Educational Merits of out of School Learning for Teenagers With Learning Difficulties

This project was aimed to give grant support to improve the quality and quantity of extracurricular activities available for children and teenagers outside school hours and during school holidays and was soon followed with other voluntary initiatives (Andrews, 2001, p.15-16).Out of school education programs have […]

The Persistence of Racism and Unconscious Bias in Brent Staples’ Just Walk on By Black Men and Public Space

Staples uses his literal skills to tell us the stereotypes, censures, and biases he experiences by being black. Staples sets off by making us believe that he is an offender.He explains how he is always stereotyped as a mugger, gangster, and rapist, regardless of what […]

Educational Merits of out of School Learning for Teenagers With Learning Difficulties

This project was aimed to give grant support to improve the quality and quantity of extracurricular activities available for children and teenagers outside school hours and during school holidays and was soon followed with other voluntary initiatives (Andrews, 2001, p.15-16).Out of school education programs have […]

The Persistence of Racism and Unconscious Bias in Brent Staples’ Just Walk on By Black Men and Public Space

Staples uses his literal skills to tell us the stereotypes, censures, and biases he experiences by being black. Staples sets off by making us believe that he is an offender.He explains how he is always stereotyped as a mugger, gangster, and rapist, regardless of what […]


1. Respond to the Question: Is “auscultation” of bowel sounds useful in assessing for abdominal trauma in the wilderness? Why or why not?2. List three symptoms of “mittelschmerz” (look it up if needed) and describe why it may or may not be helpful to distinguish […]


Instructions for Discussion Board PostsDiscussion Board (DB) Group WorkPlease click on Modules tab to access the assigned discussion board (DB) for a particular Module then click on DB tab. Initial PostYour initial post for each Discussion Board assignment (this does not include the Introduction Discussion […]


•Primary text: Garbology by Edward Humes•Supplementary texts: Neurogeology: The Anthropocene’s Inspirational Power” by Christian Schwägerl and  “A Safe Operating Space for Humanity” by Johan Rockström, et al.  Assignment: This assignment asks you to write an argument by developing a main claim that addresses the course […]


Narrative rubric                    Exceeds StandardMeets Standard           Almost to Standard     Below(A)                                           (B)                               C                               * THESIS Thesis/claim is precise, knowledgeable, significant; thesis has a topic, stand and why. Thesis/Claim is complete with a topic, stand and why Thesis/Claim may be unclear or incomplete Thesis/Claim is missing or incomplete PARAGRAPHS AND EVIDENCE WITH ACTION AND […]


ARTICLE REVIEWED: #Of Article(s) that you are reviewing#[MA1]Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation (10 pts) Below Avg. (5 pts) Average (7 pts) Good (8 pts) Excellent (10 pts) Points Many errors and a large number of the corrections are major errors. Several corrections but most of the […]


Hsun Tzuis presenting an argument to convince you to shape your own basic nature by living an ethical life. Aristotle (p. 688) is doing much the same, but these two sages have different starting points and different attitudes. Examine their arguments and identify how they […]

Writing(only one paragraph due in 7 hours and maybe yo will need login my canvas to check some data)

Only one paragraph and due in 7 hoursTopic ProposalConsider our brainstorming activities (Pew and CQ Researcher surveys) and mostly online conversations, as well as the various podcasts you listened to or heard about. Do some additional research on Gale Virtual Reference, CQ Researcher, and PEW […]


Write an argument analysis paper that clearly communicates the main idea or “message” of the text, and includes a thorough analysis of specific textual evidence that explains how each quote you chose supports the main idea.Write a thesis statement that clearly and coherently summarizes the […]


Define the key aspects of “Western Civilization” and discuss the different ways historians might understand the term. How “west” is the West, for example? What are the most important changes, in your opinion, that Western Civilization brought to human life? Give examples from before 1000 […]

Essay final

Part 2 Instructions. To earn full points, you must present your answers in a clear and comprehensive but concise manner. Please write in complete sentences and use propergrammar and correct spelling. Mistakes may be cause for point reduction. You mustinclude in-text citations and a references […]

Reflection paper

Attached Files: jackson_lottery.pdf jackson_lottery.pdf – Alternative Formats (26.875 KB)Read Shirley Jackson’s short story “The Lottery” and then write Reflection Paper 4.Here is a list of the basic requirements:1. The paper must be written in MLA format. If this is not done you will lose points.2. […]


Learning Module 1: Explore how different writing products require different approachesDiscussion (Weight: 5%) Learning Objectives: 1, 3, 5, 6Review the rubric for this assignment by clicking on this link. Review the rubric for this assignment by clicking on this link. – Alternative Formats MAIN POSTFor […]

Can someone help me with my Week 3 Assignment in Management and Organizations?

This week you will make use of Ashford’s Writing Center Paper Review service and Grammarly to obtain additional feedback on the written assignment you submitted last week.To learn how to submit your paper to the Writing Center, review the Paper Review guide(Links to an external […]

A writing

1) Write a paper that focuses on how hospitals can prevent readmission caused by poly-pharmarcy.Use 2 research article to support this writing. It should be article written from 2016 and upwards.N/B the citation should be APA format.It should be a page17/05/20205nursing

CT5 Portfolio

Option #1: Strategy 5: Reward System Linked to Product InnovationsFor the Module 5 milestone, create a strategy for deploying a new reward system that is linked to product innovation and product launches you will be undertaking in other countries. As part of this strategy, construct […]


Write a short reflection statement (350-500 words) afterreading Chapter 14. Use complete sentences and correct academic writing to complete this assignment.Respond in writing to these items: Explain the Libertarian view with respect to whether we have a duty to help others. How does Singer argue […]


Part 1: Writing a PlayRead the articles assigned for this topic and conduct additional research on the Internet or through the GCU Library. Use your knowledge to write a one-act play about a small group of friends.Through the dialogue, the children should exhibit evidence of […]

Research Paper

Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) provides a list of top 30 targeted high-risk vulnerabilities. They also explain current trends in security. Take a look at the current list and prepare a briefing suitable for a boss or employer. Your submission should be between 1200-1500 words […]


Write a short reflection statement (350-500 words) afterreading Chapter 13. Use complete sentences and correct academic writing to complete this assignment.Respond in writing to these items: How does Sinnott-Armstrong reply to Rodin’s claim that consequentialismis useless in addressing preventive war? Do you agree? Why or […]


Lesson 5 ReflectionWrite a short reflection statement (350-500 words) afterreading Chapter 12. Use complete sentences and correct academic writing to complete this assignment.Respond in writing to these items: What are the two messages that would be sent by abolishing the death penalty according to Nathanson? […]

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Cloud computing

PAPER: ANYTHING-AS-A-SERVICEDefine “Anything-as-a-Service (AaaS) and discuss in detail at least one example AaaS category or implementation. For examples see APA Edition 6 formatting. You do not need an abstract or Table of Contents but include an introduction and summary.Use at least three properly documented references […]

Write a paper of your creative thinking style skills to manage complex problems and selfreflection

Write 3 to 4 page paper from the attachment of the article for your source.rubric listed below .1. Student provides a thorough and detailed analysis of his/her personal creative thinking profile, identifies at least first and second preferences with strong supporting rationales, provides four or […]

Assignment mod #3

Assignment mod 3Professional Development Assignment Description:There are 4 parts to the assignment. Please place all four assignments into one paper. The different parts should be clearly marked so your professor knows which question you are addressing.Rewrite the following essays. Correct all errors in capitalization, spelling, […]

R studio dateset Assignment

Unit 3 Assignment: Significant Differences at the MoviesOutcomes addressed in this activity:Unit Outcomes:Compare the roles of variables and observations in statistical analysis.Summarize the concept of distribution.Manipulate a dataset appropriately for use in univariate analysis.Course Outcome:IT527-3: Prepare a dataset for analysis by formatting, augmenting or reducing, […]


Review Chapter 7 and Chapter 36 of the course textbook. Review the cases Malorney v. B&L Motor Freight, Inc., 496 N.C.2d 1086 (Ill. Ct. App. 1986), and Raleigh v. Performance Plumbing and Heating, 130 P.3d 1011 (Colo. 2006).Superior Electrical (Superior) was in the business of […]


Please follow the points . ThanksWkLeadershippowerpointQuestion.docxWK11Old.pptPosted: 4 hours agoDue: 30/04/2020Budget: $20Answers 0Bids 99Grace GradesSteve JobsEssays GuruDoctor_EdwardGreat-WritersPapersGuruGabriella MalkAllRoundBest TutorAmanda SmithDr. ElahiEARNESTWRITERhassan0906Quickly answer Arizona Writerwizard kimBrainy BrianDexterMastersAgher EditorDr. Benevejuliusmu33Rosie SeptemberProCastrol01Emily ClareRihAN_MendozaUrgent TutorToniskyRanchoddas Chanchad PhDElprofessoriEssay-tutorbrilliant answersBrooklyn Milan UNDISPUTED GEEKmichael smithSasha Spencerrunge-kutta acerTalentedtutorWIZARD_KIMPROF. ANNsmart-tutorCatherine OwenstutorjassAngelina MayMichelle OwensEva Greenabdul_rehman_All Works solverkim woodsSuper ProffWendy […]

Has to be done free of plagiarism none whatsoever Who has the ability to do this and follow instructions?

Assignment:write a 1500 – 2000 word, or enough to fully cover the primary topic of Project Schedule Management in a written paper. Discuss how the project schedule management knowledge area for any project. Identify the documents required as deliverables for this key knowledge area. Discuss […]


Writing a Report on TerrorismAs an analyst for the FBI, you have been asked to write a report stating the common characteristics of terrorism and the different manifestation it has had over time. The report will be given to members of congress who oversee national […]

BW Phar Essay 6 Essay 7 Essay 8 Essay 9 Essay 10

Essay 6 this assignment by writing a 2 paragraph essay (not less than 120 words) about something you learned from one or more of the web sitesEssay 7 8 9 10 directions for all of them separate by essay and linkComplete this assignment by writing […]

Pay Plans

For this assignment, you will compose an essay of at least two pages in which you discuss the following issues: various types of person-focused pay plans, reasons why companies adopt person-focused pay plans, and advantages and disadvantages of person-focused pay plans.Please use the databases within […]


Provide a reflection paper of 500 words minimum (2 pages double spaced) of how the knowledge, skills, or theories of the course you are enrolled in have been applied, or could be applied, in a practical manner to your current work environment. If you are […]

Application security

week2 lab1 projectPlease, select an organization of your choice and demonstrate how you will implement access controlin that organization. Note: this is not a theoretical writing, rather an application of the week 2 Lab 1 on Access controlimplementation.Deliverables:Titled page,Table of contentsProject of ObjectiveProject Snips,Conclusion13/05/20205engineering

Chronological Writing in Police Reports Activity

Read Chronological Writing in Police Reports, located on p. 9 of the Report Writing Activities for the CJ Student document. (This is attached)Complete the Chronological Writing in Police Reports Activity.Format the assignment in a Microsoft® Word document in accordance with APA guidelines.report_writing_activities_for_the_cj_student.pdfPosted: a year agoDue: 11/03/2019Budget: $15Answers 1kim […]

Six Page APA Paper Format With A Strong Thesis (Not Including The Title And Reference Pages) The Description Is Below

Personal Program of Managerial Leadership Development PaperPrior to beginning work on this assignment, read Chapter 10 of The Leadership Experience.The Final Paper is designed to demonstrate your understanding of the course. Using a minimum of five scholarly sources, write a six- to eight-page APA-formatted paper […]

SelfRegulated Learners Brochure ( No plagiarism) Read the instruction

Self-regulation encourages independent learners. Assisting students to self-monitor learning, set appropriate learning goals, and establish ownership of their learning can improve overall learning outcomes for student success. In addition, it is necessary to collaborate with families on the importance of self-regulation to encourage independence in […]

Case Study (Leadership) Case study and questions attached

Case StudyINSTRUCTIONS: A case study analysis requires you to investigate an organizational problem, examine the alternative solutions, and propose the most effective solution using supporting evidence. Before you begin writing, follow these guidelines to help you prepare and understand the case study: Read and Examine […]

CJ Writing Assignment the Frontline Video “The Plea” (link above) and discuss the ethical issues related to the Prosecutor, Defense attorney, and Judges involved in this process. You will share your thoughts, discuss issues identified in the text and class discussions and express concerns or opinions about […]

BlueCollar Brilliance

Read essay and answer questions 2 & 3 (300-400 words total)Essay “Blue-Collar Brilliance” (pg. 272)TheysayIsaywithreadings3e.pdfPosted: a year agoDue: 14/03/2019Budget: $5Answers 1Miss Professor4.6 (2k )4.5 (17k )Chata year agoPurchase the answer to view itBlue-CollarBrilliance.edited.docxTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $5Bids 60ceterisGreat-WritersRanju LewisMiss HilaryGenuine GeniusThe grAdeMoen Zafarprofessor mitchWitnessAccA Eco Bus The quA lityUSH […]

“Assignment#1 (Course Business Continuity Planning &amp

Disaster Recovery Planning)”Course: Business Continuity Planning&Disaster Recovery PlanningDue Date – 4 days”Course Project Assignment – Risk Assessment and layers of riskBriefly provide an overview/descriptionof your fictitious company.Identify and discussthe importance of risk assessment to the organization’s security framework? Discuss the five layers of risk.Explore the […]

SWOT analysis

The Role of the Customer in the Company’s Strategic Planning. Student can assess the company’s commit to serving customer needs as evidenced in a company’s mission statement. SWOT analysis : Student can conduct a simple SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) of a product […]


Discuss how the assigned material met or did not meet, the Module Learning Objectives. Describe 2or 3new things you learned from the module (Module 3 MLO’s.docx) Students should write journal entries in complete sentences and paragraphs with their names on the first page along with […]


Software licensing is a major problem in cloud computing. In a 3 page paper come up with several ideas to prevent an administrator from hijacking the authorization to use a software license. Make sure you adhere to the writing rubric, which includes citing your sourcesWriting […]

Case study

NO PLAGIARISM3 referencesAPA Format 1. Would you have recommended a greenfield invest- ment strategy for Whirlpool Slovakia rather than a joint venture? Explain your answer.2. Would you have recommended a direct acquisition of Tatramat for Whirlpool rather than a joint venture? Explain your answer.3. How […]


Since I am not the one writing it, feel free to choose only 1 out of the 6 questions below and answer. Due by 12pm tomorrow. Must be 3-5 paragraphs.1. Describe the role of Apollo as he appears throughout Greek mythology, but especially as he […]


                                                       What’s the purpose?Daniel PlaceresWest Coast UniversityBeyond reasonable doubt.Ever since the beginning of time or should I say many caves ago so these words teleport you to the cave man days. Flash! Quick blink, and here you are now.  Quickly turning the light bulb in your […]


Please readHW: Read HBR Ch. 1 “Know Why You’re Writing” (p. 3)HBR Ch.2 “Understand Your Readers” (p. 7)HBR Ch.9“Learn to Summarize,Accurately”HBR Ch. 20 “Memos and Reports” (p. 125)Please write a 100-word summary of the chapters and a 250-word analysis discussing why the ideas presented matter […]


Case Study RubricYour case study will be assessed as follows:• Clarity: Are major points clearly presented? Does the writer present a coherent and succinct argument?• Completeness: Are any points missing? Does the writing accomplish each task set forth in the assignment?• Thoroughness: Are all major […]


Briefing Paper Annotated Bibliography Grading Rubric Student: Criteria Novice Competent Proficient Formatting, Spelling, and Grammar 0–5 points Evidence of refusal or inability to meet minimum standards of graduate-level work. 6–7 points Acceptable work in most areas. Demonstrates minor deficiencies in some areas regarding writing style, […]


SEC 10-K Grading GuideACC/423 Version 11                  Intermediate Financial Accounting IIICopyrightCopyright © 2017 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.University of Phoenix® is a registered trademark of Apollo Group, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.Microsoft®, Windows®, and Windows NT® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation […]

Describe the Definition of Nursing as Put Forward by the American Nurses Association How Does It Address the Metaparadigm Theories of Nursing

The control of aching, including going through pain in hospitals, provides victims with the reason form medical practitioners to be concerned with achieving their professional responsibility. A nurse should operate following all the necessary guidelines that have been published on the ANA online page. The […]

Rhetorical Analysis of Frederick Douglasss Learning To Read and Write Skill

Warrant:In writing Rhetorical Analysis of Frederick Douglass’s Learning To Read and Write Skill Essay Douglass’s most robust approach in his Learning to Create and also read Through acceptance is his thoughtful and also compassionate shade that was the reason to persuades a white-colored 1850s read […]

Review of the Carl Jensen work Stories That Changed America Muckrakers of the 20th Century

Jensen reveals in the book that he was raised on Horatio Alger and Tom Swift. He saw the country the greatest war and survives the worst economic depression of all times. These experiences gave him the motivation and optimism with which to observe life. This […]

The Inevitable Doom and Its Symbolism in Where Are You Going Where Have You Been

After receiving a typewriter as a gift from her grandmother, she embarked on serious writing (Edelmariam). The story first appeared in 1966 in the Fall Edition of the Epoch Magazine. In this story, the author marks an ever-present symbol of doom that is inevitable.Connie is […]

Task 3Literature

Ursula Le Guin’s The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas (1995) portrays a utopian confronted by a moral dilemma, and reflects our personal experiences in dealing with morally challenging situations. This essay depicts the economic, political, social, as well as psychological, emotional, and moral aspects […]

The Irish Historical background seen through the Perspective of Maria Edgeworth

Edgeworth was greatly inspired by the Enlightenment movement of eighteenth century Britain mainly due to her father’s active involvement in it. During this period, Edgeworth came in close contact with leading intellectual and literary figures of various places she travelled. Especially, her French connection and […]

Going to Visit TaiTien Mountains Master of the Way without Finding Him Searching for Master Yung

Poetry Reading Response and Analysis The three poems all speak not only of peace and quiet through nature but also of Zen, enlightenment and personal discovery. The title of the poem Going to Visit Tai-T’ien Mountain’s Master of the Way without Finding Him is actually […]

Inquiry 2

Although the main story for the MGM film adaptation of the book remained the same, some parts were altered for example the wicked witch of the east’s shoes (Rudolph, n.pag.). The film provided a graphical demonstration of the characters and the story which is why […]

Travels in ‘becomingaboriginal’ research reciprocating between anecdotes and theory

To this end, Galliford employs a mix of writing that involves switching between anecdotes and theory throughout the article. In doing so, Galliford aims to demystify the social and political paradigms that are ubiquitously present in the motivational desire of travellers, tour operators and tourists. […]

Why irrational will affect design identity the relationship between artwork and the public reaction

After sitting down with the films graphic designers, it was hard to come out with a clear picture of how the other planet would look like. Their main question was whether to create a planet that has been transformed and modified by the creatures such […]

Nella Larsen describe the individual and the obstacles they faced their contribution to the Harlem Renaissance

Nella Larsen The Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s and 30s was a considerably significant period for African American as it was a major step towards their fight for equality. Nella Larsen, one of the major contributors of the Harlem Renaissance literature, was a famous novelist […]

The blog by Toporek on Muscle Enhancing Behaviors Increasingly common among teens

Blog Analysis Presented Blog Analysis The blog by Toporek on Muscle Enhancing Behaviors Increasingly common among teens is a well informing article that carries much weight regarding peer influence, and influence of perception among the youth. According to the article, many youths in one way […]

What are the psychological and developmental differences between learning a first and second language

Learning a second language is a similar method to learning a first language in that one undergoes developmental phases and depend on native speakers to give good comprehensible models of the language. This extraordinarily fast progress appears to ‘fly in the face’ of several acknowledged […]

Discuss David Rudd’s ‘defence’ of the work of Enid Blyton (Reader 1 pp 168 82) in relation to the prestige conferred

Hence such a comparison highlights the good and bad qualities of Blyton’s works. Some of the short comings of Blyton’s works that have been extensively discussed and criticized include lack of richness and variety in figurative language, flat characters and repetitive plots and settings. Rudd […]

Strategic Response of Prosavi to the Changes in the Real Estate Market

They are strategically located in prestigious areas nearby an extended amount of facilities. The prices we offer are not overestimated and fairly represent the quality of our product.The company consists of its own Commercial, Technical, Financial and Administrative Departments. Within my placement, in Prosavi I […]

How does Jefferson’s Notes on the State of Virginia illustrate the contradictions of the Enlightenment and the idea of America

The critics aptly allude to the army of slaves Jefferson had kept, and never meant to set them free for leading the life of their choice. Instead, he is aptly blamed of developing sexual relationships with one of his maid slaves Sally Hemings (Halliday 87), […]

The Employment Contract Balancing the Employees and the Employers Interest

This assignment will begin with the statement that the contract has always played an important part in regulating the relationship between employee and employer. Even so, throughout history, legislative provisions have also intervened to regulate the relationship between employee and employer, and from time to […]


Consequently, Waltz’s systemic theory is only generating partial explanations.This Waltz’s systematic theory indicates how behavior is affected by structure. However, it does not indicate how other variables interact with structure to produce exact behavioral outcomes. This paper therefore draws on the theoretical writing of Waltz […]

EDictionary Use and its Effect on Vocabulary Achievement and Retention of EFL Saudi Intermediate Students

Technology has changed the face of education in the present scenario. It has provided a different kind of information on hand and on the other hand, this has enabled people to get the information faster. It plays a significant role in language studies. Computers and […]

Historywk 6

In other words, like a computer, the individual assumes garbage in, garbage out (DeMar, 1989, p. 1). The final assumption is that Behaviorism is manipulative in that it seeks to control and predict human behavior instead of understanding it (DeMar, 1989).Skinner felt that behavior could […]

Absorb well all themes and only after that choose a title and start writing the

This paper will look at trade components while discussing trade measures and commodities, tariff and non-tariff barriers, export taxes, quantitative measures, subsidies, consumption taxes, the impact of trade measures on supply and demand and prices, obstacles to reform of agricultural trade through WTO and raw […]

Alignment of Academic Standards with ELL Proficiency Standards

Alignment of Academic Standards with ELL Proficiency Standards Alignment of Academic Standards with ELL Proficiency Standards English Language Learners (ELL) should have requisite skills to gain access to academic content. In line with this, the US department of education require states to have English language […]

Develop work priorities bsbcmn402a final assessment task a

SKILLS DEMONSTRATION AT WORK Experience Company: DeCA Central Distribution Center, Iwakuni MCAS Japan Material Handler /Assistant Work Leader Employment Period: July 1998 to Sept. 2008, 40 Hours/Week 1. Inventory Control:a. Responsible for accurately maintaining over 1300 line item section in a 8500 line item warehouse […]

Discussion 1 and 2

(Section) Due) Introduction The modern society is increasingly facing a myriad of challenges resulting from social, political, economic as well as environmental dimensions which are usually triggered by human activities. The solution to such challenges requires proper investigations and provision of such information to the […]

I need a reply to this discussion post written in the order instruction Like a personal opinion type of reply

Paper Review The paper is well organized and précised. It carries the main points of the topic and it is not too discursive. the writing has been focused on the key points on the topic. Both the in-text citation and the reference page have strictly […]

Contract Law

According to Chen-Wishart, a contract is a promise (or agreement) which is enforced (recognized by the law. Bhana, Bonthuys, and Nortje state that Contracts are agreements between parties who have the intention to create legal rights and duties between them and which are legally binding […]