GEO 101

of California Introduction California otherwise called the Golden is one of the fifty s that constitutethe whole United States of America. Located in the Western region of America, California bears numerous political, agricultural, economic, demographic and urban significances that affect the whole of the United […]

The National Geographic Society National Geographic website

The National Geographic Society was founded in 1888. It is one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational s in the world. The interests of the organization include geography, archeology, natural science and the promotion of environmental and historical conservation (Nationalgeographic). Due to the popularity […]

Development of an Assessment Plan for the Howard Univ College of Liberal Arts Undergraduate Program

The mission of the Howard University College of Liberal Arts is to provide its graduates with an education that is rooted in Pursuit of knowledge, social justice, artistic expression and intellectual freedom (Howard University, 2013). It seeks to foster creative and critical thinking in artistic […]

In Much Ado about Nothing what is the relationship between female power and language

The researcher states that in the play Much Ado about Nothing Shakespeare uses language to bring out the message passed on to the audience. Power of language is used in the comedy. He uses wooing, destroys, and gives bad reputation then he restores honor. Shakespeare […]

St Joan

The various characters that come into contact with her, from common soldiers to the Dauphin, are often moved to respond to her magnetism and her unshakeable faith. Joan affects people strongly with her charisma and her conviction in the rightness of her way. As Bertrand […]

Immunization in Childhood Prevents VaccinePreventable Infectious Diseases

Vaccination is the most successful and universally applied strategy for prevention of some childhood infectious diseases. However, many parents refuse to vaccinate their children due to concerns over safety and utility of vaccines. This threatens the risk of an increase in the vaccine-preventable diseases which […]

The impact and clinical outcome of the preoperative screening investigations in individuals going in for elective surgeries

This is because, surgery is always associated with some risk for the patient, both due to the procedure and due to the anesthesia administered for the procedure. Whatever be the level of risk, due to medico-legal implications, every anesthetist performs a detailed evaluation of the […]

The American Journalist Robert Kaplan stated that anyone who disbelieves Hobbes’ state of nature argument has never visited Co

Ivory Coast – Land of Trouble? Hobbes, often dubbed as the founder of the modern philosophical thoughts, is popular for his theories of evolution about society and human kind – theories which were completely devoid of religious aspects. Hobbes has given a very unique face […]

Select a relating to criminal procedure Pre approved books a) Gideons Trumpet b) color lines Kelly Morrow Pub c)all t

Such was the case with Clarence Earl Gideon, a Florida resident who had been accused of breaking and entering into a pool hall and stealing an unknown amount of change from a vending machine. A single eye witness was all that was needed for a […]

The Importance of Empathy and Congruence in the Counselling Relationship

According to Stephen Palmer, congruence involves the counselor being self-aware and open. (p. 178). It supposedly has two dimensions: first, the counselor must be wholly and genuinely themselves within the therapeutic relationship, being alert to the presence and movement of their thoughts, feelings and perceptions. […]

Delivering Improved Employee Orientation at the Post Office

Finally, it will suggest a mechanism for ensuring that the changes enacted have, in fact, reduced or eliminated orientation inconsistencies. This evaluation process will also be used to further and continuously update the new employee orientation experience, thereby ensuring that it does not become dated […]

Childs Learning

External factors such as attending school and socializing with other children combined with the child’s personal experiences at home also contribute to the success and underachievement in a child’s learning.Considering the importance of a child’s cognitive development as they become an adult, it is necessary […]

Discredited Expert Witnesses Have Been Used as Scapegoats for the Failings of the Adversarial System of Criminal Justice

In a murder case, they will be asked to comment on the time of death, cause of death, and whether the injuries inflicted on the victim by the accused were an operative cause of death. This will include detail concerning any weapon that has been […]

In what ways is Orwell’s Keep the Aspidistra Flying a critique of British values between the wars

Even from above you could see that his shoes needed resoling. (Orwell, 2002) This makes it obvious to the reader that Gordon is a man who is down on his luck. The book can be interpreted in terms of reflecting on the values of the […]

Analysis of Essential Elements for Effectiveness by Abascal Juan

The paper considers the nature of human motivation in broader terms. In these regards, psychoanalytic theory and behaviorism are considered. In terms of Psychoanalytic theory, the text demonstrates that this theory contends human personality and motivation are determined by early experiences in childhood. Conversely, Behaviorism […]

Discuss the limited circumstances in which a duty of care might be imposed on a defendant for an omission

The main reason why courts are reluctant to impose duties to act may be seen in the arguments made in the case of Stovin v. Wise. The court in Stovin found that requiring somebody to act is an invasion of individual freedom. Moreover, the court […]

The Impact of Font Sizes and Colour Background of Typography on the readability of People With a Sight Problem

The text type differs according to the type and effectiveness of the content it carries such as an educational article, religious article or book, scientific or spiritual text etc. Readability decides the success of a typographical work.Readability is acquired with the help of recognising and […]

Assess the Argument that Germany was Responsible for the Outbreak of War in 1914

Although the German leaders were aware of the domino effect of attacking Serbia, they supported Austria.Since Germany and Austria wanted a quick attack on Serbia, so that other countries would not get involved, an ultimatum was sent. When the ultimatum was sent to Serbia in […]

Determination of the Kinetic Constants With Three Alcohol Substrates

The objective of this experiment was to compare the catalytic rate constant, kcat, the Michaelis constant, Km and the apparent second-order rate constant, kcat/ Km , for ethanol, propane-1-ol and butane-1-ol.The various reagents prepared and used in the experiment included the reaction buffer, 0.15 M […]

The Tarvydas Integrative DecisionMaking Model of Ethical Behavior

The paper considers the steps of the model and offer a basis for evaluating the officer’s actions.The first instance involves the dilemma of either pursuing the suspect or not. Awareness of the situation identifies a residential area and potential risk of accidents during pursuit, possibility […]

Read the observation then apply to the story Cathedral by Carver identify waht the ideal is and then explain

The mutual interfaces over the situations, between characters, reveal in fine styles, the convictions for which the story stands for. The narrations are poignant, but they do not lose the authenticity and genuineness in this psycho-analytical short story. The narrator is materialistic. he has a […]

How the Liberal Democracies in the Western States Such the US U K and France Changed

Modern democracy can be dated from the late 18th century although medieval Poland and some states of the Greek cities had democratic aspects. Democracy as the rule by people. In order for a country to be considered democratic, it should choose its leaders using competitive […]

Love and Aggressiveness in Freuds Civilization and Its Discontents

Freud discusses the origins of our sentiments of aggression (especially as involved in feelings of guilt) in chapter seven of Civilization and its Discontents, and finds them to be intimately involved with feelings of love. equally, sentiments of love often originate from feelings of aggression. […]

Food Allergies and Intolerance and Its Impact on the Life

In teenagers and grownups, nourishment anaphylaxes happen in around 4% of the aggregate populace. This distinction between the clinically demonstrated predominance of nourishment unfavorable susceptibility and the general societal view of the issue is to a limited extent because of the responses called sustenance intolerances […]

Opportunistic Microbial Infections

Opportunistic Infections Immmunocompromised patients are vulnerable to opportunistic infections caused by organisms of lower pathogenecity, besides being also susceptible to primary pathogens causing disease among immunocompetent hosts resistant to opportunistic infections. Many opportunistic infections arise from the individual’s own flora or local environment2, at or […]

The Use of Tranxamic Acid for Haemorrhage Vontrol in a prehospital environment

Dawkins and Deakin (2004 P.93) note that Kallikrein catalyzes activation rate of factor XII, which in turn activates factor XI, then factor IX. They also reveal that factor X speeds up the activation of prothrombin (Factor II) to thrombin. The thrombin form plays two major […]

Religious Expression’s relation to ancient cultures through Greek and Roman times

II. Roman Temple Cultus (150 words) The temple cultus of Rome was what drove Roman society. Romans were expected to make sacrifices to the temple court on a regular basis, and no one was exempt—from the very wealthy to the very poor. However, early Christianity […]

Catabolite Repression and Induction of Betagalactosidase Synthesis

Apart from induction, synthesis rate is determined by catabolite repression, whereby it slows down the synthesis of beta-galactosidase especially in the presence of a better carbon (and energy) source, such as glucose. In this experiment, Escherichia coli (E. coli) is used as the bacteria to […]

The Effects of Inflation Change and Increase in Investments in GDP Growth in US

Model 3 is referred to as the full model (since it contains all) The mean GDP change is 5,164.25 billion dollars with a standard deviation of 3,777.53 billion dollars. The mean of investments is 3305.083 billion dollars with a standard deviation of 4201.91 billion dollars […]

How Can Financial Innovations Lead To Financial Crisis

Nevertheless, lack of supervision and regulations account for the negative side of integration of financial markets. Owing to the global financial markets deregulations, financial managers used creativity in spreading risks with ignorance that the same virtue will have adverse effects on the world economy (Llewellyn […]

Outcome after hormonal therapy for prostate cancer patients Do patients fail the treatment even after reaching the castration

In this retrospective study, I was given a population of Pro Cancer patients to examine where the PSA levels and Testosterone levels occurred after treatment with Lutienizing Hormone Releasing Hormone Agonist. The population set was approximately 489 and the subsets included patients who reached castration […]

The impact of biotechnology on the prevention diagnosis and treatment of disease

On the other hand, amplified sequences can be inserted into other, more easy-to-manipulate species, such as microorganisms, thereby leading to the assessment of characteristics possessed by the resulting gene products of these sequences, such as structure, pH and function. In medicine, such findings are important […]

Budgeting as a Planning and Control System

This requires а comprehensive finаnciаl plаnning аnd аpprovаl frаmework. consistent аnd rigorous processes for constructing budgets, both cаpitаl аnd revenue. sound methodologies for аssessing the finаnciаl impаct of proposed expenditure. compаtibility with other mаnаgement аnd performаnce dаtа, аnd а control system thаt sets cleаr responsibilities […]

Implications of Chinas Emergence as a World Factory

China was perceived as merely a low-cost location to produce essential, labour-intensive products.At present, China is competitive in several sophisticated technologies and is contesting the exporting competencies of many other surfacing markets all over the world, not to include highly industrialized nations such as the […]

Wong Kar Wai and Fashion An Analysis of Three Films and the Motifs and Themes Represented

Rather than using fashion as merely a visual aid to the storyline that is being told Wong Kar Wai’s work actively incorporates it as a means of addressing variables that spoken dialogue or imagery another variety simply could not.Upon a review and analysis of Fallen […]


Thus the genre of fairy tales will somehow always be classic and also modern. Russian scholar Vladimir Propp (1895-1970) in his Morphology of the Folktale (published in Russian in 1928), came up with an influential study in structuralist narratology. He analysed a number of folk […]


Running Head: Aromatic Amines Aromatic Amines [Institute’s Aromatic Amines Aromatic Amines refer to certain types of chemicalsthat are observable in the chemical and plastic industries. These are the byproducts left after the manufacturing process of elements and compounds, such as dyes, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, polyurethane foams, […]

Foundations in human physiology structure function and permeability of cells

One or more cells constitute all forms of life. Cells can only develop from pre-existent cells. The smallest form of life is cell. The human cell consists of an outer plasma membrane which encloses the minute organelles dispersed within the cytoplasm. These organelles include endoplasmic […]

Foundations in human physiology structure function and permeability of cells

One or more cells constitute all forms of life. Cells can only develop from pre-existent cells. The smallest form of life is cell. The human cell consists of an outer plasma membrane which encloses the minute organelles dispersed within the cytoplasm. These organelles include endoplasmic […]

The Prevailing Trend in Poor Countries Prosperity and Growth Eventually Human Fulfillment

Development is associated with economic growth, specifically the increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The question as to why poor countries remain poor and people continue to live in poverty is often associated with the GDP of the country. This paper seeks factors that could […]

IBM Analysis

I personally credit two giant companies for sowing the seeds of this global IT revolution, these are International Business Machines (1880) for its role in automation followed by invention of a personal computer and American Telephone and Telegraph (1885) for the innovations in the domain […]

Race Multiculturalism and Geography in Barack Obama’s Dreams from my father

Some of the best sources for anthropological studies on Hawaii’s pre-colonial history, particularly in regard to their Polynesian ancestors, are the Hawaiian chants, legends, mele or vocal music, which are handed down from the ancient generation to next. (McDermott, Wen-Shing and Maretzki 5) Along with […]

Globalization The Impacts of Globalized Business Transactions

With a powerful internet regime aiding a voluminous international exchange through an omnipresent availability of data, the world has graduated from the primary obstacles of geography and social boundaries to a higher level thinking of strategies capable of penetrating even the potentially valuable networks born […]

Risk Impact of Global Communications in Business

The dynamic force regulating and accelerating globalization is undoubtedly a revolutionary development being made in the fields of information technology, navigation and communications. Hence, it is the marvellous technological advancement and innovative tools, techniques and equipment that have paved the way towards fastest possible progress […]

Comparing and Contrasting Development in Germany and Kenya

From this study it is clear that the physical geography of the two nations has played a big role in shaping their population settlement patterns, geopolitics, economic and social development, imperialism, and other areas that ultimately determine development.This paper outlines thatit is highly industrialized and […]


Traditional and Generative Grammar Grammar is the study of how words combine to form sentences. There are right ways and wrong ways, good ways and bad ways. There are also two ways to look at grammar—according to traditional grammar and according to generative grammar. Traditional […]

Explain the Greek concept of eros and the variations on the concept as introduced by the various speakers in Plato’s Symposiu

He believed that Eros comprise of varying shades and occurs in numerous forms. In Symposium, an institutional dialogue, Plato described the numerous perceptions he held about Love. In this paper Plato’s presentation of varying facets of Love is analyzed and explained with textual evidence from […]

Jonathan Swift used elements of the travel narrative to structure his satire Gulliver’s Travels on European primarily English culture and society Gullivers encounter with the Houyhnmhnms ultimately estranges him from his homeland his family se

Basho travelled in 17th century Japan while Gulliver is a fictionalized character who travelled in a similarly unsophisticated Europe but at a different time. So what made the nature of the travels of these two so different? This is the question this paper shall seek […]

Week 2 project

Systematic Strategies: for this lesson, the value added approach will be most efficient. This is a blend between the emergent literally approach and the explicit systematic instruction. In emergent literally approach, the child learns primarily from environmental stimuli for instance a print rich classroom. In […]

Marketing Strategies for a Newly Opened Delicatessen

Among them the following marketing strategies have received the attention of many analysts and researchers (Rosenbaum, 1998).Initially market dominance strategies acquired much greater recognition. These strategies are based on the understanding that any marketing strategy must have as its core objective the domination of the […]