Critically evaluate the impact of tourism on local host communities refer to the texts in your sources booklet as well as to cas

Goodwin notes that a number of countries in Africa like Gambia and Tanzania have benefited from tourism foreign exchange. In contrast, according to Goodwin (2008) tourism may not provide a good source of foreign exchange earnings for countries with little or no international trade. Such […]

Single Parent

Notably, children raised in those households lack attention, love, and support from both parents, unlike other families. The majority of families with a single parent are often unstable because it may have been caused by divorce, death, or unmarried couples. For one to be considered […]

Is Associating with Clubs and Social Activities during College Life Good Idea or Not

College student life is an enriching experience as it involves not just exclusive devotion to education but also a lifelong learning experience and structures (Huang Carleton, 2003). Club and social activities are activities that students participate in during their leisure time. Leisure plays a significant […]

Should Barry Bonds get into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame (argument in favor of Bonds)

Whether or not the use of performance enhancing drugs is ethical or not is irrelevant as it is not a criteria for election. Even if it is eventually proven that Bonds did use PEDs, this alone is not a violation of Hall of Fame requirements. […]

Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty of Four Season Hotel in China

As per the website of the Four Seasons Hotel, times change, but their dedication to perfecting the travel experience never will. Four Seasons Hotel is a Canadian based hotel. It was founded in 1960 by two professionals.Their highly personalized 24-hour service, combined with authentic, elegant […]

The influence of the european culture in management leadership style of european managers working in Asian countries focusing on

The approach used in leadership and management therefore determines the outcome of the various decisions made. However, all these are influenced by factors such as the immediate as well as external environment, the structure of the organisation or institution, business culture and the relationships which […]

The negative and the positive effects of cohabitation in North America in recent years

In the recent times, the social scene has gone through tremendous changes, if the dating scene is anything to go by. In the past, couples could only live together if they were married. Currently however, the situation has changed. couples now live together for mutual […]

RF Burns

This study is being carried out in order to establish guidelines in the use and application of radiofrequency, mostly in terms of its safety and prevention of injuries. Body Causes 1. Heating of implants An RF pulse would often be transmitted by the MRI to […]

Emotional Intelligence Theoretical and Cultural Perspectives

This paper illustrates that Guildford’s researches highlighted that scores on intelligence tests cannot be taken as a unidirectional classification that some scholars have claimed point out the supremacy of some individuals, groups of individuals over others. Guilford demonstrated that the most inventive individuals might score […]

Article Summary Psychoneuroimmunology of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

This paper shall summarize the findings of a review article (Arebi, Gurmany, Bullas, Hobson, Stagg, Kamm, 2008) that discussed the relationship of psychoneuroimmunology to the pathophysiology of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a chronic functional disorder of the gastrointestinal tract, which […]

To Implement Primary Prevention Principles Designed to Address an Issue of Concern to the Entire School Community

School psychologists, as well as school consultants help in the prevention program by providing school leaders a way to expose several procedures of how to deal with several problems of children, more particularly, student achievement, self-esteem enhancement, substance abuse, or crisis situations within school limits […]

Articaine and Lidocaine for Maxillary Infiltration Anesthesia

The results calculated by the authors do not show any statistically noteworthy differences for commencement and duration of anesthesia between the articaine and Lidocaine solutions.It is manifested that, Lidocaine has been extensively used to produce local anesthesia. The authors agree that Articaine is an amide-type […]

Treatment Based Courts Significantly Reduce Criminal Recidivism Rates

Even with these courts gaining significant momentum and popularity within the justice system of the US, their ability to decrease repeat offenders has not been sufficiently studied. Although various assessments for these drug courts have established that participants are less likely to re-offend as compared […]

Drug Usage

Drug Usage of the of the Drug Usage Industry and drug usage Drug usage has been a serious concern amongst people belonging to different fields of life especially for working professionals. Drug usage significantly affects their health and affects the quality of work they put […]

Impact of Witnessing Domestic Violence on Adolescent Academic Performance

The findings showed Adolescents, who see parent’s violence on each other, do not show one specific behavior or way of reacting towards anything in their life, they react unusually in certain conditions, and their behavior contains aggression, cruelty towards children and animals, bad temper, responsiveness […]

Balancing Borders and Bridges Negotiating the WorkHome Interface via Boundary Work Tactics

The authors discuss the problem statement by first establishing the limitation of other studies in covering the study area. For instance, they state that the previous work home research at the individual level examined steady and /or hard to –alter variable like demographics and that […]

Influences of Birth Order Intelligence and Academic Achievement the Personality Characteristics

There has been some disagreement about the relationship between birth order and academic achievement, in general research has concluded that later birth position is associated with lower educational achievement. The development of the research on birth order can be followed through the works of several […]

How significant were the neandertals to the evolution of anatomically modern humans

Neandertal fossils date back to 130 000- 30 000 BP throughout the region of Eurasia. Their fossils were morphologically different from modern man in that they were ruggedly built with thick chest (Lahr 130). The Neandertals were very strong and muscular. an adaptation that helped […]

The sludge tested as leadpoisoning fix research study and Tuskegee syphilis study

The sludge tested as lead-poisoning fix research study was carried out by Baltimore scientists who wanted to find out whether fertilizer made from human and industrial wastes would be effective in protecting children from lead poisoning in black neighborhoods. They wanted to testify this tenet […]

Studies on embryonic development may involve modifying human embryos with animal genetic material or animal embryos with human g

It is to be stated that animal testing and experiment do not offer accurate results because animal models can never be generalized. Scientific literature opposes the concept that animals are pretty necessary for biochemical or genetic research. The wide spreading awareness is substantial, regarding disability […]

How can Maternal Mortality from Postpartum Haemorrhage in the Developing World be most effectively reduced

Decreasing the rates of maternal mortality has been set as one of the priorities of the United National Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). For MDG5, goals relating to the decrease of maternal mortality by three quarters from 1990 to 2015 have been set, and since 1990, […]


The LPS of this group of bacteria can be divided into 3 components, 1) lipid A, 2) a core oligosaccharide, which can be further subdivided into an inner and outer core structure, and a glycosyl polymer of repeating units, called O-polysaccharide. The hydrophobic lipid A […]

Lifespan Studies

The American Psychological Association (2014) defines psychological development as the study of the development of emotional, social, cognitive, and intellectual abilities of humans and how they function during their lifetime from infancy to old age. Various psychological studies and research have been conducted with the […]

In this discuss the diagnostic value of less invasive imaging modalities

Atherosclerosis is the chief causes ofcoronary artery diseases (CAD) which causes changes in structure as well functionality of blood vessels.It is the process in which, progressive dumping of cholesterol and other fatty materials across the arterial wall occurs. These dumping results in a contriction of […]

Does Export Promotion Significantly Improve Growth Prospects for Less Developed Countries

Alternate theoretical approaches emphasize the role of social savings, institutions etc in explaining economic growth than the export promotion policies. Empirical studies, however, give mixed results (Balasa, 1978, 1985. Edward, 1998. Ullah et al, 2009. Elbeydi et al, 2010 etc). The results are dependent on […]

Discuss the usefulness and problems with contingency theories in understanding organisational structure How relevant can they b

It is relevant to consider development of contingency theory and its application to organizational structure in order organizations’ managers had an opportunity to develop flexible approaches to organizational structural development. Therefore, contingency theory is an alternative for organizations looking for solution of their current problems […]

Racism and the Identity Crisis of Ralph Elisions Protagonist in Invisible Man

In an article, Racism in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man Carol Fosse comments on this everyman status of Elision’s protagonist, as following: Rich in symbolism…Invisible Man’s linear plot structure, told from the first person, limited point of view, and framed by the Everyman protagonist from his […]

The Relation between Emotional Intelligence and Employee Performance

In practice, the above initiative has been proved to be quite challenging mostly because of the existence of several factors, which tend to affect employee performance independently from the organizational structure and operational characteristics. Emotional intelligence is such a factor. emotional intelligence (EI) can be […]

Article Title

The article Cancer Stem Cells Tracked published in the Nature journal reveals how small groups of cancer cells in which the tumor initially originated were tracked with the help of genetic markers. This study would help in targeting the right set of cells during chemotherapy […]

Critically discuss being drinking among women and particularly among asian women

This is because they are the largest group between the two that is experiencing rapid growth in binge drinking. This paper seeks to explore the theoretical implication of binge drinking while focusing on Asian women.As a modern phenomenon, binge drinking is more of a problematic […]

Within a recovery peer support model of care explore and discuss the lived experience and impact of suicide in Australia within an adult population

opportunity to choose a meaningful life, empowerment, and valuing lives of patients with health problems to be equal to those without health problems (Cedereke amp. Ojehagen, 2007).Peer support is crucial to implement recovery focused services. Even though recovery is an internal process, health services can […]

The Applicability of Case Study Findings and the Main Components of Historical

THE APPLICABILITY OF CASE STUDY FINDINGS AND THE MAIN COMPONENTS OF HISTORICAL RESEARCH and number: s name:Date submitted:The Applicability of Case Study Findings and the Main Components of Historical ResearchResearchers go into research work with very specific aim and objectives that they aspire to achieve […]

Safety Precautions for Nurses while delivering Medications to Patients

Safety Precautions for Nurses While Delivering Medications to Patients Safety Precautions for Nurses While Delivering Medications to PatientsOne of the most commonly committed errors in the health care endeavor is medication errors. The term ‘medication errors’ was defined by Mayo and Duncan (2004) as deviations […]


Pertaining to the subject of domination and control, policing is a term that has been into existence since centuries that portrayed the process and means to control crime and activities related to misdemeanor. However, according to the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, the term policing states that […]

To determine the relationship between physical selfperceptions and participation in sport in school children in years 9 10 and 11

The stronger the internal cues, the greater the impact, whether positive or negative. For children, particularly in their pre-adolescent years (9-11) when they are anticipating and experiencing great physical changes (Craig, 1992) and are just starting to develop the ability to formulate abstract thought (Piaget, […]

The Role of Microsimulation in Intelligent Transportation

The Role of Micro-simulation in Evaluating Intelligent Transportation Systems ApplicationsWhy not Place Total Reliance on Infrastructure ExpansionIt would be impractical to seek to improve the welfare of consumers by just expanding the road networks. For instance there are other dynamics and factors such as demand […]

How does amount of CO2 vary in the places with a high amount of cars comparing to the fields

The components of the fields determine the level of consumption that the field uses of the component while the cars release it. Cars release a substantial amount of the carbon dioxide the world environment suffers from (Mintzer. p.202). The study is developed to detail these […]

How SOX (SarbanesOxley Act of 2002) affects corporate governance and what additional improvements need to be added to SOX to improve corporate governance

Oxley, thus the act’s nomenclature, and enacted on July 30, the act aimed to regulate and control the corporate and accounting sectors, particularly in the public company boards of management, and the management and public accounting companies (Shakespeare 333).The act goes by several names, considering […]

Savage Inequalities and Their Impact on the Life Chances of Children

Savage Inequalities and Their Impact on the Life Chances of Children The public funding on educational institutions in the United States stems from state legislative appropriations and local property taxes and this has resulted in unequal funding that turned many districts into rich and poor […]

Describe the role of cognition in stress reduction and compare and contrast RET

Running head: stress management. Stress Management. Discussion Topic # 2: Describe the role of cognition in stress reduction and compare andcontrast RET, cognitive therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy in stress management and reduction.Philosophy has taught us that human thought process, beliefs, expectations and desires, in […]

The Effect of Ingestion of Beverages or Meal That Contains Electrolytes Prior to Exercise

Commercially available carbohydrate-electrolyte beverage and chicken noodle soup were used in the study. The purpose of the article is well defined and the study population includes both men and women as the participant’s hence eliminating gender bias and the response of both men and women […]

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) have been described as the standard financial accounting standards applied at a given jurisdiction. They normally constitute the conventions, rules and standards that accountants observe while summarizing, preparation and recording of financial statements. Organizations, individuals, and […]

Exchange of the Products in a Physical Form and Sale or Purchase of Foreign Currency

Two major factors are said to be the litmus test of market efficiency: the magnitude of statistical dependence between consecutive movements in exchange rates and the profitability of trading regulations. Research pertaining to the first issue on common statistical mechanisms like runs analysis and serial […]

On Emotion

There are five theories that try to explain why people experience emotion. The James-Lange theory of emotion argues that people experience feeling after interpretation of physiological arousal to an external event. Cannon-Bard theory states that both physiological arousal and experience of emotion happens at the […]

Family characteristics of Order sphenisciformespenguins

Family Characteristics of Order Sphenisciformes-PenguinsJadwiszczak, Piotr. Partial Limb Skeleton Of A ‘Giant Penguin’ Anthropornis From The Eocene Of Antarctic Peninsula. Polish Polar Research 33.3 (2012): 259-274. Academic Search Premier. Web. 29 Nov. 2014. Jadwiszczak, 2012 research reports a complete reconstruction of Antarctic penguin limb skeleton. […]

Baseline Exercise

Baseline Exercise For Pensacola Christian College, the video introduces the as a provider of education based on Christianity perspective. The video explores the various academic divisions, eight of them, offered for graduate degrees within the college (Pensacola Christian). Further, the school is accredited to offer […]

Measuring Cancer Cost Behaviour under Prospective Payment System in Clinical Coding

According to Berger (2008), healthcare systems are organized in a manned that allows strategic achievement of three specific objectives. The first objective relates to the collection of revenue from various sources including government, donors, and individuals. The second objective of the healthcare system is to […]

How have you used reflection (during work experience at a preschool) to enhance your own practice and how has this impacted upon your own learning and potential development

Reflection Reflection Reflection is a fundamental form of self-evaluation that engages the mind of individuals tothink critically about what they do. It correlates with the concept of learning based on experience in that individuals think about what they did or the associated happening at the […]

Critically analyse how culture and nonverbal communication are connected

Universally, there is a set of psychological problems that various groups of individuals must solve to survive which highly connect with the biological imperatives. In essence, both groups and individuals must design ways of addressing the universal problems. The means developed by people and groups […]

Latest innovations

Innovation is critical since it not only raises market attention but also helps in positioning and differentiation (OFallon, amp. Rutherford 2011). Innovation involves a new way of doing things using unique combination of production or delivery factors. Innovation is applicable in different ways like generation […]

What do empirical tests of the Capitsl Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) tell us about the validity of this model

e no taxes or transaction costs. 2) all investors share the same market opportunities. and 3) all investors have the same information on expected returns, volatilities, and correlations of securities available. It was found that under these assumptions Tobin’s (1958) super efficient portfolio (it consists […]

Listening Assignment (Based on Ch 1 and 5 in Your Text) DUE DATE On or before midnight Tuesday October 7 Papers should be a minimum of 1 pages and no more than 2 pages word processed double spaced Place your name and the date in the u

Listening Paper Assignment Affiliation: I was listening during my family dinner from the preparation of the dinner to the end of the dinner and later on I went to complete my studies. The dinner preparation and eating provided interesting recording for my diary. I was […]

Applications and Development of Catalyst for the Synthesis of Highly Functional Organic Carbonates

The negative effects can also be minimized through production of synthetic polymers which are biodegradable or easy to recycle.Carbon as important industrial raw material is predominantly sourced from fossil sources of energy while plastic synthesis accounts for about seven percent of oil usage in the […]

Critique of the article entitled Images of Women in Early Buddhism and Christian Gnosticism

The research question for the paper is clearly stated as: Why should these negative attitudes towards women persist when we know that women actively supported and participated in the religious life of both Buddhist and Gnostic communities?. This research question is very important given that […]

Ledger narratives (the plains indian drawings of the lansburgh collection)

This book holds an admitted significance among the people who have profound interest in plain Indian ledger drawings. They find very much refined and useful reproduced drawings in the book. However some drawings could be made even larger than the present additions. The color quality, […]

According to Cronon when and why did the contemporary American conception of wilderness emerge and why does he consider it dangerous to environmentalism

Environmental Studies Environmental Studies According to Cronon, the contemporary American conception of wilderness first emerged in the days of the ‘Wild Frontier’ in the United States. which was approximately more than 250 years ago (Cronon, LoPrete and Demos, 2003). The idea of the ‘wilderness’ was […]

A Comparison Between The Evidentialist Presuppositionalist And Experientialistreligious Studies A Comparison Between The Evidentialist Presuppositionalist And Experientialist Strategies

ulgtltligtA comparison between the evidentialist, presuppositionalist, and experientialistRELIGIOUS STUDIES: A COMPARISON BETWEEN THE EVIDENTIALIST, PRESUPPOSITIONALIST ANDEXPERIENTIALIST STRATEGIES. Apologetic Strategies Name Course Institutional Affiliation RELIGIOUS STUDIES: A…Religious Studies

How Did You Handle The Question Olliplease Describe A Time When Your Previous Assumptions Were Challenged?

olgtltligtPlease describe a time when your previous assumptions were challenged? How did you handle the Question olliPlease describe a time when your previous assumptions were challenged? How did you handle the situation and overcome the misconception?/liliHow do perceptions affect you in your daily life in […]

What Child Development Issues Do You Need To Consider When Teaching

somesocial studiestopics, such as the Question What child development issues do you need to consider when teaching some social studies topics, such as the concept of chronology when teaching history? How would you address these issues when teaching? Explain and provide specific examples to support […]

1 ) Identify

four areas where religion can be alienating. and give examples of each 2.)How does Running Head: THEOLOGY QUESTION AND ANSWERS Theology Question and AnswersStudent’s NameCourseProfessor’s NameDate 1 THEOLOGY QUESTION AND ANSWERS 2 Question 1Alienation is the separation…Religious Studies

1) The Field That Studies The Mind Intelligence And Behavior From An Information Processing Perspective Is Known

Question 1) The field that studies the mind, intelligence, and behavior from an information processing perspective is known as: a) cognitive science b) informational science c) computer science d) artificial intelligence 2) This type of ethical reasoning considers the facts surrounding the case in a […]


a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that addresses the following questions: What are Question Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that addresses the following questions: What are common characteristics the assigned religion shares with the others? How is this religion responding to challenges in the modern […]

Recently Debate Has Intensified Over The Problem Of Selective Samples In Psychological Research Scientists

Question Recently, debate has intensified over the problem of selective samples in psychological research. Scientists have coined the term WEIRD to describe the vast majority of participants in psychological studies: Western Educated Industrialized Rich Democratic What are some potential threats to the internal and external […]