High/Low Volume of Service Encounter and its effect on overall Service Quality of Hotel Park Inn

The growth of these local companies is giving very tough competition to international chain hotels like Pearl Continental, Holiday Inn not only in terms of price but the quality of products and services as well.Quality service is a major challenge facing the hospitality sector in […]


Walden – A Treatise on Transcendentalism Henry David Thoreau delivered his magnum opus to America which he baptized with the title Walden. The book is all about Thoreau’s experience in a cabin located near the Walden Pond surrounded by woodlands which is owned by his […]


The server virtualization also allows the organizations to run different software applications on diverse operating system to fully utilize system resources of a single physical machine. The operating system can run in isolation and / or side by side on the same physical machine. Each […]

Conducting a Needs Assessment Process That Aims At Assessing the Current Problems Relating To the Way Trash Is Managed

Clear government policies and competent bureaucracies for management of solid wastes are needed urgently especially in countries where there is rapid population growth through urbanization into peri-urban areas. Services and programmes that include proper waste disposal for management of hazardous biological and chemical wastes, minimisation […]

The Impact of Imports on Employees Morale in Australian Textile Manufacturers

When introducing a strategic change in the organization, the manager should come up with a SMART plan. It means that the future plan should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound. (Chaudron, 2006) Organizational strategies to be used on change should also be specific and […]

Whether Global Business Players Should Carry Out Business in Nations Which Consistently Violate Human Rights

In Mexico, it has been reported that workers are offered very little wages to an extent that they are forced to send their kids to offer labor in garment factories instead of going to school (Esbenshade, 2004, pp.4). This denies the young children from achieving […]

The Implication of WTO/TRIPS Agreement on Developing Countries’ Social Economic Development A Critical Analysis of TRIPS Agreem

This study discusses the spirit and rationale of the TRIPS, the constraints under which the Agreement functions, and the actual and potential impact the Agreement may have in terms of the benefits realized from scientific research and development. While the provisions mandate the observance of […]

Critical Analysis of the Trends in Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) in the United States

The context factors act as Vehicle Mile Travelled (VTM) growth drivers. They include legal/political climate, family structure, social/cultural conditions and technological, economical and institutional structure of the American society. The discussion provided for the impact of the outlined factors is one-sided. Most of factors such […]

Exploring the role of change management and new HRMS system adoption the case of American Express Bahrain

However, there are some strategic loopholes that can addressed to reap full benefits of the system. Table of Contents 1 Chapter One- Introduction 2 Chapter Two- Literature Review 3 Chapter Three- Research Methodology 4 Chapter Four- Results and Findings 5 Chapter Five- Conclusions and Recommendations […]

Dear Abby

They are exposed to and benefit from computer literacy in schools, some students attend school exclusively online, and then, of course, there are the games, chat rooms, and other social media, like Facebook. However, there is one thing that a very dangerous, hurtful, and serious […]

(Strategic Management module) Question Critically examine the international expansion strategy for an organisation of your own

Occasional analysis is very important for measuring the effectiveness of the organizational strategies. H M Hennes Mauritz AB (operating as HM) is a Swedish retail-clothing company, known for its fast-fashion clothing offerings for women, men, teenagers and children. HM has the stated goal of giving […]

Report and PowerPoint presentation about comparing between two Dining Hall

Others will have their dining halls centralized at one building while others prefer decentralized services. However, the ultimate objective of these plans is providing quality and affordable meals to the students. in this easy, I present my findings from an analysis of two leading universities’ […]


The reason behind the wide acceptance and adoption of this technology is that it caters to a massive market of printing packaging materials. Conventional form of printing could not suffice for such tasks effectively since the packaging materials are made in different types and sizes. […]

Identifying and Evaluating a Framework for Integrating Physical and Virtual Identity Management Systems

A significant number of physical and virtual IMSs have been developed over the last few years with varying degrees of success. Most of these systems does not offer virtual access to general users through internet using mobile devices like cell phones, IPods etc. On the […]

Marketing Strategy Development Process of Imaging Outpatient Diagnostic Center

Furthermore, many procedures and tests in an outpatient center take place in a few hours hence the ability to serve as many clients/patients as possible gives the business an edge. The center establishes a diagnostic and examining tool that uses low-energy x-rays to scrutinize the […]

Children’s understanding of the world around them Evaluate research that has investigated the development of infants’ knowl

Despite continuous advances in technology and an increasing number of scientists studying the minds of children, there will always be some level of mystery. The way every child learns is different due to personality, learning disabilities, and even childhood. There have been studies conducted that […]

Challenge of treatment low to medium strength municipal wastewater from ambient to low temperature by using UASB reactors

A, Boncz 2001, Anaerobic Digestion Congress. Belgium. This book expounds on the ninth world congress. It gives a detailed study on the anaerobic digestion with reference to the proceedings in that congress. A, Charlier C 1994, Water Science Technology. Washington DC: Sage Publishers. This book […]


The discipline of service thinking involves an understanding of various disciplines way of handling customer service issues with a blend of different interdisciplinary methods and tools. This involves tools and methods from the traditional service thinking, the current thinking and going beyond. Service thinking offers […]

Airline Operations The Impact of a Global Monitoring System on Safety and Finances

The problem with both hypotheses is that there are an early warning and detection systems for either case. In the case of terrorist activity, various routes are avoided and security measures in monitoring the people getting on board utilized to ensure mitigation of associated risks. […]

Evidence 2

Other than physicians, nurses, dieticians, and other health care personnel patients got medical or health information through television, magazines, and the internet, changing how health care is delivered (Jordan amp. Osborne, 2007. McMullan, 2006). But medical personnel were also able to use the internet, to […]

Gobal Economics and Financial Systems

In recent times, international finance is characterized by issues that are both favourable and unfavourable which include international monetary policy, global economic governance, foreign direct investment, multinational corporations, capitalism, privatization, global capital markets and global financial crisis (Cornford, 1996. Charles, 2007. Argitis amp. Pitelis, 2008).Globalization […]

Effect of the Technological Change on the Business Environment of Toyota in the EU

Along with other factors of the economic environment of a country, such as political, legal, natural, and social environments, the technological environment also possesses a significant role. From an economic perspective, basic components of the technological environment of an economy are its research amp. development […]

Lesson plan

Lesson Plan Special Education Intervention Plan (Rosa) Objectives/ Learning Targets Lesson Summary (what is the lesson about Walking up and down the stepsI can statement here: ‘’I can walk up and down the steps’’. Primary learning target: Rosa will walk once a day up and […]

Social Media and technology have had a positive effect on Teens and Students

According to (Charlie)Man has worked hard to improve technology consistently to do various tasks fast and effectively.It is a wide known fact that, everyone in this world is influenced by social media and technology. However the most people affected positively by social media and technology […]

The Importance of Procurement in Supply Chain Management

Changing consumer preferences have also altered the procurement process of the organizations, thereby enhancing its importance in the supply chain management. As globalization has opened up new markets, companies have access to suppliers outside their domestic market. Moreover, as they have global sales, they also […]

White Aryan Resistance Toeing the Line between Extremism and Domestic Violence

The power of technology is in their hands and they use cable television access and the Internet to reach out to like-minded individuals. They also use it to promote Lone Wolfism, a strategy wherein leaderless resistance is encouraged. Domestic terrorism is brought to a new […]

What are the factors which affect the propensity of firms to innovate through collaboration with other firms and which affect the outcomes of such interaction

Various factors that are perceived to be beneficial to partnering firms cause them to come together and innovate together. Some of the factors that cause firms to collaborate in innovation include reducing the cost of development of the technology, reducing the potential risks that are […]

Pension assistant

Additional Information for the Pensions Assistant Application: PART D Task: Additional Information for the Pensions Assistant Application According to the person specifications outlined by the board, I provide this information because my personal self-assessment reveals that I have massive experience to meet position requirements. The […]

Innovation of (e g ecommerce webbased financial srvice paperless office or )

Special cases are presented on Business to Consumer markets to show its growing popularity from the consumers’ side. Website companies are cited which owing to web interface technology is increasing its revenues and customer base. In total, the paper analyses the innovation of electronic commerce […]

This is an individual assignment You are to research an actual example of IT leveraging business advantage at an operational level

The presence of fierce competition and cost restraints in the present world economic scenario make a proactive approach to envision the future results beforehand and implement appropriate measures to achieve desired results and targets is absolutely necessary. In this report the role played by the […]


Impacts of Internet Job Search FIU BSN CURRICULUM DESIGN The FIU BSN curriculum is meant to enable the graduates to be competent in the systems of health care that are getting complex by each day. Through its specific objectives, the curriculum aims at giving graduates […]

New Product

This paper proposes to launch a new car, Eco-Zen, which will be running on water-fuelled technology.It has been observed that segmentation of market and targeting potential consumers are essential prior to the launch of a new product. It helps in making marketing mix for a […]

Should people ban testing on animals based upon people unethical research of animal

Since decades, animals are used for the purpose of testing in order to accomplish the objectives of experiments. Scientifically, animal testing is termed to be beneficial for many inventions, but it is also not without certain ethical issues related with animal rights. The practice of […]

Investigate a given organisation to analyse its current position evaluate the strategic options available and recommend the strategic route

Besides the technology advancement, competition is rapidly increasing in almost every industry, and this could send some businesses into oblivion. In line with that, this paper seeks to analyse the current position, evaluate the strategic options and recommend the most appropriate strategic route for the […]

Research Guide

Research Guide RESEARCH GUIDE Professional Journal in Civil Engineering The American Journal of Civil and Structural Engineering is an inter-disciplinary, peer-reviewed, and open-access journal that mainly focuses on applications, methods, and theories in structural and civil engineering. Some of the topics of interest that the […]

Case study report reviewing marketing strategy and operations for Nestle company

In essence, the company’s revenue base has been increasing subsequently over the past few decades. Presently, the company is ranked position 72 among the leading global business firms in the food and beverage industry. The company has established itself among the competitors and developed to […]

ENG 315 Presentation Critique

Presentation Critique: Meals on Wheels – Meal Delivery for Seniors Presentation Critique: Meals on Wheels – Meal Delivery for SeniorsENG 315 Presentation CritiquePresenter:Evaluator:Date:Rating Key1) Unacceptable. 2) Meets Minimum Expectations. 3) Fair. 4) Proficient. 5) ExemplaryPresentation CriterionEvaluator Comments Give specific comments and make specific recommendations. Rating […]

From an environmental perspective discuss the relationship between Logistics Operations and the Environment in International Manufacturing Organisations

The third bottom line is the planet account which is the measure of how responsible the company has been to the environment. Therefore, the triple bottom line consists of profit, planet and people. This is used to measure the financial, social and environmental accomplishments of […]

Internationalisation Benefits NoOne Other than a Few Rich Shareholders

Internationalization is the modern incorporation of the concept of free trade. It is the process whereby trade in goods and services (also involving free capital flow and transfer of technology) is carried on between countries so that there is an ultimate creation of interdependence between […]


Quality Management and Accountability al Affiliation: The Quality Improvement Model (The Care Model) The interview with Professor Lawton R. Burns was particularly insightful into the different and underlying aspects of the quality improvement model employed and taught in the Wharton Center of Health Management and […]

Corporate tax

CORPORATE TAX ISSUES There are different forms of business enterprises that carry out business activities. However, these different forms of business enterprises are determined by various factors that are of interests of the business stakeholders (Herbst, 1987). Therefore, when starting a business enterprise, its structure […]

Brand and Reputation Management in Tesco Plc in the Light of the Horsemeat Scandal

This essay would reflect the different reputational and brand management initiatives that were taken by Tesco Plc while matching the same to the empirical understandings to reflect on the efficacy of the same in the meeting of end objectives. Tesco operates as a leading grocery […]

Health Safety &amp

Aviation Lawl consignment placed on airplane is not practicable, quite a few routine and technology initiatives have been planned to improve air cargo safety and prevent terrorist and illegal threats. These initiatives comprise: develop the ‘identified shipper’ agenda. enhance cargo inspections. raise the physical safety […]

The production possibilities frontier represents all combinations of two goods that would be technologically efficient

Figure presents the initial situation from the text. Figure The initial situation A technological advancement of the pumpkin industry leads to the resources employed in production of pumpkins to be more productive. As a result, the change in the production possibility frontier is as shown […]

Based on the readings what do you see as the biggest obstacles to development of poorer nations What can be done about it

development in these countries can be divided into four categories: Natural Resources, Human Capital, Poor Infrastructure, and institutional factors.2 However, the difference between the developing and the developed world lies in the human, physical and the socioeconomic environments of the nations in question. This paper […]

Global Sustainability And Key Needs In Future Of Automobile Industry

The financial concerns do impact the sustainability of the future of the automobile industry, but another factor that has more impact is the increasing environmental concerns surrounding the industry. The global growth in vehicle use has significantly increased fuel demand, materials and air emissions (Mcauley, […]

Global trends affecting the retail pharmacy industry in the next 57 years

Two of the global trends facing the retail pharmacy industry are more face to face consultations about medicine and general healthcare and the growing websites of each retail pharmacy. Doctors, especially with Medicare D, are leaving more prescription to be explained by pharmacists. Not only […]

Bradbury has said that this book farenheit 451 is about TV replacing books in society not about censorship Analyze the relationship Bradbury describes between technology and his dystopian society What statement is the author making for today’s soci

Bradbury’s book revolves around life in the 24th century when people lived in a dystopian society when times were horrible and repressive. It is meant to be the opposite of utopia which is a world that is good, perfect in fact. Dystopian, on the other […]

Technology Evaluation Same time Same place

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Assessing the Cultural Practice For the technology selected, answer the questions below: Does the technology:Allow for collaboration between individuals in the organization?YesNoDo not knowAllow for collaboration between teams in the organization? YesNoDo not knowAllow for collaboration between individuals / teams in […]


Assignment: Leadership Motivational theory Generally, motivation can be termed as a theoretical construct that is mostly used in explaining behavior. Thus, it symbolizes the motives for an individual(s)’s needs, desires and actions. It can also be described as the force behind an individual’s desire to […]

How far do you think railway travel influenced notions of identity and community in colonial India Give specific examples

This is because the railway lines were relevant in the formation of imagined communities especially after the division of India into present day India and Pakistan.The train changed the social relations from that she refers to as concrete lived relations to abstract generalities while it […]

Colour theory

Colour Theory Colour theory Colour theory in the visual arts is a practical guidance to mixing of colours and the visual crush or impacts of combination of specific colours. There are categories of colours which are primary colours, secondary colours and tertiary colours. Therefore. colour […]

Google wallet

Running Heading: Google Wallet Google Wallet Technology Google has introduced a mobile payment system named as Google Wallet which enables its users to store credit cards, loyalty cards, and gift cards plus redeeming sales promotion on their cellular phone. Google Wallet is, basically, software that […]

I Need Help On My C Programming Using While Loops Im Using Visual Studio 2012 Thanks In Advance I Need It In

PRIG 155 – Programming Fundamentals Using CWrite a working [ program using while loops that will do the following :1 . Include comments at the beginning of the program as shown below :Lab] . [author !`FirstNAME Last Name*Hate :`today’s date\PURPOSE : Using while ,’ do […]

Describe An Experience Where You Implemented New Technology In The Workplace Where The Intent Of The Technology

Running head: IMPLEMENTATION OF A NEW TECHNOLOGY Implementation of a New TechnologyNameInstitutionDate 1 IMPLEMENTATION OF A NEW TECHNOLOGY 2 Describe an experience where you implemented new…Operations Management

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You are designing the following floor system of a building:Thickness ofslab (h) = 5quot;26quot;20′-0′, typicalYou are using the following geometric and material properties for your design:Reference all sections of ACI that you are usingConcrete compressive strength (fc) = 4000 psiYield stress of stirrups and reinforcing […]

What Are Some Of The Ways That Music And Technology Have Always Been Intertwined And How Do Electronic1

What are some of the ways that music and technology have always been intertwined and how do electronic1.There has always existed a relationship between music and technology. Each and everyinstrument that is used in music production is a manifestation of technological innovation. Whenit comes to…Music

I’M Not Understanding How To Get To The Answer For #14 The Answer Is There I’M Just Not Sure Which Equation To

dN/N=-kcdtintegrating results intoln N=-{kc} from t=0 to t=.999 of an hourln n=(4*0.2)^(.999×60)N=1000000X1.26 1.26 x 106 Part bTime will bedN/-kct=dtintegrating gives t=0.143 hours roughly…Engineering Technology

background-color:rgb(248,254,255)Write a couple paragraphs on a topic fromWhy are data classification systems important?Data classification is the way toward arranging information into classes for its best and proficientutilize. A very much arranged Data classification…Engineering Technology

Scheneiderman Book Does Not Recommend Using Anthropomorphic User Interface Except For Some Special Cases 1 Running Header Anthropomorphic User Interface Anthropomorphic User Interface Student Name Institution Name Date 2 Anthropomorphic User Interface Anthropomorphism According To The Collins …

Scheneiderman book does not recommend using anthropomorphic user interface except for some special cases 1 RUNNING HEADER: ANTHROPOMORPHIC USER INTERFACE ANTHROPOMORPHIC USER INTERFACE STUDENT NAME INSTITUTION NAME DATE 2 ANTHROPOMORPHIC USER INTERFACE Anthropomorphism, according to the Collins… Engineering Technology

There Are Many Practical Applications Of Biological Knowledge That We Mostly Accept And Take For Granted Many

Question There are many practical applications of biological knowledge that we mostly accept and take for granted. Many (though not all) modern techniques in medicine, agriculture and sanitation are examples of widely accepted practices. However, our knowledge about biology has enabled us to do things […]

Moor Intimates That In Contrast To Other Technologies Computer Technology Can Be Shaped To Perform A Variety Of

Question Moor intimates that in contrast to other technologies, computer technology can be shaped to perform a variety of functions. The term he uses is: Question 59 options: logical malleability conceptual muddle mainstream research policy vacuum Engineering Technology

Suggest How This Process Could Be Improved With Information Technology

A company provides a large selection of materials for flooring, decks, moldings, windows, Question 1. A company provides a large selection of materials for flooring, decks, moldings, windows, siding, and roofing. The prices of lumber and other building materials are constantly changing. When a customer […]

Design A Program That Will Allow A User To Input A List Of Your Family Members Along With Their Age And State

Program Description Program will allow a user to Input a list of your family members along with their age and statewhere they reside. Determine and print the average age of your family and print…Engineering Technology

Sonny Has Decided That Data Integrity Is Important For Data At Rest What Type Of Cryptographic Control Can Be

Question Sonny has decided that data integrity is important for data at rest. what type of cryptographic control can be used for data integrity B specifically how could Sonny deploy these technique Engineering Technology

A Market Research Firm Has Offered For A Fee Of $300 000 To Carry Out A Detailed Survey Which Would Determine

Question A market research firm has offered, for a fee of $300 000, to carry out a detailed survey which would determine precisely the future level of demand for se SQ. The partners of Piraeus Technology wish to know whether the market survey is likely […]

I Have Some Global Supply Chain Management Questions Per Attached Sheet Please Answers The Questions Thoroughly

Running head: GSCM434 GSCM434—Supply Chain Logistics, Distribution, and WarehousingStudent NameInstitution Name GSCM4342-5. What advances in telecommunications technology do you view as being…Operations Management

One Issue We Will Look At In This Discussion Is The Power Of Stare Decisis (Let The Decision Stand) Versus The

Question One issue we will look at in this discussion is the power of stare decisis (let the decision stand) versus the changing nature of an economy (eCommerce) which could not have been imagined when Bellas Hess was decided. Is it more important that the […]

Human Resource Management Compensation______ And _____ Are Some Of The Many Factors

Question Human Resource Management Compensation ______ and _____ are some of the many factors which impact employee compensation plans A. Promotions; ability to pay B. Job performance appraisal; labor market conditions C. Labor market conditions; rate of change of technology D. Promotions; rate of change […]

In A Market Where There Is Perfect Competition Between Two Companies And There Are Four Key Elements To Perfect

Question In a market where there is perfect competition between two companies and there are four key elements to perfect competition: large number of buyers and sellers, no barriers to entry or exit, perfect mobility for customers choosing products and homogenous products. How are output, […]

Big Data Is Not An Isolated Solution Implementing A Big Data Solution Requires That The Technical Infrastructure

Question Big data is not an isolated solution. Implementing a big data solution requires that the technical infrastructure (h/w, s/w, network) be in place to support scaling, distribution, and management of that data. It is important to put both a business and technical strategy in […]

Can Supply Chain Information Technology Provide Timely Cost Efficient Sharing Of Information Between Suppliers

Question can supply chain information technology provide timely , cost efficient sharing of information between suppliers, manufacturers, intermediaries, logistics services providers, and customers? Why Supply Chain Management

Javaprogram Will Bundle Together Several Static Methods For Tax Computations This Class Should Not Have A

Question JAVA program will bundle together several static methods for tax computations. This class should not have a constructor. Its attributes are: • basicRate — the basic tax rate as a static double variable that starts at 4 percent • luxuryRate — the luxury tax […]

Can You Explain If My Answer Is Correct And Why The Others Are Not?Which Line Should Be Added Into The

Question Can you explain if my answer is correct and why the others are not? Which line should be added into the removeCard method of class GroupOfCards? public class GroupOfCards { private ArrayListCard cards; // list of cards // Remove and return a card object […]

What Role Can Multimedia And Social Media Play In Developing Cultural Understanding And Global Question Ulliwhat Role Can Multimedia And Social Media Play In Developing Cultural Understanding And Global Awareness?

ulgtltligtWhat role can multimedia and social media play in developing cultural understanding and global Question ulliWhat role can multimedia and social media play in developing cultural understanding and global awareness? /liliWhat types of technology are appropriate for use in the classroom?/li/ul Writing