The Role and Impact of HR Strategies and Management Policies in Influencing the Satisfaction of Employees in an Organization

The researcher will put enormous efforts to recognize drawbacks and defects in the HRM strategies that may affect an employee and his/her satisfaction level in an adverse manner. In this regard, the researcher will try to identify and analyze HRM strategies from employers’, as well […]

Innovation 2

In light of all the approaches presented in this literature review pertaining to the usefulness of customer knowledge in defining the Key Performance Indicators for any organization, it can be rightly stated that in contemporary time the reliance upon closed innovation process has become adequate […]

Through The Eyes of Medical Professionals Family Presence During Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

The emergence of technologies and the realization of new and better alternatives in medical care providers that health service providers adapt themselves to the changing times (Aldridge, 2005). Traditionally resuscitative efforts and invasive medical procedures have been restricted to patients and their health care providers. […]

Implementation of a competency based framework on advanced clinical assessment skills for critical care outreach nurses

A comprehensive review of available literature on the subject of critical care competency was undertaken, with a view to extract relevant information concerning advanced skills which may be relevant in critical care nurses. The evolution of competency frameworks was examined, together with recent changes that […]

Whether PhysicianAssisted Suicide Is Ethical for Terminally Ill Patients

By looking at existing literature on physician-assisted suicide and attendant debate, one can become more informed about this issue and reach more logical conclusions. It is often difficult to reach logical conclusions on issues that are surrounded by a lot of debate, especially when the […]

The Main Functions of the Police and How Effective Has the Service Been in Fulfilling Them

The research has pinpointed the fact that the role of a police officer is huge –multi-faceted as their main purpose is to help the citizens of the community, and at times this requires different roles for them to fill.&nbsp. However, this literature details that their […]

Critique of Tracheal Suctioning An Exploration of Nurses Knowledge and Competence Research

The quantitative portion deals with a comparison between the knowledge and practice of the nurses from the acute care wards. Risks and complications like trauma, hypoxemia, cardiac arrest, and death have been associated with the procedure and hence the necessity to know whether the procedure […]

How does S E Hinton use language techniques to convey key themes in her novel The Outsiders

This essay stresses that the allusion is a language technique that is applied to compare a fictional or real historical event, person or place to a current scenario, in order to indicate what a character in literature thinks or feels about the current situation. The […]

Human Resource Issues Related to Cultural Diversity Faced by Marks and Spencer in China

Objective: The objective of the study was to define the issues related to cultural diversity. This study will describe the problems as well as benefits faced by Marks &amp. Spencer (M&amp.S) in Wu Han. The study also defined the culture of Wu Han where M&amp.S […]

A literature review of the applications in reducing green house gas in the agricultural system

Applications in Reducing Greenhouse Gas in the Agricultural System Greenhouse gases from agricultural activities are the second global warming causesafter industries (IPCC, 2007, P.231). The intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (2007, P. 237) asserts that agriculture contributes a significant amount of greenhouse gases. However, all […]

Diagnostic Microbiology and the Microflora Inhabiting the Human Body

To be able to provide effective treatment for the pathogens, it is imperative to identify them. Microbiology provides a vast collection of literature to help identify these microbes using a morphological feature, biochemical tests and other techniques based on these two. The present experiment aims […]

Literature Review Predicting sentencing outcomes and time served for juveniles transferred to criminal court in a rural northwestern state

Literature Review: Predicting sentencing outcomes and time served for juveniles transferred to criminal court in a rural northwestern Steiner, citing a comparatively recent shift in the focus of the juvenile justice system from a preoccupation with the best interests of children to a preoccupation with […]

Literature reveiw for my dissertation (how relationship marketing can boost company images in the car industry with specific emphasis on the issue of trust )

The findings of this research will provide insight of the car industry that started as early as 1769. At that time having a car was something that was left for the rich thus the marketing strategies were not taken very seriously by those who were […]

Change management impact on organizational culture with an application on public water utility in Saudi Arabia

Globalisation exerts pressure on companies and governments to adopt policies of liberalisation and privatisation, aimed at securing a more efficient use of resources and improving the quality of life (Brittan, 1986. Kay and Thompson, 1986. Micklethwait and Wooldridge, 2000. Stiglitz, 2000 and 2002).Caught amidst these […]

Research plan which you wish to pursue at Waseda University Business School including the theme approach and methods etc which you intend to use

In recognition of these essential factors which are continuously driving the business arena and in consideration for my passion in investment, I would like to pursue a research which focuses in decision making for overseas investment. Specifically, I would like to design a research which […]

Impact of external debt on fiscal stability and economic development a of Nigeria

Following nearly 16 years of military rule, a new constitution was adopted in 1999, and a peaceful transition to civilian government was completed. The president faces the daunting task of rebuilding a petroleum-based economy, whose revenues have been squandered through corruption and mismanagement, and institutionalizing […]

Comparison of the Evaluation of Civil Servants in Cyprus and the United Kingdom

Though both the UK and&nbsp.Cyprus are members of the European Union, they have quite different histories. Cyprus’s past has been more turbulent in the past several hundred years than the UK. Great Britain was, of course, the most far-reaching empire in the world – as […]

Views and Experiences of Teenage Mothers on Teenage Pregnancy in the UK

It has been suggested that the views of young people, especially teenage mothers may suggest ways to reduce the frequency of teenage pregnancy more effectively. One such example may be that young people emphasize on interventions being person-centered. Young mothers perceive a lack of effective […]

Economic Sustainability Changing Labor Market through the EU Policies

Literature that bears discussions on sustainability as investment policies will be tackled by this review, along with strategic and long-term developments in the EU region. It shall also be relevant to cover literature addressing the purposes of EU and the common interests upheld by its […]

The Development and Future of the UK Budget Hotel Sector in Financial Crisis

The importance of conducting this research is seen in the relevance of discussing the financial crisis in today’s time, which affects almost all businesses, sectors, and industries. In light of this financial crisis, the study shall look at the direction and future of the UK […]

Ensuring Sustainability in Infrastructure Development

The objective of this study is to evaluate different forms of sustainable approaches that are practiced in different components of infrastructure development. Based on the analysis undertaken a pragmatic intervention across all the infrastructure development programs in the UK could be proposed. There are different […]

Can it Explain why the United States has Higher Crime Rates Than Other Countries

In criminology, the Social Bonding Theory (which was earlier known as the Social Control Theory) proposes that exploiting the process socialization and social learning builds self-control and reduces the inclination to indulge in such behavior that is considered and recognized as antisocial. The Social Bond […]

The Efficient Market Hypothesis and Michael Jensen Arguments

5 1250 Numerous papers have demonstrated that early identification of new information can provide substantial profits. Insiders who trade on the basis of privileged information can, therefore, make excess returns, violating the strong form of the efficient market hypothesis. Even the earliest studies by Cowles […]

Psychological Implications of Customer Participation in CoProduction

Psychological Implications Participation in Co-Production Executive Summary The recent years have seen an increasing number of firms that have utilized customer participation in the distribution and production of their products. Customer participation has been utilized to varying degrees on goods and services that range from […]

The effect of mammography on patients and their perception of the whole experience

The authors put women in the centre stage and infer the discomfort experience from a set of qualitative variables: before, during and after the mammography session. The study was conducted to give a holistic idea of the experience as perceived by women, hence the contrast […]

Effects of ProfitSharing on Employees in the Corporate Environment in the United Kingdom

The literature review section explores existing knowledge on profit sharing, its use in organizations, and its significance. An online search for existing literature, profit sharing, trends in profit sharing, benefits of profit-sharing, and attitudes towards profit sharing are used in recruiting literature for review. The […]

Corporate governance An International Perspective

This paper is proposed to help analyze the subject matter of corporate governance. It begins with an analysis of available literature and theoretical perspectives provided by different researchers. Then it endeavors to establish a practical relationship between organizational perspectives and corporate governance taking into consideration […]

Critical Analysis of Hebrew Literature Curriculum for Arab Sector in Israel

The first curriculum for Arab schools was implemented in 1948 while the Israeli-Palestinian war was ongoing and military rule reigned over the territories occupied by the Arab minority (Zamir &amp. Hauphtman 2001). The March 1975 curriculum approved by the Minister of Education has the objectives […]

Economics and Financial Markets The Issues of Competition and Monopoly Associated With Oligopolistic Markets

10 2500 In order to be able to understand about the issues of competition and monopoly, especially in association with oligopolistic markets and using the example of airlines, in particular, there are many different matters that need to be discussed. By using particular literature, especially […]

The significant of ‘GUANXI’ towards contractors to endure in the construction industry

There is one slight problem, however, which concerns business ethics and sense of fair play. When you work your way into the good graces of a client by establishing the personal connections of guanxi, you effectively shut out of this loop other contractors who are […]

State Intervention in Private Spheres of Activity for their Intended Public Interest

It is an important feature of contemporary society and one which is set to grow as network technologies, such as the Internet, enable us to communicate almost instantaneously with organizations and individuals regardless of geographical location. For example, it is because of the emergence of […]

“The report about “””” Foner Eric “”The Voices of Freedom”” Vol I “””””

Voices of Freedom “Capture the American civil rights movement in the voices of those who were there, and thereby give … some idea of the raging torrents that had engulfed America in the fifties, sixties, and seventies and that came to be known as the […]

Literature Analysis Chart Filet of Soul by J California Cooper

LITERATURE ANALYSIS CHART of Story J. California Coopers "Filet of Soul_______________________________________________________________ Instructor:Course:Date:Character(s)Identify whether they are major or minor charactersLuella a major character in the storySedalia, who is Luella’s mother, is also a major character in the storyThe conman is a minor characterSedalia’s high school lover […]

Measures to Neutralize the Consequences of the Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina Contributed To a Crisis EventHurricane Katrina made landfall on the morning of August 29th 2005, it had a category 3 rating on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale (, 2015). With it came unimaginable destruction of structures and facilities (Gerstein, 2008). Moreover, the Hurricane Katrina […]

Critically analyse and evaluate current research and literature relating to the significance of the presence and absence of anogenital injuries in posr puberta

Male have testosterone while female have estrogen and progesterone. The reproductive stage continues until old age both in male and in female and eventually these are the secondary sex characteristics and events of puberty. It is essential to remember that however, that it is the […]

Significance Of Admission To Adult Acute Psychiatric Wards

In general, the admission of patients within the acute psychiatric ward can strongly influence the prescription of Benzodiazepines and Z-hypnotics. including its long-term use. To protect the health and socio-economic welfare of people from the adverse health consequences of the wrong use of both Benzodiazepines […]

Validity Of Claims Made In Weight Management Research by Aphramor

Center for Disease Control’s epidemiological data reveals that mortality risk in severe obesity is not statistically significant and contradictive that obese people live longer than healthy people.&nbsp.Healthy weight approaches are debated vigorously in scientific circles and there is a lack of representation in previous researches. […]

Result Exam

The descriptive research design will involve a survey to identify certain characteristics of SMEs and further research to gather qualitative information.This paper considers how three different approaches in research methodology (quantitative, qualitative and mixed design) could be applied to the topic area ‘What is below […]

Events which Has Powerful Impact on the American People after World War II

In the 1950s this paper had provided literature on the impact of the McCarthyism era on American people, the paper also displays the horrifying experiences that the Americans and their industries have to deal with due to alleged claims by the senator&nbsp. “Joseph McCarthy”. In […]

Sports Economics The Impact of Sports on the Economics of a Community

Sports revenues and player fees have tremendously skyrocketed with the likes of David Beckham, Kobe Bryant, Ronaldhino and Roger Federer raking in more than 30 million dollars each in 2007 alone according to Forbes. (Badenhausen 2007) This is not surprising because the popularity of spectator […]

Critique of Research Article Moral Problems Among Dutch Nurses A Survey by Arie JG van der Arend

The opening statement clearly outlines what the survey was about, and summarised methods, results, statistical analysis, and conclusions. The background and rationale for completing the survey were placed in a historical context, then related to moral issues, political and technological changes and ways that informed […]

Sustainable Development Through Green Growth

This study discusses that lack of environmental sustainability could .consequence into water scarcity, air pollution, restricted access to the availability of limited natural resources, and even the danger of more regular severe climate conditions and remarkable climatic modifications. Such environmental impacts will put economic development […]

Edward Saids Orientalism and its Implication for Reading Literary Texts

“In Orientalism,” Said argued that Western cultural representations of the Orient contributed directly to legitimizing European rule over imperial territories. Far from being an abstract body of ideas, such representations were a means of exercising cultural leadership or hegemony. Oriental writers, from different periods and […]


This was developed following discovery of cisplatin in an attempt to reduce the problematic side effects of cisplatin. This is administered intravenously, and till date, no commercially viable orally active agent has been reported to be accepted for therapy3,4. Like cisplatin, oxaliplatin is also associated […]

Classroom Management and Discipline to Accommodate the Needs of a Diverse Student Population

room Management and Discipline for Diverse Population I. Introduction The introduction will give develop the rationale for the essay. With diversity becoming a rule rather than an exception inside in the classroom, there is a need to re-examine the theories and principles in classroom management. […]

Modern Public Health emphasises the importance of public involvement Critically and creatively analyse relevant literature to explain ways in which practitione

Institute for Health Research “which aims to promote and support active public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research.” The group believesSpecific organization”(Department of Health, 2006). Because people are involved in making decisions about their own health care and that of those they […]

A Critique of a source of evidence related to an aspect of practice

isease which have yielded greater life expectancy, the situation has become more complicated due to the dearth of time and over reliance on technology for healthcare delivery. In the process, the humane angle is sometimes neglected which can have serious consequences on patient compliance as […]

Are all personality disorders treatable Why has this become an important issue

However, most of the work regarding this subject has been on the psychoanalytic side. The same is the case with treatment approaches and literature (Benjamin, pp. 8-46, 2002).Almost all of the experts (Millon, Millon, Grossman, Meagher, &amp. Ramnath, pp. 36-39, 2004) conceptually have the same […]

Is Homelessness in Britain a Predominantly Youth Problem

Establishing the percentage of homeless youth who are care leavers, products of “problem families” (Welshman, 1996: p. 447), members of marginalised minority groups and victims of unemployment/economic circumstances. Within the context of the current research, and following exploration of various research methodologies and approaches, the […]

Mass Culture and Its Definitions

The stars of the world of pop culture with equal success became the musicians, actors, journalists, politicians and athletes, artists, writers, scientists, religious leaders, terrorists, criminals, literary characters, the character of cartoons, revolutionaries, comic book characters, cars, beverages, TV, food, consumer electronics, clothing, animals, plants, […]

Do Porter’s Ideas on National Competitive Advantage Adequately Explain the Means by Which Specific Nations Have Achieved Economic Success

Researchers and theorists are continuously striving to realize the distinct characteristics of highly competitive businesses in order to apply those characteristics in the lower profile organizations. Industries and firms are compared, at a global level, in order to evaluate the rankings from the most competitive […]

D H Lawrence’s Story The Odour of Chrysanthemums

Moreover, the modernism paradigm is inherently intertwined with culture and Eysteinsson and Liska argues that in terms of literary criticism, “modernism constitutes one of the most prominent fields of literary studies today” (Eysteinsson and Liska, 2007:1). Indeed, leading anthologist Rainey asserts that in literary terms […]

Class is Critcal Analysis of Messages Paper topic is Write a critical analysis of the Opening Statement to the House Judiciary Committee Proceedings on the Impeachment of Richard Nixon

From the opening statement it can be observed that Barbara Jordan joined as a junior member of the House of Judiciary committee, where she was able to avail the opportunity to share her perceptions regarding the investigation executed in relation to the Watergate scandal involving […]

The Water Cube Project Arup Project Management

The success of the project was also underpinned by building effective control systems which included email, shared servers, and interfaces that facilitated better discourse between project members. Such systems also created opportunities for routine data collection and analysis, further underpinning success in decision-making in terms […]

Comparing between the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and the Maltese Falcon

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series and Dashiell Hammett’s The Maltese Falcon are two novels of the 19th century that leave a lasting impression to its readers. Noticeably, the most significant similarity for these novels are that they embodied what a […]

Effective Retention Strategy a Vital Component of Resourcing Strategy

Since work motivation does not only increase employees’ retention rate but also their productivity rate, staying focus on motivating employees becomes a crucial factor in terms of increasing the work satisfaction of each employee and enabling the entire team to reach the optimal levels when […]

The successful integration of iPads and smartphones into the workplace When the iPad is the only computer your employees need

153750 There may be two possible reasons for the inclusion of iPads and smartphones in the workplace, i.e. the demand of the business growth in the digital era, or the demand of employees working in the highly competitive business world at present (Gruman, 2011). Literature […]

A Study of Business Sustainability Indices in Malaysian Cities

9 1.3.1 World Summit in Rio de Janeiro ……………………………………………. 9 1.3 Purpose of the Study …………………………………………………………. 11 1.4 Research Framework …………………………………………………………. 12 1.5 Research Questions ………………………………………………………….. 12 1.6 Hypotheses ……………………………………………………………………. 13 1.8 Significance of the Study ………………………………………………….… 20 1.9 Chapter Summary …………………………………………………………. 21 1.10 Organization […]

Is there evidence to support that the benefits of outsourcing and/or offshore outsourcing outweigh the disadvantages

Theoretical and empirical evidences are given for validating the hypothesis. 1. Introduction Diversity in trade relations with globalization has introduced various new business processes among which outsourcing is one of the most common term. Generally, outsourcing can be regarded as the “transfer of an internal […]

Relationship between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Additionally, offering good quality services leads to word of mouth recommendation resulting in the increased popularity of a business. The quality of services becomes a more important factor in the hospitality sector. There are assumptions that customer satisfaction is the most reliable indicator of the […]

Are we violating the human rights of patients in a persistent vegetative state

Other research objectives identified are: signs and symptoms, causative factors, legal preliminaries, etc. Using these research objectives, we have confirmed the findings through a wide choice of case studies.Analysis: The case studies used are 1)Tony Bland 2)Terri Schiavo 3)Leslie Burke 4)Glass v. UK. These case […]

Use the literature to identify the internal and external factors which affect the choice of market entry strategy and conduct research on those for your particular case

The data used in the identification of the internal and external factors was obtained from a report by the Korean Government and internal analysis by IKEA on its profitability and strengths. This internal-external analysis of factors is provided in full in the appendix section of […]

Provide an analysis of how a specific media institution strengthens and/or undermines ideas about the public sphere Draw on academic literature to support your argument

In essence, the public sphere has, at all times, been virtual because its significance lies in its concept.The public sphere refers to a field in social life where people can team up to liberally talk about and identify societal issues, and, through that debate, persuade […]

The Tension between Economic and Political Costs And Benefits of the Eastern Enlargement of the EU

The literature analysis gives a better view of the EU and new members’ budget constraints and better investment opportunities for the regions (O’Brennan 2006, p.23-26). Currently, the EU comes under the triad region i.e. the US, Japan, and the EU form a triad. Some experts […]

Business Plan for Sagebrush Sam to Meet the Growing Demands of the Customers of the Restaurant

Literature suggests that customer satisfaction and winning their loyalty is the hub of any marketing strategy. Customer satisfaction is important for several reasons. For instance, customers are not satisfied with the service. they will complain to the management or would redress. If the customer complains […]

The Need for an Organisation’s HR Function

The radical transformations are persistently increasing at a quickening rate, simultaneously pressurizing organizational workers and management teams to deliver enhanced and competitive performance in a quicker, smarter and cost-effective manner. These turbulent times call for vibrant policies and practices on the part of the management […]

Managerial Economics Neoclassical Theory and Baumols model

Traditional economic theory suggests that the firm has a single goal. However, many behavioral economists argue that since a corporation is an organization with various groups such as the employees, managers, shareholders, and customers, they may likely have different objectives or goals. The dominant group […]

Dignifying African American Characters through Hollywood Blockbusters from a Chinese Perspective

The American media has succeeded in perpetuating a very hostile and menacing image of the Black through the medium of films. The perception of the rest of the world including the Chinese is exclusively based on their image portrayal of Blacks in American movies. Thus […]

Complementary Role of Organizational Learning Capability in New Service Development Process

Private telecom companies have financial strength, variety of value-added service offerings, aggressive and robust marketing strategies with the latest technologies and sound customer and employee relationship. The article used both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to answer the questions asked. It launched a pilot survey […]

Disadvantage of Having Homosexuals Identify Themselves in the Military

This initial draft was of an Executive Presidential Order terminating discrimination based on sexual orientation in the Armed Forces of the United States of America. This Presidential Memorandum .also authorized that any evaluations by the Secretary of Defense be an evaluation and implementation which is […]

Choose one of the theorists of power discussed in Week 3 and discuss the extent to which their ideas are relevant to understand the distribution and exercise o

Going further it is very clear from the review of the literature that these thinkers were influenced by the events that shaped their world and also by the contribution of the previous generation of philosophers. Thus it is important to remember that their views can […]