Writing and Sharing an Executive Summary (Wal-Mart)For this discussion: Explain the collaboration issues your (Wal-Mart) selectedcompany is facing in GSCM. Evaluate the various collaborative choices for GSCMthat the companycould choose. Use the supply chain management collaboration evaluation tool to evaluate the collaborations of the company. […]


Team Assignment: Address the following scenario including all the checklist items, and designate a person to submit the final team presentation response to the Unit 6 Dropbox. Once complete, each team member will be responsible for submitting his/her own peer evaluation form to the Unit […]


1st discussion post1. Why is it suggested to “fail early” when considering strategic development, implementation, and strategic management?It is suggested to fail early when considering strategic development, implementation and management in order to conserve resources. Blaire (2012) implies that it’s important to fail early in […]


Remarks09/22/2018 – Bold section headings enhance the work’s overall organization. Recurring Professional Communication (Articulation) concerns are evident with parts of speech, varying issues such as verb form(s), subject-verb agreement, and sentence fluency, varying issues such as run-on sentences, comma splices. These writing concerns diminish the […]


PUT CALL PARITYThe Put Call Parity defines a price relationship between Call options, Put Options, and Underlying stock. The idea was first introduced by finance journalist Hans Stoll in 1969, in his paper ‘The Relationship Between Put and Call Prices’ in 1969. It is considered […]


Reply to the following posts. In your reply, include new information about the attributes you utilized in your original assignment (The one you did for me). Each reply should be at least 200 to 300 words.I will also attach the original assignment you did for […]


Strategic Management Analysis: A Case Study of AmazonStudent’s NameInstitutionStrategic Management Analysis: A Case Study of AmazonAmazon.com’s History and ProductsHeadquartered in Seattle, Washington, Amazon.com is one of the world’s largest online retailers and pioneer of online retailing. Jeff Bezos, the president and chief executive officer of […]


BNFN 4304 – Financial PolicyMr. Masood AijaziCase 33: California Pizza KitchenSpring Semester 2017 – 2018Written ByMaryam Barifah       1420023Nour Abdulaziz         1420149Shrouq Al-Jaaidi 1420072Balqees Mekhlafi       1420231Submission Date22/03/2018CASE 33CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN Guidance Sheet Synopsis and ObjectivesThis case examines the question of financial leverage at California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) in July 2007. With a […]


MIS  ProjectComplete and submit ONE Hands-on MIS Project from either Chapter 1 or Chapter 2 of the text book.There is no word/length requirement. Just try to answer in a way that’s clear and makes sense.The projects in this section give you hands-on experience in analyzing […]

Section 4

Due Week 8: Complete BA Plan including Sections 1, 2, and 3, plus new Section 4: BA Center Location and Projects.In the final portion of the course project, you will choose a location in the organizational structure for a Business Analytics center, and propose two […]

Deliverable 3 Customer Service Plan Outline

CompetencyDistinguish operational practices that will create an exceptional customer experience.InstructionsAs you continue in the Emerging Leaders onboarding learning and development program for the second quarter, you have experienced a few successes and now some wins. During this onboarding-program you have continued to participate in assessments […]

Journal entry

Think TanksCATO Institute at cato.org (libertarian-conservative leaning)Brookings Institute at brookings.edu (moderate-liberal progressive leaning)Possible Topic (pick one)Employment, Healthcare, Immigration, Income, Finance, Trade, Housing, Education, Economic Development, Environment.All Instructions 1. Pick a topic. What topic did you pick and why? 2. Find 2 articles on your topic […]

1 2 Discussion Investing Lending And Borrowing Money

OverviewFinance is the science of money management and involves investing, lending, and borrowing money under conditions of uncertainty and risk. In the Entertainment Business Finance course, we examine and study how individuals, businesses, and organizations manage money. This week’s discussion provides an opportunity to share […]


our Discussion postings should be written in standard edited English and should follow APA guidelines. Be sure tosupportyour work withspecific in-text citationsfrom this week’s Learning Resources. Refer to thePocket Guide to APA Styleto ensure that your in-text citations and reference list are correct. Initial postings […]

Cyber Terrorism

Using the Web or other resources, research an example of CyberTerrorism.Write a brief Discussion describing the terrorism attack and it’s aftermath. Comment on ways the attack could have been prevented.Post between 200 and 300 words.Posted: a day agoDue: 22/04/2020Budget: $5Tags: urgent Answers 1College Research (Not rated) (Not rated)Chat19 hours agoPurchase […]


1.Define the efficient market hypothesis (EMH).2. What are the implications of EMH for corporate managers?APA 6th editionMinimun 450 words, add citations and references.BOOK REFERENCE: Vernimmen, P., Quiry, P., Dallocchio, M., Le Fur, Y., & Salvi, A. (2014). Corporate finance: Theory and practice, (4th ed). Chichester, […]

Minimum of 2 pages in length (excluding the title page reference page)

PurposeThe purpose of this assignment is to select the research question for your research paper assignment.DescriptionThe research paper assignment is a semester-long case study research project. Your research project is to discover, compare, and contrast privacy policies. You will achieve this by examining online company […]

Write in 500 words or more why in this age of distributed computing centralized IAM systems are necessary

Use at least three sources. Include at least 3 quotes from your sources enclosed in quotation marks and cited in-line by reference to your reference list. Example: “words you copied” (citation) These quotes should be one full sentence not altered or paraphrased. Cite your sources […]


pick 2 different department team members from “facilities,security,human resources,public relations, information technology, finance, sales and legal” and describe why they were chosen and what skill they should bring.15/05/20203computerscience


Answer the following questions in question-answer format. NO PLAGIARISM!DUE IN 9 HRS!!!!! Explain the three types of premiums and the role they play bond rates. Identify and explain the key elements that impact the time value of money. What are the key types of stock […]

Finance task

1. Compare and contrast the risks of McDonald’s deciding to offer a new sandwich versus a franchisee opening a brand-new store.2. Explain which decision would incur more risks to the restaurant chain and why. 3. Explain which decision would incur more risks to the individual […]


Please read the attached Harvard Business Review Article entitled, “Hospital Budget Systems are Holding Back Innovation” Select 1 of the Barrier’s addressed in the article and, based upon what you have learned about healthcare finance so far in this class, explain why you think this […]

Finance coursework

Read all the files,do a original work and get a good grade.financecw2MarkingRubric.docxfinancecw2instruction-004.docxPosted: 2 hours agoDue: 12/04/2020Budget: $80Tags: FinancebusinessAnswers 0Bids 79Quickly answer Asad Ullahuniversity workEARNESTWRITEREmily ClareRosie SeptemberDr_inaayaEssays Guruwizard kimabdul_rehman_RESPECT WRITERLisa-RandallHomework Projuliusmu33ElprofessoriMathStat GeniusWIZARD_KIMBrainy BrianDexterMastersStano 001brilliant answersbennetsandovahassan0906Paula HogSophia MilesDr. BeneveCatherine OwensWendy LewisTerry RobertsRey writerNursing_MissKarim AsadDr Candice_2547Taylor RodmanCasey CeliaEva GreenChrisProfProf.MacQueenkim woodsAcademic MentorTiny […]

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Paper on Work Ethics

This assignment will give you the opportunity to choose an article and then write about the ethical implications and the impact of the events that are described. Read and reflect on ONE of the following articles. https://www.foxbusiness.com/features/google-code-of-ethics-on-military-contracts-could-hinder-pentagon-work https://businessethicshighlights.com/2018/12/20/can-ad-copy-be-false-but-not-misleading-if-so-is-that-ok/ https://www.theglobeandmail.com/investing/personal-finance/household-finances/article-menu-science-the-subtle-ways-restaurant-get-you-to-spend-more/?cmpid=rss&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=PM2018Write a paper in which you: Analyze […]


s structures and conditions”Analyze and explain a successful organization’s structures and conditions that facilitated creativity and innovation. What structures inhibited creativity and innovation? Give examples and explain.Posted: 2 days agoDue: 22/01/2020Budget: $5Tags: HelpAnswers 3assignmentgrade (Not rated)5.0 (81)Chat3 hours agoPurchase the answer to view itdiscussion.docxTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $5Bestclasstutor (Not rated) (Not […]

What are the challenges in implementing a global alliance Once an alliance is reached what steps are involved in strategic implementation of the venture?

Answer the above questions, using the below/attached references. Must be at least 300 words in APA format.References(1) Goussak, Gregory W. (2012). CULTURAL PLURALISM: A CRITICAL NEEDS PLAN FOR GENERAL MOTORS. Global Conference on Business & Finance proceedings, 7(1), 249-255. (2) Damanpour, F., Devece, C., Chen, […]

Essay textual analysis

textual analysis essay 3 pageIMG_2492.jpgIMG_2495.jpgIMG_2493.jpgIMG_24941.jpgIMG_2496.jpgIMG_2494.jpgIMG_7563.JPGIMG_5658.JPGIMG_2086.JPGPosted: 2 days agoDue: 18/12/2019Budget: $35Tags: urgent englishAnswers 1Dr shamille Clara5.0 (9)4.8 (520)Chata day agoPurchase the answer to view itThomasShepard.docxTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $40Bids 73Discount TutorDr.ManahilDaniel JohnsonRasWriterfactorised_factsrunge-kutta acerDr shamille ClaraKATHERINE BECKSPaula HogDr_inaayaquality work for allANN HARRISUltimate GEEKDr keloki rebornPapersGuruDr R Judy Markwizard kimK_FAM SOLUTIONSLilliana_SmithPremiumWIZARD_KIMDexterMastersProf.MacQueenAngelina MayDoctor […]

Harvard Case Study Winfield Refuse Management Financial Statement Analysis CLASS

You have been hired as an advisor to the Board of Directors of Winfield Refuse Management to guide the board in their choice of funding for the acquisition of Mott-Pliese Integrated Solutions. In a one-page memo, make and defend a recommendation about whether the company […]

Urgent help with paper needed (nursing experienced people only)

Assignment: Analysis of a Pertinent Healthcare IssueThe Quadruple Aim provides broad categories of goals to pursue to maintain and improve healthcare. Within each goal are many issues that, if addressed successfully, may have a positive impact on outcomes. For example, healthcare leaders are being tasked […]

Problem 102A due in 24 hours

Complete the attached, Problem 10-2A Template. Please refer to Ch. 10 in your textbook for detailed instructions.WRD27e_PR10-2A.xlsxChapter10Review.docxPosted: a month agoDue: 07/11/2019Budget: $20Tags: 24 hoursaccounting Answers 4Young Nyanya5.0 (10)5.0 (156)ChatQAnswer rating:5Stars out of1ratingsa month agoPurchase the answer to view itWRD27e_PR10-2A.xlsxTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $20AccountingGenius4.8 (698)4.8 (785)Chata month agoPurchase the answer to view […]

Writing Reflections

I need one short Reflection for this course (Financial management principles)check attachment filesand one short Reflection for this course ( Money and Banking )choose one Indicator for each reflectionproject.docxsample.pdfCRITICALTHINKINGindicators.docxMoneyandBanking.docxPosted: 2 years agoDue: 29/03/2018Budget: $5Answers 1Miss Esther 4.9 (4)4.2 (45)Chat2 years agoPurchase the answer to view itReflectiononmoneyandbanking.docxReflectiononfinancialmanagementprinciples.docxBuy answer $5Bids 24Genuine GeniusTopNotch […]

Need help

Assignment 1: Economic BriefDue Week 5, worth 150 pointsThis assignment is aligned to these course outcomes: Explain economic principles and their applications in the real world. Summarize the different types of market structures and the role of government in economics.In the workplace, we are often […]


Write 300 words on the topic and respond to three articles with 150 words each1) Write 300-350 words with 3 peer reviewed references in APA formatDiscuss the importance of managerial accounting as “decision-making tool” in your organization.2) Respond to 1st article with 150 words A […]


BUS 5110Managerial AccountingUnit 3IntroductionCost management is important for all businesses and is used to plan and control the budget. This is done by analysing business practices, predicting expenditures in advance and reducing the chance of over spending in relation to income. Using the client provided […]


Started in 1927 as a simple beverage stand in Washington D.C., Marriott Corporation has grown into a leading company in the lodging and food service industry in the United States. With its three (major) business involvements, lodging/hotel development and operating, contract-based food service and restaurant […]


Week 6 – Discussion Forum 2Required ResourcesTextBlock, S. B., Hirt, G. A., & Danielson, B. R. (2019).Foundations of financial management(17th ed.). Retrieved from https://www.vitalsource.com/Chapter 12: The Capital Budgeting DecisionChapter 13: Risk and Capital BudgetingWeb PagesCaterpillar. (n.d.).Investor information(Links to an external site.). Retrieved from https://www.caterpillar.com/en/investors.htmlThis web […]


Uber Sees Path to Profitability After Blow From CoronavirusRide-hailing giant signals more cost cuts as demand shrinks and losses mountThe ride-hailing company has deferred its profitability hopes until next year.PHOTO:DARRYL DYCK/THE CANADIAN PRESS/ASSOCIATED PRESSBy Robert Wall, Updated May 7, 2020 7:07 pm ETWall Street Journal, […]


Federal Crop Insurance Corp v. Merrill (1947)332 U.S. 380CERTIORARI TO THE SUPREME COURT OF IDAHOSyllabus1. The Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, a wholly government owned corporation created by the Federal Crop Insurance Act to insure producers of wheat against crop losses due to unavoidable causes, including […]

Finance Quiz

However, this will have no effect on Net Working Capital since both current liability and the current assets will decrease.The cash in hand will increase by $5 million. However, there will be no change in Net Working Capitalas the transaction involves only the conversion of […]

Intergovernmental Finance and Paying a Share of the Cost Incurred by Provincial Governments for Infrastructure Improvements

The control of funds is in the central government and it determines the distributable pool of resources.This is a Type D grant. It is a shared type of grant because it comes from the national tax. It however under the discretion of the central government […]

Analysis of Back to Basics Why Countries Trade Finance and Development by McDonald B

Despite several measures taken (by the international bodies like WTO and conferences like the Doha Conference of 2001) towards a reduction in tariffs and facilitating free trade, one needs to consider the right policies which would help in bringing a balance between the advantageous and […]

Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics in Northern Rock Bank

Corporate social responsibility is an adaptable approach to critically assess internal organization’s practices and the extent at which such practices may affect the external environment to withdraw or engage on the business (Michalak, Akseli, 2011:45). The approach further assesses the harms length that may emanate […]

Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal

Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal The Potential of Implementing New Information Systems in the Organization Introduction In a business organization, there is information gathered, retrieved, processed, stored and distributed. The information is used for planning, facilitating, controlling, coordinating, analyzing and making decisions in a business. A […]

Maritime Finance

period, the Net Present Value of the projects, and from these results better decisions with regard to capital investment result (Gotze, Northcott Schuster, 2007, p.24).Payback period and accounting rate of return are among the many investment appraisal measures that aid in investment decisions (Baddeley, 2012, […]

An Unsound Economy America’s SocioEconomic Gap and the Coming of the Great Depression

Irresponsible financial speculation, trade imbalances and a profoundly vulnerable banking and finance system created a vortex of financial instability exacerbated by social ferment that threatened to plunge the United States into a class war. This dual social-economic problem and the economic disequilibrium it engendered is […]

Why is the European Crisis So Much More Severe than the US Crisis and What Could Be Done to Fix It

This crisis first manifested in late 2009 when the sovereign debt crisis was triggered by the increased levels of government debt around the world, and it was worsened by the downgrading of government debts for some European countries. Various causes of economic crises were seen […]

Cause &amp

Effect of Sept. 11thThe social effect is captured by the way the catastrophe altered the American people’s perception, behavior and interaction towards Muslims living within and outside the country. The political effect is manifested by the labeling of certain states as the axis of evil […]

Key Features of Islamic Banking Business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Many of the larger banks have been providing a full complement of services to both businesses for their commercial needs, and individuals for their personal banking needs. The smaller banks concentrate on localized services and providing retail services for the individual sector. As of the […]

Legal and Financial Structure of Project Finance and Associated Costs and Barriers in India

The paper further discusses several aspects of investment risks in India and points out how investors can implement certain useful techniques. Finally, it offers some suggestions to overcome these challenges.The long-term financing of various types of infrastructure, industrial and public service projects are usually referred […]

Using a Large Number of Ratios to Perform a Complete Ratio Analysis of a Firm

It is of great significance that the ratios must be benchmarked against a standard in order for them to possess a meaning. Keeping that into account, the comparison is usually conducted between companies portraying same business and financial risks, between industries and between different time […]

The Capital Structure of the Organisation Maximize Firm Value and Minimize Average Cost of Funding

The Modigliani-Miller theorem is a significant arena of contemporary corporate finance. At its centre, the theory refers to an irrelevance proposition. The Modigliani Miller theory offers cases under which the financial decision of a firm does not have an effect on its value. According to […]

The Influence of Macroeconomic Conditions on the Property Market Development in the UK

The dynamic model based on historical data for UK property development by Barras and Ferguson (1987a, 1987 b) establishes an endogenous development cycle mechanism. This model identifies the level of user activity and the level of investment activity as the two major economic factors affecting […]

The monetary and fiscal policy implemented in the United States during the Great Recession and determine the short run and long

These subjects affect all players in the economy. In addition, some concepts will be explored and discussed in relation with the depression. II. Crowding Out The concept of crowding out pertains to the increase in government borrowing leading to reduction in consumption and investments (Blanchard, […]

Financial Crises The Causes Consequences and Cure

What is more is that the crisis poses a serious challenge to the future transnational community’s sustainable development. Yardney, M. 2007. What does the American sub-prime mortgage crisis mean for Australia? http://www.propertyupdate.com.au/articles/254/1/What-does-the-American-sub-prime-mortgage-crisis-mean-for-Australia/Page1.html. 30 The financial crisis is a scenario in which the demand for money […]

Call Center Report from a cultural perspective (includes communication)

The organization acquired necessary property for the call centre and a number of key management employees having British citizenship will supervise the call centre.A UK based company extended the business into the finance and insurance sector with a banking and finance division which was incorporated […]

Summary of the Your College Major May Not Be As Important As You Think by Bissonnette

Bissonnette talks about the common belief that a person’s economic success is greatly affected by his choice of major in college. This, as the essay points out, is a misconception based on actual surveys relating one’s college degree to his earning capacity that concludes, it’s […]

Why is money supply not under the tight control of central banks

spite this clear relationship between money supply and banks, there are other factors that influence the control of national and international money supply and take away the full control of banks. these include personal account holders, foreign investors and various businesses and corporations.Ancient Babylonian records […]

Cradle Will Rock

Teacher Cradle Will Rock Despite mounting government budget deficits, it is still possible to embark on large-scale government-sponsored national arts program in today’s United States if the government really wanted to. America today is entirely different from the 1930s when Cradle Will Rock was created. […]

Assess the role of ethics and compliance in pepsicola financial environment and procedures they have in place to ensure ethical behavior

Ethics and Compliance in PepsiCo Ethics and Compliance in PepsiCo Ethics and compliance are essential ingredients in building asuccessful organization. They are crucial in building organizational trust and transparency. Adherence to the two values helps in minimizing risks and establishes a culture of transparency and […]

Compare and contrast perfect competition and monopolistic competition Also Explain how equilibrium is determined in the Keynesian Income Expenditure

Essay One Monopolistic Competition Monopolistic competition as the signifies is a blend of monopoly and competition. It is systematic and realistic theory of price analysis in this imperfectly competitive world. Monopolistic competition is a market situation in which there are relatively large numbers of small […]

What are the most important factors that influence the National Health Service in Modern Britain

Factors Influencing the National Health Service in Modern Britain Details: al Affiliation: Submission:Factors Influencing the National Health Service in Modern BritainThere is no doubt that the National Health Service (NHS) has been one of the most cherished institutions in modern Britain (Hewitt, 2005). So it […]

Green &amp

Competitive QsGreen amp. Competitive Qs Several major corporations have recently launched major green initiatives. What do you make of GEs Ecomagination initiative? General Electric (GE) company is one of the American largest conglomerate corporations that operate under the five major segments namely. energy, industrial, technological […]

Week 2 ( Starbucks ) Assignment’S Annual Reportthere Is A Very Important Relationship Between The Strategic And Financial Planning Which Helps To A Great Extent In Order To Survive In A Highly Competitive And Volatile Economy

the company selected for the Week 2 (Starbucks) assignment’s annual reportThere is a very important relationship between the strategic and financial planning which helpsto a great extent in order to survive in a highly competitive and volatile economy. The goals ofthe…Finance

Can You Please Help Me Answer The Attached Question!A What Is The Firm’S After Tax Cost Of Debt On The

(Individual or component costs of capital) Compute the cost of the following:a. A bond that has $1,000 par value (face value) and a contract or coupon interest rate of 6 percent. A new issue would have a floatation cost of 8 percent of the $1, […]

B Par

Yield to maturity What is the yfl of each of the following bonds, 3 if interest (coupon) is paid annually? 3. What is the 31% of the following bond if interest (coupon) is paid annually? (Round to two decimal places.) Years to Yield toPar Value […]

Jacinto &Amp

Jasmine Group (JJG) is considering a capital restructuring to allow $500 million in debt. Currently,Page :Income statement ( debt $30o mittion )( $ in million)EBIT380Less – Interest @ 10 -f. 20002 00180Leg – Tax @ 35%63earning aftertax (EAT)117Value of the firm =11711. 3 810= $…Finance

color:rgb(17,17,17)Your firm is contemplating a capitalYear 1Year 2Annual revenue$ 13,000,000.00S13,000,000.00Less: Annual expenses$ 10,250,000.0010,250,000.00Less: Depreciation ($2,000,000 / 2)1,000,000.00S1,000,000.00Profit before taxS…Finance


Both Bond Sam and Bond Dave have 6.5 percent coupons, make semiannual payments, and are priced at par value.SOLUTION Calculations relating to Band SAMSince the bond is priced at Par, the coupon rate=YTM=6.5%. Coupon per period = 1000*6.5%*(6/12)= 32.5Period : Years to maturity X 2 […]

All Help Is Greatly Appreciated! Finance Is Not My Thing And I’M Totally Lost!Thank You In

Finance date of Adams Stores. Inc. for the year ending 2016 and 2017. Items Sales $3.Cash Other Expenses Retained Earnings Long-term debt Cost of goods sold 2.Depreciation Short-term investments Fixed Assets Interest Expenses Shares outstanding (par value = $4.60) Market Price of stock Accounts Receivable […]

Torp Industries Has A Debtequity Ratio Of 1 5 Its Wacc Is 12% And Its Cost Of Debt Is 12% The Corporate Tax

Question Torp Industries has a debt-equity ratio of 1.5. Its WACC is 12%, and its cost of debt is 12%. The corporate tax rate is 35% a. What is Torp’s cost of equity capital? b. What would the cost of equity be if the debt-equity […]

Interpret The Following Statements Made By Wall Street Analysts And Portfolio Managers Given

Question Interpret the following statements made by Wall Street analysts and portfolio managers. Given the recent uncertainty about future interest rates, investors are fleeing from zero-coupon bonds. Catrell Insurance Company invests heavily in bonds, and its stock price increased substantially today in response to the […]

Suppose You Just Bought An Annuity With 9 Annual Payments Of $15 300 At The Current Interest Rate Of 10 75 Percent

Question Suppose you just bought an annuity with 9 annual payments of $15,300 at the current interest rate of 10.75 percent per year. What is the value of the investment at the current interest rate of 10.75 percent? (Do not round intermediate calculations and round […]

University Of Texas Is Considering Purchasing A Power Supply System The System Costs $300 000 Has A Useful Life

Question University of Texas is considering purchasing a power supply system. The system costs $300,000, has a useful life of 10 years, and will cost $20,000 per year to keep running. The system uses straight line depreciation and the salvage value is zero at the […]

Please Show Workconsider The Following Details For A Bond Issued By Bravo

Question PLEASE SHOW WORK Consider the following details for a bond issued by Bravo Incorporated: Issue Date 8/5/2000 Maturity Date 8/5/2030 Annual Coupon Rate (ANNUAL coupons) 9% Face Value $1,000 Suppose that today’s date is 8/5/2004. What should the current trading price be for this […]

A Bond With 16 Years To Maturity And A Semiannual Coupon Rate Of 5 20 Percent Has A Current Yield Of 5 47 Percent

Question A bond with 16 years to maturity and a semiannual coupon rate of 5.20 percent has a current yield of 5.47 percent. The bond’s par value is $2,000. What is the bond’s price? Multiple Choice Finance

3 Melco Pty Ltd Wants To Raise External Funds In Order To Expand Its Business Melco Has Looked Into Bonds And

Question 3. Melco Pty Ltd. wants to raise external funds in order to expand its business. Melco has looked into bonds and shares but cannot decide on which one to choose. Given that Melco would like to use the cheapest form of financing available, advise […]

We Were Doing Realtime Trading On A Stock Platform Where I Bought One Treasury Bill That Matures Within One

Question We were doing real-time trading on a stock platform where I bought one Treasury bill that matures within one year(considered as a short term bond) and one long term bond that matures in 5 years. Both of them decreased when I sold after one […]

A Bond Has A Coupon Rate Of 5 65 Percent A Face Value Of $1 000 Semiannual Payments And Sells At Par The

Question A bond has a coupon rate of 5.65 percent, a face value of $1,000, semiannual payments, and sells at par. The current yield is _____ percent and the effective annual yield is _____ percent. 5.73; 5.81 5.73; 5.65 5.73; 5.73 5.65; 5.73 5.65; 5.81 […]

The Question Is As Follows A Project Requires Initial Investment Of $35 000 And Will Generate

Question The question is as follows: A project requires initial investment of $35,000 and will generate annual before-tax cash flow of $4,750 for 60 years. The asset beta of the project is 0.9. The market risk premium is 6% and the risk-free rate is 5%. […]

If Tinker Inc Finances Its Seasonal Working Capital With Short Term Bank Loans And Plans To Borrow $65 000 For A

Question If Tinker Inc finances its seasonal working capital with short term bank loans and plans to borrow $65,000 for a year and was offered a 3.5% discounted loan with a 1.5% origination fee why is the interest paid calculated using $65,000 x .1 x […]

Compare The Cost Of The Following Leasing Agreement With The Finance Charge On A Loan For The Same Time Period

Question Compare the cost of the following leasing agreement with the finance charge on a loan for the same time period. The price of the car is $14,000, and its projected residual value at the end of four years is $3,000. Monthly payment$250 Capital cost […]

Jemisen’S Has Expected Earnings Before Interest And Taxes Of $6200 Its Unlevered Cost Of Capital Is 14 Percent

Question Jemisen’s has expected earnings before interest and taxes of $6200. Its unlevered cost of capital is 14 percent and it’s tax rate is 34 percent. The firm has debt with both a book and a face value of $2500. This debt has a 9 […]

To Calculate The Wacc Let’S Go Back To The Paley Products Inc Financial Statements For 2016 On P 300 Of The

Question To calculate the WACC let’s go back to the Paley Products, Inc. financial statements for 2016 on p. 300 of the text. Paley has a pre-tax cost of debt of 5%, a cost of equity of 9.8%, 10,000 shares outstanding at a market price […]

The Par Value Of Jason Company Bonds Is $1000 And Matures In 6 Years Has A Yield To Maturity Of 8 5%If The Bonds

Question The par value of Jason Company bonds is $1000 and matures in 6 years has a yield to maturity of 8.5%If the bonds has a 10% coupon rate and pay interest on a semi annual basis.Calculate the current yield and capital gains yield on […]

You Can Borrow $5000 To Finance A New Business Venture This New Venture Will Generate Annual Earnings Of $251

Question You can borrow $5000 to finance a new business venture. this new venture will generate annual earnings of $251. the maximum interest rate that you would pay on the borrowed funds and still increase your income is?? Economics

A Company Is 36% Financed By Riskfree Debt The Interest Rate Is 9% The Expected Market Risk Premium Is 7% And

Question A company is 36% financed by risk-free debt. The interest rate is 9%, the expected market risk premium is 7%, and the beta of company’s common stock is 0.63. What is the after-tax WACC, assuming that the company pays tax at a 34% rate? […]

Based On The Following Data Prepare Financial Comparison Of Buying And Leasing A Motor Vehicle With $24 000 Cash

Question based on the following data prepare financial comparison of buying and leasing a motor vehicle with $24,000 cash price down payment to finance $4000 monthly loan payment 560 length of loan 48 months value vehicle at the end of lone $7200 down payment for […]

Blue Buck Ltd Reported The Following Amounts In The Shareholders’ Equity Section Of Its December 2014 Statement Of

Question 875000 During 2015,blue buck Ltd took part in the following transactions concerning shareholders equity: paid the annual dividend on the preferred shares and a $2 dividend on the common shares.These dividends had been declared on 28 December 2014. Issued 500 preferred shares at $105. […]

Gogreen Has Made The Following Projections In The First Year 2 000 Units Will Be Sold Growing At 10%

Question GOGreen has made the following projections: In the first year 2,000 units will be sold, growing at 10% per annum. The price for each unit in the first year will be AU$50,000. This price will increase each year by 5%. Variable costs are 60% […]

If The Debttoassets Ratio Is 50 Percent The Interest Rate On All Debt Is 8 Percent The Tax Rate Is 50 Percent

Question If the debt-to-assets ratio is 50 percent, the interest rate on all debt is 8 percent, the tax rate is 50 percent, and the return on equity is 10 percent, then the ratio of earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) to total assets, or […]

color:rgb(45,59,69)Contrast (provide brief example) Question Contrast (provide brief example)Alternative Finance – Earnings 800,000ParticularsPlan IPlan IIPlan III12 % bonds$2,000,000Preferred 9% stock, $50 par– $2,008,0001,000,000Common stock, $10 par$4,000,0002,000,000…Finance

Which Of The Following Is A Conclusion Of Agency Theory?A Managers May Accept Excessive Financial Risks To

Question Which of the following is a conclusion of agency theory? A. Managers may accept excessive financial risks to increase the returns to shareholders. B. Managers tend to avoid high-risk, high-return investments that may jeopardize their positions if successful. C. Managers will always use the […]

Asian Inc ‘S Operating Income For The Year Is $6 000 000 And Its Tax Rate Is 21% Its Total Invested Capital Is

Question Asian Inc.’s operating income for the year is $6,000,000 and its tax rate is 21%. Its total invested capital is $30,000,000 and its after cost of capital is 6%. What is its EVA? Please show work with formula use. Finance

Which Of The Following Is True About Bonds?A They Are Obligations From The Investor To The

Question Which of the following is true about bonds? A. They are obligations from the investor to the corporation. B. Their interest rate always varies with the Consumer Price Index. C. They have a fixed maturity, and they pay an amount equal to the maturity […]

True Or False1 ) When Calculating A Firm’S Weighted Average Cost Of Capital The Cost Of Debt

Question True or False 1.) When calculating a firm’s Weighted Average Cost of Capital, the cost of debt is based on the weighted average coupon rate of all debt issues outstanding. 2.) Your firm has a project that has an NPV of $500,000 when excluding […]

Help Answering What The Payback Period The Payback Period Of Two Years And If The Movie Has A Positive Npv If

Question Help answering what the payback period, the payback period of two years, and if the movie has a positive npv if the cost of capital is 10.1 You are considering making a movie. The movie is expected to cost $10.8 million up front and […]

A Company’S Management Is Determining How Many Employees To Hire For The Customerservice Department Over

Question A company’s management is determining how many employees to hire for the customer service department over the next year. Which part of the management process is this? – Operational planning – Process improvement – Strategic planning – Decision making ——— In which step of […]

The Following Statements Relates To Bond Relationships Please Insert The Following Phrases To Complete Each

Question The following statements relates to bond relationships.please insert the following phrases to complete each statement. Increase,decrease,par,discount,premium,less than,more than,greater,less A.If the current interest rate exceeds the bond’s coupon rate, the bond will sell at a ______________. B. The value of a bond will increase if […]

Which Of The Following Statements About Investments Are True?(More Than One Option)I Unsystematic Risks

Question Which of the following statements about investments are true?(more than one option) i. Unsystematic risks are usually nor evident in portfolios of more than 25 stocks; ii. Sensitivity of a stock to systemic risks is measured by a beta-coefficient; iii. Active investment can be […]

Which Of The Following Is Typically Not An Input To A Decision Model?

Which of the following is typically not an input to a decision model? A.decision Question A)Which of the following is typically not an input to a decision model? A.decision points B.data C.uncontrollable inputs D.decision options B)Models that involve chance or risk are called A.deterministic B.probabilistic […]

16) Your University Is Running A Special Offer On Tuition This Year’S Tuition Cost Is $16 000 Next Year’S

Question 16) Your university is running a special offer on tuition. This year’s tuition cost is $16,000. Next year’s tuition cost is scheduled to be $16,640. The university offers to discount next year’s tuition at a rate of 4% if you agree to pay both […]

Bond X Is Noncallable And Has 20 Years To Maturity An 8% Annual Coupon And A $1 000 Par Value Your Required

Question Bond X is noncallable and has 20 years to maturity, an 8% annual coupon, and a $1,000 par value. Your required return on Bond X is 9%; if you buy it, you plan to hold it for 5 years. You (and the market) have […]

Your Company Will Receive Usd10 000 000 In 3 Months’ Time And Will Keep The Funds For A 3month

Question Your company will receive USD10,000,000 in 3 months’ time and will keep the funds for a 3-month period to cover a payable 6 months from today. Your analysts think that interest rates may fall from their current level at 6.1% and you want to […]

How Can A Bond With A Coupon Rate Of 10% And Being Sold At Par Offer The Same Return To The Investor As A Bond

Question How can a bond with a coupon rate of 10% and being sold at par offer the same return to the investor as a bond paying interest of 6% per year and selling below par, assuming that both are held until maturity? Finance

The Time Value Of Money Is The Economic Principal That A Dollar Received Today Has Greater Value Than A Dollar

Question The time value of money is the economic principal that a dollar received today has greater value than a dollar received in the future. In a professional setting, understanding the time value of money is necessary for financial decisions such as business loans, investment […]

Africa Industries Is An Industrial Conglomerate Is Currently Evaluating A Project To Produce A New Electronic Lock

Question Africa Industries is an industrial conglomerate is currently evaluating a project to produce a new electronic lock mechanism recently developed by the company. The project will require an immediate outlay of NOK 100 000 on production machinery. The machinery would have a zero scrap […]

1 In The Following Discussion Question You Will Evaluate Long Term Financing Options And Their Effects On

Question 1. In the following discussion question you will evaluate long term financing options and their effects on the organization. If you were considering long-term financing alternatives for your organization, what are your options? How will you decide? What will you need to consider? How […]

Healthy Foods’ Balance Sheet Shows A Total Of $25 Million Longterm Debt With A Coupon Rate Of 8 50% The Yield To

Question Healthy Foods’ balance sheet shows a total of $25 million long-term debt with a coupon rate of 8.50%. The yield to maturity on this debt is 8.00%, and the debt has a total current market value of $27 million. The company has 10 million […]

Mulligan Manufacturing (Mm) Is A Fast Growing Firm With Expected Earnings Of $3 Million Next Year Mm Expects

Question Mulligan Manufacturing (MM) is a fast growing firm with expected earnings of $3 million next year. MM expects earnings to grow 10% per year indefinitely and MM’s cost of capital is 14%. MM has creative accounts, so it pays no taxes. What is the […]

As Relative Prices In Various Industries Change Due To Trade The Marginal Product Of The Mobile Resources

Question As relative prices in various industries change due to trade, the marginal product of the mobile resources used in the expanding industry __________, and the marginal product of the mobile resources used in the contracting industry __________. Finance

Ben Invested $7 500 Twenty Years Ago With A Insurance Company That Has Paid Him 6 Percent Simple Interest On His

Question Ben invested $7,500 twenty years ago with a insurance company that has paid him 6 percent simple interest on his funds. Charles invested $7,500 twenty years ago in a fund that had paid him 6 percent interst compound annually. How much more interest has […]

Outline The Differences Between The Insider Regulations In Australia And The Us Consider The Following Scenarios

Question Outline the differences between the insider regulations in Australia and the US. Consider the following scenarios and determine their legal status based on various definition of insider trading liability: Finance

Hi Please Help Me To Figure Out This Question Thank You!Assume An Investor Purchased A

Question Hi please help me to figure out this question. thank you! Assume an investor purchased a fixed-coupon bond at a time when the bond’s yield to maturity was 6.9%. Further assume the investor sold the bond prior to maturity and realized a total return […]

Restex Maintains A Debtequity Ratio Of 0 85 And Has An Equity Cost Of Capital Of 12% And A

Question Restex maintains a debt-equity ratio of 0.85, and has an equity cost of capital of 12% and a debt cost of capital of 7%. Restex’s corporate tax rate is 40%, and its market capitalization is $220 million. a. If Restex’s free cash flow is […]

Nine Years Ago The Templeton Company Issued 21year Bonds With An 12% Annual Coupon Rate At Their $1 000 Par

Question Nine years ago the Templeton Company issued 21-year bonds with an 12% annual coupon rate at their $1,000 par value. The bonds had an 8% call premium, with 5 years of call protection. Today Templeton called the bonds. Compute the realized rate of return […]

A Callable Bond Pays Annual Interest Of $5 Has A Par Value Of $100 Matures In 10 Years But Is Callable In 5

Question A callable bond pays annual interest of $5, has a par value of $100, matures in 10 years but is callable in 5 years at a price of $110, and has a value today of $106. Calculate the yield to call. Group of answer […]

You Have Decided To Start Slowly Investing In A Total Markets Fund With Your Hard Earned Cash You Expect The

Question You have decided to start slowly investing in a total markets fund with your hard earned cash. You expect the market to yield an average of 12.5% per year for the forseeable future. You plan to invest $940 at the end of each year. […]

The Most Recently Issued 4 Week Tbill Is Quoted At A Discount Of 1 91 A What Is The Price Of This

Question The most recently issued 4 week T-Bill is quoted at a discount of 1.91. a. What is the price of this T-Bill? b. What is the bond-equivalent yield? Assume 4 weeks is 30 days, and the par value is $10,000. Express your answers rounded […]

Apple Plc The Globallydominant Californiabased Ustech Giant Is Worried That Despite Its Bigmarket Share

Question Apple PLC, the globally-dominant California-based US-Tech giant is worried that despite its big market share across all market segments, changes in the global economy and the geo-political 6 environment is negatively affecting its profitability. Depreciating currencies from its major markets and the volatile global […]