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Everything in this world seems meaningless and foolish without Christ in our lives and the Holy Spirit to Guide our paths (Hebert p 12.research paper).The problem with living for health, wealth and power is that one will never be satisfied – the sinful nature will […]

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Of 2010 that Address Role of Public Programs

The Act designated to develop transformation to contain costs within the healthcare sector. The Act also focused to ensure that 94% of the American citizens have health care insurance. Furthermore, the Act planned to offer tax relief for health professionals with state loans destined to […]

Business Plan

BUSINESS PLAN OUTLINE Table of Contents Online Fitness Service 3 Reference 4 Online Fitness Service Business Objective What How AssumptionsOnline Fitness Service – this is the business unit that aims to offer online fitness guidelines and workouts to the people who seek fitness and health […]

How Does The Rising Rate Of Inflation Bring Down The Prices Of Houses In The United States

Since two-thirds of households in the US or even more have possession of the houses that they reside in, the weight of Owner–Equivalent Rent in the CPI is significant. it accounts for around 23.8% of headline CPI and around 30.8% of the traditional core CPI […]

The Urban Scene

Climate change is usually associated with global warming. However, the change in climate does not mean just a simple increase or decrease of average temperature in the worlds, but partial or complete rearrangement of all geosystems on the Earth. The increase in temperature is just […]

Suicidal Behavior

The essay Suicidal Behavior analyzes the different types of intervention plans to reduce various suicidal behaviors upon which state and local health departments and other agencies are working on.If a person has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, he feels dejected and comes to the conclusion […]

Medicaid Fraud

Proposal of a Quantitative Study Proposal of a Quantitative Study Week 5 Application Introduction Medicaid fraud is a major problem in the healthcare industry that has resulted in losses amounting to billions of dollars and in decline of the public healthcare sector (Krause, 2010). To […]

Privacy and health

Privacy and Health Institute Introduction All the health care providers operating electronically can define health privacy as the practice of establishing national standards for protection of individual’s health information and medical records. This protection of one’s confidential medical reports was declared in the Health Insurance […]

Comparative Summary

It is against this backdrop that three major financial environments namely the profit making environment, not-for-profit environment and government environments have been identified in this study for critical scrutiny on how differences in financial management in each of the environments can be well harnessed to […]

Report 2

The average income level of individuals in the economy had been recorded to increase substantially but due to the recent recession the growth of the income level has slowed down considerably (Euromonitor International, Country Factfile). However, French mousse is evidently a frequently available product in […]

Can a Humanistic Model of Counselling be Integrated with a Cognitive One

Humanistic counsellors focus on emotional elements such as love, social belonging and self-esteem development to provide effective treatment. This paper answers the question as to whether humanistic models of counselling can be integrated with cognitive approaches and find success in the process. Humanistic versus Cognitive […]

Fake fat

Fake Fat According to Zamora of Scientific Psychic, olestra is an artificial fat created from sucrose (a carbohydrate) and up to eight fatty acids.In the olestra chemical structure, sucrose takes the place of glycerol. The olestra molecule is too large to be metabolized and passes […]

Dental Hygiene

The Dental Hygienist’s role in Patient Motivation Full Oral hygiene is a very important matter not only the dental hygienist should consider but must also be seen by the layperson positively. However, there are many factors affecting dental problems and the solution of which is […]


These computer-related programmes make it easier to ask ‘what if’ questions, make any technical changes or to add enhanced features to any existing design, with alterations in manufacturing made easy using visualisation and graphics (Lieu amp. Sorby, 2009). If consumer safety advocacy groups can be […]

IAQ &amp

Thermal ComfortBoth regional and international standards have been developed to prescribe indoor environmental conditions that are safe for buildings’ occupants. In order understand how these factors (Thermal comfort and indoor air quality) affect the quality of life people leave indoors, it is important to know […]

‘Tort Law gives unjustified preference to corrective justice over distributive justice ‘ Critically evaluate this statement

Some scholars like Coleman (1994) have argued that the nature of the law of torts favors the corrective ends, whereas others like Konow (2003) as well as Wolf and Musselman (1990) argues that there is a need for the law of torts to strike a […]

The relationship between SC35 and E2F1 in the apoptotic response of head and neck cancer cells following cisplatin treatment

The impact of head and neck cancers on the health care system can be gauged by the fact that each year almost 500,000 new cases of head and neck cancers occur globally, with almost two thirds of the cases occurring in developing nations (Marur amp. […]


However, when a person experiences a bad marriage, such responsibilities and obligations will be a burden. This leads to increased levels of stress in an individual. Such stress levels keep increasing due to the effects on a person’s health. For example, with all the obligations […]

Analysis of A Sorrowful Woman by Gayle Godwin and the Extract from A Secret Sorrow by Karen Zee

While Faye is forced to open up by a persistent lover, the woman in Godwin’s story fails to communicate with anyone and lets herself go through unexplainable tortures that do not defy her love for her husband and son. While Zee follows the structure of […]

Compare and contrast the role of New Public Management in health care reform in Germany and the UK from the 1980s onwards

The planning of health care reform by the New Public Management (NPM) emphasized several targets including public/ private partnerships and a concern for quality through total quality management (Thomas &amp. Lakhani, 2006: 141). Most reforms and improvements in the health care sector were based on […]

Company ESPN

Company Case ESPN 2. The ESPN brand constitutes a wide range of sports entertainment and discussion across many different media types. For consumers, it is a readily accessible source of information that is automatically associated with high quality sporting entertainment. Consumers are aware that any […]

Cardiovascular Disease (2 critiquesDieting Essentials (2 critiques)Communicable and/or noncommunicable infectious diseases (2 critiques)

Another article that sensitizes on Cardiovascular Disease is an article by the National Academy on an Aging Society, titled: Heart Disease. A disabling yet preventable condition (National Academy on an Aging Society, 2012). According to the article. about 18 million people have heart diseases and […]

Lifeline Services’ Proven Capability to Offer Immediate Solutions to Mental Health Problems

The significance of lifeline services has increased immensely as the modern man’s life has become more complex, more problems centered, tensed and emotionally turbulent. In this respect, the Tele counseling services of lifeline 13 11 14 in Australia deserve primary importance as the Australian lifeline […]

The InVivo and InVitro Effects of Sildenafil (Viagra) on Oocyte and Embryo Development

.. 71.2.1 Physiology of Fertilization and Implantation Process …..……. 91.2.2 Physiology of Ovarian Function and Reproductive System .… 121.3 Ways on How Secretion of Ovary Controls the Reproduction …………… 161.4 Historical Development, Chemical Composition, and Mechanism of Action ……………………………………………………………………………………………. 181.4.1 Historical Development of Sildenafil Citrate […]

Annotated Bibliography Environmental Effects Of Nuclear Power Plant Accident At Fukushima

3 750 ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY: .ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS OF NUCLEAR POWER PLANT ACCIDENT AT FUKUSHIMA 11 July 2011 Belson, Ken &amp. Tabuchi, Hiroko. “Japan Finds Tainted Food Up to 90 Miles From Nuclear Sites.” New York Times. New York Times. 19 Mar. 2011. Web. 7 Jul. 2011. […]

Ecological Modernisation as an approach for solving of Environmental problems

28 7000 This study looks into the concept of ecological modernisation started to gain attention in the 1990s. This concept evolved in the industrialised democratic states as a dominant way of addressing environmental policies. It was also aimed at identifying the root causes of these […]

How fast fashion industry impact on Chinese customer behaviour With Zara case study

There are two main types of research methods. One is inductive methods and another is deductive methods. In deductive research method, research is generally started from more general overview of the research topic to more specific to the hypothesis. It is often termed as top […]


Industries dealing with the usage of heavy machinery and involving direct interaction with the equipment that is hazardous can be properly handled through the principles of ergonomics.NIOSH is an acronym for National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The Institute provides guidelines for safe working […]

The Issues to Address the Major Impact of Trends in Society and How It Will Affect the Eating Habits

9 2250 Although most restaurants offer dessert delicacies, there are restaurants that specialize only in desserts. Such dessert cafés are growing in number and have become really prominent in the lives of the common man. Australia is one of the countries where food innovations have […]

Three common physiological disorders manifested in developing countries

The most common physiological disorders manifested in developing countries include diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure) and Alzheimer’s disease. High blood pressure is often regarded as silent killer due to its significant risk for causing heart attacks. Similarly, diabetes caused by increased content of sugars in […]

I’m attaching a document Read the background information about bacteria antibiotics and the evolution of antibiotic resistance at this site

Spoiled food and poor personal hygiene – these factors determine the majority of gastrointestinal infections. In the described case (see pdf file) wecan suppose intestinal infection. There is a difference between the microbial food poisoning and classic infection. Protamine poisoning depends on the presence of […]

Law and Modern Corporation in International Context Whistleblowing

The PIDA modified the ERA, which legally protected workers from detriment resulting from revealing information about crimes, legal obligation violations, dangers to health and safety, and miscarriage of justice. In this context, the dismissal of an employee has deemed unfair dismissal and not a detriment. […]

Journal Article Review When I’m 64 how the boomers will change health care

Journal Article Review The report in question has been produced by the American Hospital Association and discusses how the health care will change as baby boomers come to an age where they require healthcare services to the level of today’s senior citizens born during the […]

The concept of globalisation and assess if globalistion brings economic success to all countries

To underline the influence of the aspect of globalisation, it should be noted that globalisation manifests itself under different dimensions in the economic, cultural, health, social, political, environmental, security, and even in other spheres of the world. Nonetheless, the focus of this expose will discuss […]


On the other hand, sustainable entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs or firms that work in a sustainable manner and contribute to the creation of sustainable development (Weidinger et al., 2013).Sustainable development has grown significantly for the past few decades. people and corporate have come to realizes that […]

Reading Responses of Long Day’s Journey Into Night by O’neill Copyright 02

Long Days Journey into Night by O’Neill O’Neill’s Long Day into the Night is an emotional masterpiece depicting several predicaments in an already estranged house. What makes the piece so touching is the fact that the hard-hitting situations presented in the play are a reflection […]


Training Introduction Efforts to conform to the ever growing competition and the pressure to maintain a competitive advantage has forced many organizations to regularly train employees on how to handle tasks, operate machines, and improve their performance (Hollenbeck et. Al., 2007). The 21st century has […]

If no law is broken is there anything wrong with dumping If so when is it wrong

The Wrongs of Dumping The Wrongs of Dumping Dumping refers to the acts of exporting unwanted or hazardous products especially fromthe United States to the other countries (Shaw, 2014, p.32). The primary aim of dumping is to avoid losses regardless of the side effects that […]

‘The normal course of COPD is punctuated by increasing frequency and severity of exacerbations

Exacerbation is a serious health condition that could lead to the loss of lung normal functions. (Prince et al., 2004) For this reason, patients that are experiencing exacerbations may be hospitalized and need to go through a long period of recovery.For the purpose of this […]

Providing support to families of individuals with severe mental health diagnoses

Clients suffering from mental problems such as depression are most likely to live with parents and other family members. Such clients require support to get through the recovery period and assist them from succumbing to their habits once more (Baucom, Shoham, Mueser,&nbsp.Daiuto,&nbsp.Stickle, 1998, p. 57).The […]

End of like care in the United States Current Reality and futrue Promise A policy review

End of Like Care in the United s Current Reality and Future Promise a Policy Review End of life care involves palliative care and hospice care to terminally ill and old individuals. By providing treatment to serious illness in the hope of cure for an […]

Ethics and Law

ETHICS AND LAW Ethics and Law Introduction Ethics in business can be defined as the application of a moral of conduct to themanagement process within any business organization (Applied Corporate Governance). Morality within a business results from employee’s own moral standards in context of the […]


I have held constantly that nursing is an encounter of care my experiences in home care have further deconstructed my notion of nursing as encounter of care.In this paper, I will touch upon my experiences when I, together with my preceptor, visited two home care […]

Triangle Fire Reflection Occupational Health and Safety as a Community Health Issue

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire The workers in the garment industry faced numerous challenges in the early 1900s intheir jobs which led to numerous strikes to air their grievances. The conditions that led to strikes are longer working hours, poor pay, unsafe working conditions and […]

Qualitative research study using a pediatric toolkit to decrease the discomfort and anxiety of a pediatric patient in an emergency department

This toolkit wouldassist them in the care of the pediatric population being treatment in the chaotic environment of a busy emergency trauma center. The toolkit would consist of distraction techniques, position changes, and advocacy for early pain management enhancing the emergency department experience for child, […]

Effects of Organic and Conventional Management Practices on Soil Quality

The different crop management practices involved in conventional farming that include mixing of soil by tillage frequently and then leaving the soil exposed during significant periods of time lead to rising oxidation of organic matter and also reduces the levels of organic matter significantly thereby […]


9 2250 The respiratory hazard has to do with dangers that are associated with works using respiratory protection, especially for the first time. In such cases, they may fail to use them properly and as a result, expose themselves to health risks by inhaling poisonous […]

Psychological vs Pharmacological Interventions for Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is a dangerous psychological state since it is followed by corresponding changes in the neural system: persistent irradiation and irritation lead to long-lasting exhaustion and fatigue, especially if anxiety fits are frequent and happen 5-10 times a day (Goisman, 1994). According to G.Bushnell, “Anxiety […]

How an Infant and Child Develop a Sense of Agency why this is Important and what Factors Might Inhibit such a Capacity

14 3500 It leads to development of a subjective sense that refers to observing, knowing, introspecting, and self-respecting self through the subject’s own perspective or viewpoint through the eye of mind. The experience of self or sense of agency develops essentially through maturation of fundamental […]

Role Played by United Nations Agencies in Support of Organization Mission

Two of those agencies are the World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). The World Health Organization (WHO)This agency was convened in 1948 and the basis of its office in Geneva, Switzerland. It is mandated to uplift the international public health […]

Critical thinking is not just thinking but thinking which entails self improvement and this improvement comes from skill in using standards by which one approp

ording to Alpert (2004) seems alien, a bug that keeps on nagging there is “something drastically wrong—even if they themselves do not sense it[…] they sense something is radically out of joint in the narrative they tell, enact, and are.”Depression affects the social being in […]

The Necessary Precautionary and Preventive Systems of the Chemical Facility

7 1750 The National Institute of Justice, in collaboration with the Department of Justice components, the Office of Homeland Security, the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Transportation, numerous organizations, and private citizens, had been conscientious enough as to suggest the […]

Smart Phone Small Planet Identity and Community in the Digital Age

The smart technology has improved healthcare and healthcare management. Digital innovations are making new health products. According to Levy and Wong (p.9), smart technology is enabling an upgrade from a reactive focus on curatives towards a proactive view of health management. New preventive medicines are […]

God Man and Nature in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Although works of fiction, “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley and “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley, both depict accounts of what can happen to a person or a society that attempts to become a godVictor Frankenstein, the protagonist of the novel “Frankenstein,” is a scientist who […]

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

Eye Movement Desensitization &amp. Reprocessing and Sexual Violence Please briefly describe this psychotherapeutic approach and its Eight Phases of Treatment, applied specifically to survivors of rape and sexual violence.Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a therapeutic technique developed by Dr. Francine Shapiro, in 1987. EMDR […]

Rethinking Health and Body Cultures Ways in Which Some Bodies Are Problematised in Sport

The contemporary sports although have been modified to suit the participation of disabled bodies, there are certain missing links that do not allow complete participation of disabled persons. To some extent, the disabled who are capable of participating also have trouble in their bid to […]

Juvenile Runaways

Sometimes police deal with juvenile runaways in cases pertaining to child abduction, child abandonment, child abuse or neglect, underage drinking, child sexual exploitation, prostitution, shoplifting, drug dealing, murder and many such illegal activities. ‘According to data compiled by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services […]

Sustainable Cities Climate change and Economics of Sustainable Infrastructure

Having sustainable infrastructure offers tremendous opportunities to improve the public health of the citizens as well as that of the environment, have serious savings and efficiencies amongst taxpayers and may create employment to the citizens of the cities. The city of Melbourne is positioned to […]

The Key Processes and Issues in the Stages of Obtaining a License for the Supply of Medicines

Most importantly, it is a process involving the constant percolation of data through rigorous filters strewn with tribulations and complicated by the difficulty of making decisions that affect human health when all the facts are not known.Overview: The process of phases I to IV clinical […]

Using the I Can Problem Solve Program in W G Rhea Elementary School Kindergarten

Research on Dr.Myrna Shure’s program I Can Problem Solve for early elementary (how it has been used, where it has been used, results, etc) along with other programs or information that use problem-solving techniques and cognitive methods.An analytical framework of using ICPS Program for helping […]

The prevention of perioperative infection in elderly patients

27). The United States reports perioperative infection caused deaths at 97,000 per year (Schneider, 2006). The Institute of Medicine qualified those results further, estimating that between 44,000 and 98,000 of those reported deaths occurred as a direct result of medical errors (Watson, 2006, p. 22).Even […]