Describe the Definition of Nursing as Put Forward by the American Nurses Association How Does It Address the Metaparadigm Theories of Nursing

The control of aching, including going through pain in hospitals, provides victims with the reason form medical practitioners to be concerned with achieving their professional responsibility. A nurse should operate following all the necessary guidelines that have been published on the ANA online page. The […]

Rhetorical Analysis of Frederick Douglasss Learning To Read and Write Skill

Warrant:In writing Rhetorical Analysis of Frederick Douglass’s Learning To Read and Write Skill Essay Douglass’s most robust approach in his Learning to Create and also read Through acceptance is his thoughtful and also compassionate shade that was the reason to persuades a white-colored 1850s read […]

Review of the Carl Jensen work Stories That Changed America Muckrakers of the 20th Century

Jensen reveals in the book that he was raised on Horatio Alger and Tom Swift. He saw the country the greatest war and survives the worst economic depression of all times. These experiences gave him the motivation and optimism with which to observe life. This […]

The Inevitable Doom and Its Symbolism in Where Are You Going Where Have You Been

After receiving a typewriter as a gift from her grandmother, she embarked on serious writing (Edelmariam). The story first appeared in 1966 in the Fall Edition of the Epoch Magazine. In this story, the author marks an ever-present symbol of doom that is inevitable.Connie is […]

Task 3Literature

Ursula Le Guin’s The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas (1995) portrays a utopian confronted by a moral dilemma, and reflects our personal experiences in dealing with morally challenging situations. This essay depicts the economic, political, social, as well as psychological, emotional, and moral aspects […]

The Irish Historical background seen through the Perspective of Maria Edgeworth

Edgeworth was greatly inspired by the Enlightenment movement of eighteenth century Britain mainly due to her father’s active involvement in it. During this period, Edgeworth came in close contact with leading intellectual and literary figures of various places she travelled. Especially, her French connection and […]

Going to Visit TaiTien Mountains Master of the Way without Finding Him Searching for Master Yung

Poetry Reading Response and Analysis The three poems all speak not only of peace and quiet through nature but also of Zen, enlightenment and personal discovery. The title of the poem Going to Visit Tai-T’ien Mountain’s Master of the Way without Finding Him is actually […]

Inquiry 2

Although the main story for the MGM film adaptation of the book remained the same, some parts were altered for example the wicked witch of the east’s shoes (Rudolph, n.pag.). The film provided a graphical demonstration of the characters and the story which is why […]

Travels in ‘becomingaboriginal’ research reciprocating between anecdotes and theory

To this end, Galliford employs a mix of writing that involves switching between anecdotes and theory throughout the article. In doing so, Galliford aims to demystify the social and political paradigms that are ubiquitously present in the motivational desire of travellers, tour operators and tourists. […]

Why irrational will affect design identity the relationship between artwork and the public reaction

After sitting down with the films graphic designers, it was hard to come out with a clear picture of how the other planet would look like. Their main question was whether to create a planet that has been transformed and modified by the creatures such […]

Nella Larsen describe the individual and the obstacles they faced their contribution to the Harlem Renaissance

Nella Larsen The Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s and 30s was a considerably significant period for African American as it was a major step towards their fight for equality. Nella Larsen, one of the major contributors of the Harlem Renaissance literature, was a famous novelist […]

The blog by Toporek on Muscle Enhancing Behaviors Increasingly common among teens

Blog Analysis Presented Blog Analysis The blog by Toporek on Muscle Enhancing Behaviors Increasingly common among teens is a well informing article that carries much weight regarding peer influence, and influence of perception among the youth. According to the article, many youths in one way […]

What are the psychological and developmental differences between learning a first and second language

Learning a second language is a similar method to learning a first language in that one undergoes developmental phases and depend on native speakers to give good comprehensible models of the language. This extraordinarily fast progress appears to ‘fly in the face’ of several acknowledged […]

Discuss David Rudd’s ‘defence’ of the work of Enid Blyton (Reader 1 pp 168 82) in relation to the prestige conferred

Hence such a comparison highlights the good and bad qualities of Blyton’s works. Some of the short comings of Blyton’s works that have been extensively discussed and criticized include lack of richness and variety in figurative language, flat characters and repetitive plots and settings. Rudd […]

Strategic Response of Prosavi to the Changes in the Real Estate Market

They are strategically located in prestigious areas nearby an extended amount of facilities. The prices we offer are not overestimated and fairly represent the quality of our product.The company consists of its own Commercial, Technical, Financial and Administrative Departments. Within my placement, in Prosavi I […]

How does Jefferson’s Notes on the State of Virginia illustrate the contradictions of the Enlightenment and the idea of America

The critics aptly allude to the army of slaves Jefferson had kept, and never meant to set them free for leading the life of their choice. Instead, he is aptly blamed of developing sexual relationships with one of his maid slaves Sally Hemings (Halliday 87), […]

The Employment Contract Balancing the Employees and the Employers Interest

This assignment will begin with the statement that the contract has always played an important part in regulating the relationship between employee and employer. Even so, throughout history, legislative provisions have also intervened to regulate the relationship between employee and employer, and from time to […]


Consequently, Waltz’s systemic theory is only generating partial explanations.This Waltz’s systematic theory indicates how behavior is affected by structure. However, it does not indicate how other variables interact with structure to produce exact behavioral outcomes. This paper therefore draws on the theoretical writing of Waltz […]

EDictionary Use and its Effect on Vocabulary Achievement and Retention of EFL Saudi Intermediate Students

Technology has changed the face of education in the present scenario. It has provided a different kind of information on hand and on the other hand, this has enabled people to get the information faster. It plays a significant role in language studies. Computers and […]

Historywk 6

In other words, like a computer, the individual assumes garbage in, garbage out (DeMar, 1989, p. 1). The final assumption is that Behaviorism is manipulative in that it seeks to control and predict human behavior instead of understanding it (DeMar, 1989).Skinner felt that behavior could […]

Absorb well all themes and only after that choose a title and start writing the

This paper will look at trade components while discussing trade measures and commodities, tariff and non-tariff barriers, export taxes, quantitative measures, subsidies, consumption taxes, the impact of trade measures on supply and demand and prices, obstacles to reform of agricultural trade through WTO and raw […]

Alignment of Academic Standards with ELL Proficiency Standards

Alignment of Academic Standards with ELL Proficiency Standards Alignment of Academic Standards with ELL Proficiency Standards English Language Learners (ELL) should have requisite skills to gain access to academic content. In line with this, the US department of education require states to have English language […]

Develop work priorities bsbcmn402a final assessment task a

SKILLS DEMONSTRATION AT WORK Experience Company: DeCA Central Distribution Center, Iwakuni MCAS Japan Material Handler /Assistant Work Leader Employment Period: July 1998 to Sept. 2008, 40 Hours/Week 1. Inventory Control:a. Responsible for accurately maintaining over 1300 line item section in a 8500 line item warehouse […]

Discussion 1 and 2

(Section) Due) Introduction The modern society is increasingly facing a myriad of challenges resulting from social, political, economic as well as environmental dimensions which are usually triggered by human activities. The solution to such challenges requires proper investigations and provision of such information to the […]

I need a reply to this discussion post written in the order instruction Like a personal opinion type of reply

Paper Review The paper is well organized and précised. It carries the main points of the topic and it is not too discursive. the writing has been focused on the key points on the topic. Both the in-text citation and the reference page have strictly […]

Contract Law

According to Chen-Wishart, a contract is a promise (or agreement) which is enforced (recognized by the law. Bhana, Bonthuys, and Nortje state that Contracts are agreements between parties who have the intention to create legal rights and duties between them and which are legally binding […]

Book review on The interesting narrative and other writings revised edition by olaudah Equiano

Equiano details situations throughout the book, which were common to those who were kept as slaves. The essence of the book is really a journey which Equiano takes his readers on, which details a specific account of real events which to this day are a […]

Build The Equilibrium Constant Expression For The Reaction Shown Step

EXERCISE Writing Equilibrium Constant Expressions IFe(s) + 5 CO(g) = Fe(CO);(@)[Fe][CO][Fe(CO);]K- =Build the equilibrium constant expression for the reaction shown.Step 1.Drag the reactants and products to the numerator or denominator as appropriate. Click a species to remove it from the expression.Step 2.Drag the coefficients to […]


is a very massy massage I would send it to an English department coordinator. I am asking herI am writing to inform you about my graduation status. I know very well that I need to finish thefirst and second tour of the English courses to […]

This Assignment Is About Attending An Event And I Have Video Of It And I Need Someone To Help Me Writing An Essay

Saving biodiversity in South AsiaOn Thursday, 3th of December 2015, David Wilcove, the main guest speaker was invited to givea speech on importance of biodiversity conservation. Biodiversity can…Religious Studies

Andrew Carnegie And Karl Marx Offer Dramatically Contrasting Views On Economic Inequality Outlining The Extreme

Question Andrew Carnegie and Karl Marx offer dramatically contrasting views on economic inequality, outlining the extreme positions of a debate on wealth and poverty that energetically continues in our culture and politics. Pick either Carnegie or Marx and explain if you support or criticize the […]

Hey I Am Having Trouble Writing A Paper That Is Due Tonight By 11 59 May You Help Guide Me In The Right

Question hey, i am having trouble writing a paper that is due tonight by 11:59. May you help guide me in the right direction on writing a paper on the theme of sexy by the interpret of maladies. I am struggling because it will say […]

Clarity And Accuracy In Business Writing Are Highly Valued Therefore Familiarize Yourself With Commonly Confused

Question Clarity and accuracy in business writing are highly valued. Therefore, familiarize yourself with commonly confused words and commonly misspelled words so you can avoid making errors in your business messages. Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word. I want to BLANK? that […]

I’M Writing A Paper On Health And Wealth I’M Trying To Come Up With A Strong Thesis For My Essay Would This Be A

Question I’m writing a paper on Health and Wealth. I’m trying to come up with a strong thesis for my essay. Would this be a good thesis? If so, do you have any recommendations on how to make this better: Wealth determines the long-term health […]

I Need A Recommendation For A Good Analysis Thesis Statement I Wrote A Paper Analyzing An Article About

Question I need a recommendation for a good analysis thesis statement. I wrote a paper analyzing an article about why students should consider trade school instead of college. In the article the author was biased towards trade school and I wanted to highlight in my […]

This Is My Assignment I’M Just Needing Someone To Explain To Me What They Are Asking Me To Do? Or

Question Comparison-Contrast Paragraph: comparison-contrast paragraph. You may choose any comparison-contrast approach related to persons, places, or things. You must demonstrate mastery of the following in your paragraph, so make sure that the depth (length) of your paragraph is sufficient to demonstrate these concepts: a. Topic […]

Could You Please Check If I Have Any Grammatical Mistakes And If I Have To Fix It Please? Please See Below

Question Could you please check if I have any grammatical mistakes and if I have,to fix it please? Please see below text. I agree with statement Conflict is inevitable because people don`t see things exactly the same way. However, that can affect company or organization […]

I Had Done The Experiment On Synthesising And Characterise Cobalt(Iii) Complexes Containing Ammine

Question I had done the experiment on synthesising and characterise cobalt(III) complexes containing ammine ligands. Please help writing the full equation for the synthesis of cis-tetraamminediaquacobalt(III) sulfate trihydrate, [Co(NH3)4(OH2)2]2(SO4)3·3H2O from tetraamminecarbonatocobalt(III) sulfate solution. The procedure of the synthesis is: To four-fifths of tetraamminecarbonatocobalt(III) sulfate solution, […]

1 050 To 1 750word Executive Summary In Which You Include Therunning Head Executive Summary Executive Summary Student Name Professor Name September 13 20216 1 Executive Summary 2 Executive Summary 1

a 1,050- to 1,750-word executive summary in which you include theRunning head: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Executive SummaryStudent NameProfessor NameSeptember 13, 20216 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2Executive Summary 1. Policy Development and ImplementationThis Policy…Writing

I Need Help On Writing An Experimental Flow Chart For A Procedure Where I Was Only Given The General Guidelines

Question i need help on writing an experimental flow chart for a procedure where i was only given the general guidelines. i will be given an unknown solution containing either CO(NO3)2, Cu(NO3)2, or Ni(NO3)2 at an unknown concentration between 0.05 M and 1.0 M. My […]

Writing Essay On Learning Organisations Explain What A Learning Culture Entails What A Learning Organisation Is

Question Writing essay on learning organisations. Explain what a learning culture entails, what a learning organisation is, how learning organisations are created, developed and maintained and why continuous learning is essential to organisational success in today’s commercial world. Research at least one organisation that purports […]

Pls Provide An Example Of A Business Proposal Need More Detail About The Format I Need A Business

Question pls provide an example of a business proposal. Need more detail about the format. I need a business proposal as a HR team member about hiring certain type of managers for the admin. dept. of a company doing poorly to improve business conditions. Hoping […]

I Need Help With Creating A Thesis Statement On The Role Of Psychological Factors In Illness I Originally Put

Question I need help with creating a thesis statement on the role of psychological factors in illness. I originally put The topic I have chosen is the role of psychological factors in illness. Illnesses of any kind frequently affect much more than just the physical […]

Please Discuss In Detail The Following Learning Objectives Please Share Your Sources 1 Risk Management

Question please discuss in detail the following learning objectives. Please share your sources: 1. Risk management; why does it matter to an organization? 2. What key processes of a risk management program would be effective for a company with less than 100 people and using […]

In The Past Professional Development Was Based On The Principal’S Direction And Led By The

Question In the past, professional development was based on the principal’s direction and led by the administration. Current research supports professional learning communities as a powerful staff development approach. What are the roles of the principal, reading specialist/literacy coach and staff in the PLC approach […]

I Don’T Know How To Find Thesis Statement In My Essay Can You Help Me Find The Thesis Statement?The

Question I don’t know how to find thesis statement in my essay. Can you help me find the thesis statement? The following is my writing content: Katz key ideas regarding skills reflect that a manager should have technical skills, human skills and conceptual skills. (Peterson […]

You Have An Order From Long Standing Client For Solar Powered Motorcycle From You You Usually Don’T Make Them

Question You have an order from long standing client for solar powered motorcycle from you. You usually don’t make them. Your factory is of automobiles. How will you treat them? Make an outline for them. Subject: BUSI 1073 Learning team agreement part 2 i need […]

When You Submit The Lta For Introduction To Business Or Business Writing And Communication Do You Have To Include

Question When you submit the LTA for Introduction to Business or Business Writing and Communication, do you have to include all components for the rest of the project i.e. what the deliverables will be for each week? Business

Tragic Form and the Possibility of Meaning in Death of a Salesman

The outward show of the Salesman Loman as the theme of moral investigation stirs the contemporary viewer at that alternately pleasurable and painful fringe of awareness that is the prefecture of tragedy. The performance of his suffering, fall, and fractional enlightenment aggravates a mixed reaction: […]

How democratic is the electoral college based on the principals and philosophies of the Framers of the Constitution

In a bid to achieve this objective, USA has had various ways of electing the president. General elections and the electoral colleges are the main avenues for identifying or selecting the president. In every presidential election, the two methods are used (Dahl, 2001). However, the […]

The Rewards and Challenges of Sharing a Life Together in Marriage in Ten Little Indians by Sherman Alexie

The writer does not tire from giving his readers exclusive snippets of the life of Sharon and David including the not so good ones. Ultimately their shared life comes to an abrupt halt after almost fifty years of companionship when Sharon ‘lay on her deathbed’ […]

Discuss the differences and similiraties for the characters content and writing style for the Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison and

The families are segregated and discriminated by the dominant society and pushed to take resort to isolation. It is the isolation that makes the parental characters violent, neglectful and careless to their children. In return, the children also are forced to isolate themselves from the […]

Healing by Heart

Like many Asian communities, herbal medicine is still very important, and many of the Hmong people prefer traditional medicines to the conventional options. This can cause conflict between those working in the American healthcare industry and the patients who wish to retain their traditions, not […]

The Poems

The essay The Poems – Death and old age discovers the poem Death and old age. The poet is also addressing the contemporaries who are now very closer to death and many of those have died. He is basically conveying the idea of weakened body […]

Free topic

Following the riotous exploits of Brain and Gretchen, Joe’s work of fiction on this book courageously pursues the truth in discovering what it means to develop each person’s own identity. Both are trying as much as they could to find their way through the numerous […]

How do the authors create and maintain tension and suspense when the killer and killer are known from the beginning

In these two novels, the authors were able to maintain the element of suspense although the reader knows from the very start who the murderers and the victims are. The authors use a variety of techniques in order to arouse the reader’s curiosity and thus […]

Taxonomy &amp

Nursingof the of the Introduction Nursing knowledge acquisition can be generated using the hierarchy of cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains of Bloom’s taxonomy for the learners to attain experiential and evidential account for transformational healthcare (Bloom, Englehart, Furst, Hill, amp.Krathwohl, 1956). This can support application […]

Theoretical Perspectives On Inclusive And Special Education

These learning difficulties resulted in the development of special education and special schools. There are several learning difficulties a learner can have which can negatively impact on the reading, speaking and writing skill. These difficulties of children facilitated development of certain provisions and helped to […]


He has achieved much in his poem ‘Musee des Beaux Arts’ not just the collection of long verses, rhythms, and on popular phrases but also he brings in this reality of suffering within the specific examples of a boy who falls into the sea. As […]

Defining Freedom in Susan’s Hill’s ‘A Bit of Singing and Dancing’

By doing this, there is the ability to further understand the universal theme of freedom while creating a direct relationship to the author’s viewpoint with the use of specific writing techniques. Narrative Techniques The first technique that Hill uses is the narrative that is established […]