought to be the most initial action because of the promising rewards it holds to the prevention and reduction of diabetes frequencies.Diabetes mellitus has over the years risen up to be a major global health concern. The prevalence of this disease has […]

China and Globalization Chinas struggle for environment protection and related issues

The actions are accompanied by pledges from the top leaders of the country in shifting China from a model of political economy, which prioritizes more growth across the environment (Perry amp. Selden 29). This will shift into a place of more emphasis for environmental protection, […]

Concerted practice is the most nebulous of the three categories caught by Article 101 TFEU

2 With regard to paragraph three and exceptions to the prohibitions in paragraph one of Article 101, those relate to what the law determines as contributing to society either through economic development, technical development, and improvements in the way goods are produced or distributed 3 […]

Changes in technology anticipated to change the pattern of pollutant emissions

New Technologies Anticipated to Decrease Pollutant Emissions The need for energy increases as the population grows and the desire for better living conditions increases. 85% of our energy demands come from the combustion of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels, coal, oil, and natural gas are non-renewable […]

Is Capitalism a fundamentally Western concept or system and if so how can we account for its spread and entrenchment in nonWestern areas of the world

The development of industrialization in West is also considered as the organic growth of the capitalist thoughts and philosophy as capitalism presented an alternative channel of achieving social good in a more comprehensive manner. The pace of industrialization therefore was considered as the epitome of […]

18Th century Satire in British Literature Particularly in Alexander Popes The Rape of the Lock and Jonathan Swifts Gullivers Travels

Pope was believed to be notorious for he always made himself visible despite the general social expectation that deformed people should hide themselves. The criticism of the nobles against anything or anyone who is ugly and deformed must have provoked Pope to be satirical against […]

The UK is a member of the European Union but has not adopted the euro as its currency To what extent do the benefits of membership of a monetary union such as the Eurozone outweigh the costs

It also aimed to enhance aggregate employment opportunities in these counties. In order to enhance the level of employability, EMU aims to enhance capital investment levels of its member states. Higher sustainability of pensions and public finances are also achieved in these countries through activities […]

What kind of successful interventions for obesity prevention in school from 10 to 12 grades have been conducted in the United State

Intervention programs aimed at obesity prevention for children and adolescents should be a national priority in order to have a healthy nation in future. There is considerable increase in health risk for children and adolescent who are obese or overweight as they are in danger […]

Pacific Systems

Pacific System Corporation aims at diversifying its scoop of operation by venturing into a new business line, DVD business. However, the business has troubles determining the most ideal supplier for it products. Pacific System Corporation’s management has managed to come up with four suppliers that […]

How Can an Understanding of Micro And Macro Economic Help Business Deal with Their Market Situation and Their External Environment

This paper illustrates that among micro-economic theory, one of the most important concepts is supply and demand analysis that is related to analyzing the supply and demand graph to measure the shift of the graph. It is necessary to explain these concepts before describing their […]

The decade of the 1860s saw the success of the nationbuilding efforts of Bismarck and Cavour in Germany and Italy respectively

Success of the nation-building efforts of Bismarck and Cavour in Germany and Italy The early 1890s saw a decade full of success in the territories of Bismarck and Cavour. Otto von Bismarck was the ruler of Germany. He gained much influence in both Germany and […]

Policy making

Nursing Outline Introduction Compare and contrast the United s healthcare system with Canada’s healthcare system Aspects of open/closed systems exhibited by the U.S and CanadaReview the article Health Care Payment Reform: Implications for NursesConclusionIntroductionPolicy making is a critical issue in the provision of services in […]

Evaluate how operations management concepts could be or are being applied to a hospitality / tourism operation of your choice to reduce the possibility of service failure

More and more organisations are entering into service industry. It is important to acknowledge here that operations management is as much applicable on the service industry as on manufacturing industry or any other industry. It is relatively difficult to manage the operations in the service […]

There are five questions with different marks so question with 15 marks have more word count even the answers should be suppo

The world trade organisation (WTO) is one such body which is a contract enforcing governments to maintain their trade policies within the agreed upon rules. The core objectives are to set and enforce rules for global trade, to offer a forum for negotiating and scrutinizing […]

A Raisin in the Sun Play (1959) by Lorraine Hansberry and City of Glass (1984) by Paul Auster

How African Americans live across or between cultures.Considerably, the play is considered a classical work of American drama regardless of its background or genre. However, the play presentation of African-American lives increased controversy over time. In particular, the play puts a strong emphasis on the […]

Should base level funding for critical infrastructure protection against foreign terrorists organizations include domestic (internal) threats

Critical Infrastructure Protection Funding Introduction According to the US federal government, critical infrastructure (CI) includes assets and systems, virtual or physical that when destroyed could lead to a debilitating effect on national public health, security, national economic security, safety or any combination of the above […]

Profitability at Hardhat Limited The Relationships between Revenues

Performing profitability analysis requires an understanding of selling prices and the behavior of activity cost drivers. (Activity cost driver is often referred to as cost driver when the context is clear that we are discussing activity, rather than structural or organizational, cost drivers.) Profitability analysis […]

To what extent is regional integration in North America part of globalisation

Occupying such a vast geographical area and sound population in the three countries of NAFTA, the regional integration at this level certainly helped in the globalization.Globalization is defined as a process of complex series of economic, social, technological, cultural and political changes with increasing interdependence, […]

With reference to at least two areas of cognitive development critically assess the role that culture plays in development

The human race is one of the most intelligent life forms which more or less follows certain uniform tenets of life all over the world but cannot escape the colour imparted by various factors which lend them unique identities which are easily discernible. Thus we […]


The city council in Chicago has even passed an ordinance disallowing Wal-Mart from opening within city limits. This paper argues whether Wal-Mart is a destructive force or is good for the local economy.Wal-Mart has 3,400 stores in the US and is largest employer in US […]

Work Motivation for an Organisation Employee Reward Schemes

Bonner and Sprinkle (2002), for example, report that the structure of incentive schemes, individual ability, and other organizational and environmental circumstances impact the effectiveness of performance-based incentive compensation schemes. Regardless of their ultimate effectiveness, organizations implementing incentive schemes often anticipate improved recruitment and retention of […]

Less than seventyfive years after the ratification of the Constitution the United States was at war with itself for four long and brutal years The road to the American Civil War was thus a relatively short one During the years leading up to cont

The American Civil War The American Civil War was a bloody point in American politics that exposed the country’s soft underbelly with the concepts of freedom and equality as well as their association with immigrant blacks. States in the North and South had long held […]


Suicides Suicides According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more Americans now die of suicide thanfrom car accidents. Experts say it points to the true depths of the US economic crisis. Their study in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report showed that the […]

Discuss the following statement economic restructuring in the Third World was essential and structural adjustment and conditionalities were the right policies

In their conception of things, the state is needed to define property rights, act as a custodian of the public good (or work for what was known as the common good) and regulate markets so that optimal conditions are met (Cooper amp. Packard, 1997). However, […]

Case study week 6

Summary: International Ethical Standards Summary: International Ethical Standards The accounting field has been regarded as an epitome of high ethical standard. However, the trends are changing in the contemporary world due to the dynamism in the practice and a noticeable increment in unethical behaviors. In […]

Free Trade and Foreign Direct Investment in Australia Britain China

Demand for goods and services in the Pilbaras state, Western Australia, grew by 11% in 2007. Studies have touted the benefits of foreign direct investment. (China Elections and Governance, May 8, 2008). Chinese investment in Australias iron-ore business is increasing. Gindalbie, an Australian iron-ore miner, […]

Humanitarian intervention only occurs when it supports the interests of the powerful Discuss

tarian intervention aims at protecting lives, it poses a challenge for the international community, whose foundation builds on principles of sovereignty and non-military intervention. Following world events that occurred in the 1990s especially in Rwanda, Kosovo, Chechnya, Serbia, and Haiti, the world came together to […]

Select two topics from the list and critically discuss how they contribute to the effective operation of the Human Resouce Manag

An economic downturn also affects the reward system of the firm where the human resource management has to figure out a way to reduce the costs of rewards and still keep employees motivated ( 2013). Economic Downturn: No business operates in isolation and is very […]

Why are many countries in Africa described as weak states

table political institutions. ensuring security for their populations from violent conflict and maintaining their territory. and meeting the basic human needs of their populations. State effectiveness in delivering on these four critical dimensions, is the main criterion for measurement. A state’s strength or weakness is […]

Textual analysis

Textual analysis The interestingly and comprehensively covers the French revolution using words that amicably captures the reader’s attention while informing them of the underlying facts of the revolution. The author considers that the distinction between the gentleman/noble is the cardinal fact of life. The author […]

The problems encountered while accounting for intangibles are accurately identified and explained

PROBLEMS IN ACOUNTING FOR INTANGIBLE ASSETS Intangible assets as the suggests are those assets that cannot bephysically identified. This nature of this nature, the assets are difficult to prove their existence and therefore hard to recognize when accounting. There are numerous problems encountered in accounting […]


Article Roth, Shapley Win Nobel Economics Prize for Matching Theory URL – http 10-15/roth-shapley-share nobel-economics-prize-academy-says.html Date – 15 October 2012Authors – Rich Miller amp. Niklas Magnusson The article talks about the winners of the Nobel Prize for economic sciences in 2012. The two winners […]

White Consumer Report Worksheets

al Economy 2010, Selig Center for Economic Growth, The University of Georgia, , November 1, 2011.Source: Jeffrey M. Humphreys, The Multicultural Economy 2010, Selig Center for Economic Growth, The University of Georgia, , November 1, 2011.Source: Cheryl Russell, Racial and Ethnic Diversity: Asians, […]

41) A Firm Will Always Make An Economic Profit If A) P = Atc B) P &Gt

AVC. C) P = MC. Micro Module 2 Homework.pdf x+Xlt; -gt; C @ File | fs1/users/bianca.dahlinger/Desktop/Micro%20Module%202%20Homework.pdfMicro Module 2 Homework.pdf14 / 15n maustry attractA) high revenues B) normal profit C) economic profit D) low cost E) lack of competitionPURE COMPETITION PROFIT ANALYSISSHORT RUN REVENUE/COST CURVES – […]

1 Points

QUESTION 2 Consider a firm that employs some resources that are owned by Question:QUESTION 11. Economic profit isthe difference between total revenue and the opportunity cost of all of the resources usedin production.(opportunity cost of all resources include the…Economics

You And Some Friends Are Discussing News That Could Change The World As We Know It If The Worldchanging Company

Question You and some friends are discussing news that could change the world as we know it, if the world-changing company survives! Hermes, a new automaker, unveils a new automobile that runs on plastic grocery bags and gets 100 miles to the bag. It enjoys […]

Initially An Economy Has 90 Million People Employed 10 Million People Unemployed And 15 Million People Not In

Question Initially an economy has 90 million people employed, 10 million people unemployed, and 15 million people not in the labor force. Because of a new round of tax cuts, households expectations for the economy improve. 4 million people who previously were not in the […]

__________ Is The Amount Of Real Gdp An Economy Can Produce By Fully Employing Its Existing Levels Of Labor

Question __________ is the amount of real GDP an economy can produce by fully employing its existing levels of labor, physical capital, and technology, in the context of its existing market and legal institutions. Select the two correct answers below. Select all that apply: Full-employment […]

Land Not Developed Is Sometimes Called Dead Capital This Means That The Sole Objective Of Land Development Is

Question Land not developed is sometimes called dead capital. This means that the sole objective of land development is to turn this dead capital into useful capital for the creation of economic wealth for the good of the state and all citizens. Is the above […]

Returns To Scale Helps A Firm To Determine Its Scale Or Rate At Which Output Increases As Input Are Increased

Question Returns to Scale helps a firm to determine its scale or rate at which output increases as input are increased proportionately. Use equation, diagrams and economic theory to explain increasing, constant and decreasing returns to scale of a firm. Economics

Please See Below Advocates Of Globalization Including Professional Economists And Business

Question Please see below: Advocates of globalization, including professional economists and business leaders stress the benefits of globalization on economic growth. According to them, one of he benefits of globalization is that it will strengthen the middle class, which is the driving force of the […]

In Chapter 7 The Environment Part Ii Hite And Seitz (2016) Discuss The Existing Tension Between

Question In Chapter 7: The Environment – Part II, Hite and Seitz (2016) discuss the existing tension between development and the environment. Development brings economic growth as well as social and environmental changes. To a developing country, economic growth may be of a higher priority […]

The Characteristics Of Perfect Competition In The Long Run Include All Of The

Question The characteristics of perfect competition in the long run include all of the following except: Select one: a. efficient production b. output at minimum long run average total cost c. marginal cost equals price d. positive economic profit e. total revenue equals total cost […]

Economists Consider Both Explicit Costs And Implicit Costs When Measuring Economic Profit The Reason They

Question Economists consider both explicit costs and implicit costs when measuring economic profit. The reason they consider implicit costs is that Group of answer choices a business must cover its opportunity costs as well as its out-of-pocket expenses to be truly profitable. most businesses forget […]