An Analysis of the Impacts of CornBased Ethanol Production on the United States’ Corn Price

The growing corn-based ethanol production industry has laid towering challenges for the various stakeholders in the fuel industry and food production and pricing regulation bodies. The crux of the matter lies in the resonating concern that the growing production of corn-based ethanol is contributing significantly […]

An Analysis of the Impacts of CornBased Ethanol Production on the United States’ Corn Price

The growing corn-based ethanol production industry has laid towering challenges for the various stakeholders in the fuel industry and food production and pricing regulation bodies. The crux of the matter lies in the resonating concern that the growing production of corn-based ethanol is contributing significantly […]

Final Project Economic History Analysis Presentation

15–20-slide presentation on the 10-year period between 1970 to 1980 in U.S. economic history. The instructions are outlined in the attached.ECO202FinalProjectGuidelinesandRubric.docxPosted: 2 years agoDue: 21/10/2017Budget: $45Answers 1Expert Essay Writer5.0 (11)4.7 (217)ChatEconomic History Analysis PresentationAnswer rating:5Stars out of1ratings2 years agoPurchase the answer to view itEconomicHistoryAnalysisPresentation.pptTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $45Bids 30Michelle […]


what NIST Is and how it should be used by a dba.Posted: 20 hours agoDue: 22/04/2020Budget: $10Tags: DB database Answers 0Bids 91Rewrick PatandMusyokionesGabriella Malkabdul_rehman_Quickly answer Essays GuruKATHERINE BECKShassan0906Sasha SpencerDexterMastersGreat-WritersRanchoddas Chanchad PhDRosie SeptemberWIZARD_KIMTopanswerswizard kimMalik TutorRESPECT WRITERJOHN JUNIOR001Master WorkerProCastrol01Emily Michaeluniversity workBrilliant Geekmichael smithPROF. ANNAgher Editorquality work for allPROF washington watsonCatherine […]


Week 6 – Discussion Forum 2Required ResourcesTextGwartney, J. A., Stroup, R. L., Sobel, R. L., & Macpherson, D. A. (2018).Macroeconomics: Private and public choice(16th ed.). Retrieved from https://www.cengage.comChapter 18: Gaining from International TradeChapter 19: International Finance and the Foreign ExchangeRecommended ResourcesTextTamny, J. (2015).Popular economics: What […]

Introduction to MacroEconomics Fiscal and Monetary Policy

Introduction to Macro-Economics: Fiscal and Monetary Policy Fiscal and Monetary Policy and their differences With an intention of achieving the economic stability of the nations, governments have always taken in account various economic tools such as taxes, public spending, borrowing and debt management. It is […]

Comparison and contrasts of the adoption of Walras’ ideas in the reinterpretation of The General Theory

Macroeconomics Introduction The General theory of microeconomics originally developed by Keynes in 1936 epitomizes the essence of monetary value in an economy. The theory postulates the relationship between employment and the purchasing power of a populace in relation to their contribution to the development of […]

GDP and the circular flow of income and expenditures

roductivity, expenditure, or income (gross domestic product of a nation) (Ouanes, Abdessatar, Subhash, Thakur, Lienert, Marciniak and Swiderski, 1997, p.87).Consumption is a primary concept in economics, and many other social sciences also study it. Economists are very much interested in the relationship that exists between […]

A policy of discretion gives central bank the ability to react to news about the economy In this light discuss whether discretion is a better way to run monetary policy than following a rule

The econometric discretion policy evaluate on fiscal and monetary policy by using the new rational expectation method of macroeconomics. This has been the substantial subject cause for increased recent year’s research. A number of factors have provided a motivation for the research.The critique of Lucas […]

The likely effects of the 201011 debt crisis* in the eurozone

In light of the mechanisms at the disposal of authorities across the Eurozone in dealing with the crisis, three recurrent economic tools come into focus than ever before.These economic tools for consideration are the exchange rates, trade balance and interest rates that determine governments’ decisions […]

1 ) The Following Table Gives Categories For Income And Expenditures For A Representative​

Net exports of goods and services – 550 Net interest paid by business 440Government purchases of goods and services 1,650Gross private domestic investment 2,200Indirect business taxes 440Rental income of individuals plus implicit rent on owner-occupied housing 220Wages, salaries, employee compensation 6,600Personal consumption expenses 7,700Depreciation 880Proprietorial […]

Australia Is A Small Open Economy With A Flexible (Floating) Exchange Rate System Use The

Question 2.Australia is a small open economy with a flexible (floating) exchange rate system. Use theMundell-Fleming model (i.e. the open-economy IS-LM-IP model) to analyse what willhappen to income, the exchange rate, and the trade balance (net exports) in response to thefollowing shocks. Carefully explain the […]

Question 3 (16 Points) Assume The Following Model Of The Economy With The Price Level Fixed At 1 C =

Question 3. (16 points) Assume the following model of the economy, with the price level fixed at 1:C= 0.8(Y -T)T= 1,000I= 800 -20rG= 1,000Y=C+1+GMS/P = M/P= 0.4Y -40rM = 1,200a.(3 points) Write a numerical formula for the IS curve, showing Y as a function of […]

Why Would We Expect Perfectlycompetitive Firms To Employ6 ) Adds Profits?

olgtltligtWhat is marginal-cost pricing? Why would we expect perfectly-competitive firms to employ6 ) Adds profits? gt; customers who are extremlysensitive to prices this group might nototherwise buy from a company unless itwere willing to engage in marginalcost pricing.quot;) Accessory…Macroeconomics

I Have A Final Exam Tomorrow For Macro Economics At Miami Dade Is There Any Documents For The Final That Can Help

Kindly go through the followingThe Principles of Macroeconomics examination covers material that is usually taught in a onesemester undergraduate course in this subject. This aspect of economics…Economics

Below Is A List Of Policy Proposals That Have Been Advanced To Help The Economies Of Developing Nations (Not Just

Question Below is a list of policy proposals that have been advanced to help the economies of developing nations (not just the country of your choice in part one.) Briefly explain whether each proposal is consistent with the Solow model, modern growth theory, neither, or […]

Explanation Of The Shortrun Effect Determinants Of Ad/As That Caused The Shift The Line That Shifts Ad Or As

Question Explanation of the short-run effect, determinants of AD/AS that caused the shift, the line that shifts , AD or AS, direction of the shift, impact on output and price level, and a graph to the statement below : Foreign buyer rush to purchase american […]

Personal Consumption Expenditure 1 500 Gross Private Domestic Investment 355 Government Expenditure On Goods And

Question Personal consumption expenditure 1,500 Gross private domestic investment 355 Government expenditure on goods and services 590 Exports of goods and services 70 Imports of goods and services 50 Depreciation 200 Indirect business taxes 75 Based on the data in the above table, gross domestic […]

First Precisely And Accurately Define Fiscal And Monetary Policy Second Explain In Detail The Mechanics Of How

1. DefinationsFiscal policyFiscal policy is the government’s actions of influencing the economy through taxation andspending. It occurs when policymakers believe the economy is getting out of…Macroeconomics

Darryl Is Monetarist Who Judges That Monetary Policy Is More Effective Than Fiscal Policy Since He Believes That

Question Darryl is monetarist who judges that monetary policy is more effective than fiscal policy, since he believes that households respond to changes in __________. Group of answer choices real output the expenditure multiplier both money supply and real income both velocity and real output […]

Consider An Economy In The Long Run That Adopts An ‘Eat Drink And Be Merry’ Philosophy Leading To An Outburst Of

Question Consider an economy in the long run that adopts an ‘eat, drink and be merry’ philosophy leading to an outburst of consumption expenditures (on food, booze and merriment). What happens to the market for loanable funds? Macroeconomics

Foundations Of Macroeconomicsaggregate Demand And Aggregate Supplyin The Economy When

Question Foundations of Macroeconomics Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply In the economy, when interest rates are increasing _______. A. decreases the opportunity cost of future consumption, but has no effect on the opportunity cost of present consumption. B. increases the opportunity cost of future consumption, […]

The Distinction Between Consumption And Investment Is A That Only Households Consume And Only Businesses

Question .The distinction between consumption and investment is: A. that only households consume and only businesses invest. B. somewhat arbitrary, since investment includes housing investment, which does not increase future productive capacity. C. that investment always increases future productive capacity, while consumption does not. D. […]

10% What Would The Impact Of The Price Increase Have On The Number Of Soccer Balls Sold And Total Revenue?

olgtltligtDicks research department estimates elasticity of demand for soccer balls in the store to be Question olliDicks research department estimates elasticity of demand for soccer balls in the store to be -1.5. If each soccer ball delivered to the store costs $10, what is the […]

A Firm Is Producing 1 000 Units Of Output With 40 Units Of Labor And 30 Units Of Capital The Marginal Product Of

Question A firm is producing 1,000.units of output with 40 units of labor and 30 units of capital. The marginal product of the last unit of labor and capital are, respectively, MPL= 60 and MPK =120. The prices of labor and capital are, respectively, w […]

How Would An Increase In The Supply Of Labor Affect The Natural Level Of Employment And Potential Output? How

Question –How would an increase in the supply of labor affect the natural level of employment and potential output? How would it affect the real wage, the level of real GDP, and the price level in the short run? How would it affect long-run aggregate […]

Someone Once Said That Economics Tells Us That Disease Should Not Be 100% Eliminated From Earth Why Would

Question Someone once said that economics tells us that disease should not be 100% eliminated from earth. Why would anyone think that disease should not be eliminated? Is this analysis based on opportunity cost or incentives? Explain Macroeconomics

Describe A Situation Either A Government Policy Situation Or An Economic Problem Or A Private

Question . Describe a situation, either a government policy situation or an economic problem or a private sector situation, where using the CPI to convert from nominal to real would be more appropriate than using the GDP deflator. Macroeconomics

Consider The Static Asad Model Suppose The Actual Price Level Is Less Than The Price Level Individuals Expect

Question Consider the static AS-AD model. Suppose the actual price level is less than the price level individuals expect. Which of the following is true? (a) output is currently less than the natural level of output (b) the AS curve will tend to shift up […]

Prove That If The Production Function Exhibits Constant Returns All Firms Will Use The Sameproportion Of

Question Prove that, if the production function exhibits constant returns, all firms will use the same proportion of capital to labour. Notice that this result means that the analysis in the previous question (which ignores capital) applies to the case where both capital and labor […]

Hi Tutorhow To Solve These Question?Find The Golden Rule Capital Stock And Add It To

Question hi tutor how to solve these question? Find the Golden Rule capital stock and add it to your graph in solow model. (Note: you need to maximise consumption per worker.) Calculate: (Please show the entire calculation process) • capital per person, y∗ g • […]

Which Of The Following Is Correct As An Interpretation Of The Keynesian Consumption Function?

a. The Question Which of the following is correct as an interpretation of the Keynesian consumption function? a. The Keynesian consumption function states that as income increases consumption increases more than proportionately. b. The Keynesian consumption function implies that your consumption depends on your overall […]

How Does An Increase (Decrease) In Investment Tax Credit In A Large Open Economy Affect Saving (S)

Question How does an increase (decrease) in investment tax credit in a large open economy affect Saving (S), Investment (I), the real interest rate (r), capital flows (CF), net exports (NX), and the real exchange rate (ε)? Macroeconomics

This Is My Work And No I Do Not Intend To Submit A Tutor’S Work As My Own I Did Research As Well My The Selected

Question This is my work and no I do not intend to submit a tutor’s work as my own. I did research as well my the selected reading. However, to MY understanding multiple choices can be placed to one choice but it’s stated that only […]

After California Was Hit By Deadly Forest Fires The Price Of Construction Materials Like Question 1

After California was hit by deadly forest fires, the price of construction materials, like Question 1. After California was hit by deadly forest fires, the price of construction materials, like plywood, in the southern California tripled in price. In response to customer complaints of ‘price […]

Hello I Need Help Figuring Out How To Solve This Question It Was Seen In Class But My Professor Didn’T Explain

Question Hello, I need help figuring out how to solve this question it was seen in class, but my professor didn’t explain how to get 2-4 so I am stumped. The question is found below: Consider the following numerical example using the Solow growth model. […]

1 Suppose An Economy Is Experiencing Higher Inflation Rate As Well As A Recessionary Gap Using The Policy

Question 1. Suppose an economy is experiencing higher inflation rate as well as a recessionary gap. Using the policy reaction function, explain whether the Reserve bank will increase or decrease the interest rate? 2. Explain the effect of an increase in imports on the equilibrium […]

Suppose That France And Denmark Both Produce Fish And Olives France’S Opportunity Cost Of Producing A Crate Of

Question suppose that France and Denmark both produce fish and olives. France’s opportunity cost of producing a crate of olives is 3 pounds of fish while Denmark’s opportunity cost of producing a crate of olives is 11 pounds of fish. By comparing the opportunity cost […]

When The Central Bank Controls The Interest Rate A Rise In The Price Target Will In The Short Run

Question When the central bank controls the interest rate, a rise in the price target will, in the short run, cause: Select one: a. an increase in the nominal wage. b. the wage setting curve to shift downward. c. the AD curve to shift leftward. […]

My Question Please Read The Question And Answer Below Plus See Attached I’M Wondering If We Know The Effect On

Question My Question: Please read the question and answer below plus see attached. I’m wondering if we know the effect on investment or if it’s unknown? Question 1. Based on your understanding of the IS-LM model, graphically illustrate and explain what effect a reduction in […]

My Question Is On ‘Part B’ Below I’M Wondering If I Picked The Right Numbers For Income Change And

Question My question is on ‘part b’ below. I’m wondering if i picked the right numbers for income change and multiplier. thanks! 1. Suppose the United States economy is represented by the following equations: Z = C + I + G ; C = 500 […]

What Will Be The Likely Impact Of A Canadian Import Tariff Imposed On Steel? A It Will Increase The Real

Question What will be the likely impact of a Canadian import tariff imposed on steel? a. It will increase the real incomes of steel users. b. It will increase employment in the economy as a whole. c. It will raise the total quantity of foreign […]

(Macro) Please Explain What Happens To The Short Run Ad/As And Long Run Models When New Laws Prohibit A Large

Question (Macro) Please explain what happens to the short run AD/AS and long run models when new laws prohibit a large segment of the labor force from working. Please clarify the difference between short run and long run (maybe also diagrams representing shifts in the […]

Read The Article By Carroll Requiem For The Representative Consumer? Aggregate Implications Of

Question Read the article by Carroll Requiem for the Representative Consumer? Aggregate Implications of Microeconomic Consumption Behavior and answer the following questions. 1. What is heterogeneity? 2. What is homogeneity? 3. What is precautionary savings? 4. How does MPC change as the wealth level of […]

If the demand for corn increases due to its use as an alternative energy source what will happen to the supply of corn’s substi

The demand for corn The increase in the demand for corn due to its use as an alternative source of energy would have effects on the supply of other substitutes, such as soybean. There would be a reduced supply of soybean as the increase in […]

Business cycle

HW4b Calibrated Business Model Calibrated business model is a concept applied to the selection of constraint values due to macroeconomic confirmation and compares the model’s calculations concerning the variances and co-variances of different series with those in the statistics (Romer 217-220). The methodology entails the […]


Macroeconomics – Economic Growth The Chinese economy has been identified by a rapid growth within the past decade. Its advancements have been driven by wages, increased consumer markets and investments (China Central Television 2014). Other factors include social, political, technological and economic factors. However, leadership […]

Math project

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 8.30 ECO2142 C Macroeconomic Theory Francesca Rondina HGN 302 10.00ECO2142 CMacroeconomic Theory 1Francesca RondinaHGN 30211.30ECO 1102DIntroductionto MacroeconomicsDavid GrayUCU AUD1.00ECO 1102DIntroductionto MacroeconomicsDavid GrayUCU AUD2.30ECO2117 CIntroduction to Economics of DevelopmentGeranda NottenTBT 333ECO 1302 A Contemporary Macroeconomics IssuesCBY C03ECO 1104 GIntroduction To MicroeconomicsGordon […]

In conditions of perfect capital mobility and floating exchange rate fiscal policy is likely to be ineffective while monetary policy may be effective in achieving internal and external balance

This paper shall discuss the Mundell-Fleming Model as applied to a specific condition of floating exchange rates in an open small economy and perfect capital mobility, with special attention to how fiscal and monetary policies impact the macroeconomy. The writer shall attempt to test and […]