McEwen, M., & Wills, E. (2014).Theoretical basis for nursing(4th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.Chapter 2: Overview of Theory in Nursing “Nursing’s Metaparadigm” ePages 40 – 45Chapter 6: Overview of Grand Nursing TheoriesChapter 10: Introduction to Middle Range Nursing TheoriesThere are global areas […]


Reading Guide: Deviance, Social Stratification, and InequalityThis reading guide covers Chapters 7, 9, 11, and 12 in your textbook: Griffiths, H., Keirns, N., Strayer, E., Cody-Rydzewski, S., Scaramuzzo, G., Sadler, T., Vyain, S., Bry, J., & Jones, F. (2015).Introduction to sociology (2nd ed.). OpenStax College, […]


Research PaperThe research paper is the most important out-of-class writing assignment of the semester.  It will be peer-reviewed before revision and submission in its final form.  The due dates for all drafts are given in your syllabus.  The essay will be graded on completion of […]


Cognitive Development ActivitiesChanda CrewsPSY 104 Child and Adolescent DevelopmentInstructor: Julian AchimDecember 7, 2019Cognitive Development ActivitiesCognitive development refers to how children interact with the environment surrounding them to interpret phenomena and acquire knowledge through learning (Pillow, 2015). This may include the criteria in which the children […]

Final essay

text book : Holdsworth, Clare, Nissa Finney, Alan Marshall, and Paul Norman. 2013. Population and Society. Thousand Oaks: Sage.ISBN: 9781412900652This paper will be in three parts, with a minimum of 5 pages. Please do not go over 20 pages. All papers should be typed with […]


For this project, you must write a 2-3 page double-spaced analysis of a video. You need to: Identify a video/DVD (from YouTube or elsewhere, like the Films on DemandLinks to an external site. database in the PCC Library) It is recommended that you select a […]

Health Assessment

Assignment DescriptionInfographicChoose one older adult community population and create an infographic on a topic of preventative screenings or vaccines for this population. You may choose to focus on one specific preventative screening (like colonoscopy) or one specific vaccine (like pneumovax). You will create a one […]

Sociology assignment 500 words

Course Description/Student Learning Outcomes: Recommended for every student interested in race and ethnic studies in the United States. Identify the cultural, political, historical, and institutional factors affecting the social construction of race and ethnic relations Differentiate concepts such as prejudice, discrimination, segregation, assimilation, and pluralism […]

“Sociology &quot

Watching video and Questions&quot on City Rising KCET documentary”Watch the KCET documentary City Rising: https://www.kcet.org/shows/city-rising/city-rising-broadcast-episodewatch the video and answer these questions. Minimum 7 sentences per question.1) Discuss one concrete example from the film that shows how the history of redlining still shapes the housing crisis […]

“Sociology Q&amp

A ONE FULL PAGED WORD DOC.”Watch the KCET documentary City Rising here: https://www.kcet.org/shows/city-rising/city-rising-broadcast-episode(Links to an external site.)ANSWER QUESTION BELOW:How does the documentary connect to what we have learned about housing as a commodity? Do you think our society could create housing as a human right? […]


Disaster Cycle Research Paper (150 points).RESEARCH TOPIC: 2011 East African DroughtThroughout the course, you will be exploring the phases of disaster in a variety of contexts. Following the format provided in Chapter 4 of Women and Disasters, you will write an 8-12 page research paper […]


Assignment #2–Socialization Paper: Using at least three agents of socialization (e.g., family, friends, school) that apply, describe how each agent socialized you to become the person that you are today. Trace your personal socialization from birth to the present moment.Be sure to include all of […]

EHR Demo

Instructions Perform a web search to find and review EHRs. Select three (3) preferred EHRs. Compare each of the selected EHRs, using the attached assessment form. Fill in the right-hand column with your observations/assessment on why your EHR meets/does not meet each standard. Based on […]

Network Infrastructure Design Diagramming

Instructions for the work are attached. This task is very technical. I need someone with an in depth networking background (CCNA) to work on this task.Assignment1_NetworkInfrastructureDesignDiagramming-CMIT3507380InterconnectingCiscoDevices2198-UMGCLearningManagementSystem.pdfNetworkInfrastructureDesignTemplate.docxPosted: 6 months agoDue: 17/10/2019Budget: $15Tags: ITthursday Need Answers 1All Works solver4.7 (81)4.7 (901)Chatnetwork infrastructure template and diagram Answer rating:5Stars out of1ratings6 months agoPurchase the […]

Final Accounting

Write a950 – 1250 word paper on the following topic:Compare and contrast financial and managerial accounting. Provide one specific, real-life example of how either financial accounting helps external stakeholders make informed decisions or how managerial accounting helps managers to improve operational and financial performance.Your paper […]

Need wk 4 discussion for my Leadership in 21st century MBA

Culture, Diversity, and Team PerformanceAfter reading the case,SatyaNadella at Microsoft: Instilling a Growth Mindset, and this week’s readings on diversity, share your perspective on how diversitycan be a critical factor in building a high-performance team. Cite examples from your own experience, and also consider the […]

Patho F

Open the attached files….AdvancedPathoResourcestoreadAssignmentquestion.docxPathoAssignmentquestionforwk6.docxPosted: 35 minutes agoDue: 03/01/2020Budget: $8Answers 0Bids 31wizard kimrunge-kutta acerbrilliant answersElprofessoriPROF_TOMMYCatherine OwensWendy LewisDr shamille Clarakim woodsTerry RobertsProf.MacQueenWIZARD_KIMhassan0906perfectokatetutorPaula HogDr Candice_2547Phd isaac newtonProf AllanMathStat GeniusMaham Maliksmart-tutorquality work for allRELIABLE PAPERSRasWriterAcademic MentorUmair_ArifDr.Sanam sheikhSaad FahimSaburBUnique_ProfOther questions 10Geography Map assignment9 Question Math testMedia analysis for sociology classAccounting help business I […]

Sociology 13 two pages for these three questions 6 references everyquestion should have disussed in seperate

How does class stratification perpetuate systemic inequality? How does one’s class determine their life chances?How does individual discrimination differ from institutional discrimination? Explain.How has the family changed over the last 20 – 30 years? What do you think has contributed to this change?Posted: 29 minutes agoDue: 01/01/2020Budget: $10Tags: […]


For this assignment, assume the role of a researcher in the qualitative analysis phase of the study. The data are gathered imported into MAXQDA for analysis. At this point, there are parent codes and sub-codes. However, the software requires human intervention to move past codes […]

“Rate yourself using the results from the &quot

Nurse Manager Skills Inventory&quot………”Details: Rate yourself using the results from the “Nurse Manager Skills Inventory”:http://www.aone.org/resources/nurse-manager-skills-inventory.pdfWrite a reflection of 750-1,000 words in which you identify your strengths and weaknesses related to the four content areas below: Personal and professional accountability Career planning Personal journey disciplines Reflective […]

“Why did Women’s Studies emerge in the academic community? Why are Women&#x27

s Studies programs inherently interdisciplinary? Mention one discipline that seems especially influential within Women’s Studies, and tell us why.”Women’s Studies emerged in the academic community in conjunction with the second-wave feminist movement whose goal was to bring women from different backgrounds together and to become […]


Why Parents Force their Children to Study Science MajorsMahmoud AlmutairiCalifornia State University Fullerton4/28/2020The career choices people make usually have a serious impact on their future professions. This is because there is always a slight difference between the theories learned in the classroom and their application […]


Part one: Your subjectDetailed Historical/Biographical Overview of your subjectW.E.B Du Bois was a social scientist, an activist for civil rights, writer, and editor. He was born on 23/02/1868 in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, where he was raised in an extended family. He made a significant contribution […]


CHAPTER 2MEASURING AND EXPLAINING CRIMELearning ObjectivesAfter reading this chapter, students should: Identify the six different main categories of crime. Identify the publication in which the FBI reports crime data, and list the two main ways in which the data are reported.  Distinguish between the National […]

Case study 1

25). Likewise, van Manen (1990) also affirmed that a good phenomenological description is collected by lived experience and recollects lived experience? is validated by lived experience and it validates lived experience (p. 27). Using these narrative qualifications, a phenomenological description of a classroom could start […]

Geography Discuss how the writings of Henri Lefebvre have influenced geographers understaning of the modern city which has been persistently shped by the spaces

y of Consciousness (1925), Morceaux choises de Karl Marx (1934), Morceaux choises de Hegel (1938), L’Existentialisme (1946), Knowledge and Social Criticism, Philosophic Thought in France and the USA (1950), Introduction to Modernity: Twelve Preludes (1962), Dialectical Materialism (1968), Evolution or Revolution (1974), Toward a Leftist […]

What Are The Most Pressing Social Problems Facing America Of The Last Five Presidents? What Should The Role Of

Question What are the most pressing social problems facing America of the last five presidents? What should the role of the government in the process of dealing with the social problems of their time on a micro and macro levels? Sociology

Discuss How The Social Institution Of The Religion Intersects With Other Social Institutions Question Ullidiscuss How The Social Institution Of The Religion Intersects With Other Social Institutions In Our Society

ulgtltligtDiscuss how the social institution of the religion intersects with other social institutions Question ulliDiscuss how the social institution of the religion intersects with other social institutions in our society. In other words, how has religion shaped any other institution such as the family, politics, […]

Keeping In Mind About Symbolic Interactionism And Feminist Theory What Do You Think Proponents Of Those Theories

Question Keeping in mind about symbolic interactionism and feminist theory, what do you think proponents of those theories see as the role of the school? What are some ways that a conflict theorist would say that educational institutions perpetuate class differences? Sociology

1 How Do Science And Medicine ‘Work’ As Agents Of Direct Social Control?

a. How does sociology Question 1. How do Science and Medicine ‘work’ as agents of direct social control? a. How does sociology sees psychologists/psychotherapists? b. Specifically discuss Scarpetti and Anderson and how the term ‘Mentally Ill’ is used. c. Discuss attempts to control the population […]

How Does Social Deviance Add To Social Problems? How Does Social Deviance Extend Drug Abuse On A Micro And Macro

Question How does social deviance add to social problems? How does social deviance extend drug abuse on a micro and macro level and what would be a solution to social deviant behavior and how does historical solutions add up? Sociology

Michael Schwalbe Argues That Sociological Mindfulness Gives Us Ideas About How To Pay Attention To The Social

Question Michael Schwalbe argues that sociological mindfulness gives us ideas about how to pay attention to the social world (3). List and briefly discuss at least three ideas from Sandtrom et al.’s chapter on socialization that you find helpful for paying attention to how infants […]

Indicate The Difference Between Diversity And Inclusion How Might The Connection Between Diversity And Inclusion

Question Indicate the difference between diversity and inclusion. How might the connection between diversity and inclusion be important in a working environment? Give an example of this connection and discuss its importance. Finally, discuss at least one historical change that has influenced a shift in […]

1using Interactive Technologies To Play At Being A Doctor Contributes To Order And Stability By Preparing

Question 1-Using interactive technologies to play at being a doctor contributes to order and stability by preparing children to be doctors of the future who will likely practice telemedicine. This statement is inspired by the ___________ perspective. a. functionalist b. conflict c. symbolic interactionist d. […]

Morgan Is A Sociologist Who Studies Issues Concerning Corporate Lobbyists Who End Up Running For Government

Question Morgan is a sociologist who studies issues concerning corporate lobbyists who end up running for government office. Morgan is concerned with the concentration of power that is held by corporations, as he sees inequalities in society stemming from the unequal power structure. Which perspective […]

Describe The Similarities And Differences Between Conflict Theory And Feminist Prospective In Five Paragraphs

Question Describe the similarities and differences between conflict theory and feminist prospective in five paragraphs essay,(including a thesis statement that answer the prompt and a concluding summary). Use examples and sociological research to support own point of view. Sociology

Explain Why You Think A Shift Has Occurred In Modern Movies In Other Words Why Do You Think Movie Stars In

Question Explain why you think a shift has occurred in modern movies. In other words, why do you think movie stars in modern movies receive the majority of attention and fame in their youth as oppose to in their later years? What is the societal […]

Re Text Ch 12 Essential Of Sociology A Giddensare Sociologists Concerned About Whether Religious

Question Re: Text Ch 12, Essential of Sociology, A. Giddens Are sociologists concerned about whether religious beliefs are true or false? Why did Emile Durkheim believe that religion was useful for human societies? Why was Karl Marx critical of religion? What did Max Weber, contrary […]

Re Text Ch 8 Essential Of Sociology A Giddenswhat Is True About Low Income Countries? Do They

Question Re: Text Ch 8, Essential of Sociology, A. Giddens What is true about low income countries? Do they suffer from improper sanitation? polluted water? hunger? what else? Global Hunger important facts What is the role of Confucianism in economic development? What philosophical idea led […]

As Sociologists We Can Ask What Institutions Influence Childhood Obesity? How Would They Need To Shift In Order

Question As sociologists, we can ask: what institutions influence childhood obesity? How would they need to shift in order to deliver high-quality nutrition to children? Do children experience other ill-effects, on a societal level, from obesity? Do you think that high-profile initiatives like First Lady […]

How Does Functionalism Explain Our Obsession With Professional And Collegiate Athletics Celebrity

Question How does functionalism explain our obsession with professional and collegiate athletics, celebrity magazines and other forms of entertainment? What are some of the rituals of solidarity and social cohesion? Do you participate in any of these forms of entertainment and what are your reasons […]

Mrs Kallors Has Recently Been Diagnosed With Earlystage Alzheimer’S Disease (Ad) A)Describe To Mrs

Question Mrs Kallors has recently been diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease (AD). a)Describe to Mrs Kallors’ family: 3 types of common symptoms, and 3 risk factors for AD. b) Explain one type of biological change that happens in the brains of people with AD. Sociology

Explain and discuss how Globalisation has affected the growth of international business

In any case, it has been proved that globalisation can highly affect the growth of international business but the process used for the achievement of this target is not standardized. The involvement of globalisation in the growth of international business has been highlighted in the […]

Compare and contrast Harding’s understanding of the role of values in science to Haack’s understanding of values in science

This is following the scepticism and rejection of scientific claim made by scientists since sociology bases its findings and works on numerous grounds including plain belief. This is especially so in making alternative beliefs true, whereas there is no epistemological truth in them. She is […]

How has your understanding of ethnocentrism shaped your understanding of the field of Sociology

Ethnocentrism amp. the Field of Sociology A culture form an important part of today’s diversified society. Still, the understanding about culture, its elements and forces affecting it are hidden from the view of people. People tend to believe their way of living as a concept […]

Compare and Contrast the Concepts of Durkheim’s Social Facts with Weber’s Bureaucracy

Sociological theories have been developed and introduced as far as a few hundred years ago to address this issue and to better understand the reasons behind people’s behavior. Sociologists use these classical theories to reason and analyze how social action, social processes, and social structures […]

Johnson Allen G 2006 Privilege Power and Difference 2nd Ed Boston McGrawHill

PRIVILEGE, POWER AND DIFFERENCE The book, Privilege, Power and Difference by Allen Johnson, unlike others I have read regarding the contentious topic of privilege, has been by far the most instructive. Several factors conspired to make it an exciting page turning experience. The small size […]

Developing Professional Practice and Using Information in HR

The first indications referring to the importance of human resources (HR) are provided by the utopian R. Owen (1820-1850). The interest for HR management appeared at the confluence of psychology, sociology, legal sciences, operational research and statistics. Nowadays, events succeed rapidly and the information moves […]


Sociology: al affiliation:  Sociology The experiment conducted followed a positivist approach in that it relies on logic andmathematical reasoning in disseminating personal judgement. The tests indicate the efficient use of metaphors in giving gravity to a scenario. However, the underlying aspect in making the decision […]

The Psychology of Attention from the laboratory to everyday behaviour (Media analysis)

The role of media in society is crucial, providing entertainment, information, and education. This paper focuses on the potential negative influences of media in the society. The paper considers the Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair, a media event happening at the Hong Kong Convention […]

Social analysis is valued because it is inspired by a will to make a better world (Steven Seidman 1998) Discuss this statement

Seidman described his disappointment in the sorts of sociological practice that has become a narrow and specialized conversation about definitions in theory and disagreements about method. Then he wrote, more optimistically: “I return to sociology as I initially came to the discipline, with the hope […]

Why are some people more inclined to be victims of crime than others Is it their home location their actions or is there some other reason that they may be attractive targets (more so than other people) to criminals

Profile of Victims Profile of Victims It is important that law enforcement agencies understand the role of the victim in acrime. The process enables them to come up with appropriate prevention measures. Studies by Victimologists have shown that gender, social, demographic characteristics and a victim’s […]

How can community social work methods be used to tackle poverty and social exclusion in england

Community Social Work One of the most distinct characteristics of the human race is their willingness to help one anotherin times of need. This is something that can be said not to be seen in species, and it is what puts us above the rest […]

Gramsci and Bourdieu Theories Relevance to Financial Crisis

The dominance of financial institutions was not widely recognized and accepted. Beginning from 2007, these failures in European and American banks also rippled confidence amongst bankers, making them reluctant to lend money amongst themselves, and their causal borrowers too. The social status of every seemed […]

Herbert spencer

Herbert Spencer Concern on Sociological Analysis Herbert Spencer Concern on Sociological Analysis Sociology entails studying, origin, development, the organization and how human societies function (Duncan, 2013). Thus, concerns more on the science of fundamental laws of social institutions and relationships. Herbert spencer raised concern on […]

A childs education is increasingly dependent on the wealth and wishes of their parents rather than the ability of pupils themselves Discuss

It is true that a child’s education is increasingly dependent on the wealth and wishes of their parents, rather than the ability of pupils themselves? How accessible is education in the United Kingdom? What sorts of conflicts does the inaccessibility of education produce? These questions […]

The Discovery Of Society by Randall Collins and Michael Makowsky

10 2500 This essay discusses the book, written by Randall Collins and Michael Makowsky, entitled The Discovery Of Society. Written in a descriptive style that is accessible, appealing, and thrilling, the researcher states that this book is an exceptional addition for courses in social/sociological theory, […]

The role of economic crisis for social change in contemporary society

11 2750 This essay discusses that social is the study of human social behavior, its origin, development organization, and institutions. It deals social welfare, policy, and well-being. It focuses on understanding how the humans work and how the activities in their life affect them socially, […]

Urban sociology

Urban areas are characterized by high population levels which are caused by rural urban migration, according to Ferdinand Tonnies he contrasted two types of human social life and considered to types of settlement which are Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft.Gemeinschaft type of settlement was characterized by people […]

What are the differences between common sense and sociology and what makes sociology so unique

George Vernon What are the differences between Common Sense and Sociology and what makes sociology so unique Sociology states the obvious! Sociology is only commonsense! These statements are often heard in criticism of sociology. Commonsense however, is based on assumption and is the knowledge and/or […]

Randall Robinson’s book The Debt What America Owes to Blacks

After the army, Robinson earned BA in sociology in Virginia Union University and than, attended the Harvard University Law School for advanced graduate work. All these years Randall Robinson participated in different political campaigns including the movement against apartheid in South Africa. After graduation, Randall […]

Kuwait Women

But, gradually, the authorities have noticed that the country with abundant human resources is facing workers’ shortage in many strategic positions in the country. The government has invested a sizeable amount of money solely for the education of women in Kuwait. These initiatives had paved […]

The Greatest Prime Minister in Canadian History for Promoting Ethnic Diversity and Communities was Pierre Elliott Trudeau

My Canadian Studies research argument is that Pierre Elliott Trudeau was the greatest prime minister in Canadian history for promoting ethnic diversity in communities. IntroductionChanges into the contemporary time frame in Canada have occurred because of ideologies of different leaders. A leader that has altered […]

What is sex and what is gender What are the sociological arguments for distinguishing between the two Illustrate your position

What is sex and what is gender? What are the sociological arguments for distinguishing between the two? Illustrate your position. Even though sex andgender is more or less the same thing yet they are distinguished in more ways than one. Sex is the relation of […]

Current Event Reflection 5 Education Religion or Politics

Current Event Reflection 5 Singer, N. Regulators Weigh In on Online Educational Services February 25, New York Times Online educational systemsLink: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/02/25/regulators-weigh-in-on-online-educational-services/?gwh=658323445CC91EC0B44CAAD89B71BB89&amp.gwt=regiWith the current advancement in technology, it has found its way into school systems. Having been in a school where current technology is highly […]

To demonstrate how the field of’globalisation studies’has moved on

ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY: TO DEMONSTRATE HOW THE FIELD OFGLOBALISATION STUDIES HAS MOVED ON al Affiliation) Annotated BibliographySassen, S. (2008). Neither global nor national: novel assemblages of territory, authority and rights.&nbsp.Ethics &amp. Global Politics,&nbsp.1(1-2), 61-79.The author of the journal article is Sasskia Sassen from Columbia University at […]

Is it correct to claim that the study of politics constitutes a science Discuss with reference to case study research

d the various studies concerning man and his multifarious activities like philosophy, economics, natural sciences, history, psychology and of course politics. The Renaissance saw the enquiring minds of Europe and no doubt earlier, where advanced cultures existed (pre-renaissance), delving into studies in various disciplines that […]

(Risk Management Global Perspectives on Risk) Q Globalisation has led to a significant degree of convergence in markets and in business practice As a consequence of this the risks associated with international business operations have decreased

arkable growth has been observed in such form of trade or exchanges that had been observed not only within the traditional international trade of goods and services, but was also observed in the exchanges of country currencies, in various capital movements and many more. One […]

Is social class still a useful concept for understanding the divisions in society

82000 Social class is the most widely used term in sociology which refers to the primary structure of social stratification broadly used for defining the modern capitalist societies. Social stratification has given rise to inequality in the society. It clearly defines the privileges that are […]

Explore the different types of media domestication using Roger Silverstone’s media domestication theory

It allows for analysis in its economic, social, and sociological concerns. The approach to media domestication is a consideration of the practical as well as the symbolic dimensions for the adoption while using the necessary technologies. It shows how the elements of meanings of different […]

Brief description of a time when you were deviant or describe deviance that you witnessed

Brief of deviance that I witnessed To be deviant is to behave in a manner that does not adhere to the widely acceptable social or cultural norms (Clinard). An example of deviant behavior is murder. It violates the cultural norms that it is unacceptable to […]

Why have interactionist approaches proved so popular for social researchers Give examples

As a result, all sociological theories that have a sense of interactionism in them provide scholars with a tool and platform to study societies and individuals in a more productive way.As Atkinson and Housley (2003) say, although there are so many sociological theories that have […]

Why might Livingstone and Lunts approach to infotainment be criticized from Habermas perspective on the public sphere

These realizations led to the postulations that communication had two dimensions with one dimension covering the overall communication of human beings and the other dimension covering the characteristics of communications that result from dynamics that influence communication at a given time and space (Outhwaite 2006, […]

Sports Management

Sports Management Sports Management Research Problem The research article selected for this analysis bears the “Management training and national sport organization managers: Examining the impact of training on individual and organizational performances” authored by Millar and Stevens (2012). The article begins by denoting the research […]

Individuals Can Use Leisure and Tourism to Form and Express Their Identity

“The issue of identity is omnipresent in discourses on tourism – not only in academically informed discourses on tourism, but also in discourses from inside the tourism system, i.e. the local participants – as the contributions by Bras, Schlehe, Senft, and Venbrux exemplify.” (Dahles H, […]

Pay for Performace why it is a good Idea

1117). The relationship between compensation systems and organizational performance has attracted attention in the modern competitive business environment. The primary subjects addressing compensation systems include administration, economics, sociology, and strategic human resource management. Pay for performance is the best approach for enhancing efficiency and effectiveness […]

How does critical theory challenge traditional notions of objectivity

Criticisms of critical theory to traditional notions of objectivity Objectivity The virtue of objectivity hasbeen very controversial among various scholars. In essence, different scholars have come up with different principles to explain objectivity. Generally, objectivity can be described as the practice of being impartial when […]