Arab Oil

The Egyptian and Syrian political leaders, President Anwar Sadat and President Assad had made their final decision to attack Israel on October 6, at 2:00 P.M. As a response to the decision of the Arab leaders, Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko began evacuating Soviet civilian […]

American Foreign Policy The merit of the U S military intervention Under what circumstances and for what purpose should the the U S military overseas intervene

3 750 Military intervention is often considered as the last resort after all political and diplomatic ways to tackle a conflict have been used. Nevertheless, even if these resources have been unsuccessful, a country shall not engage battle without questioning itself on whether to engage […]

Political Convergence in Canada The Case of the Liberal and Conservative Party of Canada

As Eric Belanger lamentably notes, "Political parties in advanced industrial democracies are becoming less and less distinguishable to the point of being identical, having similar ideologies and political platforms. This argument is especially prevalent in descriptions of the Canadian political scene." The latter finding is […]

How to Define Poverty

Consequently, and as Keen (1992) contends, given that development, theory embraces poverty alleviation strategies, one may assume that development policies and programmes are inherently focused upon poverty reduction/elimination.While the above assertion is valid and development policies, as does development theory, embrace poverty alleviation strategies, the […]

The Great Depression and American isolationism affect on FDR’s desire to take an active role in international affairs in the manner of TR and Wilson

According to Michael Leigh, FDR never made any attempt to persuade US public regarding ending of isolation. He also says that FDR had enormous preoccupation with the public opinion. ( ). This view contradicts the famous fireside chats of FDR to some extent, because he […]

The Dynamic Society of Abraham Lincoln an Antislavery Political Leader

Abolitionists are to be eminent from these free-soilers, who disparate the addition of slavery. The dynamic campaign had its mainspring during the revitalization (the 1820s) within the North of their faith, with its ethical exigency to end the aberrant practices of slavery. It accomplished the […]

The Need for Marketing Information for Bottle Brothers to Improve the Running of the Business

As markets are becoming more and more hypercompetitive, there exists a more stringent competition among competitors and higher bargaining leverage. With these features of the hypercompetitive business arena, the role of marketing in the operation of the businesses becomes more pronounced. Marketing information can be […]

The Influence of Global Economic and Political Environment on Airline Industry in China

"Globalisation" was coined by Levitt (1983) who describes it as the shrinking of the world as brought about by the expansion of the reach of global media and the reduced cost of communication, resulting in the convergence in the tastes of consumers worldwide and the […]

Class and Class Conflict in Industrial Society

Philosophers and political theorists including Kant, Hobbes, Marx, Machiavelli, and Locke, etc have presented different views and articulated various theories to define the manners, rights, and obligations of citizenship. Their works indicate directly and indirectly the factors supportive in maintaining a peaceful atmosphere within a […]

Europe and the Middle East in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century

The author of the paper accentuates: “From being conquerors in the Balkans and central Europe in the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the Ottomans suffered defeats and loss of territory in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries” (Rafeaq, 2005, p. 230). Clearly, such failure of the […]

Examine positive and negative ways that the political behavior of managers might impact on organisations

3 750 Examine positive and negative ways that the political behavior of managers might impact on organisations. Politics in an organization is basically not held in principle nor assumed as necessary in promoting organizational growth. Managers, however, tend to acquire political behavior due to a […]


Thus, the crusade indulgence initially was identical to that ensured by the pilgrimage to the Holy places. The Crusades, which meant fighting for the defence of Christians, came to be considered as a work of piety. Political and military success was of little importance.Pope Urban […]

Do you consider that there still is an identifiable British working class fiction

An identifiable British working class fiction is still identifiable but society has changed perceptively since the World War One which considerably altered definitions and perceptions of this status. Through the texts Lucky Jim (1954) by Kinsley Amis, The Girls of Slender Means (1963) by Muriel […]

The Gap

For every company, setting strategic directions require sales projections for such periods as one, three, five, and ten years ahead. These projections predict customer and competitor reactions. attempt to gauge acceptance for new products. and highlight economic, social, demographic, technological, psychological, and political changes, all […]


Presidents are often confronted by the tension of a needed domestic policy change that is tempered with the deliberateness of the US legislative system, and must rely on the traditional impact of the opinion of the American voter.One of the obstacles that impede a President’s […]

A persuasive arguement Was Saddam Husseins execution an essential point in establishing democracy in Iraq

dictator was responsible for various war crimes, said to have been the reason behind many assassination of various political figures and other crimes. His campaign againt the Kurds in the north of Iraq and the use of chemical weapons against innocent people was something that […]

Describe how campaigns for public office are organized Why is it important to secure the undecided voters in a close election In your own estimation what were the significant domestic and foreign policy issues in the 2008 presidential campaign

In other words, those voters who have claimed, either truthfully or not, that they have yet to place their allegiance to a specific candidate or political party. Such closeness that highlights the need for considerable effort being put into the format of public campaigns, so […]

What Steps Can Be Taken By the Nations of the SubSaharan Africa to Address the Causes of Poverty

The Poorest Continent Case Study Question 2: What Steps Can Be Taken By the Nations of the Sub-Saharan Africa to Address the Causes of Poverty? Can The Governments of Developed Nations Help in This Process? Should They? How?The current scenario witnessed in the Sub-Saharan region […]

World War I

2500 The Treaty of Versailles, signed on June 28, 1919, was the result of a negotiation of the “Big Four” – Woodrow Wilson, British Prime Minister David Lloyd George, French Premier Georges Clemenceau and Vittorio Orlando of Italy. The Treaty faced opposition from the United […]

Happy Days

America’s Happy 50s It is undeniable that 1950’s were arguably happy moments for America. The 50s marked an end to a prolonged war and unrest. Whereas the World War II period was marked by instability, political unrest, economic crisis and familial issues, the 50s brought […]


Prof’s Arab-Israeli Conflict and the Hope for Peace The claim that “historical tragedies … occur when right clashes with right” seems, on its surface, to be a nearly perfect explanation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The fact is, both sides have the righteousness of a realistic […]

How Successful is Social Identity Theory in Explaining Stigma and Prejudice

Prejudice has been defined as unfounded negative, or positive thoughts and feelings towards a person founded exclusively on that person’s membership to a social group (Worchel et al, 1988). Consequently, if a person is prejudiced towards that social group, or a member of that social […]

Voter ID The Social Economic Legal and Political Aspects of Voter ID Laws

It is evident that the state also accepted personal care home identifications, or college identifications provided the documents were current with the expiration dates indicated. An examination of Governor Tom Corbett’s speech concerning the enactment of these laws reveals that the governor proposed for the […]

Various Things that Can Be in Order for Nations to Live in Peace

Peace may also suggest the existence of the healthy or newly healed international and interpersonal relationships, sincere attempts for reconciliation and prosperity in matters of economic or social welfare as well as working political order and establishment of equality that serves the real interests of […]

Differences in the Accounts of the Iran Contra Affair between Christopher Andrew and Tim Weiner

To the astonishment of the gathered press corps, Ronald Reagan admitted that money earned from covert arms deals with the Islamic Republic of Iran had been used to provide weapons for the Contra rebels in Nicaragua who were essentially agents of Washington. The scandal set […]

What is happening to jounalist and protesters at the RNC in the twin cities must include info retrieved from written as well as video sources

Teacher (dd month yyyy) Controversial Media and Protester Arrests mar the 2008 RNC As Senator John McCain accepted the presidential nomination from the ruling American political party on the last day of the Republican National Convention (RNC), some four hundred people including media representatives were […]

Speeches of the Security Members during the Resolution over Syria

Even though, America and NATO expressed their concern regarding the affairs in that region their worry was the intimidation masqueraded by Islamic terrorism (Amnesty International, 2012, Pg.123-124).The latest Sino-Russian support over Syria in the UN Security Council, the General Assembly and other global meetings is […]

Evaluate the utility of the anthropological concept of the chiefdom as a means of analysing the kingdoms (tuatha) of Early Christian Ireland

In looking cultures such as the early Christian chiefdoms in Ireland where the evidence is not clearly established, the anthropological approach allows for the use of research from a variety of resources to be utilized in creating a concept of the nature of the culture.In […]

Why did the Ottoman Empire collapse in the end of the 19th and early part of the 20th Centuries including World War I Be sure to analyze the reform efforts of Mahmet Ali and then the Young Turks Ultimately why did they fail

The collapse of Ottoman Empire [Insert al Affiliation] The Ottoman Empire also knows as Turkish Empire was a Sunni Islamic established by Oghuz Turks under Osman I in 1299. Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, the Ottoman Empire was meticulous at the height of its […]

The Obligations of the Carrier under a Bill of Lading Are to Properly

There are a number of purposes among which is the evidence of the contract of carriage, statement of the condition of goods received and whether the goods received match the contract description, document of transfer without transfer of ownership rights (2004). Obligations of the carrier […]

Why is stress such a major concern for employers today

People, who can take it as an opportunity or challenge, can improve their performances and make a mark. The different factors that cause stress are known as stressors.The environmental stressors include economic, political and technological changes. Organisational structure is always influenced by economic environment of […]

The Social Construction of Sexuality Homophobia as a Weapon of Sexism and Masculinity as Homophobia

The postmodern era is widely acknowledged as the age of liberalization. Liberalization in every aspect of human life, starting from economic to political, from social to psychological has received the highest importance. Unfortunately, as we all know there is always a huge gap between theory […]

Development Nature and Organization of a New Independent School in the Middle East

In fact, due to the well-established nature of some of these divisions, it is sometimes difficult to approach the subject at all or to debate its merits and problems. Private schools need to position themselves to meet these sometimes conflicting demands. It is therefore essential […]

Effect of culture on team performance and project success investigation into Project practice in developing countries to find if there exists a relationship between the work culture and project performance

Schwalbe (2004) claims that almost nearly $ 10 trillion of the world’s total domestic budget are allotted to various projects. These factors highlight the significant role of projects in global economy.On the other hand, the reality of project failure is constantly in the offing, thus […]

Why is Steven Lukes critical of Weber’s definition of power What are the advantages of the threedimensional view of power according to Lukes

Economic power is the authority over resources, normative power is said to be the control over the belief shared in a particular society, whereas political power is the control over violence in the society (Poggi, 1978).Weber defined domination as an order given by a person […]

Why did the Oligarchs exercise so much influence in Russian political and economic life in the period 1993 99

They did not move quickly enough, however, and in the autumn of that year Yeltsin simply dissolved the old former soviet political apparatus and declared that a new Duma (Parliament) would be elected. The Duma election was scheduled for 1995 and Yeltsin himself ran for […]

Heroines and Villains in Yoon Louies Sweatshop Warriors Immigrant Women Workers Take on the Global Factory

The study takes the reader through the labyrinth of issues related with employment and civil rights, organized labour, immigration and benefits in the context of the global knowledge economy. Yoon Louise sends a powerful message through the personal accounts of those, who have been exploited […]

What are the main aspects of Mills principle of liberty Are they too vague to be of any practical political value

an be considered to be among the most influential books dealing with the liberal principle of John Mill and it has as its main theme at the beginning a distinction of the threats to liberty both from the past as well as the new ones.According […]

The Westminster Model of Democracy and the Consensus Model of Democracy

The former elements are typical of the system found in the United Kingdom while the latter typically represents elements found in the US system. The apparent implausibility of majoritarian models of political governance as been thrust to the forefront of debate by Lijphart while much […]

In what ways does Kathryn Bigelow undermine the conventions of action cinema Use Point Break as your example and be sure to incorporate the discussions of critics that were assigned to read

Kathryn Bigelow and her role in the conventions of action cinema Kathryn Bigelow’s films have always had a controversial criticism due to the subject matter of her films. Point Break which Bigelow directed in 1991, is still considered one of the best Filmography work from […]

A Common Foreign and Security Policy

Democracy, negotiation, and collective decision-making through multilateralism are all inherent attributes of the modern EU.&nbsp. The European Union, as an expression of its constituent members, represents the best of the European democratic tradition to the benefit of all member states (Warleigh 2004).&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Accordingly, the European Union […]

Difference between the USA and UK government type and the difference in the checks and balances (UK unwritten checks and balances list) (USA written checks and balances)

The differences between the UK’s and USA’s systems of checks and balances There exist a number of differences between UK’s unwritten checks and balances and USA’s written checks and balances. One of the differences between UK’s unwritten checks and balances and the USA’s written checks […]

There are number of different rules that come into play when employing/recruiting temporary workers and they tend to overlap when it comes to immigration Some provinces have additional legislation in place to protect workers from unscrupulous behavior P

Temporary Foreign Workers program split Introduction Hiring foreigners has been the cheapest source of labor in Canada for a long time with most employers showing preference to foreigners. This may however change given the revision of the laws governing the use of foreign sources of […]

The Large Banks Should not Be Broken up because These Banks Are Assets to Society

61500 If we break the banks up, we will eradicate the future crisis risk. The impediment is that every niche of this argument is based on a myth. The first misleading notion is that the materialization of huge, universal banks- uniting investment banking with commercial […]

Low Voter Turnout in Local Elections as Compared to National Elections

There are many reasons why local elections have lower voter turnout as compared to national elections. Many scholars and political scientists have been researching the reasons for this phenomenon. Interestingly, participation in national elections is not that high. Less than half of all eligible voters […]

Marbury v Madison Establishing the Principle of Judicial Review under the US Constitution

When Federalist John Adams failed of reelection in 1800, he made Marshall a ‘lame duck’ appointee as Chief Justice of the United States. This and other court appointments by the outgoing administration caused considerable consternation among the victorious Democratic-Republicans. During his long tenure, the decisions […]

Hedley Bulls Comment the International Society Has Always Been Present in the World Political System

&nbsp.Unfortunately, though, international society has often been characterized by violence and competing claims over natural resources. The following explores colonialism and the role that it has played in the international system. Human interaction over the past few centuries has been characterized by violence, aggression and […]

Why Were the Bolsheviks Able to Seize and Retain Power in Russia

Besides being ruthless to his people, Nicholas II was known as Bloody Nicholas because of executing political opponents, conducting military campaigns that were hitherto of unprecedented scale, steering the Khodynka Tragedy, causing the 1896 mass panic that resulted to over1,389 deaths and conducting consecutive anti-Semitism […]

Royal Mail Group Ltd Examination and Evaluation of its Modernisation Programme

More detailed figures show that “each week Royal Mail Group serve 28 million customers through a network of some 14,300 Post Office® branches and deliver some 337 million parcels a year” (Opportunity Now, 2010). However, the company has been going through a phase of the […]

Business Environment US vs UK in Regard to Differences in Political Systems

Legislative authority is restored in the chambers of Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Judiciary which includes the Supreme Court and the federal courts is vested with the judicial power. Their job includes interpreting the constitution of the US and federal laws […]

Analyze the main causes of African immigration to the United States of America

As it were, there is a crisis of being that presents existentially and materially, affluence in the intended country of immigration, and widespread poverty in the home country. Attending the poverty are serious political and socio-economic crises that make departure and immigration all the more […]

What did Theodore Roosevelt mean when he said the US should be the ‘policemen’ of the Caribbean

What did Theodore Roosevelt mean when he said the US should be the policemen of the Caribbean? Roosevelt’s mentwas meant to respond to the interference into the affairs of the Caribbean by the Europeans. Roosevelt aimed to control the economy of the Caribbean. He wanted […]

Abandoning the Politics of Equality in Favour of Cultural Differences

One of the essential questions concerning cultural differences is regarding how liberal democracies do and should respond to these differences in the cultural and religious practices of minorities. “Democratic societies are those in which the authority of those who govern is derived from the will […]

Imperial Edict

THE EMPIRE POLITIC. To that end, we shall continue to support the limited self-governance of the people by and through their elected representatives, overseen by the benevolent Imperial Family. Furthermore, the population of our domain shall continue to be represented in our senatorial convocation through […]

What are the main features of a bipolar world Illustrate your answer with examples

This trend engineered a process where the global power changed from being controlled by a few countries, to being a preserve of two fierce rivals competing to dominate the world in politics, ideologies, and technological powers. The rest of the world became spectators. they were […]

Your company has won a contract to market the new ipad 4 in europe the managing director has dicided to split the marketing to target individual countries based on their economy and culture you manager has asked you to submit a proposal in writing of 20

Italy has been a democratic nation for 46 years now and thus the political environment is reputable for the marketing of the product. This is from the fact that with the democracy, the government does not inhibit the citizens from purchasing products at will. Moreover, […]

Why did European states engage in a process of economic integration Are the original reasons still valid today

The competition was expected to increase in the integrated market was expected to result to productive allocation of the economic resources. Integration was aimed at providing the investors with incentives to invest in innovations improving the dynamic efficiency of the economy. The consumers in the […]

What arguments can be given for and against the desirability of the existence of interest groups or (as Madison called them) factions in a democracy Which position do you think is correct

Interest Groups Introduction Jeffrey Berry refers to interest groups as sets of individuals whoshare similar and common aims and objectives and who make efforts to change or direct government policy-makers and policies (Navarro 203). According to Madison, in the US, there are factions or certain […]

How globalization changes Canadas urban development after World War 2

These are guided by the primary political objectives of the ruling power and the intricacies of welfare culture’s regional disparities (McBride amp. Mcnutt, 2007, p. 194). Neo-liberalism is a set of economic policies that have dominated politics for the last 25 years. Essentially, neo-liberalism contains […]

2 Housing association governance puts the interests of the organisation above those of residents Discuss

is community boasts that they have moved ahead of government by being able to enforce these restrictions through the contracts signed by the homeowners that in the public sector might run afoul of constitutional restrictions and statutory limitations. This particular circumstance underscores a dimension in […]

Exchange Rates

Exchange Rates of the Affiliate Presentation of the two best practices is aimed at leveraging exchange rate information for increasing profits. Ostrow (2011) observes that minimization of transaction costs and maximization of shareholder value are the two best practices. Maximizing shareholder value is an important […]

Race Ethnicity and Racism The Links Between Globalization and Racism

Globalization is a revolutionary concept which brought huge changes in global political, economic and social life. Collective growth is the slogan of globalization. According to Hill (n.d), Globalization is the process of growing interconnection, interdependence and integration in the modern world, generated by growing economic, […]

The Significance of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations

The ratification of the Convention was momentous in that it called for the ‘establishment of diplomatic relations between states’ and for ‘permanent diplomatic missions to take place by mutual consent.2 The foundation of these diplomatic relations hold considerable value as it cemented equitably and just […]