Describe the most important learning that you gained from this class How does this change your understanding of issues associated with air pollution? discussion board 100 to 150 words

Describe the most important learning that you gained from this class. How does this change your understanding of issues associated with air pollution? discussion board 100 to 150 words08/05/20202engineering


Discuss the reading Older Men’s Perception of Leisure and Aging and answer the following questions. You should write approximately 3-5 paragraphs. How do older men perceive leisure in retirement? Do they seem to be happy with having leisure time? Why or why not? Discuss how […]

Jazz Dis 11

explain the relationship between motivation and performance; present a written overview of the major theories of need satisfaction in explaining motivation; explain how goal setting is used to motivate people; describe the application of positive reinforcement including recognition and praise to worker motivation; explain the […]


In 100 words or less, answer the following question and post it to the discussion thread. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.Note: You will not be able to see your classmates’ posts until you have answered the question yourself.Question: Consider paragraph 5, […]


Complete the following assignment in one MS word document:Chapter 1 –discussion question #1 & exercise 15 (limit to one page of analysis for question 15)When submitting work, be sure to include an APA cover page and include at least two APA formatted references (and APA […]

Evaluating Program Conditions For Professional Development

For teacher inquiry, reflection, and growth to be successful, early childhood programs must support the conditions for mentoring and professional development. After reading the text, with special attention to Table 8.5 Reflecting on Conditions Conducive to Reflective Supervision and Professional Learning.Explain how you might respond […]

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In Chapter 3, you were introduced to three types of costs associated with a manufactured product – direct materials, direct labor, and manufacturing overhead. Explain how these costs are associated with the manufactured product. Why are some of these costs allocated to the product through […]


use search terms that you feel are appropriate to your level of yoga expertise and seek out 5–8 online resources that you find useful. These should be briefly summarized in annotated bibliography form.18/05/202010appliedsciences


Describe a leader you respect and admire. How has this influential leader aided in sustaining innovation and structures within the leader’s organization? What personal qualities do you have in common with this leader? Provide specific examples. 18/05/20206businessfinance

IT Ops

In 175 words or more discuss how IT operations and maintenance is related to an organization’s mission or strategy. How do you ensure that systems operations continue to align as they are updated, upgraded, and maintained?20/05/20205computerscience

MKTG 410

Discussion topic (150 words)First, identify a firm that would like consumers to change the attitudes of its consumers. Think about different attitude change strategies discussed in the book, then discuss strategies that could be used in an advertising or promotional campaign to bring about this […]


Answering questions and doing an excel file.Making sure to read Starbuck’s article case, then answering the Starbuck exam prompt.Making sure to do an EXCEL for questions.I need anyone good at Excel.The bonus questions that related to Mcdonald’s and Cruises’ Article.17/05/202050businessfinance

Emerging Dis3

Week 3 Discussion – Diversity and CommonalityAttacks on our national infrastructure are already happening.And the expectation is that they will continue to increase at an accelerated rate.For this week’s discussion,we’ll cover threats to our nation’s pipelines.To get started,read this article: reading the article, start a […]


The Natural Step&quot &amp &quotReasoned Responses”1. Review the “The Natural Step” on page 185 of the Stenzel text. Discuss whether or not backcasting is an important concept for addressing major forces that shape the role of IT in organizations that compete globally. Explain your answer.

Personal Financial Planning

Your Own Financial Planinstruction starts from 43 mins I am age 24 rest make up your own your own financial plan.Use the spreadsheet. (attach below ) attached is an exampleMake assumptions.Write Executive Summary illustrating possible income/wealth gains necessary to support children and home assumptions.In your […]


Briefly respond to all the following questions. Make sure to explain and backup your responses with facts and examples. This assignment should be in APA format and have to include at least two references. When should the architect begin the analysis? What are the activities […]


NEED ANS FOR MENTIONING EACH QUESTION Q-2) Using a Web browser and a search engine, search the terms “BP Deepwater disaster plan failure.” You will find many results. Select one article and identify what that article considers a shortcoming in BP’s planning. What part of […]


Write a journal entry on 5 songs/video examples of your choice. All listening/video examples are referenced within the power-point lectures. Each entry should be about half a page. See the syllabus for a complete description of this assignment.17/05/202015socialscience

Week 2

Comment using your own words but please provide at least one reference for each comment.Do a half page for discussion #1 and another half page for discussion #2 for a total of one page.Provide the comment for each discussion separate. Discussion12.docx20/05/20205computerscience

Criminal Justice

Answer the following questions with 350 words or more.Read the article, titled “Woman sentenced to 15 months in texting suicide case,” located at your opinion of Michelle Carter’s conviction for urging her boyfriend to commit suicide, and analyze the manner in which her actions […]


Change Proposal Topic – Reimplementation of A Bedside Shift ReportSubmit Section I and II of your change proposal. Your rough draft should be in APA format for instructor review and feedback.I. IntroductionA. Identify a clinical or nonclinical problem that is relevant to nurses in your […]

BB#1 Replies

Since observation is the most common method of assessment, for this module/week’s Discussion Board Forum, you will exercise your observational skills and write a summary of your observations. After watching the online media clip, write a summary about what you observe while watching the featured […]

Poetry Gullet Creek by Laure-Anne Bosselaar is a poem that’s rich in imagery and sensory details. Even if you’ve never been to Bosselaar’s native country of Belgium, she uses such rich descriptive details that she allows readers to experience a small slice of Belgium for […]


Mitigating the Acquisition RisksMekdes AsaminewRasmussen Collage04/27/2020Mitigating the Acquisition RisksTo: To the Management Department From: Project Manager KLBCC: The Planning and Operation Department Date: 25 April 25, 2020Subject: Proposed Guideline on the Acquisition Process Risk avoidanceKingston-Bryce Limited (KBL) acquisition of her competitor is subject to the […]


Subject: Emerging Threats and Countermeasures (need 2 copies of answers)Question 1: Write a 400 word essay (APA format & 2 latest scholarly journal article references 2016 on words)Our society, economy, and critical infrastructures have become largely dependent on computer networks and information technology solutions. Cyberattacks […]

Why is it significant that an organization allow for failure? What are some significant ways an organization can allow for failure and still find success?

Why is it significant that an organization allow for failure? What are some significant ways an organization can allow for failure and still find success?Posted: an hour agoDue: 15/01/2020Budget: $5Tags: discussionAnswers 0Bids 47ProCastrol01Amanda SmithProf.MacQueenMichelle OwensDexterMastersDr shamille Claraperfectoprof avrilElprofessoriProfRubbsUrgent TutorChrisProfCatherine OwensDr Candice_2547sarapaul2013assignmentgradeuniversity workhassan0906brilliant answersDrNicNgaoTerry RobertsEmily MichaelRey writerWendy LewisAngelina MayansRohanAll […]

Research an organization of your choice that has made an impactful pivot

Making a pivot has saved organizations from completely deteriorating. Research an organization of your choice that has made an impactful pivot. Write an 8-10 sentence summary of the organization and the monumental pivot.Posted: an hour agoDue: 15/01/2020Budget: $4Tags: discussionAnswers 0Bids 36ProCastrol01Amanda SmithProf.MacQueenMichelle OwensHomework ProDexterMastersElprofessoriProfRubbsUrgent TutorCatherine Owenssarapaul2013assignmentgradehassan0906Terry RobertsRey writerWendy […]


This is a research paper, base on what you’ve learned from research articles about COVID-19 and analyze it by using geographic and pandemic knowledge. 1. The structure of the paper should break up to 3-5 clear sections.2. All of the website/resource uses must be comes […]


[email protected] buy PMI-PMP-Six Sigma certificate Ahmedabad Hyderabad ☎ 237654759239What does PMP certified mean?How do I get PMP certified?Is a PMP certificate worth it? does a PMP do?What is PMP Certification pmp certification cost pmp certification salary capm Skype ID:(pmp-exam-questions) certification pmp certification requirements pmp salary […]


CHAPTER 6Project Activity and Risk PlanningThis chapter initiates our discussions of Scope, Time, and Risk Management, critical PMBOK knowledge areas. Time management is an extensive topic which is further discussed in Chapters 8, 10, and 11. Similarly, risk will be discussed further in Chapters 7 […]


CHAPTER 9PUNISHMENT AND SENTENCINGLearning ObjectivesAfter reading this chapter, students should: List and contrast the four basic philosophical reasons for sentencing criminals. Contrast indeterminate with determinate sentencing. State who has input into the sentencing decision, and list the factors that determine a sentence. Explain some of […]


How is IG currently beingutilizedin your current employer? Are there any projects you are working on that doesn’t incorporate IGPrinciples into their framework? How are Methods of Disposition currently used with your organization?16/05/20205engineering


You had lunch with your supervisor on two separate occasions in which she shared some personal issues with you she is facing. However, when you are in the office she speaks to you in a way that you find extremely disrespectful, both in front of […]


IT 205: Numerical Analysisquestion no 1 .What is the difference between the Newton’s method and the Secant method?Explain your answer using examples with MATLAB or/and Symbolab. question 21. What is the difference between an array, a matrix, and a vector?2. Answer the following questions for […]


Select the title link above or access the Discussion Board through the course menu in order to complete this assignment.In a paragraph (150 words minimum), please respond to ONE of the following questions: Macedo distinguishes two possible ways, which he labels “humanitarian assistance” and “distributive […]

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Describe the three methods used to allocate joint costs. What are the advantages/disadvantages of each allocation method? Which method would you recommend? Why? Support your position with evidence from the text or external sources. Your initial post should be 200-250 words.16/05/20205nursing

Case study

PART A 1(a) Identify positive and negative stereotypical ageist comments and behaviors related to ageing that Alice may have to contend with. (b) Discuss your feelings and experiences in regard to caring for older people. This is a reflective question and as such does not […]

Sacrifice is something that very few Americans today are familiar with with less than 1% of the population willing to lay down their lives for this country military service

Sacrifice is something that very few Americans today are familiar with, with less than 1%of the population willing to lay down their lives for this country -military service.Examine three examples of military service from the American War for Independence tothe Civil War. Cover the whole […]

This discussion is designed to get you to see the behavior of costs in companies with which they are familiar

This discussion is designed to get you to see the behavior of costs incompanies with which they are familiar. You should identify and describe thecompany. Then, identify three different costs that behave differently. Youshould identify at least one fixed cost, variable cost and mixed cost […]


Your written assignment for this module should be a 1-2 page paper (not including title page and reference page) that describes the following: You are caring for a patient with c-diff as part of your workload assignment. Discuss what c-diff is and how it is […]


Need 200 words Initial post and two replies of 60 words each.What are two to three points that have you gained through peer presentations, course materials, and/or activities that will impact personal awareness and behaviors?Include concepts foundin course materials, lectures, and outside articles. Follow APA […]


ModMeters Case Study on pages 82-85Read the ModMeters Case Study on pages 82-85 in the textbook. Answer the Discussion Question at the end of the Case Study. Your responses must be complete, detailed and in APA format.Your responses must be complete, detailed and in APA […]


Select the title link above or access the Discussion Board through the course menu in order to complete this assignment.In a paragraph (150 words minimum), please respond to the following questions: Do you relate more to the abolitionist or the retentionist position? What do you […]


Reply to Discussion with 250-275 words. Requires 2 scholarly resourcesMy SLP I’ve selected the culture of Indonesia. The most prevalent takeaway is that their culture is extremely family oriented and is comprised of generations who take care of each other without question. I grew up […]


A&quot WORK “It can be argued that, with Justice Brett Kavanaugh replacing Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court, the court will continue to shift towards more conservative views. On the other hand, the Supreme Court is known to be volatile and could shift towards […]


Discuss the portions or proposals of the chapter that you agree and disagree with.Please post your ideas below (1) and reply to two (2) other comments in order to participate in the online discussion.Potential discussion points:Chapter 1:Name some theories, from any area of life or […]

MBA5420 Dis Two

Discussion Question OneMany hospitals in recent years haveidentified asan organizational goal to be recognized for achieving the Baldrige Healthcare Criteria for Performance Excellence. Why do you think this would be an important organizational goal? What makes the Baldrige Award so prestigious?Discussion Question TwoDifferent organizations may […]

“Convert the following C program into an x86 assembly language program Make sure to use your &quot

Chapter 8&quot understanding of advanced functions, parameter passing, and local variables. Post ONLY your ASM file here to Blackboard when complete.”QUESTION 1 Convert the following C program into an x86 assembly language program.Make sure to use your “Chapter 8” understanding of advanced functions, parameter passing, […]


ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL, CITED AND WILL BE SUBMITTED TO TURN IT IN. THIS IS A DISCUSSION POST. DUE DATE IS 05/17/20 @ 4PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME.INSTRUCTIONS: In Module 4we discussed the impact of severe emotional distress on those served by first responders. In […]


ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL, CITED AND WILL BE SUBMITTED TO TURN IT IN. DUE DATE IS 05/17/20 @ 4PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME. THIS IS A DISCUSSION POST.INSTRUCTIONS: In the last module you were asked for your opinion regarding collection of personal phone records by […]

Week 4 dis 3

You are conducting a family session and you have determined that the whole family would benefit from attending 12-step meetings. How would you introduce this topic to the family? What different resources would you provide to the spouse and adolescents of the family? 50-75 words16/05/20203psychology


Guidelines· Write you response as a research analysis with explanation and APA Format· Share the code and the plots· Put your name and id number· Upload Word document and ipynb file from google colabHW02 Cover Sheet – Analyze the following dataset research paper should include· […]

Healthcare Administration Capstone – Week 1 Assignment 3

Healthcare Administration Capstone – Week #1 Assignment 3Program Outcome 1Program Outcome 1: Assess the legal, regulatory and ethical challenges characteristic of the healthcare industry.Search your saved documents from any of your previous classes to see if you have any that match the program outcome requirements. […]

SHORT RESPONSE video clip, “The Baloney Detection Kit,” this week discusses the ways an effective critical thinker assesses claims made by others. Examine some key reasons why people might seem attracted to pseudoscience-type claims. Describe at least two (2) such claims that you have heard people […]


Analyze any one of the two short speeches below from the point of view of their appeals, organization, and style. In your analysis, demonstrate your knowledge/ understanding of the three means of persuasion– what makes, in Aristotle’s view, a speech effective/ persuasive.George Graham Vest’s speech […]

Case Study

Read the Topic 5 Ted Case Study ATTACHEDCreate a 1,200-1,500-word safety plan for a client similar to Ted, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia that addresses potential depression and suicidality.Include the following in your safety plan: What symptoms would a client with schizophrenia exhibit? What […]

Wk 3 Personal Property and Computer Crimes Analysis

Assignment Content Readthe instructions in thePersonal Crimes Analysis document and select one of the following options to complete the assignment.Choosefrom the following options: Option 1: Personal Crimes Analysis Presentation Option 2: Personal Crimes Analysis Matrix Option 3: Personal Crimes Analysis Posterboard Formatyour submission consistent with […]

Li Bai

Reflect on the meaning of life as discussed in the poetry of Li Bai.In your post, tell us if you agree with Li Bai or not and why?Please divide your posts into paragraphs for easier reading, and make sure to reference, paraphrase, or quote specific […]


Write a half of page program reflection about the nursing program I have just completed. Talk about having a different prospective on life and having to critically think through different situations. Talk about how nursing school has taught me to be more flexible and patient […]

DB Certification

Certification1. In your initial post:. Describe your assigned term. (Certification)a. Elaborate on their purpose and areas of specialty, i.e., providers, hospitals, laboratories, managed care organizations.b. Identify a governmental regulatory agency whose regulations would also apply to that same healthcare entity type. For example, the National […]


Impressed with your executive summary from last week, the chief executive officer (CEO) for New City Home Care would like you to market the company across the region. The goal is to build a stronger relationship with physicians, engage in telemedicine, and expand a broader […]


1)It is said that KONE is embedding intelligence across its supply chain and enables smarter buildings.How? (300-400 words )with two references2)Describe how DSS/BI technologies and tools can aid in each phase of decision making(300-400 words ) with two references14/05/20205computerscience

Case study

make the report to be more scientific1800 words without the referenceswith plag reportfollow the guidelines carefully24 hours or a refundIt’s a case report about a young female that has ovarian mass. It should be 1800 words without the references.write about the same case study that […]


Speech1. Plan your speech, considering what your introduction, main points, and conclusion will include. The introduction includes my key message (thesis). *Speech must be original and written for this assignment; plagiarism of any kind is strictly prohibited.2. Organize your speech, following the structure of Monroe’s […]

2 Paragraph

As we will discuss over the next 3 classes, the original colonization of the Pacific Islands (including Easter Island) has been a fascinating discussion for over a century. One of the most interesting characters within this discussion is the Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl.I’d like you […]

Week 5 d1

Evaluate the following methods for establishing base pay in international assignments: home country-based pay, headquarters-based pay, and host country-based pay. Include within your discussion the strengths and weaknesses of each method and factors that should be considered when determining the appropriate international pay strategy. How […]


300 words and it needs other journals other than the book sense. proper formatting APASenge (2006, p. 79) explains the two most basic loops used system diagrams. These are reinforcing and balancing loops. From your experience provide an example of a reinforcing and a balancing […]


Question 2)Having first read the two Hindu accounts of creation, which are taken from theRig Veda[available inCourse Documents,] please answer the following questions:Who is ‘the One’ in the first Vedic account? [Who Can Say How Creation Happened? That One] And why do you think the […]

The subject of regulation and deregulation (government involvement or intervention) and its impact on intermodal transportation

Assignment InstructionsInstructions:Throughout the course, the subject of regulation and deregulation (government involvement or intervention) and its impact on intermodal transportation has been discussed. Chapter 15 discusses the role of government on fostering intermodal transport innovations. The author suggests that the US government should be the […]


Hi Everyone,I have a topic to research, the topic name: IT Governance.1. I need some introduction on that topic2. Assess how IT governance will improve the effectiveness of the IT division to attain regulatory compliance(discuss this point more).3. The paper should be in 5 pages, […]

Discussion 1

consider the difference between a “manager” and a “leader.” What do you feel are the three biggest differences? What are two benefits and disadvantages of each?Your initial posting should be at least 400 words in length and utilize at least two scholarly source. APA format14/05/20207nursing


All work must be original, cited and will be submitted to Turn-It-In. This is a discussion post. Due date 05/14/20 @5pm Eastern Standard Time.INSTRUCTIONS:Discussion Question #1: Consider Chapter 8 and the decision inHeck v Robey. As a judge how would you rule if Robey was […]

Name two ethical theories that could explain why so much of humanity still lives in poverty

Name two ethical theories that could explain why so much of humanity still lives in poverty anddiscuss how the existence/persistence of global poverty is endorsed by each theory’s centraltenets (or principles).1 pageAPA3 sources15/05/20205english


due in 48 hrsWrite 1-2 pages (double-spaced, Times New Roman 12pt, about 300-500words) reflecting on Kevin Young. You need to read his poems, I uploaded files.To give you a few ideas, you might: •offer a close-reading of a short passage in one of the texts,•discuss […]

Uman behaviour

After studying this chapter you should be able to:Discuss how portrayals of violence in different media may affect human behaviourDescribe a key piece of research by Albert Bandura and colleagues into children’s imitation of violent actsOutline why findings of associations between events and behaviour do […]


This IRAC is due today (Wednesday) by 11:59pm. IRAC ScenarioDr. Jack is a physician at DurfMedical in Greenacre. Sara is a bus driver for the Greenacre City School District (GCSD) and earns $3,000 per month. Dr. Jack is conducting surgery on Sara’s right ankle to […]


Weekly Chapter – 2 Discussions:In the weekly Discussion tab in the course, the Professor and students interact to explore course concepts. Discussions always closeSunday, 11:59 P.M EST.For full credit, you are required to post on three different days (three time each week) and follow the […]

Extra credit

For up to 15points extra credit,search for a scholarly article relating to staff welfare in disaster situations. In a two-page analysis (double-spaced, 12 Point Times New Roman font, 1″ margins), address the following:- A synopsis of the article/research presented by the author(s) (no more than […]

Policy brief

Policy Topic: Texas Institute for Neurological DisordersI attached my topic file down there.Make sure it is neat, organized with headings,double spaced. You need to write clearly and thoroughly enough to convince the reader that this policy is needed.Appeal to the Rhetorical Triangle (Ethos,Pathos,Logos).Graphics are encouraged […]