Ultimate axial bearing capacity of jacked pile in layered sand with using Driven Program 1 0

The experiments are performed on three different water tables from dry level, cross-surface level and to the bottom of the 15m depth. Four different depths of steel and concrete piles are used for the experiment which is performed with the help of computing software Driven […]

Hyatt Regency Hotel Engineering Disaster of 1981

In the past several decades, this science of engineering was broken down into many branches of study such as structural engineering, transportation engineering, hydraulic engineering, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, and so forth.Nevertheless, the most important task of civil engineering is the design and planning of […]

How engineering has a negative impact on the natural environment

Conferring to Balaban (2012), constructions are huge contributors to ecological deterioration. Moreover, it is quite clear that additional actions are required in order to make the building activities and the built environment ecological. Construction activities are among the major exploiters of both non-renewable and renewable […]

Describe the unique qualities that attract you to the specific undergraduate College or School (including preferred admission and dual degree programs) to which you are applying at the University of Michigan How would that curriculum support your interes

Unique qualities of Michigan For better part of my childhood, I longed for a career whereby I would use my God-given skills and create something that will not only outlive me but also touch millions of people. I was always fascinated by the vision of […]

In Social Networks Each Person Prefers To Meet With People From Their Own Community And Are Reluctant To Switch

Algorithm goes like this:CvisFlag= 0 // community switch flagpenalty =0For each person P[i] in personListget roomListArray from Matrix for that Personfor each R[i] in the roomListArray//…Engineering Technology

The Attached Document Contains A Case Study On Which You Have Been Called To Investigate This Case Study Provides

1 WOESON BOOKS CREDIT CARD FRAUD INVESTIGATIVE PLANInvestigator: 2This investigative plan will yield an investigative report that shall be submitted toRick Brady, Woeson Books VP of Operations….Engineering Technology

In …

software engineering for postgraduates what is the answer to below question Apart from the risks of Common Project RisksRiskInsufficient resourcesavailable to perform thework Mitigating Strategy Explore various channels to secure resources, includinghiring new staff or involving…Engineering Technology

I Am An Upcoming Web Developer And Am Developing A Website That Will Support Both Computers And Mobile Devices

Basically We Are Going To Use Responsive Web DesignThis approach that suggests that design and development should respond to theuser’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform…Engineering Technology

You Will Be Providing Detail On 3 Potential Options For Pursuing The System Integration Project The Evaluation

Refine and describe in detail the of quality assurance considerations that you determinedin the Discussion Board to ranked highest.Quality control (QC) is a or set of procedures intended to that…Mechanical Engineering

Python Practice This Is A Python Practice I Really Need Some Help For The Following Two Parts Do

Part 3: Echo (5 Points). Write a function called echo that takes as argument a list and returns a copy of that listwith each element duplicated right after it.. Here are some examples of how your program should behave on Python IDLE.gt;gt;gt; echo( [ ‘a’ […]

This Is Subject Of Engineering Mechanics May Use Conservation Of Energy Equation Thank You Very

The homogeneous 80-kg disk A is connected by a cable to the 80-kg block B. Thecoefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the inclined surface is 0.4. If thesystem is released from rest when x = 0, determine x when the speed of the […]

A B C D E F 1 N Activity Cost Activity Driver Activity Cost Activity Cost Per Driver 3 4 Machining 500 2000 4 5 Engineering 1250 4000 3 2 6 Packaging Orders 1750 8750 5 7 8 9 …

XYZ Company produces a variety of bicycles. One of its plants produces two bicycles: a Mountain model70% 8:18 AM+. . .ABCDEF1NActivity costActivity DriverActivity costActivity cost per driver34Machining500200045Engineering125040003.26packaging orders175087505789…

Please Answer These Three Questions In Details Please And Attach The Question Written On Paper Clearly Showing All

1) We can say from observation that when the crate W moves by a distance d, the end of the rope moves 20′.so the displacement of end of the rope is 2 x1.5m = 3m (option D) 2) Work done =de =(2T)xd…Mechanical Engineering

Five Additional Queries That Use Singlerow Functions From Each Of The Categories Listed Below In Addition To The

–ques 1select custNo, custfirstname ||custlastname,custcity, custstate,custzipfrom customerorder by custfirstname,custlastname;–ques 2select OrdNo,to_char(OrdDate, ‘yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss’)…Engineering Technology

1 Develop A Highlevel Causalloop Diagram (With Main Stockflow Chains For The Wildshrimp Catch And Aquaculture

BAP EXPANDS GLOBAL AQUACULTURE ADVOCATE Volume 15, Issue 2 March/April 2012 march/april 2012 the global aquaculture The Global Magazine for Farmed Seafood GEMMA Micro GEMMA Micro GEMMA Micro GEMMA… Mechanical Engineering

C Programming You Must Create The Code Described In The Picture Below And Given Are Two Example Executions Of

Problem: Allow the user to enter a positive integer value to represent the seed value for the random numbergenerator. Next, generate a random integer that represents a possible number of points that a student may earn in agiven class (0 to a maximum of 1000 […]

I Need Assistance With The Emca And Their Related Laws All Off Them Because I Really Need To Apply Them Asap In A

THE ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT AND CO-ORDINATION ACT, 1999No 8 of 1999THE ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT AND CO-ORDINATION ACT, 1999No 8 of 1999Date of Assent: 6th January, 2000.Date of commencement:…Engineering Technology

At The Beginning Of Several Software Development Projects The Detailed Requirements Are Little Known Or Change

Question At the beginning of several software development projects, the detailed requirements are little known or change drastically during of development. Why would it be necessary to take the trouble to go through the stages of requirements collection, the elaboration of the work breakdown structure, […]

I Need Help In This Mechanics Of Materials Class For Civil Engineering I Need To Solve This Question As Soon As

Shear stress in ith cylinder due to torsion,τi = TDi/Ji = TDi/(2πtiDi3/8) = 4T/(πtiDi2)Angle of twist, θi = TLi/GJi = 4TLi/GπtiDi3 = 127323.95Li/ GtiDi3Normal stress in ith cylinder due to…Engineering Technology

I Was Told To Rewrite The Algorithm Below To A Standard Algorithm I Am Not Sure If I Need An Exit Statement Or

Question I was told to rewrite the algorithm below to a standard algorithm. I am not sure if I need an exit statement or not. Here is my algorithm and the image down below is the algorithm that I needed to rewrite: Function location (S, […]

Can You

Question Can You help me to find the relational algebra for these three queries f, g, and h 1. Consider the following relational database:lives(person-name, street, city)works(person-name, company-name, salary)located-in (company-name, city)manages( person-name, manager-name)Give an expression in the relational algebra for each of the queries below:f. Find […]

In An Ideal Vapor Compression Refrigeration Cycle Using R134a The Adiabatic Capillary Tube Drops The Pressure

P = 1.4 MPa T = -12oC T = Sat; 52.43oC h = 127.22 kJ/kg hf = 127.22 kJ/kg In the absence of more accurate data for R134a, I have used the saturated temperature from thefollowing table. PLEASE USE…Mechanical Engineering

Mec 310 _ Homework 4 3 For The Offset Crankslider Linkage In The Following Figure (A) Derive The

3. For the offset crank-slider linkage in the following figure [a] derive the expression for theangular velocity of link 3 and linear velocity of [in]: 4 using analytic VECtDr-hfififld methods {notcomplex number representation of vectors]. [IS points] [b] derive the expression for the angularaccelemtion of […]

Q1 There Are Seven Successful Policy Characteristics List Them All And Give One Example From Your Experience Should be Endorsed – The policy has the support of organizational managers.Should be Relevant – the policy is compatible with the organization.Should be Realistic – The policy…Engineering Technology

Questtion 2according To Dgi Data Governance Framework Information Management (Im) Is A

Question Questtion 2 According to DGI Data Governance Framework, Information Management (IM) is a principal function of IT that is complex, spans through a number of subdisciplines and it can be defined as the ……………………? A.application of management techniques to collect information, communicate it within […]

It Leaders Often Need To Make Difficult Choices To Save Money Stay Competitive And Retain Or Generate Additional

Question IT leaders often need to make difficult choices to save money, stay competitive, and retain or generate additional profits. The idea of outsourcing and perhaps offshoring has been mentioned as a possible consideration. Discuss the pros and cons of both outsourcing and offshoring. How […]

How Do I Solve This Problem A 1/4 In Diameter Rod Must Be Machined On A Lathe To A Smaller Diameter For Use As A

Question How do I solve this problem, a 1/4 in diameter rod must be machined on a lathe to a smaller diameter for use as a specimen in a tension test. The rod material is expected to break at a normal stress of 63750 psi. […]

Hi I Am Really Lost On How To Answer Dead Load Questions For Civil Engineering I Have Tried Using The Aygl

Question 2 0/ 0 ts A floor consists of timber beams with solid rectangular cross-section of 350 x 45 mm, equallyspaced at 600 mm centres. A flat steel pan 2 mm thick and concrete 125 mm thick are laid ontop. Calculate the dead load of […]

Can Someone Help Me With This Question For Fan Efficiency In This Case Efficiency Is The Percentage Of The

Question Can someone help me with this question for fan efficiency . In this case, efficiency is the percentage of the electricity to operate the fan. I already did the calculations to get the efficiency ratings. My first computation was 13.06% for the efficiency rating […]

Hello! I’M Working On A Project For Nt1310 At Itt Tech And I’M Having Some Trouble I’M Not Sure How To Determine

OUR MISSIONITT Technical Institute is an institution of higher learning that is committedto offering quality undergraduate and continuing education locally, nationallyand worldwide to students…Engineering Technology

The Lighting Requirements Of An Industrial Facility Are Being Met By 700 40w Standardfluorescent Lamps

Question The lighting requirements of an industrial facility are being met by 700 40-W standard fluorescent lamps. The lamps are close to completing their service life and are to be replaced by their 34-W high-efficiency counterparts that operate on the existing standard ballasts. The standard […]

In This Question The First Step Is To Get Fr Value I Don’T Really Understand Why We Need To Get This Value

Exercise 6Water is flowing at a velocity of 3 m/s and a depth of 3 m in a channel of rectangularcross-section. Find the maximum allowable size of upward step for the upstream flowto remain as specified.SolutionFr = –3V9.81 x3= 0.55 – The flow regime is […]

Analysis of Economic Indicators Retail Sales and Personal Income

Analysis of Economic Indicators: Retail Sales and Personal Income Teacher Analysis of Economic Indicators: Retail Sales and Personal Income According to Consumer Flow at Economy.com, the fundamental drivers of consumer spending, – which generates retail sales – in the near future in the U.S. will […]

Significance of Metrology with Respect to Engineering

If not, then it has to be re-examined so that accurate results are obtained. Among the post-process measurement, different measurement techniques and instruments are used. Usually, block gauge, micrometer, profile projector and coordinate measurement machines are used for post-measurement techniques.A block gauge consists of different […]


ence we are able to determine total production per unit as follows: Product (Valves) Explanation Cost Manufacturing overhead (4.39% X 4) 17.548 Materials $16 Direct labor based on run labor (16% X 0.25) 4 Total standard cost $38 Pumps Manufacturing overhead (4.39% X 8) 35.096 […]

KnowledgeIntensive Firms and Workers in the Southern Company

With business and market environments that are constantly changing with globalization, firms from all sectors are called to embrace the use of technology and information communication systems, particularly to manage their knowledge assets (Poole, 2013). However, most organizations lack strategies that explicitly consider knowledge as […]

The Psychological and Physiological Effects in a Promotion Process in an Engineering Industry

A technical manager should have technical skills as well as management skills. It is not necessary that all the excellent engineers may become excellent managers. A technical manager should be able to implement the right strategy at the right time. Instead of going after the […]

Why Do We Need Environmental Engineering Topic LOVE CANAL TRAGEDY

This led to protests, intervention by the government and multiple lawsuits in pursuit of the compensation for the affected residents. Most of them moved, the infrastructure brought down and the Love Canal crossed for revitalization processes by the Environmental Protection Agency.William T Love is the […]

Identify the heightened audit risks areas of James Cropper Plc and carry out the audit procedures to reduce audit risk to an acceptable level of one area

The converting segment on the other hand offers picture mat boards printable boards and a selection of of laminated and coated papers. The Technical Fibre Products is in charge of non-woven materials used in different areas such as the engineering of composites thermal insulation, fire […]

Simon Chance the owner and Chief Executive of Junction Hotel is seeking to increase the effectiveness of the hotel Drawing on theories of rational organisation and at least one of the following topic areas 1) psychological perspectives 2) organisational

mon Chance, the owner and Chief Executive of Junction Hotel is seeking to increase the effectiveness of the hotel and to address the above listed weaknesses. The aim of this paper is to research how the theories of rational organization and psychological perspectives (personality and […]

Comparison of market structures of US retail and housing industry

16 4000 Where there are four types of market structure which are monopoly, oligopoly, pure competition and monopolistic competition. there are number of factors which determine the market structure which are number and size of firms in the particular market, degree of similarity with competitor’s […]

“Outsourcing Supply Chain Support and its Effectiveness and Implication in R&amp

D Environment in Singapore"and Objectives 1.3 Research Methods 1.4Significance of Research 1.5 Dissertation Outline 1.6 Conclusions Chapter 2: Literature Review 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Information Sharing and Outsourcing 2.3 The importance of Information sharing in Outsourcing 2.4 The risk factors of Information sharing 2.5 How much […]

The Rise and Fall of FLAVR SAVR Tomato A Delayed Ripening Tomato

6 1500 They are accountable for the overall predilection of an organism and what the organism is going to be. Humans are utilizing their potentials to explore and reveal the surreptitious lying uncharted. The advent of genetic engineering has revolutionized this investigation procedure. Genetic manipulations […]

GMO products

Biotechnology in Genetically modified foods al Affiliation: Genetically modified foods are products that have been manipulated by introducing organisms whose DNA structure has been changed slightly using genetic engineering methods. This allows several alterations in the way the plant grows and also the quality of […]

Case assignment Rising Cost of Prescription Drugs and its affect on MEDICARE

Affordable Prescription Drugs Module 4 Case Assignment 02 December This paper deals with the question of obstacles, barriers, and pitfalls that may influence the rising cost of prescription drugs and the effects on Medicare. It primarily draws on two arguments: the first by Johnson (2009) […]

Information System Engineering (Case Study about system requirement)

The purpose of this report is to elaborate the system design features for its better implementation.The Children Support Agency (CSA) has emerged as a national charity based organization for the betterment of the UK’s young people. This organization has aimed to facilitate young people of […]

“Initiating Change in the Manufacturing and Distribution Division of PolyProd on page 241246 in the Cummings &amp

Worley tex"Initiating Change in the Manufacturing and Distribution Division of PolyProd PolyProd is a giant engineering corporation faced with change management concerns at divisional level. Manufacturing and Distribution Division of the company has to handle sophisticated information management system subjected to enormous amount of data, […]

Harvard referencing

10 Examples of Harvard referencing of items as required Al-Madhoun, M. &amp. Analoui, F. (2004) Developing SME managers under fire: negotiating obstaclesand weaknesses in Palestine, Journal of Management Development, 23 (5), pp.479-495, IngentaConnect [Online]. Available from: http://www.ingentaconnect.com (Accessed: 9 June 2005).Fedchak, E. &amp. Duvall, L. […]

BIMStorm Presentation at Healthcare BIM Consortium by Onuma

Essay, Engineering and Construction My choice of video is BIMStorm presentation at Healthcare BIM Consortium by Onuma, Balfour Beatty, Broaddus and several other people. . The video is footage on the how the company through its sponsors has transformed the construction industry. Essentially, BIMStorm videos […]

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

1. Permissible practice – Permissible practices include primary means to control occupational diseases caused by atmospheric contaminants by accepted engineering control measures and when these measures are not feasible, appropriate respirators shall be used. Employers are responsible for establishing and maintaining a respiratory protection program, […]

Do Aircraft Engineer of Oman air believe Inadequate training in aircraft Engineering sector of Oman is the main cause of low standards in maintenance of Oman Air aircraft

For example, training and development lead to the development of new skills and expertise of employees. However, in some sectors, training and development are necessary for performing the regular activities.Training and development activities present prime opportunities to expand and enhance the knowledge base of the […]

Te Uku

t which is the first of its kind in New Zealand was commissioned in 2010 and successfully built by a joint alliance between a giant electricity generating and retailer company known as Meridian Energy and WEL Networks which is a lines company (WEL Networks, 2010).At […]

“Research &amp

Analysis Study of Balfour Beatty plc Business and Competitive Environment"The company made good progress in the building sector in 2006. Heery, a leading architectural, engineering and programme management business, represents Balfour Beatty’s business interests in USA.Balfour Beatty’s Civil and Specialist Engineering and Services division, with […]

Theory of Operation and Performance of Turbine Engines

Theory of Operation and Performance of Turbine EnginesUnderstanding how the turbines engine works forms the main theoretical concept that defines the performance and operation the turbine engines. Turbines work and operate on similar concepts as those followed by the piston aero engines. These engines incorporates […]

Apollo 13

It is the highest level of managerial activity and is usually directed by the company’s Chief Executive Officer and executive team, and provides overall direction to the whole enterprise.Project management is the actual discipline of defining and achieving targets "while optimizing the use of resources […]

The Measurement of the Amount of Impairment of Many Types of Assets

The International Financial Reporting Standards, which are commonly known as IFRS, are unable to provide any guidance for the purpose of having an authorized and agreed way of judging and assigning the level of fixed assets impairment. After determining and issuing the International Accounting Standards […]

Challenging Engineering Position

CLARKE RICKY RES: (000)-000-0000 RES: (000)-000-0000 CELL: (000)-000-0000 E-MAIL: visible@yahoo.com OBJECTIVE To obtain a challenging engineering position. WORK EXPERIENCE 2006 to date xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx (Name of Organization) (City) Sr. Advanced Manufacturing Engineer My job responsibilities are: Support new product team design activities including: Concept development […]

Adoption of Strategic Human Resource Policies and Practices at Watson Rothwell Fabrications

Going through the company records for the purpose of understanding how we arrived where we are, I observed that there has been a massive investment in technology, production monitoring, and process mapping, resulting in a 75% increase in process capability. No doubt, there is an […]

Scheins Three Cultures of Management Kouzes and Micos Domain Theory

The learned theories have then been set&nbsp.into practice and have resulted in positive success as well as negatives failures depending on the individual theories and the ways they get implemented. Among the most renowned and well governing theories are the Schein’s Three Cultures of Management […]

The Organization Goals and Objectives and Industry Standards for the Company

Managers look specifically at the individual’s performance at any one time while leaders look at a team and their future prospects (Maundy, 2001) Managers within an organization do the planning for most of the sectors such as policy formulation, financial, marketing of products, and control […]

Technical Complexity Task Variability and Analyzability of MRA Associates

MRA Associates is a company that engages in activities that are highly technical. The company has to engage highly knowledgeable personnel in its activities since it is an engineering consultancy firm. It has employees who manage technical issues to provide solutions and consultancy services. As […]

The impact of information technology on supply chain capabilities and firm performance for construction companies

The impact of information technology on supply chain capabilities and firm performance for construction companies Information technology involves application of computers and computer based equipments to store, access, organize, and transfer data among parties. It is one of the contemporary dynamics that continues to evolve […]

Aircraft Maintenance Training Needs in Both The Commercial and Light Aviation Sectors of the UK

The aerospace industries which is at the forefront of wealth production worldwide, and continue to be of crucial importance to the economic strength of the UK rely on skills in a sound understanding of engineering and science areas relating to aircraft design and manufacture. Avionics […]


ves acquainted with the ever changing role of Information Technology and the like within the business quarters as well as learn for their own betterment the different mechanisms through which they can make use of the business processes and management activities in a steady and […]

Green Innovation within the WWF Living Planet Centre

Through their focus on green innovation and various other endeavors aimed at creating a more sustainable environment for future generations, the Centre has become a model of construction engineering and design that combines functionality with eco-friendly products designed to reduce the carbon footprint left behind. […]

Making a truss adaptive to specific loading condition to save materials

As the active and passive control methods improved the structures under dynamic loads, its requirement for the performance based design was of concern. The use of these systems helps in achieving these objectives optimally in civil engineering.In a passive structural control, the structures have been […]

Determination of the California Bearing Ratio CBR of an Engineering Soil sample

This value serves as a recommendation for the usage of the engineering soil in subgrades and base courses in pavements. The CBR value is a Rating or percentage which is calculated by comparing the measured pressure with the standard pressure. Then compared with the recommendation […]

Why I Am a Good Candidate for the Aviation after School Program Instructor Position

Why I Am a Good Candi for the Aviation after School Program Position I grew up believing in the power of education in terms of arousing the curiosity of people, specifically of children, that make them more creative and critical thinkers. I understand the high […]

Modern Approach Towards Controlling the Response of Structures Towards Winds and Earthquakes

Mega-structures and skyscrapers have become a fundamental need of the modern world because of the unique advantages they offer in terms of minimized space consumption on the earth and increased vertical accommodation. However, these structures have been known to exhibit unexpectedly large sways, especially in […]

Final project

ective, this statement entails the improvement of social and cultural aspects of Terra Haute County by launching projects that preserve the environmental and by implementing apprenticeship programs that help prepare the young citizens in their future job applications.Looking at THDC’s organizational structure, its top management […]

Graduate Opportunities in the University of Nottingham

48 Cranbrook House, Cranbrook Street, Nottingham, NG1 1ES, United Kingdom April 2008&nbsp. (Company address)&nbsp. Dear Sir/Madam,&nbsp. Re: Graduate Employment&nbsp.I was interested to find the graduate opportunities offered by your company in the University of Nottingham Careers Service Bulletin and I write here to explore the […]

Tax in general

Tax in General Governments have used tax funds carry out various functions throughout history. From war expenditures,to the enforcement of law and order, economic infrastructure, property protection, social engineering, public works and for the funding of the governments operations tax provides the necessary funds for […]