Million American Jobs

MANAGEMENT Which alternatives to increasing American based jobs and prosperity are better? I.Steer more students into technical schools .There are more jobs that do require technical training. This includes professional cleaners, paralegals, welders, medical technicians and welders. Most students should engage in this trainings because […]

Math Project

Using logarithms, find how long we left the money in the bank (find t). Round your answer to the hundredths place.4) For a fixed rate, a fixed principal amount, and a fixed compounding cycle, the return is an exponential function of time. Using the formula, […]

A beautiful mind

His self-awareness is what returns him to his normal life, although he also took medicine to subdue the symptoms. In the movie, the psychological symptoms commendably express the hurdles in the separation of the subliminal arrangements in the mind.Primarily, Nash is unable to separate his […]

How Do I Solve This Position/ Minimum And Maximum Function

AP Calculus Problem Set 2911/9/12Upon completion, circle one of the following to assess your current understanding:Completely understand Mostly understandSort of understandDon’t understand1) A particle travels along the x-axis according to the position function x(t) =43 -2t2 + 20t-2during the interval [2, 6] where t is […]

These Questions Are Not For Credit In Class But I Need Explanations And Answers To Learn And Practice For Exam

Math 312 Homework 10 You may use the following facts without proof: 0 The functions sin 3:, cos 3:, and cm are difl‘erentiable on R,and their derivatives are cos :c, — sin :c, and em, respectively. since=1. o iim3—H] Pmctice problems (do not submit): o […]

I Need Help With Following Question I Would Like To Use Rank Theorem To Show That Nullspace Of Matrix Ramnda*I

(a) Show that the matrix2 1 00 2 00 0 2 is not diagonalizable by comparing the algebraic and geometric multiplicities ofits (one) eigenvalue. (b) Using the idea in (a), construct a 9 x 9 matrix with eigenvalues as shown. geometric algebraic A mult. mult.1 […]

This Is Honestly The Sixth Try Not All On Here That I Have Tried To Get An Explanation That I Can Understand For

Find the approximate area under the curve by dividing the intervals into nsubintervals and then adding up the areas of the inscribed rectangles. Theheight of each rectangle may be found by evaluating the function for eachvalue of x. Your instructor will assign you n1 and […]

Find Sem Of Parametric Equations And Symmetric Equations Of The Line That Passes Through The Given Point And Is Parallel To The Given Vector Or Line

Find sem of parametric equations and symmetric equations of the line that passes through the given point and is parallel to the given vector or line. (For each line, write thedirection numbers as Integers.)Point Parallel to (-4.6,3) 131=L31=z—5 (a) parametric equations (Enter your answers as […]

Suppose A Vector V Is Nonzero Column Vector A Is An N By N Matrix Made By V V Transpose Can You Help Me How To

5. Suppose v E Rquot; is a nonzero column vector. Let A be the n x n matrix va. (a) Show that v is an eigenveotor of A corresponding to eigenvalue A = ||v||2.(b) Show that 0 is an eigenvalue of multiplicity n — 1. […]

How Would I Find The Solutions To These Questions Is It A Geometry Based Question If So What Formula Must Be

1. The distance from New York City to Los Angeles is 4090 kilometers.a. [3 pts]What is the distance in miles? (You must use unit fractions. Round tothe nearest mile and be sure to include units.)b. [3 pts] If your car averages 31 miles per gallon, […]

1 Let C Denote The Field Of Complex Numbers As With Any Field We Can Consider Vector Spaces Linear

3. For their; (inflation, are magir choose arbitraryr matrix mpruaantatiaa. usuallyuse the standard basis, and do the same as what we did in the previcrusEIGI’CiSE. Ha hm we‘ll have [T13 = D and the set of minim: VH‘JSDI’S of Qis the Drdmed basis ,8 {3] […]

Sss On The Cylinder(A) Give An Example Of Two Circles On A Cylinder Which Intersect In More Than Two

Question SSS on the cylinder (a) Give an example of two circles on a cylinder which intersect in more than two points. (b) Use this to construct a counterexample to SSS on the cylinder. The two triangles in your counterexample should have one edge in […]

Find The Critical Points Of The Given Function Then Use The Second Derivative Test To Determine If The Critical

Question Find the critical points of the given function. Then use the second derivative test to determine if the critical points correspond to local maxima, local minima, or saddle points of the graph of the function, or if the test is inconclusive. (Order your answers […]

Revenue Cost And Profit A Company Is Planning To Manufacture And Market A New Twoslice Electric Toaster After

Question Revenue, cost and profit. A company is planning to manufacture and market a new two-slice electric toaster. After conducting extensive market surveys, the research department provides the following estimates: A weekly demand of 200 toaster at price of $16 per toaster and a weekly […]

Please Help With These Math Problems Please Type If Possible Please Show Work For Better Understanding Thank You

Question Please help with these math problems. Please type if possible. Please show work for better understanding.Thank you in advance. Search the menus (Alt+/)A100%Normal text. .1 11111|1 1 171 1 1|1 1 1211 1|1 1 1 311 11 1 14 1 1 11 1 15 […]

A Clerk In A Bookstore Has 90 Minutes At The End Of Each Workday To Process Orders Received By Mail Or On

Question A clerk in a bookstore has 90 minutes at the end of each workday to process orders received by mail or on voicemail the store has found in a typical mail order brings in a profit of $30 and a typical voicemail order brings […]

Botany A Group Of Tasmanian Botanists Have Claimed That A King’S Holly Shrub The Only One Of Its Species In The

Question Botany A group of Tasmanian botanists have claimed that a King’s holly shrub, the only one of its species in the world, is also the oldest living plant. Using carbon-14 dating of charcoal found along with fossilized leaf fragments, they arrived at an age […]

Triangle Def Is Translated Using The Rule (X Y) → (X − 2 Y − 3) To Create Triangle D′E′F′ If A Line

Question Triangle DEF is translated using the rule (x, y) → (x − 2, y − 3) to create triangle D′E′F′. If a line segment is drawn from point D to point D′ and from point E to point E′, which statement would best describe […]

Hi Could I Have Help With These Geometry Questions Regarding Triangles? A Step By Step Would Be Very

Question Hi, could I have help with these geometry questions regarding triangles? A step by step would be very helpful a) The vertices of a triangle are J(-2,2), K(-1,-3), and L(5,1). i) is triangle JKL an equilateral, isosceles, or scalene triangle? ii) Determine the perimeter […]

A $1249269 76b $752086 50c $752634 42d $1248392 562 Annie Opens A Savings

Question a.$1249269.76 b.$752086.50 c.$752634.42 d.$1248392.56 2.Annie opens a savings account and makes a single deposit of $4000. The account has an annual interest rate of 2.3% compounded weekly. How much will be in the account 8 years later? a.$4808.06 b.$4807.22 c.$4807.87 d.none of the above […]

Three People Invest In A Treasure Dive Each Investing The Amount Listed Below

The dive results in 35 gold Question Three people invest in a treasure dive, each investing the amount listed below. The dive results in 35 gold coins. Using Hamilton’s method, apportion those coins to the investors based on their investment. Investor Investment Allocation of 35 […]

A Population Of Elk Increases By 12% Each Year Every Year After Births 10 Elk Are Added To The Population To

Question A population of elk increases by 12% each year. Every year after births, 10 elk are added to the population to vary the gene pool. Let x sub n denote the size of the population after n years, starting with a population of 50 […]

How do you find the sine, cosine, and tangent values on the unit circle? Question How do you find the sine, cosine, and tangent values on the unit circle?PAGE NO. :DATE :1 1s offquot; quot; The yn’t circle is a circle of radius ,.what that […]

color:rgb(0,0,0)Parents wish to have $90,000 available for Question Parents wish to have $90,000 available forCompound interest formulaarateA FP( Itz )a timenotamountPrincipalHereA z$go, 00 08 = 6 1. Per annumt = 9 years [ 1 8 – 9 = 9 ]n = 2 [Remiannualy = 2 […]

I Am Having A Hard Time Putting This Together Into An Equation That Will Get Me To Find (N) And (Q) Can You

Question I am having a hard time putting this together into an equation that will get me to find (N) and (q). Can you help? Minimize the function 50000+20N+5q subject to Nq=2500. Interpret this in light of the Wilson lot size problem. N= q= minimum […]

Four People Have These Amounts Of Money X 2x X+12 And X3 A) Algebraic Expression That Gives The Total

Question Four people have these amounts of money: x, 2x, x+12, and x-3 a) algebraic expression that gives the total amount of money they have b) expression that gives each person’s share if they share the money equally c) expression that gives the total remaining […]

Each Phase Of Pharmaceutical Clinical Trial Involves Dosing Patients With A Drug Then Drawing A Sample Of The

Question Each phase of pharmaceutical clinical trial involves dosing patients with a drug, then drawing a sample of the blood every house for fifteen hours. An analytical chemist who tests the blood sample can pipet one sample every 15 seconds. How long will it take […]

According To The Us Department Of Agriculture In 19961997 The Production Cost For Planting Corn Was $246 Per Acre

Question according to the us department of agriculture in 1996-1997 the production cost for planting corn was $246 per acre and the cost for planting soybeans was $140 per acre. The average farm used 445 acres of land to raise corn and soybeans and budgeted […]

Find The Accumulated Value Of An Investment Of $10 000 For 3 Years At An Interest Rate Of 5 5% If The Money Is

Question Find the accumulated value of an investment of $10,000 for 3 years at an interest rate of 5.5% if the money is a-compounded semiannually, b-compounded quarterly, c-compounded monthly, d-compounded continuously. Compound Interest formula :. A = P (1 + r jutIquot;1final amountinitial amount , […]

Given That

y1(t)=(t+r)^3is a known solution of the linear differential equation: y (t+4)^2- 5y’ (t+4)+ 5 points. |Given that yl (t) = (t + r)3 is a known solution ofthe linear differential equation:(t+42y—5(t+4)y’+9y=fl t}—4 Use reduction of order to find the general solution of the equation. Math

I Did

6 . 1( a ) For each of the following matrices A determine if it is diagonalizable . If it is , find a diagonal matrix !)and an invertible matrix P such that F- AP = D. ( You are not requested to find F-1, […]

1) John’S Sales Last Week Were $251 Less Than Three Times Nancy’S Sales Together They Sold $1123 Determine How

Question 1) John’s sales last week were $251 less than three times Nancy’s sales. Together they sold $1123. Determine how much each person sold last week. 2) A restaurant holds 50 seats. Two types of seats are available the Friday night jazz festival: stage and […]

I Have Been Working On This Problem But I Can Seem To Get It Into The Parameters That Are Being Asked The

Question I have been working on this problem but I can seem to get it into the parameters that are being asked. The instructions are find the derivative of each function by using the product rule d(uv)/dx=(u)dv/dx+(v)du/dx. The instructions continue, Do not find the product […]

The Following Are Data Regarding The Years Of Experience (X) And Monthly Salary Of Drivers

Question The following are data regarding the years of experience (x) and monthly salary of drivers (y). xy2340034500656007670087900999001012300 Find the equation of the line or the general regression equation. Notes in inputting answer: -use small caps -round off numbers to the nearest whole number -do […]

Er Looking At The Dri Tables You Are Concerned That You May Not Be Able To Afford The Food That Will Provide

Question er looking at the DRI tables you are concerned that you may not be able to afford the food that will provide enough protein for your diet. So, you decide to compare the price per gram of protein for the foods you commonly eat. […]

I Need The Exact Value Of Tan 5 Pi/ 4 No Decimals Can You Please Show Me How To Find This? I Also Need To Sketch

Question I need the exact value of Tan 5 PI/ 4. No Decimals. Can you please show me how to find this? I also need to sketch the angle and identify the reference angle. As well as terminal and tangent . Thank you Math

1 Find The Xcoordinates Of Any Relative Extrema And Inflection Point(S) For The Function F(X) =

Question 1. Find the x-coordinates of any relative extrema and inflection point(s) for the function f(x) = 3x(1/3) + 6x(4/3). You must justify your answer using an analysis of f ‘(x) and f (x). (10 points) 2. What is the maximum volume in cubic inches […]

The marginal cost of printing a poster when x posters have been printed Question The marginal cost of printing a poster when x posters have been printedThe marginal cost of printing a poster when x posters have been printed isdcdx21Xdollars. Find c(25) – c(9), the […]

Developped A Real World Scenario That Illustrates The Order Of Operations Include A Mathematical Expression

Question developped a real world scenario that illustrates the order of operations . Include a mathematical expression that represents your unique scenario and a steps by steps explanation of how the order of operations is used to find your answer. Math

Teaching methods

Teaching Methods – Visual and Performing Arts Mostly the s of arts are not given preference, when the schools are under constant pressure toimprove the academic performance in the subjects of science and math. Arts education makes up an important dimension of life so getting […]

Answer question

For quantitative research the first step in the research process is to develop a research topic. Research topics can be gained from a variety of areas but are generally related to the researcher’s background or interests. A notable point about researcher topics, however, is that […]

Women and Gender

3 750 Reflection Paper: Women and Gender The dearth of women in scientific careers continues despite attempts by educators and legislators alike to equalize this prevailing gender gap. Research still attempts to find a definitive empirical explanation for women’s absence from the sciences. A recent […]

School Counseling

Question and their answer List 3 critical roles generally associated with school counselors A: Identifiable Capable Available And accountable2. Why is consultation important in terms of counseling EthicsA "The essence of a comprehensive school counseling program (is) to assure that each student has every possible […]

What do you understand by the term governance and what is its significance for contemporary political sociology

The issue of the state of government transferring into an incredibly different area of governance, is one which is highly speculated and opinionated on in today’s world, as it is one of the most major causes of controversy and concern. there is an almost opposite […]

Statistical Analysis of Results

2395562957089750241258295801110856242361315901312163243566346009130672452683461081387124677539620101487624768142630615478248485436407161822507924765012173892513954866091829325261015167021849225381095668011859225591186169051909625661246371041949825791336872011959725871407173011969825961467476011979826151517677011989926241557878022001002635160807901201100264216281265716985266817790267618392269218592270121971002712199993002201100 Data from Table 1 shows that 51% of the students scored below the Grade 11 Math Score of 252 indicating that half of the populations may be having difficulty with the subject. However we see from Table 2 that the median SAT Math Score […]

Exercise assignments

Chapter 6_ Freedom versus Relativism Chapter 6_ Freedom versus Relativism Define and explain the terms determinism, indeterminism, fatalism, predestination, universal causation, and freedom.Determinism This is the philosophical thought that each occasion or state of undertakings, including each human choice and movement, is the unavoidable and […]

3) Do bilingual students have a greater memory recall than nonbilingual students Studies have shown that bilingual students have better working memory does this include memory recall

n (medium. 2), between 11 and 19 children large (3), 20 or more children, Score: final score on competency assessment Perform exploratory data analysis on all variables in the data set.Basing on descriptive statistics, it is observed that under gender males has a higher math […]

For this question read the article titled Understanding Your Strengths Within the article you will find two main surveys(1) Multiple Intelligence Survey and (2) Learning Evaluation and Assessment Directory Complete the surveys and review your resu

Survey Multiple Intelligence Survey Question Answer 3 _ often applies 2 _ sometimes applies _ never or almost never applies122133415263738291101113122131143153162171181192203211221232242251261272283291301312321333343353362372382391403Review of my resultThis survey assists in understanding and knowing the ability a person has in the following field. ‘Visual/Spatial’, ‘Verbal/Linguistic’, ‘Musical/Rhythm’, ‘Logic/Math’, ‘Body/Kinesthetic’, ‘Interpersonal’, ‘Intrapersonal’, […]

The Concept of Multiple Intelligences and Diverse Learning Styles Experiential Learning Cognitive and Behavioral Learning

Learners construct self-awareness and social awareness with the use of their brain. It is a tool of artistic behaviorism like no other. It is what makes learners different and it is what enables them to interpret things differently within their learning environments. Likewise, a student’s […]

Loss prevention with a focus on internal/external threat and countermeasures

Furthermore, there are several procedures focusing on the prevention of store loss prevention strategies. The setting up of a CCTV cameras spot shoplifters and employee thieves (Kruegle, 2013). The CCTV camera film evidence will ensure the successful prosecution of the store thieves. Second, the hiring […]