Benefit Of Scholarship Of Teaching And Learning For Teaching Practice

Benefit Of Scholarship Of Teaching And Learning For Teaching PracticePope-Ruark, R. (2012). Back to our roots: An invitation to strengthen disciplinary arguments via the scholarship of teaching and learning. Business Communication Quarterly, 75(4), 357 –376.Pope-Ruark (2012) asserted the importance of a scholarly research plan in […]

Outsourcing of American Jobs to Other Countries Strengthens the US Economy

Corporate restructuring, downsizing, and layoffs have led to fundamental changes in the workplace on a global basis. Senior executives and corporate leaders around the world agree that outsourcing is good for the world economy. These executives also realize that outsourcing can deliver more than just […]

Explore the relationships between nursing health and the policy processes

Explore the Relationships between Nursing, Health and the Policy Process Due Explore the Relationships between Nursing, Health and the Policy Process Introduction to the case This paper presents the case of a patient representing a diagnosis. It deals with the case of bipolar disorder which […]

Do you believe that the choice of research method is simply based upon the type of information you wish to collect or do differe

Qualitative on the other hand is better when the researcher wants to describe, understand or explore phenomena. Therefore, there is a great deal more to research than just the answering of questions or testing hypothesis. This paper will largely discuss the choice of research methods […]

Wealth disparity and effects of longterm Unemployment on the United States Economy

It is important to undertake a critical analysis of unemployment in respect of the article to establish the effects this has on the entire economy of US and any other nation.This article explores the varuios employment related economic issues. It is also importasant to note […]

Ways to Reduce the Risk of CVD Amongst Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

One of the proposed techniques for avoiding complications such as cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in patients with diabetes is to stringently control and manage blood pressure of the patient. The author believes that this practice of keeping blood pressure in check could actually be efficient in […]

To what extent is the documentary film ‘sisters in law’ a reliable source to account for the situation of women’s rights in Came

Issues in Cameroon In this section, the issues faced by women in Cameroon have been listed down and discussed as shown in the documentary. The reliability of the documentary is also analysed with the help of some independent sources. Child Marriage The documentary shows that […]

How has the cultural identity of China responded to and adapted to contact with foreigners

Evidently, this goes to show that despite the achieved modernization of China in its economic, socio-political state of affairs, among others, it proved to the world that it has truly maintained its cultural identity. Maybe one inquisitive critic would like to know the factors how […]


Gross domestic is one of the leading predictor of the economic size of the country and his significantly influence the financial market and economic cycles which would be useful in formulating business plan and target projections (Madura,2008,99). Good GDP figures indicate positive performance of the […]

The Immigration Act of 1924 may or may not have been successful but if nothing else it created the illusion of success Discus

Section 11(a) of the aforementioned law states that, The annual quota of any nationality shall be two per centum of the number of foreign-born individuals of such nationality resident in continental United States as determined by the United States Census of 1890, but the minimum […]

The effects of poverty in the development of children’s thinking related to mathematics

Children from economically challenged families appear to have a more difficult time in learning mathematical skills than do children from families with secure finances. While the body of research that exists on the topic has tended to focus on ethnicity as a component to the […]


Due to the unfortunate and highly publicized cases of teen suicide due to cyber bullying, parents are becoming increasingly aware of the problem and taking steps to prevent their child from being victimized in this manner. Cyber-bullying can be effectively reduced with the combination of […]

Canada’s cultural diversity purely reflects the overall history of the country

The increase in migration of between Canada and America has led to the transfer of cultural traits between these two countries. Canada’s culture as result of this interchange has developed diverse characteristics that are found in Europe and America, as well. The immigration from the […]

The Impact of Global Economic Crisis and Responses To it The Case of Greece &amp

TurkeyAdditionally, the country has 13 regions and 325 municipalities.Greece has a small population of approximately eleven million people with these statistics based on the latest census of 2011. The country’s capital city is Athens while the second largest city is Thessaloniki. The country’s official language […]

Each year investigative journalists are murdered and yet newcomers are prepared to join the ranks Using examples and autobiographical material discuss what it is that drives such men and women despite an apparent decline in support from their employers

Global statistics, as researched by and presented in the Columbia Journalism Review (2006) indicated that in 2005, a conservative figure of 1200 journalists were murdered, killed, arrested and imprisoned for doing their job: exposing the truth. Their enemies include groups of people who would never […]


STATISTICS For each of the following research questions, identify the independent variable and the dependent variable: a. Isa person’s age related to his/her psychological adjustment following a burn injury?SOLUTIONAGEb. How do physically handicapped children differ from nonhandicapped children with respect to health self-concepts.?SOLUTIONHANDICAPPEDc. Do patients […]

Environmental Activism versus Environmental Science

Environmental Activism versus Environmental ScienceIntroductionThe Environment refers to an aggregate of surrounding phenomenon, states of nature, or influences. This may include the sociocultural forces and any other existent external factors around and having a multidirectional effect on a living organism at a point in time. […]

Answer the following questions at a country of case study (your choice) questions below part of Energy and Environmental Security class

Oil is their main source of energy. On average, current statistics place china as the largest importer of petroleum as well as other liquid fuels.China consumes its energy through oil production. It has the leading and most stable oil companies hence the efficiency in access. […]

In A Clinical​

trial, 27 out of 874 patients taking a prescription drug daily complained of flulike symptoms.Southern New Hampshire Univ x @ Home – gt;gt; StudentsXMyLab Statistics All Assignmen XDo Homework – Dustin SteppXHomework Help – Qamp;A from ( x+XC A;questionld=1amp;flushed=falseamp;cld=5739423amp;back=DoAssignments.aspx?view=homeworkQD. ..i Apps M Gmail @ […]

E) A Zealous Shopper Thinks Grocery Stores Have Been Raising The Price Of Fruit Every Month She Documents The

1 = 15Xd = 1.4Sd = 2. 4727( 3) Test Statistic: (t – test )to =1.4 – 02-4727t = 1.4= 2.1930. 6385Critical value: ( reject He if )to 2 taivV=n – 1=15 – 1gt; to.05, 19V = 14usingto…Statistics and Probability

Why Is It So Important To Know At Least A Little About The Field Of Statistics? Newspapers Are Filled With

Question Why is it so important to know at least a little about the field of statistics? Newspapers are filled with statistical data that allow us to understand current societal trends. All of these answers. Anyone who is ignorant of statistics is at risk of […]

Assess The Questions Using Both Excel And Spss Software Results From These Programs Should Be Copied And Pasted

Question assess the questions using both Excel and SPSS software. Results from these programs should be copied and pasted with statements amd data and input information benefits. A manager of a food manufacturing company wants to estimate the percentage of fat in one of its […]

A Clinical Trial Is Conducted On A Specific Drug Used To Treat Severe Migraines And It Is Noted That Approximately

Question A clinical trial is conducted on a specific drug used to treat severe migraines and it is noted that approximately 25% of individuals in the study fail to respond to the drug and the medication appears to give them severe episodes of nausea and […]

The Table Below Shows The Experience Of 200 People Who Were Involved In A Study On The Effectiveness Of A

Question Did not develop condition 85 80 A patient is selected at random from this group of people. Let A be the event that the person took the medication (not the placebo) and B be the event that the person developed the condition. Calculate the […]

1 Define Statistics

2. Explain the difference between descriptive statistics and inferential Question 1. Define statistics. 2. Explain the difference between descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Exercise 1.2 1. Distinguished between population and sample. 2. Determine whether the following statement is a population or a sample: 3. Which […]

Wavy Hair In Mice Is A Recessive Genetic Trait If Mice With Wavy Hair Are Mated With Straighthaired

Question Wavy hair in mice is a recessive genetic trait. If mice with wavy hair are mated with straight-haired (heterozygous) mice each offspring has probability 1/2 of having wavy hair. consider a large number of such matings each producing a litter of five offspring. what […]

A Bureau Of Labor Statistics (Bls) Economist Conducts A Statistical Study To Test His Hunch That In Households

Question A Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) economist conducts a statistical study to test his hunch that in households with a minimum-wage worker, mean household debt changes following a hike in the minimum wage. Suppose the mean household debt stays the same following a minimum-wage […]

965 According To An April 28 2015 Report On The Website Newsroom Aaa Com The Average Cost Of Owning And

Question 9-65. According to an April 28, 2015, report on the website, the average cost of owning and operating a sedan automobile in the United States in 2015 was $8,968. Suppose the California AAA plans to conduct a survey to determine whether the average […]

The Following Data Set Represents The Starting Salaries For Teachers In Eight

Question The following data set represents the starting salaries for teachers in eight states: $36,198 $44,166 $33,226 $35,166 $30,064 $27,274 $30,778 $32,657 Part A: Calculate the mean of the data set. Part B: Calculate the five-number summary. Part C: Calculate the standard deviation of this […]

An Analyst Wants To Know If There Was A Significance Difference In The Average Of Hours Worked In A Week From 1973

Question An Analyst wants to know if there was a significance difference in the average of hours worked in a week from 1973 (Group 1) to 2018 (Group 2). He gathers all the data from the General Social Survey, and lists the following summary statistics […]

Scenario Script Caption Bonnie Needs You To Investigate Some Quality Control Issues At The Burlington Factory

Question Scenario Script Caption: Bonnie needs you to investigate some quality control issues at the Burlington factory. Bonnie: Thanks for coming in. We’re working through a problem at our Burlington factory. During a recent spot check of our Fruit Cocktail inventory, the number of defects […]

Doctors Studying How The Human Body Assimilates Medication Inject Some Patients With Penicillin And Then Monitor

Question 0.010 Is this model better than the original linear model? Why or why not? Using the new nonlinear model, estimate the concentration of penicillin after 4 hours….remember the transformation used is x, logy Statistics and Probability

Please Check Whether My Interpretation Is Correct Check If Any Change Is Required To Get It

Question Please check whether my interpretation is correct. Check if any change is required to get it fixed. I am not sure how to find out the r value, decision points and regression equation and slope …. correct my answer from the data. Please get […]

This Week We’Ve Begun To Distinguish Between Qualitative And Quantitative Research And To Examine The Uses

Question This week we’ve begun to distinguish between qualitative and quantitative research and to examine the uses of descriptive statistics. Keeping these objectives in mind, what do you think Mark Twain’s quote (There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics.) is saying […]

I Was Looking At The You Documents From Acct 402 I Wanna Know If You Also Have Documents From Ch 8 Controls For

Accounting Information Systems, 12e (Romney/Steinbart)Chapter 8 Information Systems Controls for System ReliabilityPart 1: Information Security1) The Trust Services Framework reliability…Statistics and Probability

Suppose You Are Interested In Studying Whether Two Dependent Variables Are Statistically Significantly Different

Question Suppose you are interested in studying whether two dependent variables are statistically significantly different for multiple groups formed by one or more categorical variables. What is an important consideration when running consecutive one-way ANOVAs? If the dependent variables are statistically independent, then running multiple […]

1 Determine Which Of The Four Levels Of Measurement (

Question 1. Determine which of the four levels of measurement ( Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, Ratio) is most appropriate. (CHECK YOUR SPELLING!) Zip codes 2. Determine which of the three levels of measurement (Retrospective, Prospective, Cross-Sectional) is most appropriate. (CHECK YOUR SPELLING!) The U.S. Labor Department […]

Should English be declared as an official language in the United States

On the other hand, people are arguing that English should be made an official Language because it promotes the cohesiveness of the country. I feel that immigrants should learn English at their own will and benefit. Though Official English cohorts assert that America needs English-Only […]

Proof Reading

The function of this analysis is to demonstrate the effect of GIS on crime analysis for Abu-Dhabi. There will be an investigation into the processes of mapping, modeling, and the analyzing of data collection while using GIS techniques. The GIS techniques applied in this investigation […]

What Role Does the Hospitality Industry Play in Supporting the Economic Stability of Manchester

Other than the accommodation and entertainment divisions, the hospitality industry also relies on the tourism industry for support on commercial performance. These activities include travel agencies and airline cabin staffing (Robinson, Lück &amp. Smith, 2013). With the rapid advancements in technology, the United Kingdom hospitality […]

Discuss at least two of the U S Supreme Court rulings in regards to the death penalty and how it has impacted capital punishment in the United States

IMPACT OF THE DEATH PENALTY ON CAPITAL PUNISHMENT Over the years, there have been occasional incidences of execution of criminals for various capital offenses in the country (Bureau of Justice Statistics). This was practiced in various states with numbers varying in individual states. However, there […]

The Future of Fracking New Rules Target Air Emissions for Cleaner Natural Gas Production

The article was written by Weinhold Bob and it is titled The future of fracking: New rules target air emissions for cleaner natural gas production. The article is important as it touches on the topic of fracking that is viewed as being one of the […]

Critically appraisal and review the provision of pharmacy services in Luton and Dunstable University Hospital

UKCPA motivates experts in the medical sectors to benefit the patients or the public through standard health care, workshops and encouraging innovations in health care sector among others (John, 2013). This discourse is about Luton and Dunstable University Hospital’s pharmacy and its comparison with that […]

Food Steroids Anitbiotics Sprays Are food manufacturers killing us Annotated Bibliography

English 10 October Annotated Bibliography Adams, Mike. “The U.S. Food Industry, FDA, and USDA Are Highly Corrupt to Protect Profits, Not People.” Natural News. n.d. Web. 10 Oct. 2012.The author takes its cue on the courageous step being undertaken by the Canadian Heart and Stroke […]

Why did the New Zealand government offer Warner Brothers incentives to film The Hobbit in New Zealand

6 1500 The intent was also inclusive of changing the industry and society into a positive atmosphere, specifically with the expectation that the film would grow in popularity. This was combined with the noted changes in statistics of the society, which required alterations to offer […]

Systems and Operations Management case study of Atokawa Advantage Organization

A problem was observed in the said ASIS system. Several recommendations for the different sections of the company will also be provided. Because of the problems with the current ASIS, the top management of Atokawa Organisation need to perform the following undertakings: (1) Critically assess […]

Sustainability analysis of urban agriculture in Beijing China

12 3000 The agricultural sector is the main stage for producing food worldwide. Historically, agricultural production has managed to satisfy the food demands from a rapidly increasing population. However, the scenario at present is totally reversed. There is an apparent decrease of food supply leaving […]

2000 Trade Agreement with China and the Damage it has caused to the United States

This agreement came as a result to the current conceding to China of permanent ordinary trade relations position by the United States Congress, paving the way for China’s entrance into the World Trade Organization. Given that the United States has long complained in relation to […]