Theory of Personality Development Motivation Eating Disorders

In the third stage or the concrete operational stage which occurs between 7 to 11 years, important processes like decentering, reversibility, conservation, serialisation, classification and elimination of egocentrism occur. the last stage is the formal operational stage which commences at 11 years of age, during […]


However, the cases of hemothorax and pneumothoraces have dominated the list of recent nursing care emergencies resulting chest injuries as observed by Mowery et al. (2011, p.513). As a senior nurse in the ortho/general surgical department, my healthcare team is bound to encounter such medical […]

Spar Between Hyperglobalists Sceptics and Transformationalists

Logically, the debate about the roots and impacts of globalization are mostly confined within these subject matters: the foundation and thrusts behind economic globalization. the level to which market actor or state players are having power over socioeconomic growths. and market-driven restraints to liberal macroeconomic […]

Consider carefully the following extract from Stendhal’s A Life of Napoleon and consider both of the following questions 1 W

He never allowed his affluence overcome his work, decisions and judgement. He got carried away to the extent of agitation when his fervor met with resistance, thus far more inclined to companionship than to permanent detestation, he was known as a person stained by some […]

The Positive and Negative Effects of European Colonization of South Eastern Australia

This earliest establishment however, faced relatively tough conditions because of the overall land quality around Sydney Cove area. The second fleet arrived in 1790 to offer much relief for the settlers of the first settlement and greatly increased the overall presence of Britain on Australian […]

Economics of history

Findings Promotional activity drew the customers into large central premises, thus helping the department stores fend off competition. The authors found numerous distinct regional strategies of promotion that were shaped by differences in the consumer markets’ types that were served. The authors found significant convergence […]

Intercontinental Hotels Customer Service and Customer Expectations

The customer services of Intercontinental Hotels are reviewed in this study. reference is made specifically to the level at which customer services in the specific organization meet customer expectations. the issue of customer service excellence becomes therefore a key element of this study. Intercontinental Hotels […]

Importance/ role of faith in the middle ages/ what light do the texts shed on midieval society and thier fears priorities and

He attempted to affirm some of the mysteries of Christianity by giving explanations. He was operating from a starting point based on faith. To endorse his Christian dogma he adopted the platonic principles. Augustine believed that genuine insight does not solely come from a man’s […]

Analyze how globalization has impacted political and economic systems and appreciate America’s role within global political

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), South Asian Free Trade Area (SAFTA), Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) etc are some of the regional trade blocs formed to exploit the opportunities of globalization. This paper focuses more on the North American Free Trade Agreement […]

The Comparison of Xerxes and Attossa’s Relationship in Persians against Achilles and Thethis in the Iliad focusing on their role

The rage between Achilles, the bravest of all, and Agamemnon, the powerful king among the Achaean allies prompted the Achilles to persuade her mother, Thetis, to intervene. She was an influential figure with the Zeus to bequeath the king of gods to inflict defeat and […]

Define the importance of the doctrine of the Trinity for the Christian faith Analyze the history and development of that doctr

Basically Christian understanding concerning the Trinity starts from the two elements, namely His essense and His acts, which are the way of functioning of the three Persons in the Trinity. Human beings thus far haven’t been able to have a frame of reference in order […]

In disadvantaged areas around the world young men find expressions of their masculinity through violence discuss

Additional factors such as social class, poverty, culture and race are also involved, and this makes it difficult to isolate the element of gender and analyse its role in society. This paper introduces recent theories about gender in society and suggests an appropriate way of […]

American Past

To understand the American historical expansion, an extensive analyses and evaluation of the existing primary sources is significant. The essay analyses and evaluates two closely related primary sources of American past from Reading the American Past Volume 1 by Michael Johnson (a history of the […]

Special Education

Special education is a very important field of study as it seeks to integrate the special needs child into the mainstream society and empower them to grow into autonomous citizens, despite their personal exceptionalities (Farrell, 2010). Essentially, special education seeks to find avenues through which […]

Grief and Bereavement Support Groups as a Supportive Intervention for People Who Are Facing the Experience of Loss and Grief

Complicated bereavement is unfortunately not uncommon. Factors that can complicate the grieving process include an unanticipated loss, sudden, random or violent circumstances, multiple losses, the death of a child, or an angry, ambivalent or dependent relationship with the deceased. The mourner’s history of losses, personality […]

Describe the evidence for environmental changes since the Last Interglacial (Marine Isotope Stage 5e approximately 130 000 year

With such information in mind, it is then relevant to discuss such issues in this paper. This being the key points of this paper, the research question is: what is the evidence for environmental change in the tropical since the last interglacial? The tropical region […]


By 1935, prior to the acquisition of the farm, the number of nesting pairs of sandhill cranes in Wisconsin were 25. This was one of his major concerns and he thereby corresponded with people in Wisconsin that have knowledge of sandhill cranes. The collective effort […]

Parentlessness and Social Isolation The Psychopathology of Bundy and Wuornos

Parentlessness and Social Isolation: The Psychopathology of Bundy and WuornosWuornos and Bundy are both white and come from working-class families, but they have different sexual, educational, and criminal backgrounds. Their grandparents raised them, and none of them were wealthy. While Bundy was shy, introverted, and […]

How Does an Analysis of the Wider Social Context Help Us Understand Individual Actions More Fully

By exploring the concepts presented in this chapter it is my intention to elaborate upon the interconnectivity of the individual and society.Drawing on material supplied in chapter one (Carter et al 2008) I shall attempt to investigate this issue from several different angles. In this […]

MultiDisciplinary Nature of Food and the Scientific Principles that Underpin Technology

The emphasis is on chemistry, technology, and applied biology, but it may also be on economics or behavioral sciences. Studies in food science can provide an excellent basis for a career in the food industry and trade as well as in research (Vikki food science, […]

Discuss and Examine the Free movement of Lawyers to provide services and establish a practice in another Member State of the Eur

Heremans (2010) indicated that by ratifying several laws the EU’s actions are geared towards integrating the national systems for legal practice within its jurisdiction. This paper is aimed at assessing the structures guiding the legal practice within the larger European Union. The main challenges facing […]

BaalShem Tov

In the first few chapters, martin Buber reveals the struggle of self understanding of the Jewish people that was particularly driven by their experience of alienation. From a literary perspective, Buber uses a cohesive literary composition to depict a new social dimension that was particularly […]


Judaism has and continues to be the true identity of a Jew despite it just being a religion which over time has closely intertwined with their culture and to a greater degree act as a seam that holds the whole nation of Israel together. Most […]

Protecting the Natural Environment in China Through Green Marketing

Of major concern is environmental degradation in China, which has become so severe, resulting in stark aftermaths domestically as well as internationally. Considering that this environmental degradation ensues from China’s massive production, is there anything that the government, production firms and Chinese citizens can do […]

The Operationalisation of Management and Leadership Development into Practice

The case studies now will be discussing how these theories and practices are displayed in management and leadership styles in the real-life working environment across various sectors.The model that would be applied is based on the theoretical framework that leaders are developed over time. Through […]

Little italy

However, Italian Harlem is currently composing of more Spanish Americans as compared to those from Italian origin. In this regard, Little Italy in lower Manhattan serves as a perfect representation of Italian populations in modern America. Currently, Little Italy in New York is characterized by […]

Gold Standard

This paper will discuss both advantages and disadvantages that could be incurred if the United States economy returns to the Gold Standard, by presenting a brief history on US economy’s use of the Gold Standard and the circumstances surrounding the standard’s dismissal. From early centuries, […]

In what Ways did Jack Johnson Live an Atypical Life for a Person of Color in the Early 20th Century

Black eulogized him and white papers gave front-page coverage to contribute to his national fame. A totally self-made individual, Johnson studied in the college of self-education, where his mind was his principal and his tremendous initiative, the professors and he possessed the strong will to […]

General science

The first and most apparent recognized use is as communications apparatus with people you already have a strong acquaintance. Email and instantaneous messaging has gone way past the previous adopter phase. For many enterprises, societies and families, it has become one of the prevailing forms […]

Reaching Students and Their Needs for Learning in an Alternative Manner by a Short History of Nearly Everything

When examining the first two sections on Lost in the Cosmos and The Size of the Earth, there is the ability to see how they approach the author takes makes the topic easier to understand.The main concept that Bryson presents in A Short History of […]

Assess the impact of third party intervention in two conflicts since the end of Cold War

Due to the Cold War, competition between the two parties i.e. the USA and the USSR (Soviet Union), took many twists and turns in the global context like that of political, ideological, social, economical and cultural among others. During this period of time USSR was […]

Chines culture

Chinese Culture Chinese Culture Q1. Three reasons why China has been able to maintain its boundaries without being fragmented like Europei. Comparatively stable and dominant Zhou bureaucracy providing a common script and highly valued culture, which kept people closely knitted. The stable Zhou Dynasty provided […]

Name on or more interactive features that JavaScript can provide and HTML 5 cannot

Interactive features JavaScript offers absent in HTML5 affiliation JavaScript features Custom events Even with the coming of HTML5, creating a custom event still requires the use of JavaScript (Severance 2012, p.8). Custom event, which is an action, is an event that occurs and one feels […]

International Relations Officer Vice President of Administration and a Human Resource Manager

The job of an international relations officer is interesting in several manners. The job responsibilities and duties involve establishing strong and firm relations with international delegates and influencedorganizations, developing and maintenance of databases related to the work, and tracking and monitoring of the same activities […]

See below

Incorporation: Urbanization,Industrialization and Race During the Gilded Age The period immediately following the end of the civil war, also known as the Gilded age, was the birth-time of modern America. As European history turns on the pivot of the First World War, modern America turns […]

Compare and contrast the views of diverse sociologists

Theoretical Perspective: Research paper Theoretical Perspective: Research paper Theoretical Perspective: Research paperComparing and contrasting the work of Karl Marx and Herbert Spencer is one way of understanding sociology. Each has its own perspective in their approach of the concept of society. According to Karl Marx, […]

The Organization

??s profitability helped to the expansion of the organizational activities worldwide. currently, the firm’s sites operate in Britain, Ireland and Continental Europe. In 2009 the firm’s revenues were estimated to 447,661 (million pounds). in 2008 the revenues of the firm reached the 431, 062 (million […]

Analysis of Guide to Taking a Patient’s History Article by H Lloyd and S Craig and Assessing and Managing Patients with Musculoskeletal Conditions Article by Nicola Judge

The article has focused the sequential nature for capturing history where the author has described presenting complaint and different types of histories which are necessary to evaluate a patient. The rationale for taking a comprehensive history is also discussed. Knowledge obtained from the detailed investigation […]

Discuss China in terms of being the Middle Kingdom population growth issues and industrialization

China, the Middle Kingdom Loosely translated, the term middle kingdom comes from the word Zhongguo, a Chinese word meaning central country. The Chinese people look at themselves as advanced and way superior in comparison to their neighbors. They strongly believed that they were the chosen […]

The War

Prior to Pearl Harbor, Americans were sharply divided as to whether the U.S. should ally with Britain against Germany following the defeat of France. The U.S. immediately began fighting on both European and Pacific fronts fully supported by the American public. Though the Pacific Fleet […]

The relationship between poor European Americans poor free whites African Americans and the Native Americans during the early colonial period

The Relationship between Poor European Americans, Poor Free Whites, African Americans and the Native Americans duringthe Early Colonial Period During the early colonial period, approximately one-half to two-thirds of European who migrated to the American colonies had arrived under indentures, meaning they had to work […]

Us History

Running Head: The US History The US History s History of nations reveals that people and the countries have to undergo through enormous hardships for attaining conformity, peace and progress for the generations. The history of United States is a story of continuous efforts of […]

Researching Popular Culture What is it that makes the combination of ripped jeans and mirrored sunglasses desirable amongst punk teenage fans and followers of current fashion trends

And what could speak more eloquently than shaved heads, leather jackets, and ripped jeans?Jeans and sunglasses have become essential attributes of fashion due to several reasons: they are and still remain always in trend, they are affordable to any consumer, and they are suitable for […]

Hate Crimes

t acts against other individuals have always been prevalent in society throughout history, the socially-constructed notion of referring to this as hate crimes is a fairly new notion (McPhail and DiNitto, 2005). This paper will discuss hate crimes in general and place an emphasis on […]

Was Plutarco really a person as history describes or a person Almada depicted in her documentary El General Did Almada personalize to examine her controversial ancestor Plutarco Calles

The contrast lies in the sense that while history portrays him as the Puppet President, the one who has Catholic blood on his hands, the one who deceived many to make his way through, on the other hand, Almada portrays him to be reasonable, logical […]

Discuss FEMINISM IDEOLOGY and relate it to social work practice and values

The form of feminine liberalism is more a fusion of individual rights and active government. it consists of two main parts. Firstly, the social-welfare component prescribes significant social and economic functions to alleviate the effects of capitalism. The philosophys second major component reaffirms classical liberalisms […]

Under the economic globalization who should take the responsibility to make the music education actually valuable for Chinese p

Music in Confucianism was regarded as one of the means of governance, as well as a significant factor in educating people and in achieving social harmony. But the situation has changed since 1912, when music education moved into the category of compulsory subjects. Under the […]

Website for an organization which has a campaign promoting a core issue that interests you

The website chosen for this assignment is http This site is home to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) founded by Morris Dees. This organization helps fight discrimination, hate, and racism in American society through legal and teaching methods. The goal is accomplished by […]

Assessment of the child

Assessment of the child Introduction This paper involves exploration of potential and actual health challenges in the childhood years employing Ericksons Stages of Child Development and a practical health assessment. (Shaffer amp. Kipp, 2010).Childrens Functional Health Pattern AssessmentFunctional Health Pattern Assessment(FHP)0–2 years childErickson’s Developmental Stage:Basic […]

How oil price fluctuation/shock effect United Kingdom economic growth from 1970 to 2009

The recent upsurge in oil prices and unrest in oil rich countries for the past few months has resulted in rapid increase in the oil price send shockwaves globally affecting the major GDP nations. However, it is argued that the recent increases in oil prices […]


Three years later, King relocated to West Memphis where he hoped to make several performances. In 1948, he got the chance to perform on Sonny Boy’s radio show and began to get audience. His popularity expanded during his ten-minute stint at Memphis radio station. The […]

Outline the similarities and differences in the marxist and liberal approaches to understanding the state

Very few countries in the world even consider themselves Marxist anymore and the economic systems as well as the approach taken to the state is often a mixed one for former Marxist countries. Nevertheless, the ideas presented by Marxist theorists remain important because there are […]

Experience from the teacher student interaction in comparison with a case learning experience

Experience from the teacher student interaction in comparison with a case learning experienceLearning is a partially social activity in which students interact with other students and with lecturers. Such interactions potentially influence a student’s general social life and cognitive potentials in particular. Lecturers are particularly […]

Response 4

Response 4 From the readings, I think that the content is accurate especially concerning the idea of traditions aswell as that of the memories. Childhood memories are very important to people and represent where people came from. In addition, these memories also form a sense […]

Anaysis of Articles about International Adoption

Ashe, N. S. Restrictions amp. Requirements. October 06, 2010. Foreign, 2010. lt. a child from another nation is really a subject of various legal procedures and regulations and from this site information related to the regulation of international adoption can be accumulated. Astin, C. amp. […]

Have three scholars interpreted the role of slavery during the revolutionary ear 17651787

The Role of Slavery in the Revolutionary Era, 1765-1787 The Role of Slavery in the Revolutionary Era, 1765-1787 Slavery played a major role in the revolutionary era, and many scholars have contributed in the interpretation thereof. The American Revolution was grounded on the fact that […]


What is also significant to note that the organizations are considered as the artificial citizens of the world therefore they have an obligation to engage themselves into practices which can enhance the world in which they operate? This may therefore not only include following the […]

There is no need to have laws which regulate immigration into the UK Consider whether you agree with the above statement presenting arguments and evidence for your position

UK offers both, job opportunities as well as education. Most of the times, immigrants do not want their children the kind of life which they had spent. In such case, people make the run for the border.Nowadays, the contemporary British society is facing the most […]


Since the patient has recurrent pneumonia, it is also advisable to know whether or not the patient has been receiving IVDU or blood transfusion including possible drug addiction and vaccination history since HIV virus can be transmitted through the use of needle via blood contact. […]

To What Extent Is It Still True to Say That Legal Justice in England and Wales Rests on Adversarialism

The fact that England and Wales are historically under the common law systems. it would not be surprising if there is still a great extent of adversarialism in said country. To understand more about the concept and the possibility of assessing to which the system […]

Should the government impose stricter guidelines on how much students can borrow in student loans

Ashby, CorneliaM. Federal Loans: Challenges in Estimating Federal Subsidy Costs Report to Congressional Committees. Washington: U.S. Government Accountability Office,2005. Print.Students’ borrowing is putting a lot of pressure on the government budget. There is need for strict laws to ensure that money is used prudently. This […]


s severe and resolves without specific treatment, while bacterial meningitis can be quite severe and may result in brain damage, hearing loss, or learning disability. Meningitis hearing loss typically appears after a bout with meningitis.Before the 1990s, Haemophilus influenzae Type B (Hib) was the leading […]

Black codes

Black Codes The ‘Black Codes’ were laws that were established in the year 1865 in Mississippi that pertained to the Civil Rights of Freedmen. These codes offered equal status between the Blacks and the Whites in many areas. By these codes the Blacks were given […]

Greek myths

Greek Myths History and Political Science Greek Myths Baroque art placed high significance on movement, drama, realism, individual figures, the Catholic Church, light and shadow, and the sense of something greater than ones self (Baroque art history, n.d.). Baroque arts originated in Italy and spread […]


His regime mistreated people especially those who disagreed with his way of doing things, later adopted ruthless and cruelty to be a method within the Russian Monarchical government before the revolution. By 1944 Orwell was through with his book but majority of individual especially in […]

History 16

Thirteen Days Thirteen Days is one of the most outstanding movies ever produced that succinctly bases on historical accuracy . This movie is quite informative, detailed as well as very refined in respect to the historical events. It is important to understand some of the […]

Red Star The First Bolshevic Utopia is a dystopia rather than a utopia because martian people exploited all their planets’s resouces and planned to erradicate and colonize on another planet

In addition, the novel is radical in nature in that, it shows how readers of utopia may consider a success. yet do not understand what the author meant (Aldridge 23-24).The red star written in 1905, at that time, socialism had already existed for several years […]