What is known is the expected value to the distribution of Brownian motion at time =2. Therefore, the centre of the distribution is known, i.e. what the expected value of the distribution is and this will be the expected value of W2= 0. It will […]

Famous Iagos Why in their Words Some Actors See Iago as a More Interesting Role than Othello

Playing both the roles of Othello and Iago by well-known actors demonstrates this as with the case of Lawrence Olivier and Ben Kingsley, among many others. There are instances wherein actors would prefer to play Iago instead of Othello, the lead role. This paper will […]

With reference to two out of the seven regions identified here (see below in assign criteria) how useful is it to continue classifying and contextualising media systems in geographical terms

Geography is a visual discipline…media representations are part of individual and societal conceptions of the world but also because of medias power to conceptualize and spread political ideas and reinforce hegemonic orders. (Zimmermann, 2007). From the commercial point of view also, geography helps a lot […]

Analyze a School’s Emergency and Crisis Response Plan

This paper will outline the context of Murrell Taylor Elementary School, and evaluate it based on its breadth, specificity, clarity regarding roles, communications, and routine (including both exercises or drills and training requirements). It is important, before reviewing any emergency or crisis response plan, to […]

Nanjing China

1000 The well-known Confucius Temple is not just a remembrance place for the Great Sage but has an encompassing territory clamoring with shops, eateries and a nibble road housed in customary engineering structures (Elle, 2011). The Zijinshan Observatory, Purple Mountain Observatory, toward the city’s east […]

The Role of the Environment (Geography) in the Emergence of the Egyptian Civilization

The Role of the Environment (Geography) in the Emergence of the Egyptian Civilization The Egyptian civilization was highly influenced by the environment and geographical locations of its cities, writings and religion. The largest number of the population of the ancient Egypt was located along River […]

Response paper about Turkish Letters of Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq Imperial Ambassador at Constantinople

Turkish Letters of Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq, Imperial Ambassador at Constantinople – A Response PaperThe Turkish Letters of the Imperial Ambassador Busbecq, including all their historical essence, primarily depict Busbecq’s adventures and personal account of life in the Ottoman Empire of the 16th century. It […]

Explain the logic behind the ideal of compassion in the Mahayana perspective

Bodhisattvas or the enlightened beings are characterized by a number of features that distinguish them from the arhants (Humboldt, n.d.). The bodhisattva path lays emphasis on karuna (compassion). The Mahayana tradition explains that arhant is a noble path as it stresses that every being should […]

Chimicals waste from big companies how are they distroying the earth

In some cases, people who inhaled the hazardous waste chemical fumes died. The air pollutants rise up to the ozone layer, destroying the earth’s breathing space. The chemical waste fumes cause acid rain. The chlorofluorocarbon or CFC waste chemicals used in refrigerators and air conditioner […]

The Individual and the Pattern of Culture by Ruth Benedict

Early on, one was oriented to assume an open-minded orientation to embrace other people from various cultural orientations. The support for pursing greater knowledge and awareness on diverse cultures, races, and ethnic backgrounds have made me acceptable of cultural diversity and enhanced one’s ability to […]

An Empirical Analysis of Pasko L 2002 Naked power The practice of stripping as a confidence game Sexualities 5(1) 4968

but a stripper has an entirely different persona – what she sells is not her body, not her whole self, but the mere pleasure experienced in taking a peek at it, seeing it in a gradual, teasing way. A prostitute usually leaves her customer’s thirst […]

Identify a particular issue or problem that occurs with HRD in a country with which you are familiar

The calculation is very simple.nbsp. The number of employees leaving in a year is calculated as a percentage of the total number of employees during the same period.nbsp. It is also known as separation rate. Employees in the beginning and closing of the year are […]

School Ties

750 School Ties, Dir. Director: Christopher Nolan. Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 1992, Film Review This is movie deals with the anti-Semitism prevalent among the upper classes of American society, as seen in the exclusive learning institutions. This anti-Semitism is displayed […]


Insert How Milton Friedman Supports Neo-Liberal Policy in Regards to Government Regulation of Industry and Free International Trade Milton Friedman supports neo-liberalism to the effect that there should be little emphasis on the government since the government is usually costly and inefficient. Friedmans kind of […]

How does opeational line maintenance differ from manufacturing and does either degrade aircraft maintenance abilities if no change is made Or does stability lead to increase in quality

The problem is the huge maintenance of aircrafts in an airline. The huge maintenance of the aircraft imply to the groupings of the maintenance of aircrafts that are owned by an airline on the foundation of the structures of each type of aircraft, the necessary […]

BOOK REVIEW Research required Review Righteous Dopefiend by Philippe Bourgois and Jeff Schonberg

These emotions were intensified by their situation, with addiction bringing them closer and farther away from each other. The work of Bourgois and Schonberg critically presented their findings of the conditions of the homeless community by linking image, words and theories. This is reflected clearly […]

Designing and implementing an evaluation of the quality of your clinical teaching

The responses of the students were measured on a linkert scale and the data tabulated for analysis. Twelve graduated nurses responded to the questions. From the results obtained, all the answers ranged between satisfactory, good, and very good. A majority of the responses fell within […]

Reflection of a Culture Comparing the Female in Andrew Marvell’s To His Coy Mistress and The Garden

Marvell wrote in the style of metaphysical poets and his verses are often witty and rich in descriptions and metaphors. His style is elaborate and elegant and some of his poems like ‘The Garden’ are written in a pastoral style. This paper attempts to study […]

Briefly outline the court system in England and Wales and in particular the role of the Crown Court

The Courts of England and wales are made up of the following different courts namely, the magistrate’s courts, the country courts, the Crown court, the High Court of justice, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court which work in line with the European court […]

Motivation An Investigative Study on whether Intrinsic or Extrinsic Rewards acts as a better Motivator

The need for strong and long-term motivation has, thus, become a critical issue for researchers and organisations alike. Motivation refers to a driving force that enables people to accomplish tasks and can either be intrinsic or extrinsic (Huitt 2001). Motivation has been explained through a […]

Analysis of Article about the Difference between Mentoring and Coaching

David Macafee and Bob Garvey start of their article by providing details about the origins of the word and practice of mentoring and coaching. Then, before focusing on the differences, they first start off by providing the similarities between coaching and mentoring. In the main […]

Critically discuss the role of users in Legos approach to innovation and consider whether the strategy could be put to use in other organisations

Later the product range shifted to a set of interlocking bricks which was launched in the market in 1953 but failed because of the consumer’s perception towards plastic toys was strong. By 1959 the company shifted completely to manufacturing plastic bricks and related products and […]

Of policing of a Cyber Crime investigationscenario of The Bennington Family are an Organised Crime Family operating in the south East of England they are the subject of a long term investigation by the National Crime Agency Operation Priory

Investigations conducted indicate that the approximate average age of the victims of activities conducted by Boko Zdravko is 81 years. The research suggests that they traverse the nation selecting places with a high population of old people or mixed communities that have easy access to […]

Outline the main approaches taken to tackle child poverty over the past decade What lessons can we learn from these for the current government’s approach to tackling child poverty

It is indispensable to note that the strategies employed by the central government including enactment of Child government Act 2010 have remained essential in significant reduction of child poverty in United Kingdom. The paper explores the main methods used by the government in tackling child […]


The Constellation, Ophiuchus According to a report written by Praetorius , a 13th constellation d Ophiuchus, or a Greek name translated as the serpent bearer is in fact a large constellation that falls along the celestial equator, and falls between Aquila, Serpens, and Hercules in […]

What is the Quran about according to Fazlur Rahmans book Major Themes of the Quran

This paper presents the major Qur’anic themes as Rahman presents theme as they are organized in chapter order. Rahman synthesizes the major themes logically rather than chronologically and the Quran has been allowed to speak for itself and interpretation has been used only as necessary […]

How dialysis treatment for kidney failure relies on an understanding of the principles of diffusion

Maher states that an infection or physical injury to the kidneys can affect the dialyzing ability of the kidneys. A malfunction of the human kidneys can lead to the accumulation of poisonous molecules such as urea in blood (Maher, 1989). A toxic level of urea […]

Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring Synopsis and Recommendation

Book RecommendationTitle: Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the RingBook I – Chapter I-XIAuthor: J.R.R. TolkienGenre: Fantasy FictionSynopsis: The Lord of the Rings is a story about the battle between good and evil, and the courage and fortitude of the people who choose to […]

International Strategy in The World Pulp and Paper Industry

Considering the significance of global expansion we will analyze the benefits and costs of these strategies in paper and pulp industry.The global strategy allows companies to derive substantial profits in several ways. Firstly, companies which possess an undeniable advantage over their competitors can easily rivet […]

Muslims are Bearing Most of the Historic Burden of European Racism

Being the continent that experiences the highest inward migration, Europe should be least concerned by prejudicial perspectives towards immigrants. For example, in the case of Britain, many of the immigrant groups come from their former colonies, including the Caribbean, India, and Pakistan. lately, there are […]

Assume that you expect Australian stock market to decline significantly in the current year Specify three trading strategies involving options which you may employ in this scenario Critically evaluate the advantage and disadvantage or risk involved in t

BASIC TRADING STRATEGIES Introduction Because of the increase in online stock trading, investors have witnessed easier access to the markets. In addition to purchasing stocks, traders online involve in option markets, which can be dynamic and responsive. Options are securities formulated against the value of […]