Methods available for the assessment of alcohol abuse

neurotransmitters like the opioid systems, dopamine, serotonin and gamma-amino-butyric acid (GABA) and their interactions are most affected (Chastain 2006). Being volatile, alcohol can be inhaled during ingestion and freely diffused into the airways (George, et al. 1996). This property became the basis for the breath […]

Rationalism skepticism and romanticism were three primary philosophicalschoolof thought during the Enlightenment How does Voltaire relate to these notions(if at all) in Candide

He strove for impartiality in his writings. Although put in exile from Paris severally, his life in the end became renowned as one of the greatest thinkers in France. He fought for values such as freedom and progress, which lay the basic assumptions characterizing the […]


23 February Conclusion Strain measurements were obtained at the top of a cantilever beam. Strain gaugeswere used to obtain these strain measurements. In addition, the Poisson’s Ratio and the modulus of Elasticity of a material were utilized in the cantilever beam. They were from the […]


Inwood: Why eBay was not held liable for the infringing sales made by users Why eBay was not held liable for the infringing sales made by usersWhile e-commerce has contributed to the immense increase in trade globally, it has also come with its challenges which […]

Beneth the serface of developmental dyslexia

Beneath the Surface of Developmental Dyslexia Beneath the Surface of Developmental Dyslexia Frith U, 1985, Beneath the surface of developmental dyslexia, Surface Dyslexia, 32, pp. 301-330, viewed 10 February 2015. Frith (1985) illustrates the meaningfulness in comparing between acquired and developmental disorder. The article commences […]

Good bye Greek

Good bye Greek? Affiliation) The MU’s Council Leadership is a cohesive body elected by the fraternity to representtheir issues. Furthermore, the Council also aims at developing and promoting leadership abilities amongst the students. Accordingly, the leadership structure helps students with leadership qualities to have an […]

Diffusion Its Types and Specific Barriers to Diffusion that Might Have Developed

Diffusion, its types and specific barriers to diffusion that might have developed Diffusion is a process of distributing aspects of a culture to another area or people (Geo 171 Slide 5). It is important to acknowledge that diffusion is not limited to the transfer of […]

What is the role of British cinema Critically examine the contemporary British film industry with reference to ongoing debates about culture and commerce

It is possible to explore these aspects when considering two films to be able to understand the role of the British film industry in the society.One of the major concerns of researchers and officials is the commercial value of the British film industry. It has […]

Corporate Valuation and Strategy 3 VALUATION OF H J HEINZ COMPANY AS OF APRIL 29 2012

The company’s products are manufactured and packaged in line with the required customer standards to provide safe and wholesome foods to the consumers. Numerous products are prepared from the company’s developed recipes (ANNUAL REPORT, 7) The process of food preparation includes a clear-cut selection of […]

Describe the reward circuits thought to underpin substance use and abuse Can addiction be understood purely within biological terms

An estimated 2 billion people use alcohol and other substances. An estimated 500 million are addicted to drugs and alcohol.Addiction is a condition that comes about as a result of a person ingesting substances such as alcohol, nicotine, morphine, and cocaine among others or being […]

Organizational Behavior Leadership as a Motivational Method

Today, leadership is the individual ability to lead from within the groups, to promote shared vision, to guide and coach, and to achieve trust and credibility through competence, visibility, and accessibility for the followers (Collins 144).Today, leadership is an essential component of organizational behavior, based […]

Task For each lab session start a new page in a word document You should date the top and state briefly the aims of the tasks that you carried out that day Then include details of the work done and any results that you gathered that day (include the res

It was also aimed at refreshing the student’s memory on the aseptic technique and how bacteria in suspension are enumerated.By use of the cultures and some of the plates availed, transfers were done aseptically. Transfers done included: broth to broth transfer, broth to agar plate […]


– While maintaining a Paris studio, Renoir traveled a great deal, staying in rural spots where living was cheaper – Essoyes, La Rochelle, La Roche- Guyon, Wargemont.16 These peaceful country settings inspired the landscape and stream in the Bathers and in several of the preparatory […]

WA 7

The J- curve increases exponentially, reaches a maximum and then suddenly crashes to zero. J- curves are commonly seen in organisms that have very short life spans, and after laying eggs they die. The next generation of organisms that hatch from these eggs again follow […]

How does the Homeric Hymn to Demeter position the goddess in the structure of the pantheon

As such, the story gives a character development that shows a supremely powerful deity who has cast herself down from on high in order to redeem her lost child.Though a great deal of time is not spent on defining what particular position Demeter holds in […]


The primary use of the kinked-demand curve is to explain price rigidity in oligopoly.(ii) When oligopolistic firms increase their prices, competing firms may not be able to match the increase in prices of the oligopolies. The oligopolies are likely to lose customers to their competitors. […]

A report based on analysing data from a survey of service quality at a University Sports Centre

ed with the service they receive from one point, they may switch to other places where they will get the expected satisfaction (Bloemer and Kasper, 2013). This means a lot to service providers in ensuring that they provide services that meet the service expectations of […]

To what extent does leadership research support the idea that there is one best way to lead people in organisations

This paper touches upon these key areas to establish where leadership reigns supreme, be it a democratic form of leadership or autocratic one, and how that ‘one best way’ to lead the employees within organizations is made proper.Both democratic and autocratic forms of leadership can […]

Readings The Minds Eye by Oliver Sacks p 303317 or When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning It Was Friday by Martha Stout p 381398 How To Tell a True War Story by Tim OBrien p 268278

Human beings are creatures with the most developed brains. This makes them be able to discern what is real and what is not real or virtual. However, one of the most noted predicament that is faced by humans is how they can determine what is […]


The result of the appeal such argument present endows the writer with authority in his presentation.From the book, it is easy to point a few steps that the author has identified as the paramount process of ensuring effective arguments. First, the author suggests that there […]

Understanding Applicable rates and charges for shipments for budgeting

This is so in cases when there is a breakdown in technological forms available (Judge).For ease in determination of shipment rates and charges for the sake of effectiveness in the determined rates, it is important that the products be in the first instance classified. Classification […]

International Trade Warsaw Convention 1929

From time immemorial, humans have always organized or segregated into different structures like countries, communities, organizations, etc. Among these different structures, the organizations and its employees undertake activities through which they produce products. After humans’ and machines’ role in producing products, transportation only comes into […]

States have used Responsibility to protect as a reason not to act rather than a reason to act Discuss

mple, the Americans used their own troops to attack Afghanistan in October 2001 and Iraq on March 2003.The principle of the state responsibility to protect is a norm and military interventions are the last resort and permission from the United Nations Security Assembly is a […]


Contemporary Humanistic Counselling Theory. Outcome 2However, for a relationship to achieve intimacy, the partners need to be open and authentic with their behavior and thinking (Feltham, 1999, P.187). As intimacy comes from sharing the deepest and most personal feelings and thoughts, Berne (1964) says that […]

Summary the Idea of the Memoirs of an ExHippie Seven Years in the Counterculture

Using his bus – which brought everything together in a cohesive story-telling – he was able to depict concepts, issues, and themes about the period as well as subjects of self-discovery set against stories involving hitchhikers, cops, strangers and friends. For many readers, the point […]

Convicted offenders are sent to prison as punishment not for punishment What implications does this proposition have for an understanding of prisoners’ right

In placing a criminal in prison there are many effects that will occur (Carrabine, 14). The process of imprisonment is a means of punishment. A prisoner is disallowed freedom and their life is basically controlled by the routine of the total institution. A total institution […]

Ingminske procedure/ amino acid protection/ nucleotide analogues/ stereochemistry/ regioselectivity

The protecting groups are used to prevent polymerization of amino acids, in which each amino acid is not protected. Polymerization is a common reaction, due to excessive use of amino acids to ensure coupling during each synthesis phase. As a result, a series of deprotection […]

An effective speaker paper comparison critique of 2 famous speeches

Both speeches were enthralling considering that they were delivered by Presidential candidates. Personally, I was impressed by both speeches because they were towering and very insightful. Both speeches remind us of our struggle and our best qualities, on how we were able to surmount them […]

Type one paragraph that describes your true color personality and why you would be an asset to a study group Discuss the attributes in line with the characteristics of your true color from the Personality Profile Summary

I want to join your study group. I am a sociable person who can relate well to others. I can do anything for the benefit of the group. I am highly motivated and a person who have strong desires to achieve goals. I am a […]

The effects of semantic interference on object naming

Anova Analysis Affiliation Descriptives RecallTime N Mean Std. D Std. Error 95% CI Min Max LW Bound UP Bound Related Condition 15 10.8667 3.885491.003238.715013.01846.2522.25Unrelated Condition158.88331.70573.440427.93879.82796.5013.25Neutral Condition157.95001.91610.494736.88899.01114.7511.25Total459.23332.90004.432318.362110.10464.7522.25The descriptive analysis was considered for condition formality test between related condition which has a M=10.8667, unrelated condition which had […]

The Vision of the Globally Integrated Enterprise

The various compensation, rewards and incentives programs designed By IBM have facilitated the organization to draw quality and skilled workforce and maintain workplace satisfaction of the existing employees. Furthermore, the monetary and non-monetary incentive programs practiced by IBM have facilitated the organization to prevent competent […]

Case brief

Case brief Affiliation: The case is Mikell v. School Administrative Unit 33, case number 2008-737 which was decided in May 15, 2009, FACTSJoshua Markiewicz was a seventh grader student who hanged himself. He had been having disciplinary troubles in school which the school counselor […]

Servant Leadership A Brief Examination of Key Problems That It Presents

Example alone is not effective in realizing the change that the leader should seek to evoke (Zhang et al, 2012). As such, the five determinants of effective power exemplification are enumerated upon as the use and application of the following: coercive, reward, legitimate, referent, expert, […]

Choose a specific television show How does this television show portray society What does it reveal about the nature of huma

This series is a very good example of life style of New York, and it showed how a big city life style can affect the human nature. The style of this show is unique as all episodes were narrated by Ted Morsby. Ted Morsby is […]

Risk &amp

UncertaintyThe expected utility function has some very convenient properties of analysing choice under uncertainty. Since to insure or not to insure is a choice we can apply it to an insurance problem. Indifference curves is used to measure utility or level of satisfaction as will […]

How Can Seeing a Live Performance Enhance Your Experience or Reading of a Drama

The same is the case with human intellect. It receives some inputs which can be called perceiving the stimulus, interprets it in the light of his previous knowledge and experience and then it reacts accordingly and inputs just processed becomes the part of one’s experiences. […]

Historians long grappled with the causes for the rise of the west and debated this phenomenon Was modernization as experienced by the western nations inevitable Was it core western values Did the west discover a universal path to modernization

There were other advantages that the West had over many of the cultures of the world. The way in which hygiene habits were developed within the Judeo-Christian heritage created a foundation that led to longevity through the control of the spread of germs. Technologies emerged […]

Attempt to Understand the Conditions that Eventually Led to the Holocaust

Hilberg (1985) in his account has sufficiently articulated the different historical stages that preceded the Holocaust and which set the ground ready for the 20th century genocide in all respects ranging from the legal status of such acts within the German territories, and to an […]

PowerPoint slides and videos of Topic 3 selected ONE issue of significance and relevance to our time

There are key areas that the Islamic religion seems to be reading from similar script as that of the Christianity. A keen look at some biblical and Quran texts reveals strong points departure as well as some similar points that are worth noting. One issue […]

The Model of LargeScale Integrated Managerial Enterprise

Chandler stresses the importance of the managerial functions that had been necessitated by the development of electric power, and the accompanying enormous capital mobilization which sought to exploit the opportunities that these new technologies presented. Industries thus shifted focus and became more capital intensive, which […]


Republican Presidential Primary Ad s Republican Presidential Primary Ad From the Republican Presidential PrimaryAD, there are various metaphors employed in order for the message intended to be clearly communicated. The ad is for Rick Santorum, who was a Republican Presidential candidate, and his rival was […]

Compare and contrast the four distinct categories of presidential personality described in James Barber’s habitual action patterns approach

Then, one should also look at the positive-negative effect. How well does the person like what he is doing? (Barber 5)Active-positive: The man has high self-esteem and shows consistencies in the activities he carries out. In addition, throughout his life he has shown high level […]

Reciprocity in Intergenerational Family Therapy

Va Satir is regarded as the creator and contributing driver within the developments associated with Experiential Family Therapies. Their basic principle focuses on maximizing the actual understanding, durable transformation, comprehension the actual structure associated with a conversation, reshaping partnership as well as establishing associated self-confidence, […]

What has been Foucaults contribution to our understandings of sexuality and what problems are there with his work in this area

The priests in the churches expected the confession of the people on matters pertaining to sexual behavior and during that period, sexuality formed the main topic on which statistical analysis was done. Due to increased nature of the talk about sexuality, the emphasis on sexuality […]

Introduction of the Euro and the European Constitution in Terms of Framework Authority and Aspirations

Like all other world bodies, there was a need to bring all the European nations to a single platform. This was all the more needed because the rulers of the respective nations wanted their own particular identity and this brings us to the question that […]

Analytical methods for engineers

4)2(31-52.14)2+(16-52.14)2+(27-52.14)2+(82-52.14)2+(42-52.14)2+(57-52.14)2+(67-52.14)2+(51-52.14)2+(23-52.14)2+(56-52.14)2+(66-52.14)2+(59-52.14)2+(37-52.14)2+(62-52.14)2+(35-52.14)2+(43-52.14)2+(31-52.14)2+(57-52.14)2+(59-52.14)2+(70-52.14)2+(38-52.14)2+(47-52.14)2+(61-52.14)2]=Variance=√ [(57-48.74)2+ (40-48.74)2+ (12-48.74)2+ (24-48.74)2+ (67-48.74)2+ (47-48.74)2+ (37-48.74)2+(44-48.74)2+(71-48.74)2+(55-48.74)2+(55-48.74)2+(54-48.74)2+(53-48.74)2+(53-48.74)2+(51-48.74)2+(52-48.74)2+(55-48.74)2+(45-48.74)2+(49-48.74)2+(44-48.74)2+(46-48.74)2+(50-48.74)2+(60-48.74)2+(57-48.74)2+(63-48.74)2+(35-48.74)2+(39-48.74)2(52-48.74)2+(79-48.74)2+(59-48.74)2+(62-48.74)2+(43-48.74)2+(36-48.74)2+(34-48.74)2+(43-48.74)2+(28-48.74)2+(61-48.74)2+(42-48.74)2+(42-48.74)2+(47-48.74)2+(32-48.74)2+(33-48.74)2+(75-48.74)2+(53-48.74)2+(55-48.74)2+(45-48.74)2+(25-48.74)2+(48-48.74)2+(58-48.74)2+(84-48.74)2]=11065.62The performance of the longercells batteries is lower as compared to that of the powersure batteries. This is because the frequency of the cells that have a frequency of two is 6 for the longercell batteries as compared […]


PART ONE What primary sources did you use?Bussard v. Minimed, Inc.,105 Cal. App. 4th 798 (respondeat superior, vicarious liability), OShea v. Welch,350 F.3d 1101 (vicarious liability)2.What secondary sources did your use?LexisNexis Dictionary: Respondeat Superior: The doctrine under which liability is imposed upon an employer for […]


The products are marketed as a total solution to different hair and scalp problems and thereby act as market leaders in scalp care. Over the years from 1961 to current, ‘Head and Shoulders’ have slowly evolved as one of the best shampoos to fight perennial […]

The Town

Critical Analysis of ‘The Town’ using the Genre Approach: Introduction: ‘The Town’ is an American crime drama. The film is directed, starred and also it is co-written by Ben Affleck. The movie is an adaption of the novel, Prince of Thieves written by Chuck Hogan. […]

Henry Ford at Highland Park and Toyota during the 1980s and 1990s demonstrate that a growing car market is the necessary precondition for achieving superior productivity Describe the methods used to improve productivity and critically discuss whether

The Ford plant at Highland Park is thought to have been the main automaker that transformed the lives of a majority of American people in the 20th century. It is at the Highland Park that Henry Ford with the assistance of his engineers formulated the […]

Environmental Impact of Balfour Beatty Company

Considering the nature of activities carried out by this company such as infrastructure development and investment, and construction services, it contributes a lot towards environmental destruction. The three main negative environmental impacts contributed by this company include pollution, human and animal population displacement and destruction […]


The orders which are presented in the Microcosm film encompasses dragonfly, grasshoppers, rhinoceros beetle, praying mantis, moth, cutworm, ant, dung beetles, wasps, sacred beetle, bee, climbing caterpillar, wriggler, swallow-tail butterfly, 3rd instar larvae hatching into butterfly, black ants, spiders in their spider web, cricket, pavement […]

Analysis of Two Articles about Measures to Reclaim Local Food Systems and Reverberations that Nestle Deserves for Its Actions

Summary Article This article gives a report on measures to reclaim local food systems. It is well displayed that local food systems are on a trend that is not satisfying. The main reason for this is the fact that control over the seeds, production and […]


Spider Assignment 14 A Jack and Jill must learn to live and appreciate each in order to avoid the constant arguments which they engage in. The two individuals have endured log arguments and misunderstanding on every aspect of their lives. While they have coexisted in […]

Two images

Painting Description – Awaiting Woman by Soundarya and Family on Beach by HallinanIt is often said that pictures say a 1000 words and this is very true of the two paints or images presented and described below.Source: Soundarya (2011).In this first picture, there were a […]


Institute: Ducati Question In this age, preference is the most essential requirement of any organization. This is because if an organization might fulfill the requirements of the customers, then its level of sustainability may get enhanced. Similarly, in order to recover the organization of Ducati […]

Bacterium Capsule

Bacterium CapsuleIntroduction Bacterium capsule is a protective structure surrounding some bacterial. It is attached to the cell wall through phospholipids. It promotes bacteria adhesion to surfaces. It also acts as a permeability barrier and as a defense mechanism against phagocytosis and desiccation (Barton, 2005).The bacterium […]

What exactly is Platos ideal of the philosophical or examined life What does such a life entail Is it of any practical relevance for contemporary individuals

Plato offers these musings via a number of dialogues and it has been said that some of his views were actually those of Socrates – his teacher which can be a safe assumption to make as many individuals are influenced by their mentors in their […]

Themes and Symbolism in Hills Like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway

That is the main theme of the short story, talking versus communicating. Both parties eventually became frustrated with the direction their conversation is heading, which then leads both of them to put more walls between them, thus aggravating the situation. For example, the girl looked […]

The Partnership Between Mr Walker and Mr Melham Six Issues to be Determined by the Court

The Court was satisfied that the plaintiff had abandoned the partnership virtually after their talk sometime in May 1994. The Court pointed out that Mr Walker ended up their conversation with the statement, Well, you can keep the fucking lot. Mr Melham retorted him by […]

Was Jesusif you consider his preachingmore of a threat to the Jews or to the Romans In formulating your argument focus on the sayings directly attributed to Jesus in Matthew

At the same time, he was accused of blasphemy by the Jewish leaders for claiming to be the king of Jews and for performing a miracle and disobeying the Sabbath. Although Jesus mission was to establish God’s kingdom on earth, the Jews religious leaders perceived […]

News Summary

Western Brands Rethink Low-Cost Focus by Kathy Chu Factory workers in Bangladesh and Cambodia can expect a better wage this year. According to Kathy Chu’s article titled, Western Brands Rethink Low-Cost Focus, Western manufacturers in the two countries have initiated a review of their low-cost […]