Arguments David Boonin, in his book The Problem of Punishment examines how the fact that a person who has broken a just and reasonable law render itmorally permissible for the state to treat him in ways that would otherwise be impermissible (1). Boonin, therefore, is […]

Police Chief William Bratton and his Transformational police leadership style

job following supposed personal difference with Giuliani and later in 2002. he worked as a private consultant with Kroll associates also known as LAPD’s. In 2007, the Los Angeles commissioner allotted him to a second five-year term (Bratton, 2011). Bratton rose speedily all the way […]

FDT 1 week 12

FDT WEEK 12 Creation of law to curb local and regional criminal outfits is critical in addressing the rising cases of AMEXICAactivities. In this regard, it is important to highlight the background and key activities of the various Gangs that characterize AMEXICA. One of the […]


Medivac Medivac Yes, Manny violated the federal security law. she violated Regulating Issuers, Securities Professionals, and the Securities Markets—the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, sub-section E (Liabilities Under the 1934 Act) (I-Wrongdoing Related to Tender Offers: Section 14(e)) (Hazen, 2003). This chapter prohibits any deliberate […]

Unit 3 Organisational Behaviour Unit 5 Aspects of Contract and Negligence for Business Unit 31 EBusiness Operation

Valid contracts act as tools for a business enterprise that can be used as defence mechanism to protect its resources. Contract is essentially a promise between two or more parties, and the promise is legally bound with the implication that court of law will intervene […]

Law problem

Law Problem Law Problem Q The case goes to the Community Nutrition Institute. The FDA did not comply with the rules regarding the notice and comment procedure that is a requirement for the adoption of a substantive or legislative rule. Before enforcing a law, it […]


Summary of Chapter 4 of Maine by Courteny J. Sullivan The argues that love can in some instances redeem the most contentious issues that exist in families. In the story, the novelist used humour to examine the truths that are found in the heart and […]

Business law 2

306). A sole proprietorship denotes an entity owned by a single individual. Usually, it is considered the easiest business entity option with limited legal requirements. The owner and the business are similar therefore, starting such a business does not require a compilation of paper works […]

International and Comparative Patent Law American Home Products v Novartis ((2001) RPC 159) elevates the protocol questions to the test for patent infringement

In general the aim is to provide a means by which national patents in Europe will provide patent protection which is consistent with its claim so that the patentee receives fair protection and third parties are reasonably assured of the ambit of that protection. The […]


of Learning: IMG Case Businesses are started with objective and goals to be accomplished however when the business is in operation, these goals may change as the business grows. In other cases, the goals may change completely as the business seeks for diversity. Consequently, as […]

The US Patriot Act

ng the tools by which law enforcement agencies fight crime and improves communication capabilities between these government agencies and in spite of the prevailing majority opinion, protects, not degrades civil liberties. According to the Justice Department, the PATRIOT Act gives support to and encourages enhanced […]

The relationship between John Wright and Minnie Wright in the play Trifles and the outcome of their relationship

Following the presumed murder of Mr. Wright in their home, unnamed men follow George Henderson upstairs (Walker et al. 57). Henderson allows Mrs. Peters to take some items to Mrs. Wright, but only after, she shows him the items. Henderson represents the law that seeks […]

Money Laundering

Money represents the lifeblood of a criminal or a terrorist organisation and it is for this reason that most countries and global institutions have an interest in detecting and preventing money laundering2. Researchers suggest that the estimated aggregate funds processed by money laundering activities from […]

The function of Government in America with a focus on a single law of students’ choosing

Many activists have critised the government mainly various police department on their handling of blacks The War on Drugs in this aspect is but a convenient, yet not accurate, metaphor. Instead the War on Drugs has be understood as a unique case of what war […]

Assingment 4

ASSIGNMENT 4 APPLIED PROBLEMS. CHAPTER 8. APPLIED PROBLEM TWO,SOLUTION.The statement is correct and as a manager you should not higher any additional worker. Diminishing of returns is a production stage that reflects on the changes of total output as the number of new workers increases. […]


Freedom of Government Informants. The law enforcement ities such as FBI and CIA have a role to play in developing and promoting the will of the citizens. They should respect all people’s freedom and overcome their malicious practices of oppressing their autonomy. The FBI and […]

Prepare a legal brief on the U S Supreme Court ruling in Santa Fe Independent School Dist v Doe 530 U S 290 (2000)

Case Brief Case Brief Facts In the region of Santa Fe, Texas, pupils were elected through votes by their mates to conduct prayers before a football game takes place at all the football games in which the high school was participating and these prayers were […]

Paper that assesses the legal problems of genuineness of assent and what condition must prevail in order for a contractual offer to be null and void relative to absense of genuineness

Genuineness of Assent Affiliation: Legal provisions ensure that the enforceabilityof contracts is fair to all the parties involved. The agreements or promises made by the contracting parties have to be clear, concise, unambiguous, and well understood. This is due to the fact voluntary consent is […]

Tort Law

Before this case, if a professional person made a statement to another, and the other person relied upon this statement, the only remedy for this would be a remedy in contract, not in tort.2 Hedley Byrne changed this basic rule, and now parties may recover […]