Minister who must respond to queries from the opposition during question period in the House

Briefing for the Minister BRIEFING FOR THE MINISTER Carbon tax Summary Following the approval for the implementation of the new carbon tax, a lot of issues have been raised by members of the opposition. One of them is the amount of it will the tax […]

Nursing 220 topic any age group relatd to oncology hematology immunology acute neurology emergency or critcal care nursing

ach utilizing the evidence from current nursing research literature so the best nursing practice in this specific area of oncologic nursing practice is established.Review of Literature: Stanley in her note, Partners in Cancer Care published from Oncology Nursing Society has highlighted the importance and availability […]


The contextual transformations challenge the traditional boundaries between the ‘thinkable’ and the ‘unthinkable’ showing that our understanding and world perception is based on beliefs and practices… which functions as a pervasive technology of control. Growth and metamorphosis are the unifying themes in the novel. out […]

Identify And Discuss Two Key Actions Johnson &Amp

Johnson took that helped them navigate thisdivisnship aons withChapter 4 Public Opinion 75rust amand inetyPick of the LiteratureannThe New York Times,, and The Wall StreetJournal, wsj.comPublic relations can be practiced only by understandingitatinpublic opinion, and two of the most prominent daily forumsBoth papers, through […]

Equality Of Intelligence And The Social Order Come Together In My Section Of The Chapter The

Question Equality of intelligence, and the social order come together in my section of the chapter, The Society of Contempt. Ranciere focuses on the idea of a reasonable man, and of how they act in the forced social order. The process of society , the […]

Fashion trends

The research Fashion trends identifies and analyzes the basic scopes of their targeted customers. The research design drew from the theme of the products the students intended to sell. Before the commencement of the research, the students analyzed the theme context of the prospective products. […]

Fashion trends

The research Fashion trends identifies and analyzes the basic scopes of their targeted customers. The research design drew from the theme of the products the students intended to sell. Before the commencement of the research, the students analyzed the theme context of the prospective products. […]

Fashion trends

The research Fashion trends identifies and analyzes the basic scopes of their targeted customers. The research design drew from the theme of the products the students intended to sell. Before the commencement of the research, the students analyzed the theme context of the prospective products. […]

Fashion trends

The research Fashion trends identifies and analyzes the basic scopes of their targeted customers. The research design drew from the theme of the products the students intended to sell. Before the commencement of the research, the students analyzed the theme context of the prospective products. […]

Fashion trends

The research Fashion trends identifies and analyzes the basic scopes of their targeted customers. The research design drew from the theme of the products the students intended to sell. Before the commencement of the research, the students analyzed the theme context of the prospective products. […]

Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy Threatment

A review of literature was done with the keywords Proskeywordser, bladder volume, patient compliance, organ motion, set-up error, UK in speciality databases like the BiomedCentral (, Open Access Journal Database (, PubMed (, Science Direct ( apart from literature search in regular libraries. The results […]

Impact and Effectiveness of three Leadership Styles in Contemporary Clinical Practice

It is evident that different leadership qualities and leader behaviors would be most important in dealing with different clinical situations that are faced by the leaders in practice. Thinking from the context of nursing, some clinical situations would demand fast actions and quick response and […]

Proposal to apply in Phd program in applied linguistics

Monolithic Arabization of language policy and planning in an equally autochthonous environment of transformation would more likely produce some hetero-linguistic phenomena such as surrealist literature on the subject of linguistic dynamism and context-centric adaptation (Coulmas, 1994).The institutional parameters that have been put in place in […]

Critically Analyse the Impact of Psychological Coping Strategies on the Patients Life Outcome

The uncertainty in the outcomes of the various studies was taken into consideration to stress the need for further research to cope with the pain and handicap reducing methods by dealing with the patient psychologically were discussed. The psychological impact of the support given by […]

Leadership A Study in Personality Human Behaviour and Performance

Such qualities are singled out as the most effective when it comes to possessing a commanding personality, understanding and harnessing the dynamics of human behaviour and finally, as well as performing under high pressure and trying situations.The extent of demonstration of such traits influences effectiveness […]

Consider the ways in which actual readers may deviate from the role assigned them as implied readers and why this happens Make very specific and detailed reference to the texts and make use of quotations

Written by Chinua Achebe, it is regarded as the seminal novel within African literature. Achebe has said that he wrote his famous book, at least in part, because of the anger he felt at being made to read Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Cary’s Mister […]

To Assess the Market Potential of a New Branded Medical Drug whose Generic Commodity is Already Available in the Local Market

Hypothesis testing is a tool, which helps in making the statistical decisions regarding the hypothesis using data which is untried in nature. The steps of hypothesis testing would be to determine the appropriate hypothesis, which has been done. Then, among the many test statistic, one […]

Maitland Mobilizations in the Treatment of Low Back Pain

Apart from the description of the Maitlands Mobilizations technique, this literature review will discuss some of the effects related to the Maitlands Mobilizations technique.Maitlands Mobilizations technique refers to the gentle coaxing of a movement through passive rhythmical oscillations executed in the beginning, within or at […]

Heroic Drama

As pointed out, heroic drama is interconnected with Restoration period in British history. Eugene M. Waith opined that, Consequently, when ‘heroic play’ or ‘heroic drama’ are mentioned, we think first of the period 1660-1700 (1). During this period England was undergoing internal problems. So, exaggerated […]

Comparing and Contrasting the Ways in which a Single Theme is treated in Two Different Poems

While both the poems under our scrutiny have explored the same themes, let us understand how each poem made use of different (or similar) poetic devices and literary techniques. The poem To His Coy Mistress involves the usage of the famous device of the 17th-century […]

Discuss the important contributions that the education systems make to the state

This essay stresses that more and more people now stay on for further and higher education, but are we raising false expectations? Employers who in the fifties would have been satisfied with quite low paper qualifications, now have very high standards., and so we find […]

One is Driven to the Cynical Thought that Men are Decent Only When They are Powerless

In order to achieve the totalitarian goal, those in power resort to various kinds of propaganda, and it is the false propaganda which leads to miseries and unhappiness, believes Orwell. He reconstructs the events of the Russian Revolution in his novel by using animals as […]

Issues Regarding Gender Discrimination In Society In Literature

Ibsen condemns the stereotypical gender codes constructed by the patriarchal nature of society from the humanitarian postmodernist point of view while Glaspell is overtly feminist in her treatment of the theme.Ibsen begins the story with the conventional setting of an apparently ideal family upheld by […]

Research Analysis Paper on Safety of Ultrasonography in Pregnancy

and fellow researchers in 2009 and published on electronic media-pubmed. Scientific research has immensely contributed to the medical field. Researches done in the past and in the recent times have employed proper scientific guidelines to ensure their validity in different contexts. Although it would be […]

Training and Development with Reference to Immigration Police Department in Cyprus

The proposal discusses the various previous literature that has discussed the topic under study in the past. The paper also includes the use of different methodologies that have been adopted in the research. The methodologies include the use of primary and secondary sources for data […]

In What Ways Real Estate is a Conduit for Flows of Finance between Global Cities WorldWide

Its population was estimated to be close to one million residents (Hall 1997 p. 2) A few years ago, Manuel Castells and David Harvey began an era of stimulating research. The accomplishment was to connect the process of conglomeration of metropolis to the larger historical […]

The impact of service expectations on marketing strategies in the UK economy airline industry A case study focusing on EasyJet

Moreover, this study is quantitative in nature as it involves identifying the impact of customer expectations on marketing strategies of Easy Jet with the help of SERVQUAL model. By selecting a sample of 100 passengers who had travelled through Easy Jet’s airline services, the researcher […]

Literature review on the determinants of managers’ perfomance

In attaining this end, a number of scholarly articles and journals would be critiqued and examined to investigate the phenomenon. The research would look at four themes in management performance. This include the following: 1. Trust and management performance. 2. Job satisfaction and manager performance. […]

Gender Portrayals in the Media A Semiotic Analysis of The Real Housewives of Orange County and Deadliest Catch

This identifies a deviation from the traditional masculinity behavior that expects men to be more physical than verbal and the show therefore appear to criticize the existing gender framework and advocate for a less violent society. The power concept of the reality show however maintains […]

The oppression of Victorian women and expressing feminist sentiment concerning hysteria in The Awakening in terms of the gothi

Victorian women faced multi-faceted oppression by society. however, this was perceived as the only appropriate mode of life for them. Any woman, who dared to defy conventional norms by indulging in an illicit relation, expressed sensual desires, and mouthed discomfort against masochistic behaviours, was socially […]

Developing an Auger (Earth Drill) one stage Gearbox System A comparing study between two planetary gears systems spur and h

On the other hand the helical gearbox design would require output bearings of 7309 BE while input bearings of 7209 BE. The gearing materials were found out best to be AISI 304 while the casing ought to be created from cast iron. Cost comparison shows […]


It involves the element of comparing the total expected costs against the total expected benefits. To be precise it looks for one fact only. whether the project is a gain project or loss project. The literature background for such study was that previous researches showed […]

The Culture Effects in Women Performance at the Public Agencies in Saudi Arabia

The rulers enforce the Islamic law in handling the state’s executive, administrative and judicial functions. The country’s most significant natural resource is oil and the main business areas are oil refinery, jewels etc. Development plans and policies are based on the Islamic values. Background of […]

Discuss the nature of an effective performance management system In your discussion recommend the process that should be used

It argues that there is no singular nature of effective performance management, instead effective performance management exists in a fluid and contextually specific reality. The essay also considers the nature of effective performance management within the real world context of service and consultancy firms. In […]

How can teachers/practitioners use popular culture to motivate children in Key Stage 1

All the materials taken together showed that introducing ‘the characters’ related to the main interests in the studies and towards motivation proved to be successful. TABLE OF CONTENT 1. Introduction 2. Literature Review: 2.1 Theoretical Foundations 2.2 Key Interests of Children 2.3 Motivational Factors and […]

Critically discuss the arguments for and against the use of fair values in the preparation and presentation of financial statements Cite literature to support your answer

As the report explores financial statements need to be comparable from one year to the next and between one company and another. However, even though fair values may be said to be current and therefore more comparable, the fact that judgement need to be exercised […]

Fashion trends

The research Fashion trends identifies and analyzes the basic scopes of their targeted customers. The research design drew from the theme of the products the students intended to sell. Before the commencement of the research, the students analyzed the theme context of the prospective products. […]

Is Strengthening Frontline Nurse Investment in Organizational Goals

(2012) discusses the changing nature of healthcare in the country, and how the incentives are linked with the better performance and cost control. In order to remain profitable and be entitled to receive better reimbursement funding, healthcare organizations need to focus at setting specific goals […]

Why are policies in Germany so difficult to reform

These included the modern poor relief, the Bismarckian paradigm or ‘worker policy’, protocorporatist social policy, and scientific social work. While the Bismarckian paradigm addressed workers as reliant on state policy, the proto-corporatist paradigm considered them as a partial subject. The latest measures taken by ‘conservative […]


By means of displacement, the difference in the initial and final volumes of liquid used would be the volume displaced through the solid object plunged into the water, and, therefore, it serves as the volume of the material itself. At this stage, given the mass, […]

Doin the Hustle by Venkatesh and Personal Safety in Dangerous Places by Williams

Sudhir Venkatesh argues that reconstructing the informants’ perceptions of the fieldworker as, variously, academic hustler, ‘nigger just like us’ and ‘Arab’ – can aid the researcher in determining patterns of structure and meaning among the individual, group, and/or community under study. He intended his article, […]

What do you see as the main sources of Tolstoy’s struggle for meaning in his life Where do you see your own experiences mirrored in his

Tolstoy’s Struggle for Meaning in Life Insert Insert of Insert of Supervisor Tolstoy’s Struggle for Meaning in Life Tolstoy’s struggle for meaning in life was catapulted by religion. It is after realizing that the religion he was taught at school was meaningless that his quest […]

How Sustainability Strategies can be measured A of GRI and RepRisk

on what companies across the globe can do to attain sustainability and the important role that sustainability plays for them in their daily corporate management tasks. This review therefore looks into the definition of sustainability as well as the strategies that come with sustainability practices. […]

How do quality management systems impact on revenue in the hospitality industry

It has been prophesied time and again by various scholars through various studies what Roberts found in 1996 “businesses who know and understand customers’ priorities for quality improvements can achieve a threefold increase in profitability” (Dale, 2003).This study has been carried out from the revenue […]

How does Social learning theory positively impact the training program

10 2500 The social learning theory, as postulated by Albert Bandura, has been applied widely in organizations as the most appropriate way of allowing employees to acquire the desired skills, knowledge and abilities. This paper presents a review of past research on the application of […]

The Role of eMarketing in Customer Retention A Comparative Study Between Saudi Arabian and British Organisations

As far as this piece of research is concerned, research problems are explained below. Research Problems Any research regarding e-marketing may be considered very important as today hundreds and thousands of products are being sold through this method. Billions of dollars are invested by the […]

Sustainability as a source of competitive advantage in the hospitality industry

This is not to say that hotel patronage is solely determined by tourist take-up rates, because there is a significant amount of business that is generated by customers whose trips are related to business. Good examples of these are regional conventions or other such gatherings […]

Examine critically the rights of minority in a company when the notice to acquire their shares has been served

17 4250 Current paper focuses on the examination of the rights of minority shareholders especially in the case that the notice to acquire their shares has been served. The relevant provisions of the Company Act 2006 have been studied, along with the literature published in […]

Is the U S government doing enough to make the american worker competitive

The question is if America is doing enough to make its workers competitive? This literature will explore the capability of the human capital of the United States and to ascertain if governments have provided measures to make its labor capital competitive with the global market. […]

Corporate Governance and Organization of Holding Companies Lessons for Governing the National Olympic Committee

They are beneficial especially to the owners because they guarantee some risk reduction that allows the ownership and control of the company to be vested in people with no direct influence on the way goods and services are produced in. As a matter of principle […]

Accidents Resulting from Police High Speed Pursuits And Responses to Emergency Calls

In order to exploit the public interests in watching such risky chases by police officers, some television channels are currently telecasting such chases. However, it should be noted that many of these risky chases often end up in severe accidents. Both the offenders and the […]

Stigmatization and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS

The issue of stigmatization and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) has become a serious issue in Ghana, particularly in Kumasi among the youth population. It is causing sharp divisions in the society. Those who are being discriminated against and stigmatized are on one […]

Research methods research proposal

12 3000 ?………………….…………………….9 Research design…………………………………………………………………………….10 Participants…….……………………………………………………………………………11 Material Used……….…………………………………………………………………………..11 Procedure…………………………………………………………………….………………11 Analysis of Data……………………………………………………………………………..12 Research Ethics to be applied………………………………………………………………..13 Evaluation of the Study…..……………………………………………………………………………………..14 Conclusion………………………………………………………..…………………………..15 References…………………………………………………………..………………………..16 INTRODUCTION EFFECT OF DURATION OF SURGERY ON PRESSURE ULCERS Throughout the nursing profession, effective patients positioning has been such the weighty issue. […]

LoveDescribe how to adjust interactive instruction based on analysis of student performance during the instruction

Education &nbsp. Describe how to adjust interactive instruction based on analysis performance during the instruction.Teachers have a crucial responsibility and task of identifying and separating good and poor learners from each other. For this to be achieved successfully, the introduction of a parent or skilled […]

Betrayal is the Result of Fear and Low Morals of Characters Caused by Witchcraft Trials

&nbsp.In his play, Miller raises an important issue which does not often discussed in the literature. It is important to note that betrayal is not the common feature of human’s personality, so Miller identifies the causes and events that push friends or neighbors to betray […]

History of horror gener and two media crtiques (film analysis) about Dracula 1931 and Frankenstein 1931

Since, the stories that are not relating to realty or generated to exaggerate a scene about a situation, many sorts of genre were introduced to the film industry. Such forms of stories are categorized as fiction. In all the cultures around the world there is […]


ops a working environment that guarantees the trust and respect for employees by allowing them to make fundamental contribution to organizational goals and objectives (Dammen, 2001). Organizational structure also influences how organizational members perform, communicate, decide, and coordinate their affairs. An effective organizational structure enables […]

Examining the examples of European Green Energy and the ways to improve Canadian Green Energy

This paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of green energy and further identifies whether the current policy is an effective strategy for addressing climate change.People have become aware of the effects of global warming and for that reason. the world has turned into green energy […]

Psychological and political Violence Factors/Triggers Among International Students in U S

The study will focus on the students who are admitted at Arkansas Tech University. The research will also focus on some personal concerns that international students face such as racial discrimination, depression, homesickness and loneliness, which may often lead to psychological challenges such as stress.The […]

Find a research based article in a business journalsand appraise the methodology employed and the

Running head: Appraisal of Research Techniques Article under Review Managing the development of technology-based s success factors from eight government training courses by Kurt Rowley, Acquisition Review Quarterly. (2003) Retrieved August 10, 2006Prepare a paper which evaluates the use of the scientific method in an […]

Communication Barrier at 2 Sister Foods Group

Employee performance declines sharply and employers lose the employee confidence because of communication barriers. Inadequate verbal and nonverbal communication results in bitterness and a significant gap between employees and employers. Communication barriers must be identified in order for effective communication to happen. In the food […]

KoreanAmerican AdolescentsAcademic Success

a. How do culture and family affect Korean-American adolescent’s achievement? b. Why are Korean-American students academically successful?c. What factors contribute to the academic success of Korean-American adolescents?d. What problems do Korean-American adolescents encounter in US schools?Literature ReviewEthnic Identity as a Predictor of Problem Behaviors among […]

Challenges faced by non profit organisations in developing performance measurement systems

profits, and the metrics that measure the efficiency, such as revenue, productivity, rejection, manpower costs, and marketing costs are known and measuring these parameters is possible (Emerson, 2009). Non-profit organisations (NPOs) are organisations that have a social impact mission. they take up charity work, and […]

Every piece of literature is an argument Using the critical vocabulary (literary terms) that you have learned this semester determine which one of our authors is most successful in presenting an implicit argument in his or her literary work

Every piece of literature is an argument. Using the critical vocabulary (literary terms) that you have learned this semester, determine which one of our authors is most successful in presenting an implicit argument in his or her literary work.Wendy Wasserstein’s one-act play Tender Offer makes […]

Impact of Empowerment and Trust on Effective Organizational Development

Total quality management (TQM), because of its focus on customer satisfaction, arguably is the most widely discussed approach to directing organizational efforts toward the goal of customer satisfaction. Its tenets are continuous improvement, top management leadership commitment to the goal of customer satisfaction, employee empowerment, […]