Strategy 7 Gender Issues in the Expatriate World OR Option #2 Strategy 7 Expatriate Training

For this milestone, put yourself in the position of the vice president of international human resource management for a multinational corporation. As has been the case with the other Milestone assignments in this course, this will be part of the creation of an international human […]

Multicultural Literature and the Civil Rights Era Assignment

Multicultural Literature and the Civil Rights Era AssignmentWriters with themes of resistance to the status quo. How did they do this? This week’s assignment is an opportunity to demonstrate understanding of the characteristics of Civil Rights-era multicultural literature.Write a 700 word essay that includes discussion […]


 CHAPTER 1CRIMINAL JUSTICE TODAYLearning ObjectivesAfter reading this chapter, students should:1. Describe the two most common models that show how society determines which acts are criminal.2. Define crime.3. Outline the three levels of law enforcement.4. List the essential elements of the corrections system.5. Explain the difference […]

EIGEN Anallysis

Eigen value measures potency of axis, quantity of deviation down an axis, and preferably the significance of environmental incline. Eventual accurate implications depend on ordination technique employed. Eigen analysis methods include RDA, DCA, CCA, PCA, and DCCA. Added Eigen values are comparable to greatest variation […]

Hello I Have Just Started A New Unit A Week Ago Coordinate Geometry And Quadrilaterals I Am Very Confused On

Question Hello, I have just started a new unit a week ago, coordinate geometry and quadrilaterals. I am very confused on the whole process. As you can see in the background I have been trying to look up videos but with no avail. Can you […]

I’M Doing A Practice Problem For Computational Geometry And Would Like Some Clarification On How To Solve This

Question I’m doing a practice problem for Computational Geometry and would like some clarification on how to solve this part of a question: For each n 3, find a polygon with n vertices with exactly two triangulations. In other words, find a generic family of […]

I Need Help Finding Out How To Solve These Geometry Problems Please Show How You Got Answer In Detail 1 )

Question I need help finding out how to solve these geometry problems, please show how you got answer in detail. 1.) What divides each median into two sections at a 2:1 ratio? P is the centroid of AXYZ. If XU = 57, what is PU?11.WUP12. […]

Evaluate the claim that biometric technology is a viable and effective alternative to traditional security methods

Experts suggest that biometric technology is the most viable and efficient security measure compared to traditional methods, therefore, the paper aims to validate this claim. Discussion Biometric is the automatic person identification depending on the behavior or physiological attributes of that person. This authorization strategy […]

The people of the Rennaissance are often reffered to as the first modern Individuals What intellectual contributions did the Renaissance make to liberate Individuals from the costraints of the medieval world

To XX I would like to inform you that the people of renaissance are often referred to as the first modern individuals. The period highlights the wayreligion was interpreted and learning and knowledge used to propagate the welfare of the people. Renaissance can broadly be […]

Adoption of Knowledge Based Engineering in Automobile Manufacture

This concept note has been prepared for the automobile manufacturing companies stressing the importance of employing Knowledge-Based Engineering systems with the aim of improving their fields of developmental methodologies through a shorter developmental time thus improving the quality of their systems(ARMSTRONG, 2001:24). Analysis of the […]