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What is more important is the content transferred and the copyrights attached to the content. Thus, if there has been a transfer of some content that has been protected by copy right, then this means of file sharing is considered to be illegal. On the […]

Dream Theories and Beliefs in Middle Eastern Ancient Greek/Egyptian and Chinese Cultures

Dreams may also symbolize good or bad meanings. They can promise rewards or warn about some impending danger. They can also indicate towards our relationships and friendships. Surprisingly, people who believe in dream theories derive pleasure, comfort or some sort of solace from their dreams. […]

Cornwall UK

Amy Hale has argued that the new tourism initiatives have changed the Cornish heritage due to highlighting of international awareness of Cornish identity against the English heritage. This has resulted in an increased awareness of industrial Cornish heritage, as mining has become the central point […]

Arts Administration Must Pay Attention to the Infiltration between the Arts and the Media

Art has been an integral part of the societies since antiquity. however, the different forms of art have evolved during the course of time. In addition to the arts comprising image creations, which include paintings, photography, and sculptures, the field of art is also extended […]

Critically consider the ways in which economists have recognised the psychological social and corporate influences on consumer choice

the use of a popular person like an actor or talk-show host/hostess. Social influences are often attributed to class and culture such as those associated with the consumption of luxury goods. Corporate influences are said to be one of the most influential because they invariably […]


Venturing on a new product called iPhone in 2007 made a big success for Apple. The company released iPhone which is a mobile phone that has the capabilities of surfing the internet and can be an iPod at the same time. It is built with […]


Management What measures has Simms taken to increase work place safety? Simms has managed the power requirement for equipment that is used in the company to shun unnecessary tripping hazards that may destroy the machines. Protecting equipments implies during the process there will be no […]

The Development of Electronic Music in the age of Post Modernism

This further allowed the reintegration of Acoustic sounds to allow for the reintegration of Acoustic sounds through carefully sampled computer based musical instruments. (Schwartz, S. 1993.).This is particularly true in terms of the graphic signal-processing software which when it came out allowed for real-time MIDI […]

Film responses 11

Japanese Cinema in the 1950’s Film and Reading Response pp. 199-212 From your text, list8 significant pointsmade about the filmmaking (content amp.techniques) of Japanese director, Akira Kurosawa.1) His content sympathizes with individuals although he also values the importance of social groups to society.2) His films […]

Compare the carnival of Barranquila with the one of Rio de Janeiro and another one in the US

Comparison of the Carnival of Barranquilla with that of Rio-de –Janerio and Atlanta Carnival in United s Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3Thesis Statement 3The Comparison 3Conclusion 5Works Cited 6Introduction Carnival comprises of mirth, fun, frolic and celebration. A typical carnival generally […]


Movie review of the American Graffiti The movie is one of the best coming to age movies, it describes some of the things teenagers get into before they start having adult responsibilities. The movie is based on one summer night in 1962 where some teenagers […]

Habits Habits

Habits Full Everyone forms habits as they grow older because of reasons such as enjoyment, satisfaction and self-worthiness. Such habits can be acquired through associative learning wherein a person associates good feelings or gaining a reward when doing something. It can also be picked up […]

Watch this interview with Sherry Turkle on the Colbert Report http //www colbertnation com/thecolbert reportvideos/371249/january172011/ sherryturkle Then in a few paragraphs explain whom you agree with more and why

Journalism is collecting, dispensation and broadcasting of news and material related to the news to listeners or watchers. Journalism applies to the methods used to obtain the news and also the procedures used to publicize it. The news media is the main propagator of journalism […]

10 A Firstgrade Teacher Is Working On The Development Of Rhythmic Awareness For Students In The Initial Stages

Question 10. A first-grade teacher is working on the development of rhythmic awareness. For students in the initial stages of learning, which materials are most useful? A. Records with voice instructions and use it for loc-motor skills. B. Bamboo poles and music for timikling (a […]

At The Same Time He Is Proposing To Change The Sales Mix To The Following

Joyful Journeys Music School provides private music lessons for elementary students.Its operating costs are Question 2. Joyful Journeys Music School provides private music lessons for elementary students. Its operating costs are as follows: Rent on facilities $2,200 per month Advertising $274 per month Instrument Rent […]

Mango Inc Headquartered In Carlsbad California Designs Manufactures And Markets Mobile Communication And

Question Mango Inc., headquartered in Carlsbad, California, designs, manufactures, and markets mobile communication and media devices, personal computers, and portable digital music players and sells a variety of related software and services. Assume that the following transactions (in millions) occurred during the next fiscal year […]

Analyze One Listening Example From This Week’S Course Materials In Terms Of Instrumentation Question Ullianalyze One Listening Example From This Week’S Course Materials In Terms Of Instrumentation (Categories Including Voices) Texture (Monophonic Homophonic Polyphonic Antiphonic) Rhythm/Meter (Rubato Metrical Which Meter Tempo Changes) Melodylyric Relationships (Melismatic Syllabic Ornamented Highlow) And Structure

ulgtltligtAnalyze one listening example from this week’s course materials in terms of Instrumentation Question ulliAnalyze one listening example from this week’s course materials in terms of Instrumentation (categories, including voices), Texture (monophonic, homophonic, polyphonic, anti-phonic), Rhythm/meter (rubato, metrical, which meter, tempo changes), Melody-lyric relationships (melismatic, […]

A Music Concert Is Organized At A Memorial Auditorium The First Row Of The Auditorium Has 16 Seats The Second

Question A music concert is organized at a memorial auditorium. The first row of the auditorium has 16 seats, the second row has 24 seats, the third row has 32 seats, and so on, increasing by 8 seats each row for a total of 50 […]

Which Of The Following Is Not True?A The Arrangement Of The Environment Can Influence How

Question Which of the following is NOT true? A. The arrangement of the environment can influence how easy it is for infants to communicate back and fourth a with adults B. Because songs expose children to language, playing music in the background most of the […]

1 Define What Is Meant By Institutions And Explain The Three Pillars That Support Institutions Then

Question 1. Define what is meant by institutions and explain the three pillars that support institutions. Then explain how institutions reduce uncertainty for businesses. Answer: 2. Describe the differences between the three types of economies. Which type of economy applies to most of the countries […]


Take my love. Take my land. Take me where I cannot stand. I don’t care, I’m still free. You can’t take the sky from me. (Theme from Firefly, Words, and Music by Joss Whedon) This is the first verse of the theme song from Joss […]

Polish Music

The hymn was being used as a chant as far back as the 13th century, and also served as a national anthem. It was sung by Polish troops, especially during defensive wars with the knights of the Cross. The Gaude Mater Polonia (Rejoice, Mother Poland), […]

The Impact of the Intercultural Communication on the Migrants

On this basis, this paper takes a stand that an individual’s cultural background plays a role in influencing the effectiveness of an individual’s capability to communicate. For instance, United States of America consists of various cultural groups, and each group has their language. Communicating effectively […]

Media Critic George Gerbner observes that what we see on TV and in magazines eventually becomes our standard of reality and de

Many peoples lives are sedentary and feature little exercise. As several researchers have indicated, in strident tones: According to the American Obesity Association, 65% of adults and 30% of children are overweight, and 30% of adults and 15% of children meet the criteria for obesity. […]

Deja Vu

Deja Vu Review Through the use of particular production techniques and settings, film producers are able to create a mood that pervades their film and helps to inform the viewer regarding the major issues being addressed. Through the use of camera movement, film style, actor […]

Business Opportunities in the Leisure Goods and Activities Industry

The leisure goods and activities industry has been on its boom ever since the technology improved. Leisure goods and activities include sporting arenas, amusement parks, theatres, hotels, tourism industry, venues for musical groups or lectures and gaming places. One can also add spas, gyms or […]

ESL in Reading Critical Analysis of an existing unit of reading materials

14 3500 This research will begin with the statement that teaching reading skills to students whose first language is not English is a challenging task, mainly due to the structural, contextual, and other differences between English and other languages. Therefore, a language teacher should know […]

Gu Kaizhi

essay will seek to analyze the life and artwork of Gu Kaizhi so as to present to the reader a more complete biographical and technical understanding of the man and his artwork as well as to impress upon the reader the total contributions and levels […]

Psychological effects of children being raised by homosexuals

Custodiаl gаy fаthers аre less common. Becаuse of their relаtive invisibility, gаy fаthers аnd their children hаve been less аccessible for study. Аlthough it hаs been thought thаt the numbers of gаy fаthers (аnd hence the numbers of their children) were not sufficiently substаntiаl to […]


There is not one monolithic youth culture that defines all young people. Popular youth culture embraces a diversity of sub-cultures or “tribes” such as skaters, druggies, snobs, band geeks, Satanists, Jesus freaks, techno-goths, computer dweebs, blacks, Latinos and white trash. Groups distinguish themselves by dress, […]

Read Hamlet

I Hamlet loves Ophelia. Although they are worlds apart in terms of stature, Hamlet has shown his feelings for her. He calls her “To the celestial, and my soul’s idol, the most beautified Ophelia”and “The fair Ophelia! –Nymph, in the orisons.” He writes to her, […]

2 Discuss the work of a medieval composer Examine what is known (and what is not known) about the specific details of the composers life and what is known a

In 1098, a tenth child was born to two wealthy members οf the nobility, Hildebert and Mechtilde, in Bockelheim, Germany. This child, a daughter, was given to the Church as a tax, and became Saint Hildegard οf Bingen, a composer, visionary, healer and author οf […]


The amplified significance of providing exceptional service is obvious in service marketing contents. This report presents the fundamentals of servicescape in the Emirates and their influence on customers’ viewpoints based on Bitner model (Bitner, 1992).Emirates&nbsp. airways was set up in 1946 with a starting fleet […]