Psychological Contract in Contemporary Organisation

Also, the field of Human Resource Management is also largely impacted by such external and internal environment changes. Psychological Contract Theory has now become a regular debate because in involves both employers and employees, who operate in an unstructured, uncertain, unclear, and unpredictable business environment […]

Analysing the Impact of Taxes and Other Influencing Factors on Housing Prices in Australia

A very recent report, however, by ABC News, in its website ABC News Online dated May 14, 2007 (2:33 pm AEST), states a reversal of the stable market. The headline says: “Government policies, charges ‘stifling’ housing growth.” The report says that “the Property Council of […]

Psychological Contract in Contemporary Organisation

Also, the field of Human Resource Management is also largely impacted by such external and internal environment changes. Psychological Contract Theory has now become a regular debate because in involves both employers and employees, who operate in an unstructured, uncertain, unclear, and unpredictable business environment […]

Analysing the Impact of Taxes and Other Influencing Factors on Housing Prices in Australia

A very recent report, however, by ABC News, in its website ABC News Online dated May 14, 2007 (2:33 pm AEST), states a reversal of the stable market. The headline says: “Government policies, charges ‘stifling’ housing growth.” The report says that “the Property Council of […]


Relationship Between Depression and Pain Among College Students in UsKean UniversityResearch and Technology05/08/20Expected ResultsSince correlation and regression analysis will be used to test the research hypothesis, it is expected that the results of the research will show there is a positive relationship between depression and […]


INTRODUCTIONIn this task, you will identify a healthcare problem and develop a PICO question that can be answered using evidence. You will identify a single intervention and then search for five research articles and two non-research articles that support that change practice.REQUIREMENTSYour submission must be […]


Pick a topic relevant to Risk Management Strategies and write a 10page paper. The format of your paper will need to follow the following outline in APA format (include title page, abstract page, content pages, and reference page):INTRODUCTIONState the topic you are attempting to coverState […]


Week 7 Assignment: Theoretical Framework to Support Evidence-based Practice: PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines with Scoring RubricPurposeMaster’s prepared nurses actively engage in the process of translating nursing knowledge into practice, thereby establishing evidence-based approaches within the discipline.  Throughout this process, a theoretical framework provides a meaningful context […]


MANAGEMENT DILEMMASStudent’s nameInstitutional affiliatesCourseDatePart I:Management Dilemmas1. The first management dilemma is whether student-athletes should get paid in the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) instead of just giving them free scholarships to higher education. Literature source: 2. The other dilemma is the main reason as […]


Strategic human resource developmentStudent’s nameUniversity affiliationDateArticulation of the current practice problem Human resource development includes the training of employees and providing employees with the opportunities of learning new knowledge and skills. Human resource development helps in improving the employees, the work process, and the performance […]


HUM 1023Humanities III: Age of Revolution to PresentSyllabusMEET YOUR INSTRUCTORJesse G. Swan, Ph. D., Professor of EnglishDr. Swan has published widely in humanities topics. His Ph.D. is in English Renaissance and early modern literature, with an especial concentration on textual studies and postmodernity. Dr. Swan’s […]

History Answer 4 Questions 250 words in length for each answer

First, watch this 30-minute video, The Epic of Gilgamesh, by clicking the link below: to an external site.)I recommend you watch the video and then read the excerpt in the attached PDF from “The Epic of Gilgamesh” (pgs. 10-14 in the Sourcebook) AND skim through […]

Literature Review MUST have access to scholarly articles within 5 10 years

7-8 pages in total. Meaning 6 pages worth from Abstract to DiscussionTopic – Eyewitness MemorySources should be from a scholarly article within 5 years no older than 2010. At least 6 sourcesLiterature Review- summary of other people’s research. Synthesize research on a topic while also […]

Patho W#4

Lymphatic System Disorders and Peripheral Vascular Disorders.Find a research article related to one of the following topics:1- Neoplastic blood disorders (Exp: Leukemia or Polycythemia)2- Lymphatic disorders ( Exp: Lymphomas, Lymphedema, or Castleman disease)Once you have introduced your topic, please use the following ten questions to […]

BUS 710BU01

Project 1 InstructionsBased upon the research conducted in Discussion Board Forum 1, please find either a problem from the literature or use an existing problem within a business. The problem should be one that you are interested in researching. Once the problem has been identified, […]

The juvenile justice system and how it effects youths in different communities

The juvenile justice system and how it effects youths in different communities 15-20 pages in length and focus on a topic of interest in the field of criminal justice.Your final Proposal must include the following:1. Cover Page2. Dedication Page (optional)3. Acknowledgement Page (optional)4. Abstract (no […]


Hello. Please help me to write:Reaction Paper: Please read Act 2, Scenes 4&5Throughout the play, Troy constantly feels the need to control the lives of others. Analyze how Troy controls–or tries to control–the lives of Rose, Cory, and Gabriel. In each instance, give specific examples […]

Week 2 Assignment Evaluate Systematic Review Strategy in Research

InstructionsThis week, you explored the importance of systemic review in determining evidence-based practices. This is an essential first step in determining how clinical practices or best practices should be implemented in the healthcare field.For this assignment, locate one systematic review study on the topic you […]

Wk 4 CMGT 575 Task And Resource Scheduling

CompleteExercise 1, in Ch. 8, “Scheduling Resources and Costs” ofProject Management: The Managerial Process, using Microsoft®Project 2019.Createa network schedule using the information provided in the exercise, apply resources, and adjust the schedule to eliminate over commitment of resources.Submitthe Microsoft®Project file.Posted: 5 days agoDue: 13/01/2020Budget: $20Tags: urgent Answers 0Bids […]


inal Assignment: Compiling Your Final ReportIn this week, you will compile the components of your final project as per the submissions done from Week 1 through Week 9. You will compose an abstract and add table of contents, references, and any appendices to support your […]

Literature Discussion 4

instructions attached..Week4disscussion.docxPosted: 3 days agoDue: 20/12/2019Budget: $10Tags: qualityAccurate Answers 0Bids 61Dr. RocalRasWriterBrainy Brianrunge-kutta acerDr shamille ClaraKATHERINE BECKSPaula HogDr_inaayaquality work for allANN HARRISUltimate GEEKPapersGuruDr R Judy Markwizard kimLilliana_SmithWIZARD_KIMDexterMastersProf.MacQueenProfessor Lizzbrilliant answersAmanda SmithUSH soluTionsJessica LuisMegan TillmanChrisProfAcademic MentorDrNicNgaoJenny Boomhassan0906Emily MichaelCatherine Owenskim woodsWendy Lewisprof avrilperfectoTerry RobertsRey writerMiss Professorjim clairesmart-tutorimhmd.fSamann060phyllis youngElprofessoriStano 001Casey CeliaDr.Sanam sheikhMiss_iqra_A […]

Literature Assignment 4

instructions attached …Week4assignment.docxPosted: 3 days agoDue: 20/12/2019Budget: $15Tags: qualityAccurate Answers 0Bids 70Dr. RocalCreative InstructorRasWriterBrainy Brianwriter respect Great-Writersrunge-kutta acerDr shamille ClaraKATHERINE BECKSPaula HogMadem_JenniferJOHN JUNIOR001quality work for allANN HARRISBethuel BestUltimate GEEKPapersGuruDr R Judy Markwizard kimLilliana_SmithWIZARD_KIMDexterMastersProf.MacQueenAngelina MayDoctor OkumuProfessor Lizzbrilliant answersAmanda SmithUSH soluTionsJessica LuisChrisProfAcademic MentorDrNicNgaoJenny Boomhassan0906Emily MichaelCatherine Owenskim woodsWendy Lewisprof avrilDr. GRAHAM […]

Literature on Transitions of Care

Research the role of the nurse leader in improving transitions of care. week4discussion.docxSample_Annotated_Bibliography_6_16_16.docPosted: 2 days agoDue: 18/12/2019Budget: $10Tags: urgent Answers 1Amanda Smith4.9 (1k )4.9 (9k )Chata day agoPurchase the answer to view itPatientCareTransition.docxuyt.pdfstroke.pdfTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $10Bids 64Discount AssignProf Double RPROF. ANNAmanda SmithProfessor LizzTeacher Trumahnwizard kimKATHERINE BECKSrunge-kutta acerbrilliant answersjim […]


L Case study 1″Case Study Project (A) HeftyHardware- Be sure to address each question in the Case study, and explain your rationale thoroughly. Be sure you saved your file with your full name, and title of this project. Example: Jason Karp Case Studies A.Details:You will […]


ENGL 2111: World Literature ISpring 2020Instructor: Dr. Cheng                           Final ExaminationI.  Please briefly explain the meaning of the terms or words or phrases underlined.      (5×6=30 credits)  1 In Chinese culture, there are three major teachings.   2 What is the pattern of culture and literature development in Japan?  […]


Below you will find approximately 3 hours of classroom instruction that you may utilize for the observations, for both Clinical Field Assignments B & C. grade ELA 30 (novel study) grade ELA 41 min. (engagement) grade ELA 50 grade ELA 58 (literature)


Essentials of Organizational Behavior, 14e (Robbins/Judge)Chapter 9 Foundations of Group Behavior1) Which one of the following characteristics is not necessarily true about groups?A) Group members are interdependent.B) Groups have two or more members.C) Groups are determined by the organization chart.D) Groups interact.E) Groups have particular […]


Turn-in space for the annotated bibliographies of six articles that discuss program evaluation.Don’t forget to add reference and cite in-text if needed.Find a minimum of six peer-reviewed articles in the literature that discuss the evaluation of some type of health promotion or public health program. […]


7pg Case Study paper 1 Business Research Methods Case Analysis  “The Springfield’s Nor’easters: Maximizing Revenues in the  Case Title: THE SPRINGFIELD NOR’EASTERS: MAXIMIZING REVENUES IN THE MINOR LEAGUES (Email me right away if you have difficulty purchasing the case.) Answer the following questions I created […]

Economic Consequences of Globalization in European Countries and the Rest of the World

How effective is the labor market policy or program in preventing a sudden increase in the unemployment rate despite the globalization? Lastly, how does globalization affect the distribution of Income in general?To be able to answer the research question, this paper will include several kinds […]

The Characterization of Nea and Her Close Relationship with Her Sister in Saving Sourdi a Short Story by MayLee Chai

Nea, to be specific, grew up around her sister, Sourdi, with whom she developed a close relationship. The two-character have grown up together and have stayed together for the better part of their lives. Their close bond is revealed in several sections of the literature […]

Perfectionistic Profiles Among Elite Athletes and Differences in their Motivational Orientations

The main aim of the research was to understand perfectionist profiles in a sample that was constituted by elite athletes and the dissimilarities that may exist between them concerning fundamental variables in terms of motivation. Even though there is emerging research that has assessed perfectionist […]

Intervention Informed by Theory Critical Exploration Explanation and Demonstration of Intervention Form

The present research has identified that experiential learning offers an alternative and needed a mode of learning for many of Scotland’s youth, which in the regular course of their traditional schooling are in a way deprived of more experiential learning modes because of an emphasis […]

The Various Layers of Modern Existence and RealityIllusion Conflict in Tennessee Williams The Glass Menagerie

If the layers of meaning, incorporated with these devices cannot be perceived then it remains just a work of imagination, far removed from reality.The modernist literary trends, compared to the Romantic and Victorian era, have expressed a different level of mastery infusing the elements of […]

Practice of Teaching Selfesteem in Dyslexic Students within a Classroom Setting

Building self-esteem in such students with dyslexia is the key to helping them overcome their devalued feelings of anxiety and frustration, and such remedial measures need great attention.This paper undertakes a reflective analysis of the issues confronted by dyslexic students on the basis of a […]

An overview of Mobile Commerce and Mobile Banking solution for the Unbanked in Sub Saharan Africa

One of the cornerstone Internet technologies that have emerged in recent years is electronic commerce. Electronic commerce does not simply provide convenience to merchants and retailers, but has revolutionized many aspects of banking and even social life. One of the prominent sub-elements of electronic is […]

Comparing and contrasting of the Malcolm X Autobiography Elie Wiesels Night and the Epic of Gilgamesh

Comparing and contrasting of the Malcolm X Autobiography, Elie Wiesel’s Night, and the Epic of GilgameshThis essay compares and contrasts the way writers have demonstrated this theme in the works of the Malcolm X Autobiography, Elie Wiesel’s Night, and the Epic of Gilgamesh. While not […]

Determination of Mercury content in Canned Tuna brands using Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICPMS) and use Isoto

The relative lethal nature of mercury is dependent on its chemical form, methyl mercury as one of the substances existing in the environment. Additionally, this chemical form of mercury is also toxic due to its high liposolubility. However, all the forms of mercury released in […]

DECA Commissary

The particular organization operates in the context of the US Department of Defense. Since its first appearance, DECA Commissary had to face the following problem: ethics related to the organization’s activities were often not appropriately promoted. For addressing this issue effectively, the organization’s managers decided […]

How do Quality Framework Apply to Service Oriented Businesses The Case of Mandarin Restaurant

According to Greasley (2008, p. 3), operation management is about the management of the processes that produce or deliver goods and services. All organizations do not have a separate operations department but since every organization produces goods and services, it will always undertake the operation […]

A Program Evaluation to Determine if the United States Military Support to Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies Is Adequate in Curt

Chapter III An in depth review of the literature pertaining to the research methodology that will be used to assess the military resource requirements to counterdrug activity along the Southwest border. In this segment only secondary data will be used, understanding that the desired result […]

The Effect the Outdoor Enviroment Has on Childrens Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Through exploration, they also understand how change comes about. They also learn to understand patterns, similarities, as well as differences and how things work the way they do (Ouvry, 2003). In understanding the world, designing and making are essential elements. By designing and making, they […]

Should the law regulate private space and/or free expression of personal or religious beliefs Discuss

These definitions have therefore lost their significance in modern time when law is being treated as an instrument of social change, but they still have a theoretical significance. The element of ‘justice in law is however considered necessary even in the present time. But what […]

The Technology in Maritime Transport and Port Management after World War II

After World War II, the world economy gradually went to integration. With international trade growth, the rapid development of maritime transport has become the most important means in economic development and trade. The world wars of the 20th century promoted the rapid development of technology, […]

The Relationship between Dietary Choices and Cancer Prevention among College Students

The report consequently recommended that prompt action on cancer prevention should be considered to decrease illness and mortality everywhere in the world. There are many risk factors associated with the causation of cancers. These include certain eating habits like extreme intake of salt, fatty foods, […]

The Effects of Consumption of a Healthy Diet and Exercise upon the Obesity Rate of Children in America

This design was selected because the whole research is based on the study of effectiveness of the experiment on the one the groups and comparison with the other group on which experimentation is not performed. One control group will carry the experiment on first group […]

Effects of Grip and Lower Arm Strength Training on Throwing Velocity

The study was able to obtain good regression models indicating quantitative relationships between grip strength and the velocity as well as the distance of throws, something that the literature does not seem to have done recently.Sports therapy covers the prevention of injuries and the use […]

The Economy Through the Process of Globalization in China and Economic Transformation

The rapid economic growth in China captures the world’s attention especially after the economic reform and openness policy in 1978 as the Trade, exports and imports have enormously gone up (Refer to Figure 2). Perhaps like other developing countries, China has been experiencing an increase […]

An assessment of Paris competitive strategy in the European tourism industry

I would also like to appreciate the research staff for their help and contribution. They encourage me by ascertaining that the research will be effective. Their guidance supported me in handling with day-to-day issues and problems. I would also like to express my gratitude for […]

Edward Said on Orientalism Based on Saids Own Discussion

Orientalism and empire, American Orientalism, Orientalism today: the demonization of Islam in the news and popular media, Oklahoma City bombing, and Orientalism and the Palestinian question. Considering instability and chaos throughout the world, the paper strongly recommends everyone to watch the movie and summarizes Said’s […]

Product Design and Its Impact on Functional Product Information

Marketers and academics agree that product design is important, and there exists a large body of managerial and quantitative research on design as a component of the new product development process. Consumer research on design, however, has been somewhat limited. Consumer behavior investigations into product […]

Identity and Linguistic Repression in Gloria Anzaldua’s How to Tame a Wild Tongue

For instance, issues about linguistic repression and cultural barriers face culturally diverse societies due to the existence and assertion of rights among people in the mainstream and minority cultures. Accordingly, this paper tackles the cultural and linguistic barriers faced by Chicano Spanish in the U.S. […]

Development and Evaluation of Participantcentered Biofeedback Artworks

Research Question: Is there biofeedback that is associated with rap and hip-hop visual art and which depicts different experiences and reactions among individuals? If there is or isn’t a reaction, how does it relate to the mind – body experience? ABSTRACT (your descriptive summary of […]

Elect any two countries and using the academic literature examine the impact of cultural differences on the negotiation process

Hofstede’s Cultural Typology Hofstede’s cultural dimension theory is beneficial in understanding cross-cultural communication processes and the influence of cultural differences. Hofstede found his theory beneficial for developing a model, which ranks one country against the other, on the basis of four dimensions of culture, i.e. […]

Possibility of Opening a Warhammer Theme Restaurant in Moscow

Previous research, worldwide and target market specifics, the popularity of the tabletop game and future industry advice will be provided using tables, graphical representations, and questionnaires. The questionnaire will be distributed among specific individuals with knowledge of the game and will be asked several questions […]

Possibility of Opening a Warhammer Theme Restaurant in Moscow

Previous research, worldwide and target market specifics, the popularity of the tabletop game and future industry advice will be provided using tables, graphical representations, and questionnaires. The questionnaire will be distributed among specific individuals with knowledge of the game and will be asked several questions […]

PHD RESEARCH METHODOLOGY PRACTICE // Topic Diversity In The Work Place A Study of the Effects of Cultural Differences on Work Objectivity and Productivity

This means that a culture can promote increased productivity or otherwise result in failure. Alternatively, culture can either enhance or deteriorate employee objectivity in a workplace. The influence on these two factors is because culture influences both the physical as well as the psychological aspects […]

A04 Selection

Running Head: A04 Book Selection A04 Book Selection A04 Book Selection Introduction This paper is aimed at providing a detailed summary of a selected book from the International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL) at The book has been selected keeping in mind its educational value. […]

Literature Review on (A Different World Media Images of Race and Class Annual Children and the Media Conference Report (5th Stanford California May 68 1998)

23 October Race and Ethnics: This paper is primarily based on doing a concise literature review of the highly commendable report A Different World: Media Images of Race and Class, while taking care to highlight the main point regarding racial segregation among children from different […]

Analysis of Mental Disorder Violence and Gender Article by Pamela Clark Robbins John Monahan and Eric Silver

From the title Mental Disorder, Violence, and Gender it can be revealed that the paper is about the discussion of any significant topic related to mental disorder gender and violence. But this domain is vast and specifically, no idea about any particular topic can be […]

Arts &amp

Cultural Policy:Chinese Cultural PolicyArts amp. Cultural Policy: Chinese Cultural Policy Arts amp. Cultural Policy: Chinese Cultural Policy The Chinese culture is in a of movement. China’s culture is being transformed and exchanged with global cultures. As a result, Chinese art is experiencing transformation. Currently, China […]

The Role of Violence in the US Counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s as It Is Related to Film

Some of the challenges included revolutionizing the culture and in the 1960s, movements that worked towards emancipating the culture from oppressions that were suppressing the rights of women and those of minority races began to rise.In addition, the Vietnam conflict was providing a resource from […]

Correlation of the Degree of the Relationship between Substance Abusers and Past Experiences of Trauma

The literature seems clear that these traumas when combined with alcohol and other factors present with both alcohol use and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).Tay (2005) presents the attachment theory which says that across species, the attachment system was as important to species survival as […]


His ways are inscrutable and his mind too is opaque, but given that the literature says that all things happen only because Zeus allow them to happen. Conversely that nothing comes to pass without him. This is true for instance as a view of Zeus […]

The main aim of this study is to establish of the effectiveness of neuromuscular training to prevent of non contact anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury in female athlete (a systematic )

Preventing Non-Contact Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury in Female Athlete Flow Chart of the Literature Search References Andrew, D. L. et al., Consensus criteria for defining ‘successful outcome’ after ACL injury and reconstruction: a Delaware-Oslo ACL cohort investigation. Br J Sports Med, 49(5), pp. 335-342.Button, K., […]

Teams are seen as a necessary condition in contemporary organisations but are they effective

Teams should operate as functional units in which various knowledge stemming from individual group members becomes part of a collaborative environment. The question that has been asked is whether teams are effective, despite the literature which proposes its necessity in the contemporary business. The evidence […]

The Role of Internal Auditors in the Corporate Governance Framework

Internal auditing, as a framework, has been established for serving the particular organizational need.This study focuses on the role of internal auditors in the corporate governance framework. This issue is explored by referring primarily to corporate governance, as part of modern businesses. Then the role […]


Outline Research Hypothesis Introduction Aim of study Literature review Research Methods Interpretations/Analysis Conclusions and recommendations Post scriptResearch Hypothesis:Whether the quality of life in older adults in Cyprus may, or may not correlate with levels of education and socio-economic status in this country ? A. Introduction: […]

Book Success

John Supervisor Literature Book Success 19 June Introduction The assignment discusses the process of book publication. The of this paper has written a book – Green Blood. In this paper, he discusses about various modes of publication of this book and selects the most suitable.The […]


For this reason, there is a strong need to determine the best way to increase the work motivation of the older generation employees.For this study, the researcher aims to determine whether the organization’s growth be restricted by its recruitment policies and employment motivation strategies on […]

Modern Chinese Literature final paper proposal

Modern Chinese Literature: final paper proposal Irrationality of contemporary leaders as depicted in Su Tong’s My Life as Emperor [Insert [Professor] JustificationThe contemporary society is facing various challenges including corruption, poverty, poor leadership, and unabated wars that are threatening to engulf the fairly just society. […]