Residency 2: Final AssignmentInstructions – The purpose of Residency 2 is to ensure you understand the required components of the doctoral study process and to prepare you to work on the doctoral study prospectus and proposal. The final assignment for Residency 2 is to complete […]


Please answer each question with 250-300 words and included a reference from a credible source. (APA Form)1. Creating and maintaining relationships between home and school is pivotal to the overall success of our ELL students. Discuss some ways you might cultivate these partnerships throughout the […]

Journal Palliative and Hospice Care An Approach to Health Promotion

In this course, we consider vulnerable populations and Health Promotion and Disease Prevention standards. We look at content through the lens of pediatrics, women’s health, adults, mental health, and the elderly. Having just completed exercises related to the five levels of prevention in Week 1, […]

Please only respond if can complete by 2p eastern

PLEASE ONLY RESPOND IF CAN COMPLETED BEFORE 2PM250-300 words please see and use attachedTextbookChapter8.pdfps6.docxPosted: 2 hours agoDue: 18/04/2020Budget: $10Tags: todayAnswers 1RESPECT WRITER5.0 (5)4.8 (4k )Chat17 minutes agoPurchase the answer to view itDiscussion.docxTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $10Bids 86PapersGuruWIZARD_KIMDexterMastersRESPECT WRITERElprofessoriMusyokionesQuickly answer abdul_rehman_brilliant answersEARNESTWRITERProf James Kelvinhassan0906Brainy Brianquality work for allHomework ProTerry RobertsProf.MacQueenChrisProfMichelle […]

Case Study (Page 2938)

Put the key issues of the case in context in terms of what, of relevance, is going on in the firm’s external environment: economically, politically, socially, competitively that influences your possible course of action.TRANSNATIONALMANAGEMENT.pdfPosted: 20 hours agoDue: 15/04/2020Budget: $15Tags: Analysis international businessinternational case study Answers 0Bids 101Dr. Michelle_KMThe […]

Research paper Effect of COVID19 on Electrical company

Hi there,I am looking to research paper in APA formate, which has all factors, details with verified sources which can prove that, how bad/good COVID-19 is for Electrical company.10 to 12 pages.No plagiarism Posted: 5 hours agoDue: 19/04/2020Budget: $10Tags: research paperData scienceElectricalInformation TechnologyAnswers 0Bids 72Teacher A WorkGradesMaestroDexterMastersCreative InstructorProf. […]

Deliverable 6 Data Grain

post summary herePosted: a day agoDue: 27/03/2020Budget: $5Tags: businessOperationsFinanceAnswers 1PROVEN QUALITY 5.0 (2)5.0 (35)ChatdoneAnswer rating:5Stars out of1ratingsa day agoPurchase the answer to view itSummaryPaper1.docxDeliverable6-DataGrain8SlidePowerPoint.pptxTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $5Bids 67Dr. Michelle_KMAmerican TutorDiscount AssignAmanda SmithLisa-Randallbrilliant answershassan0906professor mitchRosie SeptemberTopanswersProf.MacQueenDrNicNgaoMathStat GeniusCatherine OwensRESPECT WRITERStano 001Dr shamille ClaraPROF. ANNRanju LewisTutor danielGreat-WritersPROF_TOMMYElprofessoriDexterMastersDr Candice_2547kim woodssarapaul2013Terry RobertsCasey CeliaansRohanEmily […]

Medical Office Scenarios

Please correct English, spelling and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be four (4) double-spaced pages.Please see attached. 4 Part Question and Answer.Medicaloffice.docxPosted: 2 years agoDue: 29/03/2018Budget: $33Answers 2Dr.Nickavita4.6 (115)4.7 (181)Chat2 years agoPurchase the answer to view itTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $33Dr.Nickavita4.6 (115)4.7 (181)Chat2 years agoPurchase […]

Week 5 DQ 1 and DQ2 urgent needed asap

DQ1:After reading “Vocabulary” from the Wisconsin Common Core State Standard for English Language Arts, which of the vocabulary tiers would be the most important to focus on for an intermediate level ELL? instruction is an integral part of the developing language for ELLs. Present two […]

English watch video answer 4 questions in attachment

This is due tomorrow….. must have done by tomorrow…..Watch the video: by Jennifer Siebel NewsomGoogle search: The mask you live in by jennifer Siebel NewsomThen view the attachment and pick 5 questions to answer. The questions are in reference to the video.The answers must […]

English Composition (Journal Part 1 Entries 16)

Program49811205Lesson250200Exam No.250200Exam NameJOURNAL PART 1: ENTRIES 1-6Course Journal, Part 1: Entries 1-6This exam is your first journal submission. Review the instructions in your digital study guide on pages 16-17to ensure that you have included required journal entries 1-6 entries 1-6 correspond to the required reading […]


PURPOSE OF ASSIGNMENTThe objective of this assignment is to apply the principles and concepts of security as enterprise architecture by extending upon the material described in the Archisurance case study.ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSWrite a paper explaining how Archisurance should address security within each layer of its enterprise […]

“English 4

about the book 1984″six questions from 1984 book two, Chapter 5-8On page 153, what is the reality Julia and Winston expect to face?What solutions do they consider? (151-152)What convinces Winston that O’Brien is a member of the Brotherhood? (157- 158)What does Winston realize about love […]


Read the attached article: FOR WRITING A CASE STUDYA case study analysis requires you to investigate a problem, examine the alternative solutions, and propose the most effective solution using supporting evidence. Your submission should be no more than 2 pages and needs to adhere […]


Attached Files: 1302 Document 1.docx 1302 Document 1.docx – Alternative Formats (16.481 KB) 1302 Document 2.docx 1302 Document 2.docx – Alternative Formats (29.4 KB) HIST 1302 Core Assessment Instructions:Carefully read and analyze the following two documents and write an 800 word essay to answer the […]


Chapter5Due Process, Student Discipline, Athletics, and Title IXIntroductionAdministrators are empowered by a wide variety of federal, state, and local laws and policies to maintain orderly and safe schools. However, students do not forfeit all of their constitutional rights. This is especially true when students are […]


CHAPTER 8PRETRIAL PROCEDURES AND THE CRIMINAL TRIALLearning ObjectivesAfter reading this chapter, students should: Identify the steps involved in the pretrial criminal process. Identify the difference between an indictment and an information. Explain how a prosecutor screens potential cases. Indicate why prosecutors, defense attorneys, and defendants […]


Unit 3 Assignment: Supply and DemandName:            Course Number and Section: BU224–0XDate:                          General Instructions for all Assignments1. Unless specified differently by your course instructor, save this assignment template to your computer with the following file naming format: Course number_section number_Last_First_unit number 2.  At the top of the […]


Apply RubricsLegacy of the Progressive Era  1Unsatisfactory0.00%2Less than Satisfactory65.00%3Satisfactory75.00%4Good85.00%5Excellent100.00%75.0 %Content 10.0 %Create a Powerpoint presentation of 5-6 slides that evaluate how each of the following topics was influenced by the Progressive Movement and the lasting impact each had on American Society (100-125 words each topic in […]

2 Pages Critical Viewing Review 1 paragragh discussion on movie (99 Homes)

1.) A short summary or synopsis, no more than one brief paragraph2.) A critical review and analysis, with a close focus on particularly relevant parts or scenes3.) Two to three questions that the film generated for youlink to movie: have pop up ads)13/05/20208english


This discussion is designed to get you to see the behavior of costs in companies with which they are familiar. You should identify and describe the company. Then, identify three different costs that behave differently. You should identify at least one fixed cost, variable cost […]

Invented Languages from Elvish to Esperanto

250 words response to the question I attached.There are 4 resource need to look.1: Some Background on Laadan (attached)2: For word choice, browse two sources, the Láadan core words: Klingon Dictionary : Look for 6 words: 3 words that are in Elgin’s core […]


What happens when we place the authentication system in our demilitarized zone (DMZ)—that is, in the layer closest to the Internet?What do we have to do to protect the authentication system? Does this placement facilitate authentication in some way?How about if we move theauthentication system […]

Read this article (Links to an external site ) in Nature magazine and answer some questions as s jumpingoff point for your own take on it What are some of the rare side effects of fluoroquinolones?2. When would you take them? For what diseases/infections?3. What side effects would you be willing to put up with in exchange for antibiotics that would eradicate an infection?4. What are some concerns about mitochondrial […]

Assignment one

Using search engines and find two different recent articles involving data mining. Describe the role of “data mining” in the story using your own words (250-300)wordsHere is an example of an article: sure to cite the sources.11/05/202010informationsystems

Week 7

Examine the main reasons why manufacturing companies are more sensitive to material price variances, as compared to labor variances, and determine the importance of companies managing these variances in relation to sustaining profitability. 11/05/202090businessfinance




Procurement and Inventory Cost-Reduction MethodsAmazon is my chosen company.In this discussion: Explain the commonly used procurement and inventory cost reduction methods for your selected company. Discuss the impact of these cost reductionmethods on suppliers and customers. Discuss the benefits and risks of the selected methods […]

Due today in 9 hours

Due in 9 hours….no late work please…..Video links for the assignment: video listed above and do:1. write at least 1 sentence for each clip(3 pts) (Please list your sentences for each clip with numbers)2. What are the two air mases that have the greatest influence […]


Question 1:Based on your analysis of the owner’s wishes (Shaun’s criteria) and the three financing options available, which financing option would be the best option?ð Option 1: Equityð Option 2: Debtð Option 3: Debt & Self FinancingInclude your answer your response below and also explain […]

Unit 7 Discussion

List and explainin your own wordsthe benefits of systems theory as a framework for understanding conflict. Be sure to provide specific personal examples.The text discusses conflict patterns including conflict triangles, coalitions, rules, metaphors, patterning, and micro-events. Explain one of these patterns and provide an example […]


The text to use is the State of Native Nations1-Considering chapter 5 in your text The State of Native Nations- How are Native Nations involved in the United Nations and what is the benefit? How does the United Nations benefit from working with Native Nations? […]


PICC line infection ratesPlease discuss if that topic might be best explored using qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-methods research. Please include what types of data collection methods would be most beneficial for your chosen method of research (surveys, chart review, etc).12/05/202010nursing


Search for a recent article on data mining.Describe the role of a data mining in that article in your own words.Give specific examples of how techniques like classification and clustering has been applied in that particular case study.11/05/20205computerscience

Chapter 3 The Intervention and Assessment Models Chapter 4 Tools of the Trade

BOOK ISBN: 978-1-305-27147-0very important all comes from the book !!!!Chapter 3 – The Intervention and Assessment ModelsChapter 4 – Tools of the TradeQuestion(s):Case of Elizabeth.Ana is a 45-year-old white female who is recently divorced. She is not doing well in her lovelife and comes to […]

“Analyzing &amp

Visualizing Data”APA formated document, describing thespecificaspects from the Challenger accident that helps us better understand the importance of effective data visualization.Also, complete the following activity: Re-create at least 1 visual aid fromTufte’s article that you believe would better describe the dangers surrounding the launch. Expound […]


L Discussion-1″Chapter 1 of the course text discussed the concepts of developing and delivering on the IT value proposition.Discuss the five principles for delivering value. Which of the five principles do you think is the most important?Respond to at least 1 learners post after you […]

Clinical Field Experience B ELL Classroom Observation Using SIOP – Part II

Spend time observing lessons in your field experience classroom. Focus your observation on Strategies, Interactions, and Practice and Application.Use any remaining field experience hours to assist the mentor teacher in providing instruction and support to the class.Assess at least one lesson using the SIOP checklist […]

Raditional software processing models used by developers to create a successful system Discuss at least three of the models and their respective advantages and disadvantages

This discussion focuses on traditional software processing models used by developers to create a successful system. Discuss at least three of the models. Identify each of their respective advantages and disadvantages.Strictly Right Paraphrasing, and No Plagiarism(checked through ‘ Turnitin’)13/05/202020computerscience


What are the four major external threats facing Chipotle and the four major opportunities? Realizing the importance of quantification in stating key factors, how could your factors be quantified? Identify specific estimates (numbers) for your factors. Your response should be at least 200 words in […]

“The Cyberspace Solarium Commission&#x27

s proposes a strategy of layered cyber deterrence”The Cyberspace Solarium Commission’s proposes a strategy of layered cyber deterrence. Our report consists of over 80 recommendations to implement the strategy. These recommendations are organized into 6 pillars: Reform the U.S. Government’s Structure and Organization for Cyberspace. […]


Two main parts:1) First part of the essaySummarize the overall argument the author(s) makeInclude the author’s thesiso Note critical terms or concepts central to the argumentProvide the logical thread of the argument2) Second part of the essayAnalyze the strengths of the argumentEvaluate the strength of […]


Green Drive Logistics is a company that deals with the supply of farm products. Our office is located at 23rd avenue Street in Seattle, Washington DC. We source fresh products that include kales, tomatoes, onions, broccoli and any other vegetable products from the local farms […]


Preliminary:At this point, you should be very comfortable inputting formulas in excel, appropriately formatting your work, and turning in a well-organized report. If not, please visit the BEC or the MARC for support.Learning Outcomes:1. Comfortably manipulate data in Excel2. Use Excel to compute present value […]


Introduction to PythonSoftware for InstallationDownload Python 2.7.x (the most stable version) from the Official Python Download Website**Don’t use any other higher version than 2.7.11****SEE examples below**    **NEED THE ASSIGNMENTS IT THIS WAY** Exercise 3.2Exercise 4.1**DON’T NEED IT THIS WAY / CAN’T BE COMPLETED THIS WAY**1. Code: def […]


EVSP201 CASE STUDY                                          Name: 1. Immediate Issue or Problem. (5 Points, 100 words)2. Interrelated or Associated Issues. (10 Points, 200 words)3. Issue Analysis.(20 Points, 300 words)4. Solutions or Options. (30 Points, 300 words)5. Recommendation and Implementation. (20 Points, 200 words)6. Assessment. (10 Points, 100 words)7. References. […]


GEO 101

of California Introduction California otherwise called the Golden is one of the fifty s that constitutethe whole United States of America. Located in the Western region of America, California bears numerous political, agricultural, economic, demographic and urban significances that affect the whole of the United […]

The National Geographic Society National Geographic website

The National Geographic Society was founded in 1888. It is one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational s in the world. The interests of the organization include geography, archeology, natural science and the promotion of environmental and historical conservation (Nationalgeographic). Due to the popularity […]

Development of an Assessment Plan for the Howard Univ College of Liberal Arts Undergraduate Program

The mission of the Howard University College of Liberal Arts is to provide its graduates with an education that is rooted in Pursuit of knowledge, social justice, artistic expression and intellectual freedom (Howard University, 2013). It seeks to foster creative and critical thinking in artistic […]

In Much Ado about Nothing what is the relationship between female power and language

The researcher states that in the play Much Ado about Nothing Shakespeare uses language to bring out the message passed on to the audience. Power of language is used in the comedy. He uses wooing, destroys, and gives bad reputation then he restores honor. Shakespeare […]

St Joan

The various characters that come into contact with her, from common soldiers to the Dauphin, are often moved to respond to her magnetism and her unshakeable faith. Joan affects people strongly with her charisma and her conviction in the rightness of her way. As Bertrand […]

Immunization in Childhood Prevents VaccinePreventable Infectious Diseases

Vaccination is the most successful and universally applied strategy for prevention of some childhood infectious diseases. However, many parents refuse to vaccinate their children due to concerns over safety and utility of vaccines. This threatens the risk of an increase in the vaccine-preventable diseases which […]

The impact and clinical outcome of the preoperative screening investigations in individuals going in for elective surgeries

This is because, surgery is always associated with some risk for the patient, both due to the procedure and due to the anesthesia administered for the procedure. Whatever be the level of risk, due to medico-legal implications, every anesthetist performs a detailed evaluation of the […]

The American Journalist Robert Kaplan stated that anyone who disbelieves Hobbes’ state of nature argument has never visited Co

Ivory Coast – Land of Trouble? Hobbes, often dubbed as the founder of the modern philosophical thoughts, is popular for his theories of evolution about society and human kind – theories which were completely devoid of religious aspects. Hobbes has given a very unique face […]

Select a relating to criminal procedure Pre approved books a) Gideons Trumpet b) color lines Kelly Morrow Pub c)all t

Such was the case with Clarence Earl Gideon, a Florida resident who had been accused of breaking and entering into a pool hall and stealing an unknown amount of change from a vending machine. A single eye witness was all that was needed for a […]

The Importance of Empathy and Congruence in the Counselling Relationship

According to Stephen Palmer, congruence involves the counselor being self-aware and open. (p. 178). It supposedly has two dimensions: first, the counselor must be wholly and genuinely themselves within the therapeutic relationship, being alert to the presence and movement of their thoughts, feelings and perceptions. […]

Delivering Improved Employee Orientation at the Post Office

Finally, it will suggest a mechanism for ensuring that the changes enacted have, in fact, reduced or eliminated orientation inconsistencies. This evaluation process will also be used to further and continuously update the new employee orientation experience, thereby ensuring that it does not become dated […]

Childs Learning

External factors such as attending school and socializing with other children combined with the child’s personal experiences at home also contribute to the success and underachievement in a child’s learning.Considering the importance of a child’s cognitive development as they become an adult, it is necessary […]

Discredited Expert Witnesses Have Been Used as Scapegoats for the Failings of the Adversarial System of Criminal Justice

In a murder case, they will be asked to comment on the time of death, cause of death, and whether the injuries inflicted on the victim by the accused were an operative cause of death. This will include detail concerning any weapon that has been […]

In what ways is Orwell’s Keep the Aspidistra Flying a critique of British values between the wars

Even from above you could see that his shoes needed resoling. (Orwell, 2002) This makes it obvious to the reader that Gordon is a man who is down on his luck. The book can be interpreted in terms of reflecting on the values of the […]

Analysis of Essential Elements for Effectiveness by Abascal Juan

The paper considers the nature of human motivation in broader terms. In these regards, psychoanalytic theory and behaviorism are considered. In terms of Psychoanalytic theory, the text demonstrates that this theory contends human personality and motivation are determined by early experiences in childhood. Conversely, Behaviorism […]

Discuss the limited circumstances in which a duty of care might be imposed on a defendant for an omission

The main reason why courts are reluctant to impose duties to act may be seen in the arguments made in the case of Stovin v. Wise. The court in Stovin found that requiring somebody to act is an invasion of individual freedom. Moreover, the court […]

The Impact of Font Sizes and Colour Background of Typography on the readability of People With a Sight Problem

The text type differs according to the type and effectiveness of the content it carries such as an educational article, religious article or book, scientific or spiritual text etc. Readability decides the success of a typographical work.Readability is acquired with the help of recognising and […]

Assess the Argument that Germany was Responsible for the Outbreak of War in 1914

Although the German leaders were aware of the domino effect of attacking Serbia, they supported Austria.Since Germany and Austria wanted a quick attack on Serbia, so that other countries would not get involved, an ultimatum was sent. When the ultimatum was sent to Serbia in […]

Determination of the Kinetic Constants With Three Alcohol Substrates

The objective of this experiment was to compare the catalytic rate constant, kcat, the Michaelis constant, Km and the apparent second-order rate constant, kcat/ Km , for ethanol, propane-1-ol and butane-1-ol.The various reagents prepared and used in the experiment included the reaction buffer, 0.15 M […]

The Tarvydas Integrative DecisionMaking Model of Ethical Behavior

The paper considers the steps of the model and offer a basis for evaluating the officer’s actions.The first instance involves the dilemma of either pursuing the suspect or not. Awareness of the situation identifies a residential area and potential risk of accidents during pursuit, possibility […]

Read the observation then apply to the story Cathedral by Carver identify waht the ideal is and then explain

The mutual interfaces over the situations, between characters, reveal in fine styles, the convictions for which the story stands for. The narrations are poignant, but they do not lose the authenticity and genuineness in this psycho-analytical short story. The narrator is materialistic. he has a […]

How the Liberal Democracies in the Western States Such the US U K and France Changed

Modern democracy can be dated from the late 18th century although medieval Poland and some states of the Greek cities had democratic aspects. Democracy as the rule by people. In order for a country to be considered democratic, it should choose its leaders using competitive […]

Love and Aggressiveness in Freuds Civilization and Its Discontents

Freud discusses the origins of our sentiments of aggression (especially as involved in feelings of guilt) in chapter seven of Civilization and its Discontents, and finds them to be intimately involved with feelings of love. equally, sentiments of love often originate from feelings of aggression. […]

Food Allergies and Intolerance and Its Impact on the Life

In teenagers and grownups, nourishment anaphylaxes happen in around 4% of the aggregate populace. This distinction between the clinically demonstrated predominance of nourishment unfavorable susceptibility and the general societal view of the issue is to a limited extent because of the responses called sustenance intolerances […]

Opportunistic Microbial Infections

Opportunistic Infections Immmunocompromised patients are vulnerable to opportunistic infections caused by organisms of lower pathogenecity, besides being also susceptible to primary pathogens causing disease among immunocompetent hosts resistant to opportunistic infections. Many opportunistic infections arise from the individual’s own flora or local environment2, at or […]

The Use of Tranxamic Acid for Haemorrhage Vontrol in a prehospital environment

Dawkins and Deakin (2004 P.93) note that Kallikrein catalyzes activation rate of factor XII, which in turn activates factor XI, then factor IX. They also reveal that factor X speeds up the activation of prothrombin (Factor II) to thrombin. The thrombin form plays two major […]

Religious Expression’s relation to ancient cultures through Greek and Roman times

II. Roman Temple Cultus (150 words) The temple cultus of Rome was what drove Roman society. Romans were expected to make sacrifices to the temple court on a regular basis, and no one was exempt—from the very wealthy to the very poor. However, early Christianity […]