Political Agreements and Disagreements between Plato and Aristotle

Aristotle, on the other hand, does not buy the idea of a perfect society, instead, he focuses on accomplishing betterment and completeness in the existing society. According to Aristotle, politics should be based on generally accepted laws, norms, and customs. Plato in his political philosophy […]

Freidrich Hayek’s Impact on our Understanding of the Information Society

Differences there are between Hayek and, say, John Stuart Mill in substantive political philosophy (and there are many) the structures of their ideas display similar architectonic qualities. In fact, Hayek has suggested that an economist who knows only economics is more likely to be a […]

Do Angela Carter and Jeanette Winterson Belong to Postmodernism

This is able to exemplify and show the concepts of postmodernism while developing a plot line that develops alternative perspectives and expressions. Both stories are able to convey and exemplify postmodernist attributes through the plot, actions, characters and ideologies which both author’s convey. The concepts […]

NeoLiberal World Order and Economy of the Developed World

Moreover, political transformations as a result of globalization have caused the reorganization of power from national to international bodies as well as the development of global civil society. Social and cultural transformations are also evident as a result of the integration of different cultures facilitated […]

In The Iron Heel Jack London explores one possible outcome of the strong Socialist presence in the early 20th century in Ameri

Although not all of his predictions emerged later in the century, London made some critical true predictions of the events in the 20th century. This paper will highlight the fulfillment of his predictions concerning socialism in the 20th century. London wrote his book adding on […]

Primary Document Analysis Why Did the Renaissance Occur in Italy Petrarch and His Principles and Niccolo Machiavelli and His Principles

With the trade initiated by Roman rulers among Asians, spices and silk started flowing into the country which led to the development of the Roman Empire demographically and politically. According to (Ch.10, part 1,pg.281)By the late fifteenth century, Europe was recovering well from two of […]

The Significance of the Role of Tom Mann in Challenging Authority in Britain in 18811941

An overview of Mann’s biography exposes his access to the political field in the year 1894 when he received the secretary position in the independent labor party. Later he organized frequent meetings of his party which augmented him to the position of a very notable […]

A juicy position email requesting information about careers in at jamba juice

of the of the Concerned 15 May E-Mail Requesting Information about Careers in Jamba Juice Request for Information about Careers in Jamba Juice Dear Sir/Madam, I am a graduate level student who intends to solicit from you information about career opportunities at Jamba Juice. Over […]

Review the Capstone case Chaplinsky v New Hampshire on pages 310311 of your textbook Briefly discuss the issue the court had t

Chaplinsky v New Hampshire 24 April The issue to be decided – the court in this case had to decide whether profanity enjoys the same protection as those rights guaranteed under the First Amendment, namely freedom of speech and the free exercise of religion. The […]

EDU 636 DB3

Education Topic: EDU 636 DB#3 Guide Design principles for developing an online learning environment OLE: Online Learning Environment According to Mishra Jain (N.d.), a constructivist framework tends to provide the most suitable Online Learning Environment (OLE) as it is able to provide a ‘student-directed learning’ […]

Health Promotion Pressure Sores Among Elderly Clients in a Nursing Homes

Health was an approach and philosophy of care that reflected on the multiple factors that affected health and encouraged people to add value, independence and individual choice of decisions.The key principles of health promotion include. the population in regard to everyday life rather than specific […]

Issac Newton

There are, however, many facets to this man’s life, other than being a scientist, that are worthy to know. Perhaps that is what truly causes mankind to label an individual the greatest. Possessing not only scientific prowess but also religious and philosophical ponderings, Newton is […]

In relation to analyzing cultural texts what connections exist between the theories of Bourdieu and Morris

In the modern era, sociologists such as Pierre Bourdieu and Meaghan Morris have contributed widely to enhance sociological understanding of populist issues. Essentially Bourdieu bases his theoretical framework of cultural symbolism on the works of Weber and Marx while Morris bases her populist work on […]

Hobbes’s key Philosophical contributions to social and political Philisophy

Hobbess key Philosophical contributions to social and political Philosophy Thomas Hobbes was a prominent philosopher from England who was able to present a systematic view on the peculiarities of social life as well as political world in his book Leviathan. He is largely thought to […]

Letter to the ceo

The Chief Executive Officer Chief Information Officer Benefits of CMM Approach CMM or Capability Maturity Model describes the overall process involving the practices of software process maturity. Basically developed to refine the process of software development within the organizations, CMM model follow the basic philosophy […]

PHL #6

Theory of the Mind Unit Aristotle was a Greek philosopher born in Macedon but spent most ofhis life. His philosophy was mostly based on the concept of the mind. Such writing was contained in his literary works known as the ‘De anima’ which focused on […]

Confucian elements

Confucian Elements Confucian is a principled and philosophical system developed from the teachings of the Chinese philosophernamed Confucian. The elements of both ethical and philosophy acquired from the Confucian are regarded as Confucian elements. These elements comprise of moral, political and social aspects that influence […]

Q What Is A Philosophical Fundamental Belief That Is Often Not Thought About? Do I Defend Or Reject It? Be

Question q: What is a philosophical fundamental belief that is often not thought about? Do i defend or reject it? Be careful not to use fallacies. I was thinking of using the fundamental belief that: mental beliefs are nothing but brain states and rejecting that […]

Socrates Posed The Following Challenges To His Fellow Citizens Are You Not Ashamed Of Heaping Up The Greatest

Question Socrates posed the following challenges to his fellow citizens. Are you not ashamed of heaping up the greatest amount of money,honor,wisdom and truth and the greatest improvement of the soul? Do you think that this challenge is still relevant today? Philosophy

For Plato What Would It Mean To Be A Wellfunctioning As Opposed To A Malfunctioning Individual Human

Question For Plato, what would it mean to be a well-functioning, as opposed to a malfunctioning, individual human being? For Aristotle, what would it mean to be a well-functioning, as opposed to a malfunctioning, individual human being? For Thomas Hobbes, what would it mean to […]

In 100150 Work Offer An Argjument In Agreement With Rousseau’S Philosophy Ofrousseau’S Philosophy Rousseau Theory Was Centered On The Theory Of The Natural Man

In 100-150 work offer an argjument in agreement with Rousseau’s philosophy ofRousseau’s philosophyRousseau theory was centered on the theory of the natural man. According to this theoryeducation was influenced by three factors: nature, man and things. His claims about…Writing

What Are The Treatment Options Other Than Prison? What Is The Moral And Ethical Responsibility Of All Of

Question What are the treatment options other than prison? What is the moral and ethical responsibility of all of us to ensure that all people have the resources, supports, services, and opportunities they need so that we can build healthy and safe communities for all […]

It Is A Study That Reflects Human Life Culture Trends And Ideas Of The Time As Well As It’S Relation To Our Life Today

major Western Philosophers from the early Greek thinkers to the famous philosophers of modern times, with Question the major Western Philosophers from the early Greek thinkers to the famous philosophers of modern times, with an emphasis on their attempt to answer the BIG, seemingly unanswerable […]

Trust A Necessary Compromise Between Vulnerability and Security

Thesis ment Trust is a necessary exercise in learning to balance personal vulnerability with personal security. Outline I. Operational definitiona. trust is the acceptance of one’s vulnerabilityb. trust is the acceptance of another’s powerII. What is trust likea. trust is like an open doorb. trust […]


There are five ecopsychological principles that guide the practice of DreamTending:Dream images do not correspond only to the neurotic structures of the past, but they are also positioned in our personal and collective human experiences (Aizenstat, 2007). The strange, horrific and beautiful visitors at night […]

How do the views of Machiavelli Hobbes and Grotius differ and what aspect of society influenced these theories

To his mind the law was a necessary and rational perversion of nature, part of the civil contract that governed all societies – a compromise in order for men to live peacefully. Grotius, on the other hand, would not accept the separation of nature and […]

Globalization The Eclectic Paradigm and WTO Governance Likelihood

One of the primary aspects of how globalization impacts international business is the inter-dependency of international trade. Whereby historically economies were limited to geographical boundaries, having economic systems wholly contained within a national infrastructure, today with the presence of global product trade, it is altering […]

Literature Paper choose 1 from 1)Daoism and Confucianism in Writing 2)Confucianism in Cultural Studies 3) Traditional China (4) Yingying and Decima

His writings deal primarily with individual morality and ethics, and the proper exercise of political power by the rulers.Confucianism is a philosophy of living rather than a religion and may guide ones life while one practices other religions without contradiction. Confucius was a Chinese scholar […]

The Crucibles John Proctor as Tragic Hero According to Arthur Millers Tragedy and The Common Man

3 750 Miller persuasively supports the character of John Proctor as a tragic hero by explaining different attributes of a tragic hero that are also found in the character of John Proctor. Proctor was a respectable and moral righteous man who was proud of his […]

The Critical Success Factors to Send an Appropriate Marketing Message

Consumers over the age of 50 comprise a significant portion of today’s total national consumer count, between approximately 12.2 and 18.2 percent of the population in the United Kingdom and the United States (Henslin, 2003). These percentages are projected to grow dramatically as more consumers […]

The Stoics believed that it was important that one’s emotional state not be impacted by one’s circumstances whether they be good or bad Why did they feel this way What is a possible benefit of living this way What is a potential pitfall

Your full full September 25, Philosophy – Emotional Stoicism is an ancient school of philosophy the roots of which date back to the 3rd century BC. The believers of this school of philosophy believed that it is important that ones emotional state should not be […]

How has the European Convention on Human Rights contributed to international human rights law

The researcher states that the twentieth century became a landmark in the evolution of the international human rights law. The atrocities of the Nazi regime and mass exterminations of humans during the two world wars led the world to review its attitudes toward the fundamental […]

Impact of Financial Meltdown on Luxury Fashion Goods Market

. 17 4. Research Methodology…………………………………… 17-18 4.1 Research Philosophy………………………………….. 18-19 4.2 Data Collection……………………………………….. 19-20 4.3 Credibility and Verification…………………………… 20-21 5. Findings and Analysis…………………………………….. 22 5.1 Case Study……………………………………………… 22-23 5.1.1 Global Recession and Luxury Market…………… 24 5.1.2 Philip Rocou and his Strategies………………….. 25 5.2 Primary Research […]


From the case, eco-feminism is displayed from the protests of the women who pushed the government into reconsidering their lagging policies. Ecofeminism, generally, uses similarities between the oppression of women and that of the natural world in analyzing ecological issues. Ecofeminism advocates for a fundamental […]

Research method for hospitality and tourism assessment a case study on Hilton hotel)

13 3250 The paper tells that tourism and hospitality are two economically important and interconnected industries that have a number of interconnected professions, such as customer service, cleaning, maintenance and cooking. Tourism is the process of a person travelling to a place that is not […]

Big Fish

Lecturer Big Fish – Series of Paragraph Topics Question Re-read the four (4) chapters en d “My Father’s Death Use two (2) examples from one of the chapters, to demonstrate how William Bloom is becoming a better story teller as the novel progresses. You may […]


The objectives, goals and targets of marketing have to be monitored and met. The competitor strategies must be evaluated, estimated and exceeded. It is only through the effective use of market and its research that an organization can identify its customer’s needs and wants and […]

In two paragraphs compare and contrast rationalism and empiricism

Rationalism and Empiricism Rationalism adopts the position that knowledge is innate and a priori. According to this position, the mind can generate knowledge on its own without any external support. The underlying assumption in the rationalist position is that people are born with the natural […]

Justice as Fairness Reflective Equilibrium and Veil of Ignorance by Rawls

John Bordley Rawls has conducted a number of thought experiments related to determining principles of social justice. He is considered one of the leading thinkers in the tradition of liberal political philosophy. Rawls was born in Baltimore, Maryland to William Lee Rawls and Anna Abell […]

What characterises the development of portraiture at the Rajput courts in the 17 th and 18 th centuries

They ruled in India from the 15th through the 17th Century and partly in the 18th Century. The development of Rajput portraiture led to a major shift in style of art in terms detail, colour, portrait depth, margins, religion, political, and social aspects, as compared […]

The essential tension Tradition and Innovation in Scientific Resarch

Reading Log: “The Essential Tension: Tradition and Innovation in Scientific Research” Summary Kuhn (1991) in “The Essential Tension: Tradition and Innovation in Scientific Research” states that the basic scientist should not have prejudice so as to be able to recognize obvious and facts or concepts […]


Travel is much more than just a leisure activity. Ultimately, travel can have a great number of benefits upon the individual besides merely helping them to fill a photo album with interesting and exotic pictures and places. All too often, the definition and understanding of […]

Comparing three poems in the book The Rose of Time written by Bei Dao

In Bei Dao’s poetry, the presence of ‘nature’ is essentially affected and afflicted by the poet’s oppressed self. but since Bei Dao rarely mentions the reasons of his discomforted and distressed soul explicitly in his poems, his poems turn to be emblematic of some meta-reality. […]

Human Resource Management Ethics and Social Responsibility and International Strategic Management

Ethics is a subsidiary part of moral philosophy that is closely concerned with the behaviors and morality of individuals towards others.&nbsp. Social responsibility is related to ethical responsibility of any entity no matter if it is government, organization, corporation or individual. Each one of these […]

Exploring Innovation for Ryanair Airline

By virtually every measure, Ryanair has managed to develop positive leadership innovation, process innovation and product/service innovation by creating new business models and business structures designed to bring long-term value to the business. This report identifies Ryanair’s strategies in innovation, an assessment of these innovations, […]

Consider bauman’s idea that central features of modernity underpinned the possibility and actuality of the holocaust

Out of job, Bauman had enough spare time in his hands and completed his masters in philosophy from Warsaw University where he remained as a lecturer till 1968. With the outbreak of public protests in Poland against the ruling communist government and subsequent fanning of […]

ANALYTICALLY Compare The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald and Ceremony by Leslie Silko and how they pertain to the so called American Dream

(Taylor, 1998) It is pertinent here to understand the genesis of the American dream. Warshauer (2003) defines American dream, “Traditionally, Americans have sought to realize the American dream of success, fame and wealth through thrift and hard work. However, the industrialization of the 19th and […]

The New Paradigm for Human Resource Management

Rather than dictating instructions, quotas, and goals from above, human resource managers follow the philosophy that includes employees in strategic decision-making. Human resource management forms the backbone of any establishment as it channels its human resources to fulfill customer and employer expectations while respecting the […]

Relationship between the Individual and the State in Hegels Historical Jurisprudence

In the Philosophy of Rights Hegel stated that law is an offshoot or branch of freedom. The ever-increasing justification for a structured law proved the historical progress or metamorphosis of law. The process of systematized and rationalization of legal structure is a benchmark for historical […]

As in many pieces of literature an entourage of minor characters accompanies Candide and assists and/or hampers his journey Voltaire has these characters express his personal ideas and criticisms of contemporary French society and politics Discuss how

As in many pieces of literature, an entourage of minor characters accompanies Candide and assists and/or hampers his journey. Voltaire has these characters express his personal ideas and criticisms of contemporary French society and politics. Discuss how any one of these minor characters acts as […]

Do you agree that feminism remains a highly relevant ideology in its challenge to patriarchy and gendered inequality

Through the efforts of earlier feminists, there have been major historical changes to favour women in enhancing their rights mostly in the west. Feminism has gone through development in three waves with each of the aiming at achieving particulars goals within a particular period. The […]

Explain in your own words the difference between the three paradigms

Paradigms Affiliation: A number of paradigms influence nursing practices. In particular, human needs, interactive process, and unitary process paradigms inform diverse and dynamic nursing practices. Human needs constitute a critical factor in the nursing setting. Patients or clients in the nursing environment require effective and […]

The Influence of Deweys Philosophies in Modern Americas Education

This report declares that Dewey supported an interdisciplinary syllabus. This syllabus centered on linking many subjects and enabled students to enter and exit classrooms independently as they search for and pursue their interests and build their particular paths for gaining and applying knowledge. The teacher’s […]

What Are the Main Differences between the Ideas of the Early and the Later Wittgenstein

Growing up in a cultural and religious environment since childhood deeply influenced his thoughts which were later refined by Russell as his mentor. His profound thoughts and personality took him beyond the boundaries of philosophy and established him as anti-systemic though conducive to genuine philosophical […]

International law or some particular interpretation of international law is sometimes found actually to hinder measures to maintain international order Discuss with reference to drone strikes

International society aimed at reflecting cooperation among its member states. As a result, international law rose as a unique and recognized entity with rules, which rose as result of modern cooperation of modern independent governments or state. The international law and rules intended at calling […]

The Disagreement on Human nature among the Greatest Philosophers

The Disagreement on Human nature among the Greatest Philosophers Absolute knowledge doesnt exist regardless which discipline it is. The human nature is just one discipline. Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Kant etc., all have given their insights about human nature but none has grasped it completely. This […]

Critically compare and contrast the methods and aims of Husserls epoch with Descartes method of doubt

Anything that surpasses this method is considered as certain by Descartes. For him, the universe fails to survive this method at this juncture. Rather, the only thing that seems to survive according to Descartes is a pure individuality of his cogitations. It is mainly for […]

Putting Humans First Why We Are Nature’s Favorite by Tibor R Machan

The Great Professor Machan was a syndicated and self-employed correspondent. author of further than one hundred intellectual credentials and additional than thirty books, the majority in recent times: His academic career is very deep. He was a visiting professor at the United States Military Academy […]

The Important Competencies Surveyed in the HR Assessment

Reflection Paper HUMAN RESOURSES MANAGEMENT: MGMT 300 by March 25, 2008 Human Resources is a complicated blend of various competencies each requiring a deep awareness of best business practices, a well-developed lexicon of human interaction and prodigious social and interpersonal skills. The learning resources offered […]

Compare and contrast the key appeal factors of the world’s top four receiving countries(arrivals 2005)namely France Spain USA China

In other words, to every country there holds its own specialty. People visit different countries for not only trade but to spend their vacations, to take out time to explore the world and its beauty. These migrations benefit the countries in a manner to hold […]

A Personal Reflection on Nursing Philosophy/Human Diversity

Nursing Philosophy/Human Diversity Running Head: NURSING PHILOSOPHY/HUMAN DIVERSITY A Personal Reflection on Nursing Philosophy/Human Diversity[Your Name][Your University] It is clear from my observations within adult cardio-surgical patients, that human diversity is a complex issue for the nurse, that has many inter-linking facets providing novel situations, […]

Compare and Contrast the metatheoretical assumptions that underly Idealism and Realism

Idealism concerns itself with ideas and places its existence over the nature of the material world, that is, the material world must adhere to the ideas that are presented, whatever they may be. Idealism may be Subjective or Objective, depending on how the idealists view […]