The enforcement procedure of Article 228 (2) ECT is in dire need of reform Discuss this statement in the light of the existing case law of the ECJ

Indeed in Francovich &amp. Boniface v Italy [1993]3 the ECJ stated that ‘Community law lays down a principle according to which a Member State is liable to make good damage to individuals caused by a breach of Community law for which it is responsible’.The Commission […]

Crime control

Whenever such a crime takes place, first there is a process of justification for the action that was allegedly conducted. After that all the possibilities are analyzed that is related to particular crime. Therefore, the person is under a trial. Honesty is of the most […]

Land law problem

As this is pertinent to both the issue of Jennifer’s intended severance and the right of survivorship, it is important to establish that joint tenancy existed.Joint tenancy, as noted in the preceding, holds that each tenant’ has an identical interest in the whole of the […]

Union organizing

In every establishment the employee and employer relationship and their performance are regulated by proper labor laws. Though most of these labor laws are intended to protect the interests of the employees, they are seen generally exploited by the employers. The act of the employers […]

Understanding of ethics and ethical understanding of life event or life stage and of the ceremony that celebrates it

This article highlights the concept of ethics in its simplest possible form. Many people tend to equate ethics with feelings. They believe that being ethical is like following one’s feelings. This is however clearly not true because feelings frequently deviate from what is right. On […]

Ecological Models

I present proof of an unrelenting institutional disagreement among the Supreme Court and the MRTP Commission, and quarrel that the government redefined the power of the IRA in order to reduce these dissimilarities of view. In two marker cases on greedy pricing Haridas Exports vs. […]

How Will a World Recession Affect Oil and Gas Investment Supply and Demand by Andrew Gould

Enough supplies together with low production costs and low tax had slowly raised the demand without much concern of the production costs. The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries raised the production rent that led to the need of curbing demand. The conservation and substation, together […]

Police brutality

brutality comes in the form of use of profane language, threats of violence, field searches, approaching an innocent citizen with a drawn firearm, and to the extreme, physical violence against victims (Champion 58). Although police brutality is a commonplace occurrence in the entire United States, […]


Oedipus Question Creon is a family man and is very aggression in protecting the family honor. He vehementlytalks to his son about the need to safeguard the honor of his family. He is also a law keeper and asserts that the law has been put […]

Critically evaluate the role played by Victim Support in assisting victims of crime and advocating for reforms on their behalf And Critically evaluate the cont

Other wise they loose the confidence in organized world and faith in other human beings which is dangerous to the society. Hence it calls for immediate measures for crime management and victim support services (Van Dijk, 1996). However, the successful crime management requires thorough study […]

What Specific Problems Could Be Created By the Permanent Assignment of a Judge to the Juvenile Division

An Unmanageable Case Management QuandaryQuestion What specific problems could be created by the permanent assignment of a judge to the juvenile division? What advantages might there be?Answer According to the given scenario, the court under consideration is facing with an increased workload. The increment in […]

‘Intellectual Property rights have throughout history increased in scope and shifted towards greater protection for their owners’ Critically assess the main

l property is very wide and includes literary and artistic works, films, computer programs, inventions, designs and marks used by traders for their goods or services.’1 The law makes sure that the owners of Intellectual Property creations are protected. However, the law in regards to […]

Artists transform what were originally oral and literary stories into images

example is that to consumers who were viable to be being swindled by different financial institution, the act required that they were to be given credit counseling before being asked to sign any document (American Law Institute-American Bar Association Committee on Continuing Professional Education., 2005).This […]

Employees should have an expectation of a right to privacy in the workplace e g electronic monitoring of computer usage phone calls video surveillance should be eliminated or restricted

According to, the employment law entails all rights and commitments within the relationship between the employer and employee. This covers all aspects of the employees whether current employees former employees or job applicants. The law is emphatic on safety of the employee at the […]

Business Law

Issue The issue to be determined is liability of a corporation’s owner or shareholder to a corporation’s debts. Rules Limited liability clause of an incorporated entity protects shareholders from all sorts of personal liability of the corporation beyond the shareholder’s investment in the entity. In […]

Critically evaluate the above statement referring to the case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union that of the national courts in the UK and two other Member States

The central issue circles around the interpersonal relationship between the European Court of Justice and the national courts related to supremacy claim over the national law that is embedded in the ECJ’s jurisdiction. At the base level, clashes between the community laws along with the […]

Current Global Practices how countries are responding to the Greenhouse Business Challenge including Carbon Footprint

Current Global Practices – How Countries Are Responding To the Greenhouse Business Challenge Including Carbon Footprint Table of Contents Overview 3Discussion 3References 6OverviewThe issue of global warming is receiving significant attention worldwide in recent days. In general, the problem of global warming occurs due to […]

Mercantile Law

In the event that evidence of this theft of intellectual property has been being found, Make stuff Company may seek to pursue criminal prosecution. Indeed, Mr. Yourprops’ supervisor can direct local police investigators to search his personal vehicle which is parked on the Company parking […]

The Immense Diverse Nature of Company Law the Concept of Corporate Personality

102500 The narrow view, as embodied in the Companies Acts holds that a company’s property, rights and liabilities belong to the company only. Yet, as is the case with many such legislative provisions, exceptions are inevitable, and the narrow view anticipated the coming of the […]

The absolute Separation of Powers is not practical neither achievable There is always going to be some degree of overlap Evaluate the above in connection with the UK constitution

In essence, the government is unified by many branches and the absolute division of powers is not achievable. If the various branches of the government were to be completely separated from other branches in terms of their functions, it would result in backlog and inefficiencies […]

What factors will be relevant in resolving this dispute and how will they be applied by the court in this case

Case Analysis Case Analysis The “TLATA” (Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act), an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom was introduced in 1996. The Act intends to define land ownership rights and settlement of land and property disputes. The given case of […]

Critically evaluate in relation to the common law duty of care the liability of employers for psychiatric illnesses suffered b

41000 In other four similar cases in 2002, the Court of Appeal stated that for employees to gain compensation from their employers, they must inform the latter of their stressful working conditions and give them a chance to remedy the situation. Damages for psychiatric injury […]

SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) discuss the history of SWAT two types of movement that swat teams use Stealth movements and Dynamic movement SWAT requirements and training and incidents that would cause an Incident Commander to call in

These snipers were targeting the public and police officers. eventually, they brought a new challenge in law enforcement (Clark et al.1). The incidents of snipping were common during the Watts Riot. this problem proceeded long after the riot. The leader of Los Angeles police Department […]

Will Corporate Social Responsibility Continue to Be Ignored as Businesses Try to Get out of Crisis

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an obligation for a business to pursue the long term goals in the society beyond those stipulated by law. The desire of all business establishments is the making of profit. However, this goal seems threatened whenever the return on investment […]


In addition, Frank (with a large commercial law firm In Brussels) has helped negotiate a suitable site on the edge of the industrial area, just in a strategic position- industrial park of the town-which could most likely be a suitable location for the business. This […]

Government Contracting/Acquisition/Procurement Law Contracting and Payment Options

y, the electronic funds transfer-EFT, which is a requirement for making payment for all Federal contracts except for international contractors that, are outside of the United States (the FAR 52.232-33) (Acquisition Central, 2014).The performance based payment method is based on the attainment of some specific, […]

DID napoleon believe in the main ideals of the french revolution Which of his reforms were consistent with being an heir of the revolution and which were not Do you believe that Napoleon culminated the revolution or buried it

Napoleon Bonaparte is often referred to as the consolidator of the Revolution’s gains. His aim allegedly was to implement the ideals of the French Revolution in his own policies. But how valid is this claim? To prove or disprove this, we need to first clarify […]

Critically assess whether the UK Supreme Court’s approach to the use of Practice Statement 1966 should be more racial than that of the House of Lords in order to achieve reform of the law

As the process of law development is one which is evolving continuously, scholars have discussed how the practice statement of 1966 can be used more radically. This study critically assesses whether the UK Supreme Courts approach to the use of the Practice Statement 1966 should […]

Critically assess the different sources of international law To what extent have international treaties affected the development of international business law

It is only the various States that are able to have sovereignty over the various territories that they are in control of. It is the responsibility of the various States to create and implement international law. It is only recognized States that can be able […]

Law Governing Tortuous Liability for Negligently Inflicted Pure Economic Loss

The "absence of any unifying principle drawing together the different heads of economic tort liability has often been remarked upon." Two cases established economic torts kinship to competition and labour law. In Mogul Steamship Co. Ltd. the plaintiff indicated he had been forced back from […]

Tort of Law

c injury to liability will also turn on questions relative to the duty of care and the extent to which that duty can be extended to Peggy and her injury was reasonably foreseeable.4 Ian’s possible defence turns on whether or not he can legitimately claim […]

The EU in International Affairs How will Greece bailout affect the European Union

51250 As the discussion highlights European Union has institutions and bodies that helps it to function effectively. It has its own parliament, court of justice, court of auditors, which are involved in law making, the central bank, which is responsible for European monetary policy, the […]


Pre-Calculus Opposite (5) hypotenuse 89) Adjacent (8) X = Arctan =(opposite/adjacent) = 5/8, but cotx = 1/tanxSo cot(actan) =8/5 X = arcsin (opposite/hypotenuse) =(-√2/2), but secx = 1/sinx, hence sec(arcsin -√2/2) = -2/√22.The value of the following without using calculator,a. tan-1(-√3/3). Let x = tan-1(-√3/3) […]

Discuss and evaluate the right of the parties to challenge an arbitral award on grounds of error of law in the context of the position taken in the United States (see e g Hall Street Assoc v Mattel 128 S Ct 1396 (2008)) and the review provisions o

Pursuant to Section 11, an award may be modified for: evident material miscalculation. evident material mistake. dealing with matters not submitted to the arbitrators. or imperfections not affecting the merits of the award.In the course of a long span of jurisprudence the federal agencies were […]

Money Laundering

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The problem has mushroomed into prominence due to the high-profile public disclosure of prominent international personalities embroiled in money laundering scams (like Ferdinand Marcos {late Philippines President} and Raul Salinas {brother of Mexican President}),3 increasing incidents of frauds involving credit cards, e-money, and other […]

Book Review on the book The Underground Railroad From Slavery To Freedom (A comprehensive History) by Wilbur H Siebert

92250 Siebert’s narrative is based on a comprehensive research expanding over fifty years. The book is an interesting compilation of various forms of writings such as speeches, letters, biography as well as direct narratives. The author begins with a detailed description of the various sources […]

To What Extent Can Religious Motives Be Used in Cartoons and Motion Pictures without Offending Various Religious Groups

speech has been toppled over with the recent publication of cartoons published by the Danish newspapers depicting the sacred image of Mohammed wearing a bomb as a turban. What has triggered such outrage and violence by Muslims across the world? On the one side of […]

Assignment #1

The citizens enjoy several rights and freedoms but in the enjoyment of such, the people have a responsibility of ensuring that they do not hurt others. Courts therefore determine the aggrieved party and punishing the guilty party appropriately.In order to do this effectively, courts must […]

Literary Analysis

Literary Analysis: Comparing ‘The Odyssey’ and ‘The Song of Roland’ al Affiliation) Comparing ‘The Odyssey’ and ‘The Song of Roland.’In the article, ‘Homer and the Roland: The shared Formula Technique, Part II’ by William Merritt, various aspects are compared between The Odyssey and The Song […]

Firearms Forensic Data or Objects Acknowledged into Court to Cogitate When Hearing a

Evidence denotes to information or objects that may be acknowledged into court for judges and juries to cogitate when hearing a case. Evidence can come from diverse sources such as from genetic material or trace chemicals to dental history or fingerprints. Evidence can serve many […]


luential individual or stratum upon the weak and helpless, so that the powerful could exploit the riches, belongs, talent, energies or qualities of the captive for his own purpose. As it has often been observed that the highly qualified professionals are confined to some specific […]

Public Law

112750 The reason is that there are more risks leading to full implications from the unqualified interpretations that pass unnoticed through democratic processes. The absence of mutual language in expressing necessary implication makes the courts have a presumption that the general words have the intent […]

MGT 516 slp 3 Managing In An Inclusive Environment Discrimination

Running Head: MANAGING IN AN INCLUSIVE ENVIRONMENT: DISCRIMINATION Managing In An Inclusive Environment: Discrimination Submitted by: XXXXXX Number: XXXXXXTutor’s Name: XXXXXXUniversity of XXXXXXDate of Submission: XX – XX – 2011 USAA has been recognized to be one of the few ethical employers. The company stands […]

Word limit Part B 1100 words Question 2 Table 2 below shows five alternative ways to invest a 100 000 lump sum Explain how each of the investments might be exposed to the three highlevel risks capital risk income risk and liquidity risk Discuss ho

The formula used for calculating the present value of the future cash flows is as shown below: (Mayes, 1995)When the purchase price increases from £ 105 to £ 140, the outflow increases but inflows do not change. The profit from the investment reduces to 37.31% […]

Week 3

Proffesor: Policing Challenges Police officers when resolving disputes, enforcing criminal law and assisting citizens face a different problem while applying the watchman, legalistic and service styles of policing. When the police are expected to meet the needs of the citizens while enforcing the law, they […]

Law 2

In Australian law, the legal transaction involving selling or buying of property is referred to as ‘conveyancing’ (Civil Law ‘Sale of Residential Property’ Act 2003). This law deals with transfer of property ownership and the process to be followed by buyer and seller. The process […]

Is democracy promotion/economic development an effective counter terrorism strategy

When adequately addressed, economic and democracy issues result into satisfied citizens leading to limited chances of terror groups arising. Improved democracy and economic development can assist most countries in the fight against terrorism.Democratization is a vital strategy in counterterrorism. Democracy, when effectively adopted limits the […]

Give an example of a law that you think attempts to reflect an ethical value

Law and Ethics Law and Ethics Although there is a close relation between legal principles and ethical values, ethical obligationsalso demand a degree of significance equal to legal duties and entail, for example, employment law, codes of ethics and federal regulations. From that perspective, this […]

Impact the Human Rights Act 1988 Has Had in Relation to the UK Constitution

European Communities Act 1972(the ECA), which expressly gives legal effect to EC law has led to the creation of what has been described as “a new legal order4”, directly attacking traditional constitutional convention of national sovereignty5. Section 2(4) of the ECA provides that “any legislation […]

Give an historical account of the development of the law on unfair dismissal up to the present day This will include reference to statute and government proposals and a selection of decided cases that have contributed to the development of the law on di

Just above 40% of the cases dealt by tribunals annually concern chiefly unfair dismissal claims. This paper attempts to explore the various corners of the statute of unfair dismissal, initiating from its statutory definition, its historical development, reasons for fair dismissal such as misconduct, redundancy, […]

The Parliament Acts 1911 and 1949 Why Legislative Structure and Procedure Requires Reform

123000 One thing that needs to be considered is the fact that while enacting laws or while giving effect to the laws, in a way the Parliament impinges on the rights and privileges of the individuals and groups by automatically conferring on these individuals and […]


Pollution and the Environment Explain the concept of negative externalities involved in the Reserve Mining case. Reserve Mining Company is a company in the town of Silver Bay that carries out the iron purification from taconite stones. It was established that taconite stone had enough […]


BRIEF OF CASE JEFF E. MESSING V. BANK OF AMERICA, N.A. 821 A.2d 22(2003) CASE: Jeff E. Messing V. Bank of America, 821 A.2d 22(2003)PROCEDURE: Plaintiff customer Jeff E. Messing sued the defendant bank for refusal of an over the counter check withdrawal because of […]

Why do legal professionals need to understand the elements of researching both primary and secondary sources

Teacher Why do legal professionals need to understand the elements of researching both primary and secondary sources? Legal professionals need to understand the elements of researching both Primary and Secondary Sources so that they would know which information they should look for in a research. […]

Commercial law

Apparently, the cleaner machine that is bought by The Royal Derbyshire Hotel from Walcott cleaners is seemingly suited for this category, and the laws that authorizes decline of sales and repudiation of contracts falling under this category will apply accordingly. 4 According to sec. 18(1), […]

You are advising Careless Contractors Ltd and its directors The directors are new to construction and have asked you to advise them about their following concerns 1 The directors are anxious to comply with the law Explain the sources of law to them in

les or amendments are passed into law, the community expects every member of that society to abide by these set of rules in every sphere of their operations. The second source of law relates to judicial decision made by the courts of law in ruling […]


Other relevant legislations which have been made and may be applicable to this case may also be included in the catchword. The purpose of the catchwords is to help one summarise at a glance, the facts surrounding a court case. The same are also used […]

Treasury Management at Halifax Bank of Scotland and GlaxoSmithKline

When the business enterprise approaches a financial institution for obtaining the credit facilities, the enterprise is required to submit some important financial statements (profit and loss account, balance sheet etc.) and any further information relating to its activity. The financial statement of a company is […]

Law ass5

Please focus on answer the questions in red at the end. Torts Assignment Try to find the following case on the web: Katko v. Briney, 183 N.W.2d 657 (Iowa Sup. Ct. 1971).nbsp. If you have trouble finding it, you can take a look at it […]

Air Power

Instruction Task Introduction There have been wars in the last century that have led to destruction of life and property. Thus, has beenpossible by the use of the military sections of states that make use of aircrafts. Aircrafts have conquered space where much of their […]

How do unemployment underemployment and discouraged workers affect GDP in an economy

The second one that is known as underemployment occurs when workers underutilize their skills in their current employment, and the last one takes place when individuals stop finding jobs because they are discouraged with their fruitless effort of finding one (Thompson 78). All these forms […]

Racial profiling

Racial Profiling This paper seeks to discuss the phenomenon of racial profiling, which is, in essence, a strategy deployed by law enforcement whereinindividuals coming from racial minorities are the target of investigation or scrutiny predicated on the assumption that certain racial groups are more likely […]

You have recently been appointed as a graduate trainee advising on the legal aspects of setting up and running small businesses Your first client Sophie tells you that she plans to start up a business with her best friend Jess selling handmade crafts

Legalities of initializing a business are also dependant on what type of business is to be established, and persons that are to run the business. Failure to observe these basic legal considerations might render one’s business infringing against law and subject to certain legal implications. […]

It has been argued that the system of patent protection in the United Kingdom unfairly favours the inventor who is successfully awarded a patent Discuss

ndividual who may try to take their work without permission, they are subjected to fund for their legal action as well as their legal representations. However, this can be a relief when the patent owner wins the case because it is the other party that […]