Relationship between Entrepreneurship Innovation and Economic Development

As technological change permeates our lives, it is essential for each individual to understand the forces underlying and unleashed by technological change in order to become better decision makers, managers, policy analysts, and researchers. As Braunerhjelm points out, economists have undoubtedly made considerable advances during […]

Relationship between Entrepreneurship Innovation and Economic Development

As technological change permeates our lives, it is essential for each individual to understand the forces underlying and unleashed by technological change in order to become better decision makers, managers, policy analysts, and researchers. As Braunerhjelm points out, economists have undoubtedly made considerable advances during […]


ou will utilize your change model for this assignment. Review the feedback submitted by your instructor on your previous change model assignment. Make any changes or modifications necessary for the submission of this assignment.Evaluate the performance of your organization or department. Identify an area that […]


CYB- 650 Organizational Objectives and Priorities Scoring GuidePerformance Level Ratings Meets Expectations Performance consistently met expectations in all essential areas of the assignment criteria, at times possibly exceeding expectations, and the quality of work overall was very good. The most critical goals were met. Near […]


Group AssignmentStudents name: Shima Salim AL Kharusi 18F18540Ruwa Al Juland Al Azri 18F17846Afaf Zayed Al Balushi 18F18163Abeer Obied ALHajri 18F18099Fatma Ahmed AL Mushaifri 18F18092Section: ASubmitted to: AsadullahSubmission: week 10              Content Table: IS:P Task Page Number 1 Introduction 3 2 Calculations 4-5 3 SWOT analysis 6-7 4 […]


Reading Education History 20.0 Provides comprehensive examples that demonstrate the importance of reading education history in the U.S. Literacy in Grades K-3 15.0 Thoroughly details the importance of literacy in grades K-3 and examines its educational effects on later academic years with extensive professional insight. […]


Brian Smith, CIO of ModMeters, groaned inwardly as he listened to CEO John Johnson wrapping up his remarks. “So our executive team thinks there are real business opportunities for us in developing these two new strategic thrusts. But before I go to the board for […]


Lesson Plan                             Student ________________________________________________________________        Grade       /25 A A- B+ B B- C+ C- F Includes appropriate ELA-Literacy CCSS AND subject-area standards; Both clearly align with lesson objective (2 pts.) 3 2.7 2.55 2.4 2.25 2.1 1.95 0 Includes thorough description of all elements: EQ, Lesson Objective, Resources, […]


Please prepare For this assignment, interpret, complete, and format the lab report presented in theModule 7 – Case Study: NASA ESD. Using the dialogue from the case study, provided notes, as well asraw data and tables, finish your team’s lab report.Raw Data and Tables (XLSX)To […]


WritingPrompts Discuss and identify the contributions to American policing made by the English and French. Discuss the impact on policing of legal and social customs in the United States before and following the Civil War. Discuss how this has affected the current state of American […]

Need 2 Pages With 2 References Cited In APA Format NO PLAGIARISM Attach Plagiarism Report

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of crowdsourcing.Read Case Study 10-1 Crowdsourcing at AOLWhere would you go if you needed to find hundreds of people each willing to take on a tiny portion of a large task for minimal pay? Projects like these include filling out […]


CHAPTER8Intellectual Property andCyberpiracyCopyrightThe owners of copyright material such as books, movies, CDs, DVDs, and video games; the owners of trademarks such as McDonald’s Corporation and Starbucks Corporation; the creators of patents such as Microsoft Corporation and Intel Corporation; the owners of trade secrets such as […]


Essay requirements:5-6 pages (1300 words, 1600 words max)MLA essay format12 size, Times New Roman FontDouble Spaced**Thesis**Microsoft Word DocumentCreative/unique titleTextual evidence to support claims/thesisTwo research-basedsources from MDC databaseEssay Directions:The student will select a short story from the ones we have studied in class and analyze that […]

A Critical Reflection of the Joanna Briggs Institute Guideline for Venous Thromboembolism Prevention

Moreover, not enough details were provided to establish the effectiveness of their recommendations. The presentation of recommendations, risk stratification, and treatment alternatives were generally clear and organized. Though nursing knowledge is increased by the information contained in the guideline, the inadequacy of the information renders […]

Art History Final Short answers and Slide identification plus discussion

rough in architectural styles because Gropius’ Bauhaus buildings replaced the use of timber rafters with machine-made materials, flat roofs, white walls, metal-framed windows and others (Sparke et al. 96). The simplistic style and rectilinear form also paved the way for the possibility of additional space […]

Anaylses of Ishıgura’s The Remains of the Day through the issues of Stevens roles persona repression deception and self deceit

Firstly, the character of Mr. Stevens the Butler is depicted brilliantly in the novel by bringing out the subtleties and nuances of emotion and internal conflict. Mr. Stevens is quite reserved and introverted by natural disposition, whose manifestations take inhuman proportions when he adds qualities […]

Assessment of a dry and a wet route for the production of biofuels from microalgae Energy balance analysis

Assessment of a Dry and a Wet Route for the Production of Bio-Fuels from Microalgae: Energy Balance Analysis ASSESSMENT OF A DRY AND A WET ROUTE FOR THE PRODUCTION OF BIO-FUELS FROM MICROALGAE: ENERGY BALANCE ANALYSISHow the Technology WorksMicroalgae release various high value by-products of […]

Rising seas

Summary The rising sea levels experienced today because of global warming, is a threat to humanity and civilization. Therefore, addressing these rising seas requires both long-term and short-term solutions. Long-term solutions include reducing rate of global warming, while short-term solutions include all mechanical ways used […]

Myelin and Neuropsychological Impact of Multiple Sclerosis which Causes Demyelination

The factor which hinders them to regenerate is the inappropriate muscle neuron that is paired with the corresponding damaged motor neurons. Thus, regeneration may sometimes fail. If myelin regeneration fails, some neurons die without being regenerated which is known as demyelination. Martin et al. s […]

Compare and contrast the idea of Descartes and Kant on epistemology

Comparing and contrasting the ideas of Descrates and Kant on epistemology unit Supervisor April 28, Comparing and contrasting the ideas of Descrates and Kant on epistemologyAristotle’s idea on epistemology focused on the role of meaning in knowledge development. Later theorists, however, developed contrary ideas on […]

Post Your Response (1 000 1 250) To The Following Questions In Both The Discussion And In The Assignment Tool

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT Table of Contents Contract Management: A of LiteratureHow do senior executives play essential role in contract managementThe management method is used to manage the contracts…Mechanical Engineering

For The Rankine Cycle Shown The Pump Takes In A Saturated Liquid At 100kpa The Turbine Inlet Is 8 Mpa And

Question For the Rankine cycle shown, the pump takes in a saturated liquid at 100 kPa. The turbine inlet is 8 MPa and 600°C. The turbine has an isentropic efficiency of 85%. a. Find the quality and temperature of the steam exiting the turbine. b. […]

This Is A Mechanical Engineering Article That Has Few Questions About It You Must Be Good In English And Have A

Solution)The claim:The current invention of Sam Leach, is claimed to convert tap water to combustible hydrogengas. The interesting part of the invention is that there is no any continuous energy…Mechanical Engineering

Scientific Management was the product of 19th Century industrial practices and has no relevance to the present day Discuss

Taylor termed this as work soldering. An act of go slow within the industry amongst the employees (Montana 2008:210). The challenge to changing this was ‘complete revolution in the mental attitude and habits of all those involved in management, as well of the worksmen’ (p.4).Therefore, […]

The Fukushima Daiichi disaster and the future implications for building new nuclear power plants in the United States

10 2500 The calamity was observed to have taken place in the eastern coast, Tohoku in Japan. The severe tremors of the quake were experienced at Fukushima as well (American Nuclear Society, 2012). The above mentioned catastrophe was later found to have significantly affected the […]

On Fashion

Annotated Bibliography on Fashion Allen, D.E. "Fashion as a Social Process" in Textile History 22, no.2. 1991. This short article focused on various sources, gives a phenomenal prolog to terms and ideas utilized as a part of depicting fashion, fashion cycles, and the sensation of […]


DNP Proposal Veronica Ubah NURS 8701-9 December 8, This project seeks to establish the link between hand hygiene programs and the reduction of hospital acquired infections (HAIs). The report is based on relevant statistical data that will enable healthcare providers to change their approaches to […]

Recruitment Selection and Management in Leadership Styles

The incorporation of human resource management to emphasize on human resource activities and integrating into the planning process of organization that support organizational goals and mission to ensure that managers in the organization are accountable to decisions of HRM. Management, leadership styles, selection and recruitment […]

Marxist Political Economy the Conservatism f the Communist Party

The history οf ‘civilized’ society, for Marx, has been the history οf different forms οf class exploitation and domination. It is the form οf class domination present which determines the general character οf the whole social structure. For example, the growing οf wheat using traditional, […]

Reduction of VAP

9 2250 Its risk factors include patients with mechanical ventilation, cystic fibrosis, debilitation, impaired immune responses intravenous drug abuse and multiple administering of antibacterial drugs. Contaminated disinfection solutions, nebulizers, and topical anesthetics have been associated with sporadic outbreaks of the bacterial disease. Sporadic outbreaks of […]

Scientific Concept and Learning Development from Vygotsky’s Theory

It is during this development stages that the child acquires the scientific concepts, which enable them to learn and progress (Vygostky &amp. Cole, 1978).Systematic concept and the everyday concepts are two very different ideas in everyday reasoning. In this regard, in the everyday concept, human […]

Explain how commanders execute command in coalition warfare using shared values and commitmentfocused influence to achieve success

Coalition fighting is very hard, and requires watchful coordination at all levels. Furthermore, it creates the impression that these motion have beenin existence through a variety of coalition fighting. It was just understanding that the danger postured by Napoleon was overpowering that in the long […]

Mechanical Engineering Analysis and Techniques for a Diesel Engine Mechanical Systems

Conceptually, diesel engines achieve their performance and efficient fuel consumption by adiabatically high-pressure compression of air (typically of the ratios between 14:1 and 25:1) in the cylinders before injecting small amounts of fuel into the compressed air. For example, the high temperatures generated during the […]

The Alternative Methods of Improving Surface Finish during the Building Process Parts

The resultant effect has been the growth of interest in the utilization of the technique to create end-use parts. the technique is referred to as Rapid Manufacturing (RM). RM is an emerging manufacturing technique and it has lead to a number of research areas in […]

Gender Differences in Rumination and Reflection

Contemporary psychology aims at determining the relationship between emotional problems and depression symptoms. In the mechanical world, an increase in work pressure and other family-related problems have led to various psychological disorders and problems. As a consequence, the research and analysis regarding these problems increased […]

Human Resource Management tests

Thrustone1, distinguished mental abilities from the general trait of intelligence and created more specialized intelligence tests based on reasoning, word fluency, verbal comprehension, numbers, memory and space. The Wechsler-Bellevue Intelligence Scale utilizes a multiple measurement of factors such as comprehension, vocabulary, performance, picture management, and […]

Liquid Level Detection by Using Optical Sensors in Riyadh Wastewater Treatment Station

C Damping coefficientODEs Second order linearr Root of equationAcknowledgmentI would like to thank my supervisor Professor Gui Tian strongly for being supportive and an excellent guidance throughout the duration of this work. My thanks must also go to Professor Matthew Armstrong for his advice regarding […]

Theories of Management and Translation into Practices of Management

From the time when social organizations were formed for accomplishing goals and objectives, human beings have felt the need for management and coordination of individual initiatives and efforts. With the increasing reliance on group efforts, organized groups expanded and became large, subsequently accounting for the […]

Surface mechanical attrition treatment (SMAT) of steel Nano microstructure on surface of bulk sample

Deformation procedure in this material involves dislocation stages, mechanical twinning and the interactions of the mechanical twinning with the dislocations. The performance and properties of the SMAT treated layers were measured and tested by their thickness, hardness, fatigue, tensile strength and wear. The improved properties […]

“Horizontal integration of industry in late 19C Compare and contrast Old &amp

New school business historian’s approach to explanin Carnegie &amp Rockefeller" Horizontal Integration of Industry in the Late 19th Century The 19th century was a seminal period of industrial growth in Western society. The late 19th century in the United States experienced the widespread institution of […]

Effective Strategies in Jack Welch’s Transformed General Electric Company

61500 This paper illustrates that Jack Welch is viewed as one of the best pioneers in corporate business in the 21st century. Welch changed General Electric, which was a key organization amid the mechanical age in American into the flourishing organization current organization that is […]

Effect of Shot Peening on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties

The subsequent literature based understanding can enable dissecting further into this field for the purpose of future developments, research and studies. Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a method through which the various components are joint together for the large purpose of creating a substance related to […]

Summary of a 13 Chapter of Criminological Theory

Criminological Theory: Context and Consequences. Chapter 13 Summary Criminological Theory: Context and Consequences. Chapter 13 SummaryEntitled Choosing Crime in Everyday life: Routine Activity and Rational Choice Theories, chapter 13 begins by acknowledging the fact that some criminological theories are often interested in examining why some […]

Selfevaluation (Telecommuting will be the new way that jobs are performed in the next ten years Introduction )

It is important to examine all the disadvantages of telecommuting before making decision to offer telecommuting. Here some of the arguments d inthe paper are evaluated to bring the negative aspects in front. A review of advantages and disadvantages is necessary for successful telecommuting.This paper […]

Doc emendation

Minimizing Hospital Acquired Infections This project seeks to explain the connection between hand hygiene programs andthe reduction of hospital acquired infections (HAIs). The report is based on relevant statistical data that will enable healthcare providers to change their approaches to treatment so as to reduce […]

Ursula burns

At a young age, Burns exhibited unequaled interest and capability in mathematics thus prompting her to like mathematics throughout her learning years (West Hartford).Burns’ mother acted as an immense inspiration for being able to cater for own three children single handedly thus giving her inner […]

Mechanism of Fretting Fatigue and Methods by Which This Mode of Mechanical Failure Might Be Avoided in Terms of Design and Installation Practice

These days, the mechanical industry has a wider scope. However, in the case of the mechanical industry, the chance of occurrences of fretting fatigue is very high. The mechanism of fretting fatigue is very complex in nature, and it relies heavily on several factors. It […]

Engineering and construction Exogenous and Structural Constraints

61500 Providing a structural element Floor Plate will take care of the constraint. nevertheless, through the propagation process, someone can formulate some extra constraints. For instance, someone now requires some structural component(s) that can gather the weight from the floor plate and effectively transmit it […]

The Potentialities of Risk Based Maintenance Approach in the Management of Existing Civil Engineering Facilities

Human life should be given priority in assessing risk because no value can be attached to it and then other factors to follow.There are ways of assessing risk in the existing civil engineering facilities in an attempt to come up with decision making tools. Risk […]


Movie Review Movie Review Apparently, the profound film displays an investigative process seeking to answer questions of diverse nature. Some of these queries are of value while some are questions of facts. The questions of value include. what is the impact of Vermeer’s work on […]

The encapsulation efficiency of a targeted drug delivery system consisting of Herceptinloaded polymers an evaluation and characterization

There is enough evidence on nature on nanotechnology. For instance, the DNA molecules width is about 2.5nm, the thickness of the human hair is about 10,000nm thick, and the diameter of a hydrogen atom is about 0.1nm that is too small to be seen by […]


Apple Inc. is a company that manufactures electronics such as computers, mobile devices, as well as, developing software programs (Trautschold, Rene and Mazo 207). The iCloud is a system with features, which allow sharing of information, protection from device thefts, back up data services and […]