Causes and Effects of Teenage Abortion in the US

When a teenage pregnancy is the result of incest, the other parent of the unborn baby is either the father of the teenager, her brother or an uncle. Similar to rape, incest often comes without the consent of the other person. Sexual abuse can also be brought on by a male family member, but the teenager can also face sexual abuse from her boyfriend or a close male friend. The primary factor in both incest and sexual abuse is that the teenager had no say in the engaging of sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, physical violence can also be administered during the process of the abuse, rendering the teenager helpless to get away.There are many reasons that a teenager gets an abortion as a result of incest or sexual abuse. The first reason is simply that the pregnancy was due to incest and the teenager does not want to keep the baby who was fathered by someone that she is related to. The teenager might also abort to avoid revealing that a family member had gotten her pregnant. They want to avoid the shame that comes with such a confession, even though they had no part in what took place. they might also have been threatened to keep it a secret, and might not have a choice of whether or not to abort. Likewise, if the teenager was sexually abused by her boyfriend, she does not want to keep a baby that was created by force with someone that she loved and trusted. Another reason is that many children that are conceived out of incest often have physical deformities or mental illnesses. Teenagers abort for this reason as they do not want the responsibility of raising a baby that might be sick and need special attention and care.Promiscuity is when a person has many sexual relationships, which makes up a large percentage of pregnant teenagers at any given time in the United States. Many of these teenagers are rebellious or have problems at home, and their response to them is to become sexually active with numerous people. When a teenager aborts a fetus due to being promiscuous, it is often due to the fact that the teenager does not want to give up being promiscuous.