Why might democracies be more peaceful in their relations with each other than with states that are not democracies

The democratic government is chose by the people.The democracy in a state or a country works for the people. This fundamental of democracy had continued initially from the era of Roman Empire up to now. The autocracies even led to wars in the ancient times […]

Poverty Issues

Poverty in developed countries is obvious in a set of social problems together with homelessness and the perseverance of ghetto housing groups.There are several factors that have been mentioned to explain why poverty takes place. However, no single reason has gained universal recognition. At the […]

Art and Gender

Art and Gender Book ReviewSeveral sources such as the BUST magazine have been attempting to revalue various traditional norms associated with feminism such as fashion, make up, and knitting. Such a position presents a controversy since most other feminists are maintaining that such roles are […]

To what extent has economic development brought about changes to the position of women in South East Asia discuss with examples from one or two South East Asia

Recent news broadcasts herald the advancement of women in Vietnam and on the surface things look very positive: in State agencies, women hold 20% of managerial positions and they account for almost 26% in the National Assembly. the country has bred a group of self […]


German intellectuals living in (and hating) the loosely organized Bund provided much of the vocabulary for nationalism, stating that each nation had a particular Volksgeist, or national spirit. They strongly advocated a fierce wave of patriotism. Soon, almost every European language group wanted to have […]

Biotechnology as a Result from the Combinational Use of the Knowledge from Pure Sciences

In the state of Hessen, things are viewed differently and there is tremendous public and political support for biotechnology firms to locate there. As a research-based industry sector, biotechnology requires strong professional networks and information exchanges between all researchers to reduce duplication of work and […]

The Shared Notion of the Importance of Democracy Human Rights and Collaboration Can Explain European Integration

The increasingly dominant role of American forces in NATO, United Nations, and other world organizations has considerably reduced the role of Europe in the world politics.The recent years have also seen that Europe has failed to effectively combat the adverse impact of globalization on the […]

Gay marriage

The Unseen Aspects of Gay Marriage Gay marriage or same-sex marriage is the marriage between two persons of the same biological sex or gender. Though a number of gay marriages have been reported around the world, governments are still uncertain about the acceptability of this […]

Reshaping Social Movement Media for a New Millennium

Lastly, the utilization of Indymedia was assessed and evaluated using the theoretical instruments given by new alternative broadcasting scholarship. Therefore, he examined Indymedia in terms of its association, its cultures and its socio-politics.Brevini, Bernadetta amp. Murdock, Graham. Follow the Money: Wikileaks and the Political Economy […]

Apostles of Disunion Southern Secession Commissioners and the Causes of the Civil War Charles Dew

The Union soldiers wanted the Confederate states to free the African American Slaves. On the other hand, the Southern States’ apostles of disunion (Southern Secession Commissioners) convinced the other Southern states to secede from the Union states as a matter of states’ right and to […]

The Issues and Challenges Facing by Multinational Companies in the Global Business Environment

Multi-national organisations on the modern-day environment often face several issues that impose unfavorable impacts upon their operational performance. With the advent of globalisation, the companies have to deal with stern competition, forcing them to adopt unconventional strategies for the purpose of overcoming the identified issues […]

Leonard L Richards Shays’ Rebellion The American Revolution’s Final Battle (2002)

Despite Shay’s effort to overthrow Britain’s power over America, it furthermore resulted to worse political conditions for the Americans. This is because of the fact that it triggered the elite group governing them at that time to be more estranged, calling for a new constitution, […]

Segregation and Disenfranchisement of AfricanAmericans from 1875 to 1900

These segregations and disenfranchisement were witnessed in both the Southern and Northern states (Andrews 54). After the American Civil war in 1870, the endorsement of the Fifteenth Amendment on the American constitution followed, preventing any state from denying any male citizen the right to vote […]


The immeasurable significance accorded to oil, in all the forms it occurs, by political empires can be traced to as early as the first decade of the 20th century when governments started showing interest in private oil companies. On behalf of the British government, Winston […]

Supermax Prisons

Supermax prisons assist in general protection of prison staff members and inmate populations. Jurisdictions using Supermax Instituions During the past two decades Super-max prisons were rare in the United States. This is contrary to current situation where two-thirds of states have implemented the use of […]


Trade and the relationship between economics and politics Domestic and international trade are important arenas in today’s globalizing world economy. How does trade demonstrate the relationship between economics and politics? Trade demonstrates a relationship between economics and politics in many ways. We can identify at […]

For any two of the following thinkers outline their key ideas and assess their contribution to the sociological understanding o

Marcuse also suggested the idea that America had repressive tolerance which is found in the East in the totalitarian states. Marcuse clearly expressed his ideas about the American system in his writings. He said that they have a tolerance for dissent but the ones who […]

Environmental Factors

Marketing environment factors profoundly influence company’s marketing operations. The paper attempts to explore various environmental factors such as free-trade Agreements, global demographic changes, increased competition, technological advances, legislative compliance that influence marketing decisions of General Motors (GM) in its domestic and international operations. Impact of […]

Dave eggers what is the what the autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng

Soon after World War 2 ended,a number of colonized countries were granted independence.Sudan became a single,independent,unified nation in 1956.However,as seen in most newly-independent countries during post-colonization,destabilization and instability followed suit,especially in regions governed by multiple ethnic,communal and religious factions. It is in this setting that […]

Two Questions

One occasion in which Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address reiterates this famous ruler is when he asserts, our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation. (Boritt 1). Similarly, Pericles started his speech in this way when he claimed, I shall began by speaking about our […]

A ‘middle class quasi scientific technocratic or mangerial form of collectivism very different from the ambiguites of social d

Fabian society is popular for its achievement during nineteenth century proceeding into First World War. The movement formulated a stolid base for the Labour Party. It also subsequently influenced policies of nations rising from the decolonization of the British Empire, particularly India. Presently, the Fabian […]

A Sociological Inquiry into a Failed or Marginal Religious Movement

Max Weber states that social movements that are involved in gaining political utopia cannot be classified as religious movements despite their capacity to inspire religious commitment. Nicheren Shoshu cult had some its basic teachings. These teachings include chanting practice, fundamental respect, ten worlds of life […]

Open Topic

This is the reason why many countries consider preemption as an essential thing. In most cases, terrorism remains to be a means of carrying on conflicts without considering the threat they cause to nature, hence misusing it for criminal offenses. Due to this characteristic, most […]

Uncontrollable Factors in Macro and Micro Environment and their Impact On Shyamali Exporters Limited

The macro-environment contains forces such as social, cultural, political, economic, technological, legal, environmental and economic factors (Armstrong &amp. Kotler 2000). Appendix I illustrates the interaction of the Macro Environmental factors with the organization.Shyamali Exports is a mid-scale business operation based in Chennai – India and […]

Aging Out of the Foster Care System Challenges and Opportunities for the State of Michigan

&nbsp.Ruffins discusses a case in which a two-year-old boy was returned to the custody of his mother, who was convicted of killing her infant daughter in 1992 because the child is black and his foster family was white. He argues that it’s time to change […]

To what extent did Allied strategic bombing have significant strategic effects on the successful outcome of the war (WWII) Did this Allied employment of air p

nge of strategy in the later stages of the war was also responsible for the attainment of the political objectives of the war – to cripple Germany and destroy her continued occupation of territories in Europe, including her attacks on Britain. What Britain was unable […]

Economy in relation to environmental protection Environment and Sustainable Development

The need to protect the environment has presented critical global challenges that require immediate responses. The linked environmental, economic, social and political issues all falling under the sustainable development framework require a delicate balancing act between competing interests whilst at the same time taking decisive […]

American imperialism the subversion of latin american sovereignty (OPEN VEINS OF LATIN AMERICA BY EDUARDO GALEANO)

Imperialist regime is where the central state authority is weak together with the open state territoriality while the global regime is where the central state authority is strong together with the open state territoriality.American imperialism tools include- political power, economic power, military power and cultural […]

The Contemporaty Middle East is the class The paper is the development of Israel and Palestine

However, the wider aspect of the demarcations in monetary matters remains, to a magnanimous extent, an overt situation (Silverburg 16). For instance, during last year in the globalization context, the new tend of the debate was acknowledged between the Nobel Prize winner in monetary issues […]

Evaluate the Relation Between the Media Politicians and Big Donors in UK

The big donors provide the huge funds for the politician’s campaigns with the aim of influencing some policies or deals when the politicians attain official or elected positions (Koss 17). With these few examples, it is apparent that there is a relationship between big donors, […]

Compare and contrast ANY TWO of the following approaches to the governance of transnational corporations (TNCs)

Governing international corporations ensures that business runs as it is supposed to. It also ensures that the corporations do not take advantage of prevailing situations to enrich themselves at the expense of other people in society. In other words, global business governance ensures that everyone […]

The Challenges and Opportunities Facing Qatar in the Next Ten Years

&nbsp.Qatari leaders should also ensure that communication networks are developed with the latest advancements in technology. Qatar also aims at providing employment to the youths through government-initiated projects. The next ten years would see an influx in the number of youths in well-paying jobs. Qatar […]

The International Business of Sabic Multinational Organisation

International business encompasses every commercial transaction between parties of two or more nations. The parties can range from private organizations to government entities. In international business, any kind of global measures and competitions have an impact on the trade of almost every organization, irrespective of […]

Listening to a radio program relevant to some of our class readings and discussions and providing a corresponding writeup of the program

The more education one has, the more money he/she is likely to earn. Families comprising of two uneducated couples are likely to suffer poverty and at the end bring up poor children who have less opportunities for education and work (Carbone 22).Women in America have […]

The External and Internal Challenges to the Qing Dynasty in the Nineteenth Century

The Qing Dynasty was the last powerful empire to rule China. As earlier stated, although it began very well in its bid to transform China into a powerful state, the dynasty encountered various internal and external challenges that impacted negatively on the course of China. […]

Are certain democratic institutions more or less democratic than others

Russia is a federal presidential government with the executive power split between the President and the Prime Minister, however, President is the supreme head (Hale, 2006, p. 243). Two chambers represent the legislative system, the State Duma (lower house) and the Federation Council (upper house) […]

How successfully were the Soviet authorities able to contain Baltic nationalism from 19451991

Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia are the three countries in the Baltic region, called Baltic States. While Lithuania got independence on 11 March 1990. Estonia and Latvia had declaration of Independence on 20th and 21 August 1991. Lithuanian population of almost 3 million people comprises around […]

Do you believe the world since the end of the Cold War in 1989 has become more peaceful and stable or less peaceful and stable

According to Kennath Waltz’s argument the world becomes more stable and peaceful when it is dominated by few superpowers. In other words, unipolar world is more stable than multipolar world (Lundestad &amp. Jakobsen, 2013). However, considering ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and […]

Description of 7 and 8 Chapters of Americas Courts and the Criminal Justice System Book by Neubauer and Fradella

Chapter 7 &amp. 8Q#1: (Chapter 7) illustrates how defense attorneys can be subject to informal sanctions and rewards. The chapter also highlights how variations in cooperation with the other actors in the courthouse by the defense attorney can affect the defendant. Is a defendant better […]

Raytheon Corporations New International Market in South Africa

8 2000 When it comes to devising the most effectual security solutions, Raytheon Corporation employs all its proficiency at its disposal. Raytheon Corporation exploits all its advanced technological expertise and partnering with its experienced teammates and clients in the security field. As an integrator, Raytheon […]

Analyze the relationship between humans and technology in the novel and in the present

But amidst the shining avenue of technological advancement, human civilization forgets the curse that it brings with it. The dark abbeys lying behind the gleaming and shining pavement of human civilization is casted with curse, tears, agony and bloodshed of million innocent people who become […]

What Motivates Students from Sierra Leone to Choose to Study in the UK

This essay declares that the British cultural affinity is the fundamental factor why students choose the United Kingdom as the overseas education destination. In a way, it bred other factors such as cultural, political and economic factors considering the period of colonialism.This paper stresses that […]

The Impact of Multinationals on Economic Growth and Prosperity in Developing Countries

This essay offers a comprehensive review of the influence, exerted by multinational companies, on the growth of developing economies. In the paper, four examples of successful beneficial co-operation between Indian government and multinational companies are provided.Globalisation leads to liberalisation. In economic terminology, governments use the […]

Corporate Social Responsibility Bringing Big Organization Back

Another influential factor that helped big organizations in gaining dominance was the rising concern for global warming and conservation of natural resources. International agencies like United Nations (UN) enacted many environmental laws like EnergyStar rating (for energy efficient appliances), recycling laws, and Kyoto Protocol (in […]

How the World might change in the next 25 years

One of the biggest problems that have been escalating over the last 25 years is the depletion of natural resources. The world’s population has grown to 6.99 billion today (http://www.census.gov/main/www/popclock.html). The growth in population, industrialization, and social-political influences has led humanity to abuse nature. There […]

Which are the significant changes we can observe archaeologically between the Late Bronze Age and the Iron Age and when would you place them in absolute chronological terms

rich Schliemann excavated Mycenae, with Homer as his guide, uncovering traces of a powerful warrior society—with sites like Tiryns, Gla, and Orchomenos, surrounded by massive walls. Connecting these two civilizations was a series of tablets, written in so-called Linear B, which was translated by Michael […]

Account for the widespread failure of democracy in Europe between the two world wars

The inter period between the World Wars in Europe was a trademark of different regimes ruling Europe at a dark time(Pratchett 44). The casualties were far more terrible than anyone had foreseen, and international conflict was without a doubt filled with consequences. Hence, the failure […]


This reflects the success of the company in various countries (Jumeirah International, 2013).The company has mainly eyed tourist attractions and travel destinations for the placement of its properties and this have hugely contributed towards the instant popularity of the group in that particular area. The […]

The International Political Economy the International Monetary Fund

6 1500 To comprehend the ultimate benefits of the historic gift Free Trade we need to analyze the word “Globalization”. Globalization of the economy depends on the role of human migration, international trade, movement of capital, and integration of financial markets. The International Monetary Fund […]

Development in the Current System of the U S Government from the Point of View of the Founding Fathers

Changes in the constitution can have a lot of repercussions for the countrymen. It determines the rights of every citizen, be it be a minority or a Black. It was in effect from 17th September 1787 in Philadelphia. Being the oldest Federal constitution in existence, […]

Discourse and Representation (Critically assess the relevance of Marxist theory to the study of Media Texts)

No doubt, they are based on his concept. but the way they have spread their tentacles far and wide today, Marx himself would have found it difficult to recognise them and the relationship between the media and Marxism is one such field. Liberal pluralism and […]