Catabolite Repression and Induction of Betagalactosidase Synthesis

Apart from induction, synthesis rate is determined by catabolite repression, whereby it slows down the synthesis of beta-galactosidase especially in the presence of a better carbon (and energy) source, such as glucose. In this experiment, Escherichia coli (E. coli) is used as the bacteria to […]

The Effects of Inflation Change and Increase in Investments in GDP Growth in US

Model 3 is referred to as the full model (since it contains all) The mean GDP change is 5,164.25 billion dollars with a standard deviation of 3,777.53 billion dollars. The mean of investments is 3305.083 billion dollars with a standard deviation of 4201.91 billion dollars […]

How Can Financial Innovations Lead To Financial Crisis

Nevertheless, lack of supervision and regulations account for the negative side of integration of financial markets. Owing to the global financial markets deregulations, financial managers used creativity in spreading risks with ignorance that the same virtue will have adverse effects on the world economy (Llewellyn […]

Outcome after hormonal therapy for prostate cancer patients Do patients fail the treatment even after reaching the castration

In this retrospective study, I was given a population of Pro Cancer patients to examine where the PSA levels and Testosterone levels occurred after treatment with Lutienizing Hormone Releasing Hormone Agonist. The population set was approximately 489 and the subsets included patients who reached castration […]

The impact of biotechnology on the prevention diagnosis and treatment of disease

On the other hand, amplified sequences can be inserted into other, more easy-to-manipulate species, such as microorganisms, thereby leading to the assessment of characteristics possessed by the resulting gene products of these sequences, such as structure, pH and function. In medicine, such findings are important […]

Budgeting as a Planning and Control System

This requires а comprehensive finаnciаl plаnning аnd аpprovаl frаmework. consistent аnd rigorous processes for constructing budgets, both cаpitаl аnd revenue. sound methodologies for аssessing the finаnciаl impаct of proposed expenditure. compаtibility with other mаnаgement аnd performаnce dаtа, аnd а control system thаt sets cleаr responsibilities […]

Implications of Chinas Emergence as a World Factory

China was perceived as merely a low-cost location to produce essential, labour-intensive products.At present, China is competitive in several sophisticated technologies and is contesting the exporting competencies of many other surfacing markets all over the world, not to include highly industrialized nations such as the […]

Wong Kar Wai and Fashion An Analysis of Three Films and the Motifs and Themes Represented

Rather than using fashion as merely a visual aid to the storyline that is being told Wong Kar Wai’s work actively incorporates it as a means of addressing variables that spoken dialogue or imagery another variety simply could not.Upon a review and analysis of Fallen […]


Thus the genre of fairy tales will somehow always be classic and also modern. Russian scholar Vladimir Propp (1895-1970) in his Morphology of the Folktale (published in Russian in 1928), came up with an influential study in structuralist narratology. He analysed a number of folk […]


Running Head: Aromatic Amines Aromatic Amines [Institute’s Aromatic Amines Aromatic Amines refer to certain types of chemicalsthat are observable in the chemical and plastic industries. These are the byproducts left after the manufacturing process of elements and compounds, such as dyes, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, polyurethane foams, […]

Foundations in human physiology structure function and permeability of cells

One or more cells constitute all forms of life. Cells can only develop from pre-existent cells. The smallest form of life is cell. The human cell consists of an outer plasma membrane which encloses the minute organelles dispersed within the cytoplasm. These organelles include endoplasmic […]

Foundations in human physiology structure function and permeability of cells

One or more cells constitute all forms of life. Cells can only develop from pre-existent cells. The smallest form of life is cell. The human cell consists of an outer plasma membrane which encloses the minute organelles dispersed within the cytoplasm. These organelles include endoplasmic […]

The Prevailing Trend in Poor Countries Prosperity and Growth Eventually Human Fulfillment

Development is associated with economic growth, specifically the increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The question as to why poor countries remain poor and people continue to live in poverty is often associated with the GDP of the country. This paper seeks factors that could […]

IBM Analysis

I personally credit two giant companies for sowing the seeds of this global IT revolution, these are International Business Machines (1880) for its role in automation followed by invention of a personal computer and American Telephone and Telegraph (1885) for the innovations in the domain […]

Race Multiculturalism and Geography in Barack Obama’s Dreams from my father

Some of the best sources for anthropological studies on Hawaii’s pre-colonial history, particularly in regard to their Polynesian ancestors, are the Hawaiian chants, legends, mele or vocal music, which are handed down from the ancient generation to next. (McDermott, Wen-Shing and Maretzki 5) Along with […]

Globalization The Impacts of Globalized Business Transactions

With a powerful internet regime aiding a voluminous international exchange through an omnipresent availability of data, the world has graduated from the primary obstacles of geography and social boundaries to a higher level thinking of strategies capable of penetrating even the potentially valuable networks born […]

Risk Impact of Global Communications in Business

The dynamic force regulating and accelerating globalization is undoubtedly a revolutionary development being made in the fields of information technology, navigation and communications. Hence, it is the marvellous technological advancement and innovative tools, techniques and equipment that have paved the way towards fastest possible progress […]

Comparing and Contrasting Development in Germany and Kenya

From this study it is clear that the physical geography of the two nations has played a big role in shaping their population settlement patterns, geopolitics, economic and social development, imperialism, and other areas that ultimately determine development.This paper outlines thatit is highly industrialized and […]


Traditional and Generative Grammar Grammar is the study of how words combine to form sentences. There are right ways and wrong ways, good ways and bad ways. There are also two ways to look at grammar—according to traditional grammar and according to generative grammar. Traditional […]

Explain the Greek concept of eros and the variations on the concept as introduced by the various speakers in Plato’s Symposiu

He believed that Eros comprise of varying shades and occurs in numerous forms. In Symposium, an institutional dialogue, Plato described the numerous perceptions he held about Love. In this paper Plato’s presentation of varying facets of Love is analyzed and explained with textual evidence from […]

Jonathan Swift used elements of the travel narrative to structure his satire Gulliver’s Travels on European primarily English culture and society Gullivers encounter with the Houyhnmhnms ultimately estranges him from his homeland his family se

Basho travelled in 17th century Japan while Gulliver is a fictionalized character who travelled in a similarly unsophisticated Europe but at a different time. So what made the nature of the travels of these two so different? This is the question this paper shall seek […]

Week 2 project

Systematic Strategies: for this lesson, the value added approach will be most efficient. This is a blend between the emergent literally approach and the explicit systematic instruction. In emergent literally approach, the child learns primarily from environmental stimuli for instance a print rich classroom. In […]

Marketing Strategies for a Newly Opened Delicatessen

Among them the following marketing strategies have received the attention of many analysts and researchers (Rosenbaum, 1998).Initially market dominance strategies acquired much greater recognition. These strategies are based on the understanding that any marketing strategy must have as its core objective the domination of the […]

How should the set be constructed and designed in order to reflect traditional Expressionist Theatre in a production of The Silver Tassie by Sean OCassey

This thus makes second language acquisition difficult and slow. But a scientific factor as to why children learn second languages easier and quicker than adults is that children’s brains are flexible until they reach their teenage years in a process known as lateralization. Here the […]

AcriticalreviewofTWOKEYacademicsources(i e appropriatesourceswouldbechaptersfrom academicbooks) Thereviewshoulddiscusstheusefulnessofthesechapterstoyourowncurrentresearchaims

This paper focuses on two academic sources, providing a critical analysis of the British romantic era in terms of background, significance, and a view of the important writers and poets in the period.The period witnesses great turbulence in terms of the social status with generated […]

Question 3 In the summer of 2007 a UK Pension Fund invests 150 000 on Collaterised Debt Obligations (CDOs) and 100 000 on shares from Baribas Ltd bank relying on the advice of Credit Rating Agency Moodys which released a report giving a high cr

As such, the contract for the purchase of the shares should be voided for a breach of a fundamental fiduciary duty of the banker.Lloyds Bank Ltd v Bundy [1974] EWCA Civ 8 is a very important English contract case law, whose outcome on undue influence […]


Running Head: Z-Scores Statistics: Z-Scores goes here of your Introduction In statistics we often have to compare two scores calculated using different units or scales and it is difficult to establish a comparison between these raw scores. Raw scores are the original numbers we get […]

Play review of Richard Nilson’s Some Americans Abroad at Second Stage Theater New York

Some Americans Abroad Order No. 237075 August ‘08 Some Americans Abroad Some Americans abroad, a play by Richard Nelson and directed by Gordon Edelstein is being staged at the Second Stage Theatre in New York. The play is a comedy about a group of American […]

Mary Tudor Impaled her Church on the Horns of an Impossible Dilemma A Critical Evaluation

The Catholic Church had to face the crushing pressure from the Protestants, who got their strong foothold during the English Reformation and the reign of Protestant Edward VI from 1947 to 1953 and on the other hand, the church had to confront Mary’s questionable acts, […]

Sprays and Droplets Dynamics in Fuel Injector Combustion Applications

Combustion helps in ensuring safety and efficient energy utilization and in understanding the mechanics behind pollutant destruction and formation. Combustion dynamics is the area that has recently received fresh emphasis. This is because of advancements in the efficiency of energy, in low emissions combustion system […]

The groups that were affected by the BP Oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico

To better understand the situation, a brief background of the how the catastrophe occurred is important. Deepwater Horizon was a 9 year old semi-submersible oil rig functioning in the waters of the Mississippi canyons, under lease of British Petroleum. At the time of the explosion, […]

Lands and Forestry (general topic) How cutting trees can affect water streams and fish therefore the chain of food

In addition, cutting trees reduces the likelihood of cloud and rain formation leading to lower volumes of rainfall or precipitation thus reduced water quantities for plant life and other animals that live in areas with trees and even those that depend on other animals that […]

Explain the difference between a change in demand and a change in the quantity demanded List and discuss at least 5 factors tha

Thus the factors that determine demand can broadly be categorized into two categories. price determinants and non-price determinants. Presence of these two distinct determinants of demand gives rise to two different but equally important concepts. change in quantity demanded and change in demand. 1. Change […]

The Cultural Industry as a Part of the Capitalist Society and Fiskes Argument

Fiske states that ‘we live in an industrial society, so of course our popular culture is an industrialized culture’. In order to understand ‘popular culture’ in Fiske’s terms, it is worth making reference to his book Understanding Popular Culture. Here Fiske reiterates what lies at […]

Provide an argument for the claim that (some) mental states are not identical to any brain state Explain why the argument is va

It also provides reason why that argument is valid and explains the resources the monist has at her disposal to undermine our confidence in the soundness of this argument. It also evaluates the response of a monist to the dualist argument that has been provided. […]

The concepts of existentialism and how they have helped in the development of the life journey

The present research has identified that existentialism has a philosophical position which opposes the natural sciences around us. It explains that human beings are composed of many other components rather only mind, body and other scientific categories. Human beings cannot be understood by the scientific […]

Consistency of the ClientCentered Approach of Dr Rogers

The therapist’s clients can pose vast resources for altering their self-concept, self-understanding, self-directed behavior attitudes. To access such resources, the clients are required to have a definable counseling facilitation climate whereby the therapist is more of a counselor or a friend who encourages and listens. […]

The Data and Characteristics of the Firms Using the Green Logistics Strategies

There has been an immense emphasis on the need to integrate the transport into a process of sustainable development over the past few decades. A lot of countries around the world have understood the importance of adopting the strategies of green logistics because of the […]

A Critical Evaluation of the Awarding of Football World Cup Hosting to Emerging Markets

Considering the goals and objectives of the organization, the various factors that have influenced the aspect of voting in favor of the emerging markets have been determined in this research paper. The critical evaluation of FIFA’s decision in awarding the emerging markets with the hosting […]

Assessment of Qatari Traditional Architecture Responsiveness to the Environment

This is not usually the case in most places. Therefore, the architecture has evolved to take the roaring winds into the equation (Mohamed amp.Bourennane 34). The main environmental challenge that the people and even the architecture have had to adapt to is the desert conditions. […]

How Organizations Use Professional Athletes As Figure Heads To Help Promote Their Product

By looking at different spots, athletes, and sponsors, ways in which companies utilize professional athletes as brand ambassadors are explored. Some of the sports that are looked at include auto racing, football, swimming, basketball, and track and field.The world of auto racing is one of […]


I will look at the stylistic devices in more details to bring out the characters used and what the author talks about in the poem. In the poem, the author uses characterization uniquely considering how short the poem is and that the only person the […]

Analysis and evaluation of the three different movies Men with Guns The Official Story The Judge and the General

This innocent perspective is what makes Fuentes, as well as the audience, understand what is going on in the environment displayed in the movie. The character of the army deserter joins Fuentes and the boy, and he is used to enhance the image of the […]

Human Dopamine D3 Receptors Mediate MitogenActivated Protein Kinase Activation Via a Phosphatidylinositol 3Kinase and an Atypi

However, if the contrary is true, effective external control of mitogenesis, such as that being done in cancer therapy, cannot be attained by modulating steps of D2 pathway alone. It can thus be agreed upon that D3 pathway warranted investigation. Comments on the methods The […]


Crop protection products are basically used by the farmers to protect the crops from insects and other harmful diseases and unwanted weeds as well. There are basically three kinds of categories, i.e. herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. Notably, the crop production yield in Australia increases by […]

Analysis of Monsoon The Indian Ocean and the Future of American Power by Robert D Kaplan

Evidently, the author of the book Monsoon: The Indian Ocean and the Future of American Power named Robert D. Kaplan highlighted the maritime activities conducted in the Indian Ocean in earlier times and the impact of the same on worldwide maritime associations in this 21st […]