Celebrity Endorsement Contribution Of Celebrity Endorsement To Achieving Marketing Communications Objectives In The Retail Clothing Industry A Case Study On Topshop

However, researchers are divided over their opinion on the degree of effectiveness of celebrity endorsements. Although, both researchers and practitioners by and large have shown convergence on their opinion that celebrity endorsements can have positive influence on the credibility, message recall, memory and likability of the advertisement and finally on the purchase intentions (Menon, 2001. Pornpitakapan, 2003. Pringle and Binet, 2005. Roy, 2006. cited by Roozen, 2008). but the extent to which celebrity endorsement are effective has been a contentious issue. There has been numerous research that favours and equally large number of researches that disfavours celebrity endorsement’s claim. The purpose of the present study is to find out if celebrity endorsements contribute towards achieving marketing communications objectives. The findings of the study are expected to fill the gap in the body of knowledge and provide clue to both the industry and the academia as well. The specific aim of the study is to explore contribution of celebrity endorsement in achieving marketing communications objectives in the retail clothing industry in particular…. I would like to thank her for teaching me how to navigate through the ocean of knowledge. A literary assignment of this nature takes a years to materialise, the foundation for which is laid down early in life and by the parents. Their able upbringing, personal sacrifice and high regard for pursuit of knowledge have been the chief factors for my being able to prepare this dissertation. I would like to express my profound gratitude to my parents whose relentless support and encouragement could make me to see this day. Author Contents Abstract iv Acknowledgement v List of Figures ix List of Tables ix Photo Credit ix Chapter 1: Introduction 11 1.1Introduction 11 1.2 Background 11 1.3 Purpose of study 12 1.3.1 Aim of Research 12 1.3.2 Research Objectives 12 1.3.3 Scope and context of Research 13 1.4 Methodology 13 1.5 Conclusion 14 Chapter 2: Literature Review 16 2.1 Introduction 16 2.2.1 Objective of Literature Review 17 2.2.2 Plan for Literature Review 17 2.2 Marketing Functions 19 2.2.1 Marketing and the merchandise 19 Marketing and the merchandise 19 2.2.2 The Marketing Mix 20 2.3 Marketing Communications 21 2.3.1 Definition 21 2.3.2 Marketing communication models 22 2.3.3 Elements of marketing communications 24 2.3.4 Integration of marketing communication elements 25 2.3.5 Advantages of effective marketing communication 26 2.4 Celebrity Endorsement 27 2.4.1 Definition and concept 27 2.4.2 Theories of celebrity endorsement 28 2.4.3 Celebrity endorsement as a strategy 29 2.4.4 Does celebrity endorsement work 31 2.4.5 Impact of celebrity endorsement on consumers’ apparel purchase decisions 33 2.5 Celebrity endorsement at Topsohop 35 2.5.1 Group company description 35 2.5.2 Brand history