Policing Policies Zero Tolerance Policing as Opposed to Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving

A study of the two approaches suggests that an alternative approach which combines the best features of Zero Tolerance Policing and COPPS would be most effective in crime prevention and control.Over the centuries, methods of policing have been subject to a constant process of evolution […]

Current Strategic Activity within a Major International Company

First, of аll I will give short historicаl bаcjground of the compаnies аnd then will come down to аnаlyzing the issue.Thе shift frоm thе mаrkеting оf spоrtswеаr аs spеciаlist pеrfоrmаncе itеms tо prоmоting it аs mаinstrеаm fаshiоn itеms fоr thе gеnеrаl public hаs grеаtly bеnеfitеd […]

Vancomycinresistant Entercocci as a Possible BioTerrorist Weapon and Health Care Defense Tactics

Entercocci are gram-positive bacteria and all Entercocci have intrinsic resistance to antibiotics. This resistance has increased since 1988 when it was first seen as a public health risk in Europe. Vancomycin Resistance Entercocci (VRE) was first identified in the United States in 1993. From 1993 […]

Me Governor My life in the rough and tumble world of politics by Richard J Codey review

He already knew that his life was going to entirely revolutionized and this proved significantly true in later years. In this book he has shared his outlook on the typical political setting of New Jersey while discussing different personnel who have been associated to the […]

Urban economics

Urbanization indicates the economic development of a country. Sustainable development is the need of the hour in all types of activities. Although the path of sustainability is a difficult one, yet it is approachable if pursued in an appropriate way. Sustainable transportation system ensures building […]

The Cold War

Topic: s number: The Cold War was a period of East-West competition, pressure, and clash short offull-size war, characterized by shared thoughts of antagonistic intention between military-political alliances or blocs. During the Cold War where communism spread rapidly in Eastern Europe, China, and Korea the […]

The topic is media ethical issues but it has to be by exploring the ethical issues involved by an example giving (see instructi

This paper explores the ethical issues involved in the case study and highlights arguments for and against the parents’ request to the photographer’s wife to stop circulating the photograph of their deceased child in light of the teological and the deontological theory of ethics. Ethical […]

Iraq War

This was especially so in the light of what was hoped to be greater women’s political participation which would be conducive for development in Iraq in economic and social spheres, whereby the women would achieve like their Western contemporaries individual freedom and political empowerment.In this […]

Psychological and Physiological Benefits of Physical Exercise

Physical activity is mainly undertaken to attain and sustain a healthy body weight. Its benefits incorporate a healthy mind, mood and improved general health of an individual. According to Gledhill (2007), the physiological and psychological significance of exercise are relevant to the current society. This […]

How Should We Conceive Public Opinion if Bourdieu Asserts that Public Opinion Does not Exist

The act of producing a response to a questionnaire on politics, like voting is a particular case of a supply meeting a demand (Bourdieu, 1984, p. 399). Thus Bourdieu asserts that public opinion does not exist.Some people are of the opinion that Public opinion research, […]

Scarlet 1 A Study of the Use of Irony as a Literary Device in the Scarlet Letter

Situational irony in this novel has a symbolic meaning because one of the main characters, Hester Prynne, is supposed to wear the red letter A that symbolizes her sin of adultery that he committed with the young minister Arthur Dimmesdale’s. The situational verbal irony contextualized […]

Analyzing the differing conceptions of separation of power held by Publius and AntiFederalists

THE NECESSITY OF SEPARATION OF POWERS The idea of the necessity of limitation of powers within the framework of written Constitution was a basic premise shared by Federalists and Anti-Federalists alike. For instance, Cato argues that a general presumption that rulers will govern well is […]

Evaluating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) 15 USC 78dd1

In 1970s, the market was gradually shifting towards globalization with many multinationals expanding to new markets. The result was that to gain advantage over other players in the market, some U.S firms and individuals bribed foreign government officials for considerations in awarding of contracts and […]

Comparison of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution

The Constitution responds to that requirement. The most apparent forms of Constitutional response can be found in its architecture. Government powers are divided into executive, judicial, and legislative branches (Allen 1). The legislative takes the central position. it is well elaborated in Article 1 and […]

Management Consultancy To what extent is it realistic to expect consultancies to act ethically

Hence bring a sharp focus on ethical or unethical practices of consultants. This paper, therefore, aims to examine the raising concern that consulting industry is unethical in its operations. To examine this issue, the paper will highlight the UK consulting industry. review unethical practices in […]

Document analysis political violence in Germany in the lead up to Nazi power (the Nazi capture of power)

Engelmann’s Jewish French teacher (Dr.Levy) was vilified and victimized right before his eyes and for not fault of his. Merely by the fact of his religious faith and by his legitimate act of removing a Swastika flag from the school mast, Dr. Levy would incur […]

The Contexts Pressures and Constraints of Television Production

Mirzoeff (2002) posits that the televisual public sphere format:fosters a particular form of spectatorship: it creates a split or multiple identifications, in which there is an approximate reflection of the viewer’s experience, but also simultaneously, a re-channelling of this experience into a limited number of […]

Inquiring &amp

Exploring3750 In light of the above, there are many who have seen utilitarianism as the solution to man’s moral and ethical problems. Sidgwick postulates that utilitarianism remains the best solution to many ethical and moral puzzles since it merely seeks happiness and fairness for the […]

Slavery as a submerged theme in Robinson Crusoe An Illustration of Crusoe’s pragmatism

3 April, Slavery as a submerged theme in Robinson Crusoe: An Illustration of Crusoe’s pragmatism. Although the institution of slavery is not the most fundamental element of the plot of Robinson Crusoe, yet it lays the basis for most of the actions that are performed […]

The Global Commercial Market and the Firms Accounting System in China

The Chinese Ministry of Finance has the power to establish and monitor the accounting standards across the specific country. because the accounting needs of the organizations operating in the country’s public and private sector were many, the establishment of an organization that would deal with […]

Comprehensive Paper Incorporating Masters in Public Health Core

Biostatistics, as the name suggests, entails incorporating statistics into biology. Statistics is majorly associated with calculations and figures, while biology entails anything the study of anything that is living. Biostatistics entails the use of statistics to represent public health problems. Biostatistics is a core competence […]

Legislation Regarding the Welfare and Treatment of Animals

Anesthesia was discovered in the year 1946 and before its discovery. experiments on animals were carried out without administering any painkillers. The horrific practice of vivisection was practiced without administering anesthetics or painkilling drugs, even after the discovery of anesthesia. This was a serious breach […]

Social Services for Illegal Immigrants Great Wall of America between Mexico and the US

Therefore, the debate around this issue is extremely heated. There are opposing views to this argument which includes those who staunchly believe that the illegal immigrants should not receive benefits. In words of Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), by draining funds, creating unfair competition…and […]

The Specific Need for Change of Strategy in Aircraft Maintenance Organizations

This decision has usually arrived at the inadequate consideration of the processes that could have caused the awful result. In addition, when evaluating events, investigators identify that the behaviours shown by operational staffs were wrong since the pessimistic results are a matter of evidence. In […]

Performance mesurmanet

College: Performance measurement According to Schermerhorn and Chappell (5), performance measurement is a method of evaluating effectiveness and efficiency of actions in an organization. Effectiveness entails the level to which the organization meets customer requirements while efficiency evaluates how resources are utilized with an objective […]

Criminal Law 5 3

OBSCENITY AND PORNOGRAPHY (Criminal Law 5.3) ID Number: of of (affiliation)Location of University:Word Count: 751 (text only)Date of Submission: July 25, 2014IntroductionA certain culture is characterized by its values, norms, beliefs, and principles which the people belonging in that particular culture adhere to. These cultural […]

How has globalization affected employment and communities in contemporary Britain Focus on the deindustrialised Greater Glasgow area as discussed in a recent report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Impact of Globalisation in the UK The United Kingdom is one of the countries that have experienced effects of globalisation especially in the realm of employment. In many instances, globalisation has been known to have uneven impact on economies and the various regions. This is […]

Human resources (

Equal Access to Education Equal Access to Education The American education system is different from that in other countries. Education is the responsibility of the state and local governments hence there is little standardization in the overall curriculum. States have control over the curriculum, student […]

Reflection Journals

 Reflection Journals Lead poisoning debilitates the community’s health. The research delves on describing the ill effects of lead poisoning. The research delves on reducing lead poisoning. The government and other affected arties must prioritize the community’s health over the gold ore processing companies’ gold […]

Promotional Strategy That Should Be Used in the Development of the Strategic Marketing Plan

Since Guinness Ice is in a can form which makes it easy to sell in supermarkets, a 15-cents off coupon can be distributed in supermarkets especially during the introduction stage. During the growth stage a redemption coupon will be given. This tool is considered appropriate […]

Discuss the challenges and benefits involved in using a health promotion approach to tackle the levels of depression experienced within the general population

This has been majorly attributed to the fact that research undertaken among these professionals to facilitate the understanding of mental health issues differ with regard to the methodologies, theories and language used to undertake the study.Stakeholders such as psychologist, sociologists, non-governmental organizations and governments have […]


Law Paper Movie Review 600 words It is films such as Inside Job directed by Charles Ferguson that remind investors, traders or any other consumers that power, influence and money will always kill the moral system. This is particularly true because Ferguson explores why some […]

Malthus’s Prediction in the Epic Book An on the Principle of Population

When Malthus predicted in his epic book An Essay on the Principle of Population that human population will grow exponentially and exceed the capacity of natural resources, there was widespread panic. After decades of analysis and observation the theory has proved to be ineffective. But […]

Investigate both the Risks and Opportunities that exist for a large European contracting company that is looking to develop its market share in a sustainable manner assuming that we are entering a period of economic recovery

The GDP growth rate of European Union has contracted by 0.4% in 2012 and increased by meagre 0.1 % in 2013. Some sectors like the construction, transport and communications and trade were most affected due to the crisis. The European construction industry experienced steep declines […]

Active and Reactive Power Control in GridConnected Solar Photovoltaic Systems

The controlling the active and reactive power in grid-connected PV systems will include carrying out a literature review as well as conducting a series of simulations using MATLAB program and Pulse Width Bandwidth to investigate the feasibility of active and reactive power control in grid-connected […]

Real enemies

14 February Kathryn Olmsted’s Real Enemies Analysis Real Enemies is an exceptional examination of the conspiracy theories in the modern United States. The conspiracies that Olmsted refers in Chapter one talks about the United States government carried out conspiracies against the American people as a […]

Construct a profile of the ideal readers of Time and Heat Remember that to do this you must demonstrate the validity of the profile in relationship to evidence

One magazine is entertainment with the latest celeb news, the other news with occasional inserts on entertainment. One is Heat magazine, the other is Time. One is cheeky, ironic, punchy, fun. the other is serious, driven, dramatic, and dry.Much money soaks the magazine publishing market. […]


On the other hand, Toledo ‘maintained strong commitments to freedom of the press’ (U.S. Department of State, 2007). In the elections that took place in 2006, the country’s government changed. It was now the time of the Garcia government. Under the ruling of the specific […]

There are many projects known to the public which have received attention by the media because of their perceived failures Select a wellknown project and conduct research into its perceived failures

This particular project aimed at the modernisation of the corporation’s production by designing a connected network between the digital productions along with the media assets to assist staff members when sharing, developing and using videos and/or audio materials (BBC, 2013). Unfortunately, due to the lack […]

Disclousuer requirments in securities regulation between Saudi Arabia and united States (compareson)

Disclosures imply that public should be informed of any investment decisions, while the undermining of this confidence leads to the collapse of the securities market harming national economy for a very long period of time.Saudi Arabia is considered to be one of the largest developing […]

Issues to consider when a neighborhood may be exposed to Hazardous Emissions

To ensure that the community is not harmfully affected, proper assessment should be conducted to observe the environmental health risk of the incinerator (Rabl, Spadaro and Zoughaib, 2008). Potential impacts of the incinerator Incinerators have a number of negative effects towards the environment. Firstly, the […]

Reforms in India after 1991 have generated rapid rates of growth but risk leading to increasing leves of inequality

At the same time, the country increased its reliance on the market and restructured the role of government to achieve economic stability (Dreze amp. Amartya, 1995).India witnessed a change for the better in her economic performance after implementation of policy reforms in 1991. An average […]

6C Case Analysis

Case Analysis: Legal Consequences of a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory Introduction: This case deals with and discusses the provisions, implications and interpretation of article 17 of the International Court of Justice which is designed to prevent impartiality of the judges, whereby any member […]

Environmental Regulations in the USA

Conservation and management of resource laws deals with a single resource like natural resources for example forests, animal species and intangible resources like archeological sites. Environmental regulations are influenced by principles of environmentalism including sustainability, conservation, ecology, stewardship, and responsibility. Environmental regulations are mainly aimed […]

Communications Best Practices When Identifying Critical Infrastructures

Public service agencies communication airwaves have inherent device connectivity challenges that must be overcome by an installation of a communication system that is capable of averting the challenges. The best connectivity infrastructure must be flanked by the general outline of the systems used in a […]

Environmental Law Massachusetts v Environmental Protection Agency

Petitioners: states of California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington. The cities of New York, Baltimore, and Washington DC, the territory of American Samoa, and the Centre for Biological Diversity, Friends of the Earth, Center for Food […]

As a healthcare provider were charged with two key factors in the Emergency Medical Service Do no harm and the preservation of life Now in the 21 Century everything has become computer based Technology has surpassed the projected expectation of dream

149).EMS relies on various devices and technologies, the majority of which have been in service for many years. There are many new technologies being added to the list of the existing technologies. Although it is not probable that the EMS system will utilize all the […]

Textual analysis of the man in the gray flannel suit by sloan wilson (american dream theme)

Textual Analysis ID: Word count: 826 words Table of contents Introduction……………………………………………………………………2 Analysis………………………………………………………………………..2Conclusion………………………………………………………………..……3Work cited …………………………………………………………………….3Introduction:The man in the grey flannel suit is a novel that concentrates on one man’s desire to join and succeed in the material world. Based on a family of five living in […]

Solar Heating

Forced air systems accept both air and liquid systems as supplements. Schiller Consulting, (2007, 21) on the other hand covers liquid-based solar heating. The most appropriate collectors for central heating are solar liquid collectors. The commonest of the solar liquid collectors are flat-plate collectors. Additional […]

For one destination of your choice justify and design a new heritage trail

This island encompasses a strong cultural heritage and even there is existence of island identity. Heritage tourism faces a major challenge in the form of preserving resources efficiently which is utilized during building such heritage sites. Sustainable development can be considered as a central component […]


Sustainability – Corporate Social ResponsibilityPart 1: Select an organization (have knowledge with) and look at the organization in terms of a mid-level business manager’s seat of duty/responsibility within the organization. Identify what you could do today to help support the organization become more modern in […]

Australia’s gambling policy Motivations implications and options

Bostock, W.W. (2005). Australias gambling policy: Motivations, implications, and options. Journal of Gambling Issues, Issue 13, 16pgs. ProblemGambling was initially described as a reallocation of wealth, on the basis of deliberate risk, involving gain to one party and loss to another, usually without the introduction […]

Booker T Washington was born into slavery thus his ideas of AfricanAmerican rights were influenced by his early experiences Were as WEB Dubois was born into freedom and his ideas were a result of not having to suffer from as much oppression

Du Bois, growing up mostly in the northern cities as a free man, won distinction as the first black man to achieve a Harvard degree. Washington, growing up more in the south and born into slavery, eventually received an honorary Masters degree from Harvard as […]

Primary Care Nurses and Doctors Views of Managing Childhood Obesity in Saudi Arabia

Obesity is increasingly recognized as a serious and escalating public health problem in the world today, contributing to increased morbidity and premature mortality. The rise in childhood obesity is of special concern. It is acknowledged that obesity in childhood can lead to many lifelong health […]

Electronic Cigarette Sustainable Business in Japan External Analysis

PESTEL analysis is the best tool for making market analysis for external factors that might affect the operation of a business. External factors affecting Magpie Pty Limited include environmental factors, political, social cultural, technological, legal and economic factors. Consequently, in order to capture or maintain […]

What evidence is there that antcorrupation campaigns are effective where they are not why not

Topic: Anti Corruption Campaigns Lecturer: Presentation: Corruption is a practice that has continued to disgrace our society, by means of the people we put in administrative power to govern and act as custodians of our hard earned government resources. The common man and woman continues […]

Asset Bubbles

Asset Bubbles Affiliation: Pricing is a fundamental concept in economics, and it influences almost every aspect of economic undertakings. Economies are made up of numerous markets, all of which act as substitutes or complements to one another. One of the fundamental components of economic activities […]

Issues &amp

Controversy with Public PolicyIn addition, the financial fines and penalties imposed by the US government in an attempt to persuade the uninsured people to change their status also pose serious challenges to low and middle income families. This paper will discuss the public policy issue […]

The importances of the primary secondary and tertiary levels of health promotion in nursing practice

It then becomes imperative for health nurses to define their services and to provide evidence that will support the effectiveness of the interventions they offer. In accomplishing this, Deal (1994) asserted that there should be an implementation of standardized nursing language.Unlike the last few years, […]

The underground chamber of the Colosseum and the functions it was put to use during the first throughout the sixth century Also the structural architect of trapdoors in the floor that opened at regular intervals to carry animals and people to the arena

The finished building was a great structure. It was the most dominating element of the city and also connected the city with the Esquiline, Palatine and Caelian hills (Mark, 2009)It was important to do grand productions in the colosseum to the emperor and the high […]

Impact and Outcomes of Effectual Risk Based Planning Applications

Broad policy alternatives and a process of restructuring the existing practices have to be adopted in order to overcome the present impasse. I advocate a local level policy shift rather than a Federal level overhaul.Public administration consists of non-profit governmental institutions that form the bulk […]

What Are The Two Main Theories In Management Field Which Have Been Used To Explain The Effect Of The Phenomenon

Question What are the two main theories in management field which have been used to explain the effect of the phenomenon that in some public firms, the CEO is also the chairman of the board on firm performance Management

2) …

For each of the following situations1) Heritage apartments has 100 residents who are concerned about security. The table belowgives the total cost of hiring a 24-hour security guard service as well as the marginalbenefit to each of the residents.Total CostMarginalMarginalNumberper DayBenefitBenefitof Guards(S)per Residentto all Residents(S)(S)300106004W900241200a) […]

You Work For A Company That Measures Public Opinion And Other Ideas That Can Be Surveyed You Recently Began Work

China had been left out from a worldwide survey on religious attitude, and this omissionhas been emphasized thoroughly as a problem because being the most populated nation of theworld, and being…Religious Studies