Similarities and Differences between Baboon and Human Being

Based on social behavior studies, psychological and physical stress levels remain exceptionally higher amongst individuals within the lower hierarchy. The social behaviors results include high blood pressure, suppressed immune system and increased stress hormones. It is imperative to note that due to the social behaviors […]

A Critique of the Western Notions of Progress from an Anthropological Perspective

Trudyann Blackburn A Critique of the Western notions of progress from an anthropological perspective. Straughn- Williams SSA 101.1869 ACritique of the Western notions of progress from an anthropological perspective. The Western idea of progress stems from the period known as The Enlightenment which was an […]

Health Care and Transportation in Germany from a Cultural Perspective

Health Care and Transportation in Germany from a Cultural PerspectiveBeing the 5th largest global economy and first in Europe, the job market is fairly diverse and provides opportunities to many. However, from a cultural viewpoint, it can be problematic working in Germany considering how different […]

Energe policy

(Fox-Penner and Peter S, 2010) A huge sum of monety is required before their implementation is attained. This may lead to tax rate increament. Although the regulations may affect people in terms of employment and costs, it is implemented for the advantage of the people. […]

M9 …

According to these theories, some people may fail to recognize health preventive services because of their beliefs or environment conditions. The variables I would target when conducting health intervention are children aged 6-11, adolescents aged 12-19 years, and the poor who lack adequate treatment of […]

Famous Leader

People often described Thatcher using terms such as decisive, determined, iron willed and confident. These terms typify Thatcher’s inherent leadership traits, thereby, affirming the trait theory of leadership. Trait theory of leadership differentiates a leader from a non-leader by concentrating on the individual’s inherent characteristics […]


TomyprofessorshereatStrayerUniversity,Iwouldliketoespeciallythankyou. OurCampusDean,Dr.TeresaGreenwoodhasbeennotonlyagreatprofessorbutagoodrolemodelineducation.Ithankyouforyouradvice,suggestions,conversationsand leadershiphereatStrayerUniversity.Yourteachingandleadershipstyleshavebeenmotivatingtopursuearoleineducatingouryouthoftoday.ToDr.Bretanthanksfor yoursupportandfriendship.Ireallyhaveenjoyedyourteachingsandfellowship.Yourapproachtoeducationhasbeenimpressiveandfulfillingduringmytimeinallofyour classeshereatStrayerUniversity.ToJ?r.Jordan,BassandGoldstein,thanksforallof yourteachingsandleadershipthathavebeensatisfyingandrewardingintheEducation ManagementprogramhereatStrayerUniversitysince2010.Finally,thankstoallfaculty andstaffmembersyouallhavebeeninstrumentalinthisendeavor. TABLE OF CONTENTS Acknowledgement Table of Contents Chapter 1: Introduction………………………………………………………………………………………1 Context of the Problem…………………………………………………………………………..4 Statement of problem …………………………………………………………………………….5 Significance of the study…………………………………………………………… ……………6 Research questions…………………………………………………………………………………6 Methodology ………………………………………………………………………………..……..7 Organization of the study …………………………………………………………………………8 Reference…………………………………………………………………………………………10 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Related […]

Critically discuss the optimal conditions required to achieve a healthy reproducing body ‘ Your answer should consider biologi

Critically discussing the optimal conditions, the paper thus evaluates biological, nutritional, psychological and sociological factors as the primary conditional requirements of having a healthy reproducing body. Biological Context Reproductive health frames a crucial part in overall development of a human. Healthy reproductive system is often […]

Health and safety (human resources) within an organization reported in the media

The HR department of an organization should ensure the safety and health responsibilities of the employees. Managing record of injuries and deaths, co-ordinating in occupational safety and health training programs and providing advice to the employers and employees will help the organizations to practice effective […]

Critical Review of James Galbraith The predator state how conservatives abandoned the free market and why liberals should too

He further talks of the state being able to be in charge of the economy as a way of dealing with the issues of inequalities in the society. The gap between the rich and the poor he argues can only be cured by the intervention […]

Renal transplants

During this time, approximately one third of potential living donors are unable to donate to their potential recipients due to ABO or antigen incompatibility. Kidney paired donation (KPD) and kidney list donation (KLD) were the alternative options for candidates with incompatible donor (McKay, 2010, 103). […]

Historical and Economic Forces are the Key Determining Factors of Contemporary Debates Surrounding Health

1-16). Besides the strong health disparities that exist in the people between nations, there are evident disparities amongst citizens living within the social framework of single nation. This is evident in a recent health report that states that in terms of mortality rates, the mean […]

Diagnosis Treatment and ReIntegration for Soldiers with Symptoms of PostTraumatic Stress Syndrome

Individuals who suffer from PTSD re-experience the traumatic episode throughout in their minds, and it is usually done through flashbacks and nightmares. The thoughts can become so severe and realistic that the person begins to dissociate, experiences minimized functioning in normal daily life, and becomes […]

Introduction to Clinical Governance and Techniques Applicable in Clinical Governance

Also a brief about the working ofGMASsystems will be given in the paper. Clinical governance is a quality management initiative, set up originally by theNHS, facilitates all clinicians to persistently extend better quality of care to patients.Clinical governance targets to integrate all the actions that […]

The Best Intervention Plans to Help the Patient Regain Back Functional Independence

When a patient is admitted to a healthcare facility, it is essential for a nurse to assess the health status (Rothman et al., 2012). In this case, a head-to-toe assessment was used to evaluate the patient’s physical features, emotional factors and mental status condition (Rothman […]

Social Responsibility How Various Corporations and Industries View Social Responsibility

Johnson and Johnson affect consumers globally, through its health product offerings. It also affects communities environmentally, where which its production facilities are located. Tyson Corner affects the D.C. community, where it is located. Verizon affects customers and those who come in contact with customers, through […]

The Controversial Use of Apligraf in the Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Foot complications are major causes of hospital admissions for diabetes, and they often demand surgical procedures and prolonged length of stay. Indeed, diabetic foot complications are major global public health problems in that these foot lesions and amputations represent the most important of all long-term […]

AIDs and Needles

Rockwood alleges that doing so led directly and predictably to injury.A rights-based analysis would deliver differing opinions depending on the rights they enshrine. Someone emphasizing rights to life, health or responsible treatment might argue that Rockwood not only has a right to pursue a suit […]

Flexure Testing of FibreReinforced Plastic Composites

The fiberglass is typically frivolous, durable and robust material utilized in diverse industries because of their excellent properties. The composites materials are applicable to the aerospace, construction, packaging and automotive industries. Nevertheless, there is the drawback of the polymers composites due to the unsuitability amidst […]

Effects of electronic health records on health care system effectiveness and efficiency

Abbreviated as E.H.R, this is a record in digital format that enhances the capability to be shared across different health care settings. In most enhanced cases, this sharing can occur by means of network connected information systems and in several other cases, through other independent […]

Article review/ moving beyond the virtue script in nursing creating knowledge based identity for nurses

According to a public survey, as cited by Dickerson, Brewer and Konver, the United States and Canada will face a shortage of 1,000,000 and 113,000 nurses respectively in the next decade and a half (Dickerson, Brewer and Kovner, p.138). This survey has educated different organizations, […]

Electronic Security Solutions and the Creation of the Right Balance

Researches conducted over the years show that CCTV’s are extremely efficient in security solutions. Cameras that have been placed strategically around an area or a building can offer thorough and large area coverage of the site under surveillance. CCTV’s have also been observed to significantly […]


The sociological elements encompass issues such as individual relations with certain cultures, guidelines as well as aspects that bring or make the civilization appear in order. According to scholars in biological and related fields, aging process begins, immediately. an individual starts to live with the […]

Environmental Factors and Cancer Incidence and Mortality in Different Countries With Special Reference to Dietary Practices

A diet that has high fibre food such as whole wheat, a balanced ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fats, antioxidants and phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables, such as α amp. β-carotene, β-cryptoxanthin, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, and other nutrients can aid in […]

Use of paramedics

Use of Paramedics Paramedics are highly skilled professionals who are licensed to provide emergency health care outside of the hospital. They are theforefront in the performance of lifesaving medical mediation especially during emergencies and accidents such as vehicular accidents, heart attacks, seizures, fainting, falls, allergic […]

Female circumcision (also referred to as female genital mutilation)

Female Genital Mutilation By Yuliya Female genital mutilation is the process of removing a womans clitoris, and further sewing up their genitalia until they have been rendered, essentially, deprived of their sexuality. In most severe instances, the entire female genitalia system is completely removed, leading […]

Scientific misconduct

Scientific Misconduct Scientific misconduct refers to fabrication, falsification or plagiarism of scientific data. This is in proposing, performing, or receiving research proposal already submitted or reporting research results that have been funded (Broad amp. Wade, 1982). It includes proposals in all fields of science, engineering, […]

Unit 1 Micro

Micro Introduction In common, anytime unrestricted market is banned from setting charges in symmetry, supply and demand will not equal, and excesses or deficiencies will transpire. When a price floor is set, the lesser limit on price is beyond that clearing charge, and supply surpasses […]

Health Care

Upon consideration on the extent of his responsibilities, Chris has discovered that the ground rules of the medical service are its ability to provide such under a sincere and qualified personnel who is expected to extend its full support over the patient and his family. […]

AttentionDeficit Hyperactivity Disorder Following Example Julia’s

Julia’s Case StudyJulia’s case is a perfect indication that she suffers from Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Whenever a child is suffering from this disorder, they have a difficulty in maintaining focus to a single task or even concentrating on a given activity, without getting easily […]

Autoimmune Diseases and the Importance of Their Treatment in the Modern Society

The research should be considered as the basis (from a theory and practice perspective) of immunology as it is known today. During the years that followed the above studies, immunology was developed furthermore and many theories were stated while the methods of treatment were differentiated […]

How is human’s memory affected when there are different conditions quiet atmosphere loud noise classical music

In disparity, music or sound having harmony, tune or rhythm has been described to be as less distracting as commonly experienced noises such as wild chatter or unwanted auditory signal or disturbance when it comes to human vigilant performance (Larkin, 2001). On the other hand, […]

Primary Intestinal PseudoObstruction in The New York Times

Relationship between Massive Media and PsychologyRelationship between Massive Media and PsychologyObservation 1Date: 9/15/2011 Location: The New York Times (Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction)Case Description:The article has described patients with the Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction, a condition of intestinal blockage (The New York Times, 2012). It can also be known as […]

Identify a research topic in your area of expertise( eg warming of neonates) and identify a middle range theory that would be applicable to support the research topic in your specialty area

Application of Kolcaba’s Middle range theory of Comfort in Research As a nurse specialized in preoperative and postoperative care,I would use a middle range nursing theory to research on postoperative pain management, which is a common problem among patients after surgery. The most appropriate middle […]

Can Disability Chronic Conditions Health and Wellness Coexist

Additional activities that enhance the physical well-being incorporate the avoidance of drug abuse and maintenance of proper hygiene.. According to Wright amp. Ellis (2010), mental health is the cognitive and psychological well-being. People with good mental health do not have psychological disorders acknowledge their abilities […]

Should Smoking be banded in New Orleans’ casinos

It covers Bars, Restaurants, Casinos, Patios, Hotel and Motel Rooms, Patios, Courtyards, Balconies, Parks, Public Events, Hotel and Motel Rooms, Bingo and Video Poker Halls, Sidewalks and Streets, Private Homes, Private Clubs, Conventions, Nursing Homes and assisted living areas, Stadiums, Care Facilities, Correctional Facilities, Amphitheaters […]

Fad diet

FAD DIET First of Project Goes Here I. Introduction A. Topic Research question: Is fad diet really aneffective way of losing weight and becoming slim, attractive and fit or is it just some fantasy people are living in?2) Working thesis: Fad diet is merely an […]


on suffering mental illness. a summary of the findings and concise note using the subjective, objective, assessment, and plan (SOAP) format with each patients encountered findings. The essay also provides some examples to support the findings.First, Psychiatric history: this refers to the mental profile of […]

Assessment and Practice of Mental Health care needs

OBJECTIVES: To explore the associative structure between a screening test for dementia, the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE), and a neuropsychological battery for the detection of dementia, the Mental Deterioration Battery (MDB). DESIGN: A retrospective analysis. SETTING: Psychology unit of a general hospital in Rome, Italy. […]


Element Bars Element Bars Element Bars started by the entrepreneur, Jonathan Miller was a startup focusing on healthy and customized energy bars (Shein, 2011). The company, which sold energy bars made from purely organic and healthy ingredients, catered to the health conscious customers in the […]

Discussions wk2

Discussions wk2 Poverty in America After analyzing the case study thoroughly it is believed that the main reasons for poverty in America is structural as well as individual. The economic recession during 2008-09 was believed the greatest economic crisis since the great depression. During the […]

Compare contrast and summarize the information from all 3 article together)

ve perception of the nursing profession and unsatisfactory working conditions particularly played a critical role in influencing the decisions for most nurses to leave the nursing field. From the study findings, Gok and Kicaman (2011) concluded that strategies aimed at addressing the high turnover rates […]

Atheorist’s voice

Atheorists Voice Transformative Learning Theory Learning is an important consideration for individuals to have adequate understandings and knowledge about different aspects. Additionally, learning enables people to work autonomously and develop the feeling of self-belief by collaborating it with their behaviour in an effective manner (Merriam, […]

Healthy Children

Healthy Children Healthy Children Concerns about the health status of children in the current society are worth not ignoring. Different health stakeholders, including private organizations, emphasize on the need for ensuring healthy living among children. In this regard, it worth discussing several issues concerning the […]

Critical Appraisal Of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Articles

The article titled Analyzing Qualitative interview data. Addressing issues of reliability and validity presented by J.V. Appleton deals with the aspects that must be taken into consideration while conducting a qualitative research study to ensure the reliability and validity of the data (Appleton, 1995). In […]

Leadership Strategic

Task: Leadership strategic Question The effectiveness of an organization gets portrayed through performance indicators. Notably, many organizations use the performance indicators to make adjustments and identify improvement opportunities. The healthcare organization is an extremely valuable setup, which should offer efficient and reliable services. Contrary to […]

Emergency Service Personnel and the Impact of Stress and Cardiac Related Problems on Their Jobs

Due to the nature of their jobs, personnel working in these departments are prone to many occupational hazards, the most important of which is stress. This could be due to their own living environment, their protective gear, their officers and leaders, current management styles, co-workers, […]

Is Reflective Practice Essential For Generating the Theory That Will Advance the Discipline of Nursing

From the integration of practitioners’ personal knowledge, valid disciplinary knowledge and theories are developed. Critical thinking and reflection on various nursing practices help to generate new theories. The theories are again used in nursing practice for solving problems and for determining procedures in future cases.The […]

Understanding Health Disparities in Populations

Understanding Health Disparities in Populations Understanding Health Disparities in Populations #Question The cultural competency ensures the valuation of diversity and equalities of all people that helps to effectively respond and understand the cultural differences. It also plays a role in institutionalizing a cultural knowledge that […]

Common Ground

Common Ground Assignment Elements included in an informative introduction to the issue and opposing positions The introduction includes background information based on the topic in focus, but some introductions make assumptions on the reader’s knowledge of the topic. The introduction considers the interest of readers […]

The Importance of Entrepreneurship in the UK

Today’s finest entrepreneurs are categorized by five specific attributes: Innovation, leadership, willingness to accept risk (both short-term and long-term), social and community contributions, and that of a goal-oriented, self-motivated business professional. Successful entrepreneurs often maintain at least one or several of these characteristics. and in […]

Assess the potential financial benefits of an environmentally friendly hotel organisation

Simultaneously, they allow their guests to carry on their high-quality and beneficial things for the environment. Several tourists are fascinated with the green hotel because it is taking steps to preserve the environment from destructive influences. Environmentally friendly hotels contribute a positively towards the conservation […]

Describe the Jacksonian Era What were some of the highlights of this period

Topic: Essay, History and Political Science Topic: Describe the Jacksonian Era. What were some of the highlights of this period?Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) was the 7th President of America from 1829-1837. His policies had great impact in every segment of American society during that turbulent period […]


Developing Corporate Social Responsibility in Grocery Stores Corporate ethics is a set of universal moral standards that govern the employees and business sectors to be trustworthy, respectful, responsible, equitable, considerate, and a good citizen (Schwartz, 2002, p. 27). Almost all companies in the US are […]

Critique Quantitative of this Journal Estrogen Plus Progestin and Breast Cancer Incidence and Mortality in the Womens Health

Breast Cancer on Mortality Rate Breast Cancer on Mortality Rate Critiquing research involves analyzing both the strengths and weaknesses on a piece of research work in the journal. The research on Estrogen plus progestin and Breast Cancer Incidence and Mortality in the Women’s Health, the […]

How a mindfulnessbased or yoga’ stress reduction program would be successful for adolescents

Running head: stress management Stress Management Discuss in this paper how a mindfulness-based or yoga stress reduction program would be successful for adolescents. How a mindfulness-based or yoga stress reduction program would be successful for adolescentsAdolescence, as the transitional stage of physical and mental human […]


Advertised Exercise Myths Advertised Exercise Myths There is always an urgency to either lose weight or gain muscles at a very fast rate. These reasons have driven many gyms and advertisement agencies to post false advertisements on techniques that can help you achieve this. Hence, […]

This week you learned about the central nervous system i e brain structure and neurotransmitters

Neurotransmitters Neurotransmitters Identify the Neurotransmitter Location of Neurotransmitter Effect of Neurotransmitter Functionof NeurotransmitterPossible mental health, emotional, behavioral, or physical issues resulting from too much or too little of the neurotransmitterAcetylcholine (ACH)Primarily located in the spinal cord, brain, peripheral nervous system, mostly found in certain organs […]


This paper will provide a theoretical analysis of three different centers that designed according to three different theories of justice.The first center that will be examined will be structured according to the Utilitarian theory of justice. Thus, this model fits the Utilitarian theory of justice […]

Heart Disease as One of the Leading Causes of Mortality

Geographical difference between countries in the manifestation of all aspects of heart disease is evident but immigration studies conducted in the West suggest that cultural factors such as smoking and improper diet outweigh genetic and environmental factors in their effects. Arterial hypertension, stress, hypercholesterolemia and […]


cess of Fracking is excused from primary environmental laws, as well as the Safe Drinking Water Act, and gas spills and mishaps are very common (McKenzie,, 2012).People have played an immense role in this environmental issue. it starts from the process of extracting the […]


But on the other hand, a clinically depressed patient would be one who has immersed himself either in grief, self pity, worthlessness, anger, helplessness and even very low self esteem.In such over the top cases great care and understanding should be shown to a person […]

Exercise #1

Factory Farming al Affiliation) Is factory farming a defensible practice? In as much as the proponents of factory farming claim that the activity has contributed to better nutrition, housing and disease management and control in the last two decades, the activities of factory farming have […]

What are some reasons for health and socioeconomic disparities along racial lines

Introduction Race and culture are vital ingredients that contribute to a patient’s entire being. In America patterns of health disparities along racial lines are evident with racial minorities such as the Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and American Indians experiencing high rates of morbidity and mortality. These […]

Assignment 1

emotional health, physical health, social health, spiritual health, intellectual health and environmental health. In other words, when a person strives to achieve wellness, he or she endeavors to strike the balance between these aspects. Thus, such a person is said to be leading a healthy […]

An investigation into the theory and practice of management skills development in the hospitality and tourism industries

Thankfully my research and academic proficiency led me to applying in Marriot International among other companies for a management trainee post and getting a positive response from the company. Marriot International is the third largest chain of hotels in the world by employees and revenues […]